Tank Beat (Nintendo DS) Walkthrough

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Tank Beat (Nintendo DS) Walkthrough

~ By tankMage (December 2017)


   This is a mission by mission walkthrough for Tank Beat on the Nintendo DS and (to the best of my knowledge) currently the only walkthrough for the game in existence. Consequently, I was unable to compare notes with other guide writers and all of the information herein is anecdotal in nature, so please forgive any poor advice or mistakes you may encounter. With that said, Tank Beat has a steep learning curve and those who wish to play it should read the the first three sections of this guide, which describe the basics of Tank Beat as well as a few advanced techniques. The main body of this guide is the walkthrough, which is concerned with story mode. The final two parts of this guide are a list of payable tanks and a section titled “Mysteries”. The Mysteries section is as much for my own reference as it is for the reader, because it outlines a number of questions I have about this game, which I hope to answer, either with the help of others or through further experimentation. Thank you for reading this guide, hopefully it will make Tank Beat a bit more manageable.




3.Combat Techniques

4.Hit Locations

5.Walkthrough (Story Mode)




   Tank Beat is primarily controlled via the touch screen, but players will have to use the D-Pad and shoulder buttons to some extent. The following is a list of functions with brief explanations included.

Move Tank: Touch the blue dot on the bottom screen and draw a line to make your tank move in the desired manner. A variety of shapes and patterns that your tank will follow can be made with the stylus.

Fire Weapon: Hold the left shoulder button down to switch from “Move” to attack mode, then tap a red dot on the touch screen to shoot at an enemy. It is also possible to fire weapons at any spot on the map. Guns will need time to reload after being fired, which is displayed on a meter under the bullet icons on the bottom right.

Red Tank Icon: Enemy tanks visible on your radar are not only displayed as red dots on the map, but come up as red icons on the upper left hand side of the screen. Tap an icon to pinpoint the location of the enemy tank it represents.

Blue Tank Icon: This icon displays the status of your tank and that of friendly units. Tapping a blue icon will highlight the tank it corresponds to on the map. Blue Tank Icons appear on the top right.

Switching Weapons: The large bullet represents your main weapon, while the small bullet represents the secondary gun. Tap the icon to switch to the corresponding weapon. Some tanks only have one weapon.

Scrolling the Map: Use the D-Pad to move the map on the bottom screen around.


   Vill will gain an ally several missions into the game. It is possible to issue orders to her via the box underneath the friendly tank list on the right hand side of the screen.

Attack: Depicted as a single arrow. Orders ally to go on an all out assault, seeking out and destroying enemies.

Support: Two arrows. Ally will follow you and attack nearby enemies.

Defense: A circle. Makes ally stay in one spot and attack nearby enemies.

Remote: Represented by a hand drawing a line. Tap ally’s a tank and draw a line from it to order him or her to move in that direction.

3.Combat Techniques

   The following is a list of techniques that are key to a successful campaign. Try to master them as soon as possible.

Strafing: Sitting still is a good way to get pounded by enemy fire and fail a mission. Always try to move parallel to the enemy so it is more difficult for them to hit you. Some tanks must stop to fire their weapons, so be sure to move just after firing. It is also a good idea to draw long and complex lines when possible, so you can focus on things other than movement.

Aiming: Tank Beat will feel like a frustrating mess of a game until you learn one important rule of thumb about hitting targets: The crosshair in the box must be centered on the target for the projectile to hit. Try to tap the screen so that the center of the box will appear right on top of the red dot to ensure a hit. With that said, there are exceptions to this rule. In some cases firing past an enemy will result in a hit and you’ll have to compensate for moving targets (discussed below), but those are slightly more advanced techniques. It’s best to master centering your attacks perfectly on the touch screen first, so use the stylus carefully, even if it means it will take a split second longer to fire: you’ll save precious time doing so.

Hitting Moving Targets: It takes time for a bullet or shell to reach its target. This means you will have to compensate if the target is moving. Observing the speed and direction of the target then aiming the cannon at where the target will be is the best way to ensure that your shells make contact with the enemy. You’ll also have to be familiar with the speed and trajectory of each weapon. This is one of the most difficult and important techniques to learn.

Radar Sweeping: Hostiles are not immediately visible on the map. You can find the position of nearby foes by moving the radar around with the stylus on the touch screen. It is also possible to get a visual on far away enemies by checking the top screen.

The Enemy Has To Reload Too: Take note of how many shots an enemy can fire before having to reload, this can be helpful when trying to avoid taking damage. Most tanks can only fire a single shot before needing to reload, but missile launchers, machine guns, and other enemy hardware can fire more frequently.

