Tank Beat (Nintendo DS)

Developer: Milestone Inc.

Publisher: 03 Entertainment

Release Date: May 2007

Genre: Action

Platform: Nintendo DS

Players: 1 (Multiplayer available via Wi-Fi)


   Tank Beat is a military action game that puts players in command of a tank, which is controlled by drawing the route the player wants the tank to follow on the touch screen. Weapons are fired by tapping an enemy with the stylus. There are a variety of tanks that the player can pilot, many of which must be unlocked. Twenty-four missions await players in Story Mode, which follows the adventures of a young tank commander named Vill, whose country has been invaded by it’s hostile neighbour Codusal. There’s also a Skirmish Mode that allows players to freely challenge Story Mode missions as well as a few bonus stages. Tank Beat also features a multiplayer mode that was accessible via Wi-Fi and the now defunct DS network.

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