The Machine Gun: Do not underestimate the power of machine guns, especially against fast, lightly armored foes. Machine guns can fire several shots before reloading, their bullets move quickly, and they can be used while the cannon is reloading, not bad.

Know Your Weapons: Learn how each cannon fires it’s shells. Some fire in a wide arc, while others travel in a nearly straight line. Having a feel for how long it takes a shell to reach a target and what direction it will strike from can greatly improve your performance.

Use the Stylus: People often lose the touch screen stylus and resort to using a finger to input commands. Tank Beat requires players to use the touch screen in a precise manner which is difficult to do with a finger. Try to pick up a stylus somewhere if you find that your lines are constantly coming out crooked or if you have trouble getting the reticule precisely on the enemy.

4.Hit Locations

   How much damage your attacks do is determined not only by weapon type, but also by where they hit the target. A message indicating where a projectile has struck the enemy will pop up for each attack that connects. Mastering striking enemies in vulnerable places will greatly improve your battle prowess and result in higher scores at the end of missions. Keep in mind that some weapons will not be able to strike opponents in certain areas under normal conditions. At this point it is not known how the game calculates damage inflicted upon player, so keep in mind that it is possible that your tank can take extra damage if hit from behind. Also, it appears that the game only counts one hit location per attack, so weapons that seem to have a wider area of impact cannot hit the enemy in more that one place. Below is a list of possible locations and some tips on how to target enemy soft spots.

Front: Tanks, artillery vehicles, trucks, and everything else in Tank Beat are most heavily armored on the front. The front is generally the most likely place to get hit by an attack. While not the best place to hit the enemy, it is better to hit the front than to miss entirely.

Side: The sides of vehicles are still well protected, but slightly less so than the front. They also present a broad target that is easy to hit.

Upper: An attack that strikes the top of an enemy will do extra damage. Powerful cannons can easily destroy more lightly armored targets like a Cocknell with a single upper hit. Machine guns and cannons that fire in a more direct trajectory (such as cannon 1) will have a hard time scoring upper hits, unless the player has an elevation advantage. It is possible to score upper hits by using an arcing cannon (such as cannon 6) by carefully tapping the red dot that represents the enemy on the touch screen so that the crosshair is lined up perfectly to the center or slightly to the rear of the target.

Rear: The back of an enemy unit is it’s most vulnerable location. Any weapon can score a rear hit, the trick is catching the enemy so it’s back is to you. Even weaker weapons, like machine guns, can inflict considerable damage by getting rear hits. Faster tanks can sometimes circle slower enemies and strike from behind, but this ability is offset by their flimsy armor. Always take an opportunity to get a rear hit no matter what tank you are in.


   This walkthrough describes the Story missions for Tank Beat as well as a few Skirmish Mode missions that overlap with story mode. A list of available tanks for each mission is provided under the mission name along with the tanks I recommend for the mission. Keep in mind that many of these tanks are unlocked by getting high scores and you may have found tanks that I missed or vice versa.

Story 01: Glorious Morning

Available Tanks: Culcri

Part 1: Movement

Get used to moving the Culcri tank around by placing the stylus on the blue dot which represents your tank and tracing a line in the direction you want to go. Sergeant Balks will order Vill to meet him by the river, so draw a line from your tank to the river.

Part 2: Weapon Training

After reaching the river, sarge will go over how to use weapons and several trucks will spawn on the other side of the river. Make sure the truck you wish to target is within the yellow cone that represents your firing range, then fire your gun by holding the L Button and tapping the red dot, which represents the truck on the touch screen.

Part 3: Combat Training

Balks will have you face off against another tank in the final portion of the mission. The opposing tank tends to spawn just south of your position. Move your tank around in search of the enemy. Do not stop when you encounter the enemy tank or you will be shot. Instead, move parallel to the enemy and keep him just within shooting range. This will make it very hard for the other tank to hit you. It is possible to fire the gun while moving and short bursts work best. Try to circle the other tank and hit it from behind to do extra damage. The battle will end when you or the other tank reaches 50% health.

Story 02: Caprice

Available Tanks: Culcri

Part 1: Covering the Truck

This mission is easier than it sounds. All you have to do is run down the clock while distracting the enemy. The truck is south of Vill’s starting point and the enemy will come from the north. Keep the advancing tanks busy by firing at them while the truck prepares to retreat. Do not draw them near the truck, stay slightly to the north instead. There’s an L-shaped building that you can use as a shield from enemy fire. Generally, two tanks will attack at one time. Destroy one and another will spawn. Try you take as little damage as possible and keep the enemy from flanking you by staying alert.

Part 2: The Retreat

The truck will flee to an area in the southwest that comes up as a red box on radar. Move west, staying far behind the truck. The hills near a line of trees make a great buffer for enemy fire. After a minute or so, the truck will reach the target area and the mission will end.

Story 03: Merge

Available Tanks: Culcri

Part 1: Breaking Through

Vill has to break through a group of enemy tanks to reach the capital. Several hostile tanks are dispersed around a narrow clearing in a thick forest. Beware the enemy tanks: they fire heavy shells that pack a punch. Luckily, they reload slowly and can’t quite keep up with your Culcri. Your objective is to get to the red box to the south intact. Try to use the patches of forest as a screen and move diagonally. It’s possible to shake a pursuing tank by going around the tree stands using sharp turns. Keep moving and draw the movement lines as straight as possible, because you’ll get hammered by enemy fire if you stop or slow down by turning excessively. You can also fight the hostile tanks, but the score for this stage seems based on time, so there’s not much reason to do so.

Part 2: The Rescue

Lynn shows up to save Vill after you reach the halfway point. The tanks in the south will have to split their attention between the two of you, which makes reaching the exit much easier. The mission will be complete once you reach the red target area.

Story 04: Companion

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera

Recommended Tank(s): Cocknell or Bethsara (Vill) Bethsera (Lynn)

The objective of this mission is to prevent the enemy from entering the red box on the western side of the map. Have Lynn pilot a Bethsera, because she’ll need the extra armor. You should use a Cocknell or Bethsera. The Bethsera has more firepower and armor, but you may have difficulty hitting the charging enemy with its arching cannon shots. The Cocknell is less powerful, but it’s trajectory is more direct and seems to make contact with targets more frequently. The opposing tanks are similar to those from the previous mission, so stay mobile and keep blasting away.

Part 1: The First Wave

Vill and Lynn start near the red box in the southwestern end of the map. Two enemy tanks will approach from the east. You can either order Lynn to support you and confront the tanks head on or set her to defense. If you set her to defend, charge ahead and lure the enemy to her position while taking potshots at them with your cannon. Destroy the first group and the enemy commander will change tactics.

Part 2: The Second Wave

The enemy will split their forces, sending one tank in from the north and another from the east. It is best to fall back closer to the red box to prevent either of the enemy tanks from slipping past you. Have Lynn engage one foe and attack the other one yourself. Stay close to each other in case Lynn needs assistance. Keep fighting if Lynn’s tank gets destroyed. Eliminate both foes and the victory will be yours.

Story 05: Nemesis

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera

Recommended Tank(s): Bathsera (Lynn & Vill)

The object of this mission is to attack an enemy base, destroying their supply trucks and any defenders. Have both Lynn and Vill use the Bathsera and take advantage of its powerful cannon. The opposing tanks in this mission should be familiar to you by now, so have Lynn support you and coordinate your attacks to pick the enemies off.

Part 1: The Assault

A defending tank is slightly southeast of the enemy base, so take that one out first since you are likely to encounter it on the way to the base. Two Bathsera’s should be able to lay waste to an opponent in seconds. Go north after destroying the enemy tank to find the enemy base and a pair of trucks. Take the trucks out and look for another tank just north of the base. Destroy the tank and prepare for the next phase.

Part 2: Reinforcements

An enemy commander will enter the field from the northeast along with another tank. Ignore the other tank and attack the red tank, which poses a greater threat. Stay mobile as usual and try to manoeuvre in a manner that will draw the red tank away from his ally. Hit the red tank with a few shells and the mission will end.

Story 06: New Forces

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera

Recommended Tank(s): Cocknell (Vill) Bathsera (Lynn)

In this mission you must destroy the enemy tanks defending the truck in order to capture it. Vill, Lynn, and the enemy convoy will start in the southwest quadrant. The truck will follow the road and the escorts will try to keep up with it while firing on you occasionally. The Cocknell is well suited for this fight, since it will be able to pursue the enemy and out flank them with ease. On top of that, the escorts will often turn their back on you to catch up with the truck, making it easy to get damaging rear hits. Have Lynn support you and be aggressive. You need only destroy the escorts so follow them and fire your gun frequently. It’s also easy to predict where the enemy is going, because they will follow the road, so you can set Lynn to attack and try to flank them by cutting across the field. Sometimes the escorts will try to block your advance by halting in your path which is the main thing to look out for, but the Cocknell is fast enough to quickly circumvent the defenders. Destroy the three guards and victory is yours.

Story 07: Entanglements

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera, Dorcas

Recommended Tank(s): Cocknell (Vill & Lynn)

Cover the command tank as it retreats to complete this mission. It’s tempting to use the Dorcas, but take the Cocknell instead. Speed and mobility are key in this fight. The target area is just east of your starting position, but the command tank will circle around to a patch of woods just to the west. You’ll find the command tank to the south, tap the tank icon on the upper right of the touchscreen to locate it.

Stick close to the command tank and fire at hostile tanks, but don’t let them draw you away. Set Lynn to support and use your machine guns to plink away at the enemy which is moving too quickly to hit with cannons reliably. Choose an enemy tank and focus your fire on it to make sure at least some of the attackers are destroyed. Lynn will most likely lag behind you which is good, because she’ll be able to inflict quite a bit of damage on the pursuit unit. The enemy tanks use the usual arching cannons, but seem much faster than usual. Stay mobile and use your tank to drive a wedge between the enemy and the command tank. Make sure you sweep your radar around to locate enemies. The command tank will arrive at the target area after about three minutes and the mission will end.

Story 08: Family

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera, Dorcas

Recommended Tank(s):  Dorcas (Vill and Lynn)

This is the toughest mission yet. About four or five artillery vehicles are positioned on either side of the stand of woods in the center of the map. Artillery packs a punch, but the units are lightly armored and will sometimes stay still. Just keep in mind they move quickly when they decide to flee. There’s also a powerful red tank with a double cannon that will circle around the southern patch of woods. The northern section of the map is clear of foes. The Dorcas is the best bet for both Vill and Lynn in this battle thanks to its mighty gun and heavy armor. Players will need to use it’s gun skillfully by estimating where moving targets will be and aiming at that spot to hit the enemy, however. It’s also best to set Lynn to support as usual.

Part 1: Baiting the Commander

The red command tank and enemy artillery are a deadly combination. The path splits into an east and west branch. Take the east path and sweep your radar around as you head north to find two enemy artillery units. Use your cannon to destroy them ASAP. Be sure to move laterally after firing as usual. A cutscene will occur after you destroy the first artillery unit and the red tank (which is in the west) will advance. You’ll have a few seconds to eliminate the other artillery, then head north immediately and go behind the second stand stand of trees.

Part 2: Mopping Up the Artillery

Go around the north stand of woods and head south along the western path to surprise the remaining artillery. Two of the units will be next to the southern patch of woods, stick to the westernmost end of the map while you and Lynn advance south and destroy the two artillery units. A third, more mobile unit will be circling the southern woods with the red tank. Try to hit the artillery while it is backing away from you to destroy it quickly.

Part 3: Defeating the Commander

The command tank is far less dangerous without the help of artillery. Sometimes she’ll turn her back on you which is a great time to get a shot in. Play defensively and stay on the move to evade her shots. Stay near Lynn so you can add her firepower to yours. A few good cannon shots will force the commander to retreat and the battle will be won.

Story 09: Persuit

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera, Dorcas

Recommended Tank(s): Dorcas (Lynn & Vill)

This mission is far easier than the second one. Hop in the Dorcas and follow Lynn around. Concentrate on the artillery first and assist Lynn with the red command tank afterwards. Use the same tactics as before to deal with this enemy. Stay as mobile as possible and try to draw the red tank away from any enemy support. There is a hilly area in the north that can be used for some slight cover, so tank advantage of it along with your tank’s superior range to defeat the red tank.

Story 10: Encounter

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera, Dorcas

Recommended Tank(s): Dorcas or Bathsera (Vill) Dorcas (Lynn)

As missions go, this one is very straightforward. Vill can use either the Dorcas or Bathsera, though you’ll have to take advantage to the Bathsera’s mobility in this fight while the Dorcas can just duke it out. Lynn does really well in the Dorcas, so have her set to support and let her back you up with it’s powerful gun. Try to take as little damage as possible when entering the town, so you can take on the reinforcements.

Part 1: Gaining Entry

Head north and be ready to take out two tanks on an elevated bit of land in front of you. Just beyond the enemy emplacement is a wall with an opening in it. A tank lies in wait to the northeast, destroy it and head west along the road. Watch out for the tank sitting in the middle of the road. Now follow the road north and get ready to fight a tank hidden between some buildings near the end of the road to the east.

Part 2: The Battle

Enemy reinforcements will show up. One will approach from the north while the other will come in from the east, stay where the road forks and deal with the defenders as they come in. Use the buildings as shields by going behind them and popping out to fire. Two more will attack right away, this time coming in from the road to the west. Deal with them and two red tanks will approach from the north. Destroy the red tank and the battle will be won.

Story 11: Operation

Available Tanks: Cocknell, Dorcas

Recommended Tank(s): Dorcas (Vill & Lynn)

You will be given an area to defend on the map that shows up as a red box. Repel any enemies that attempt to enter the box. The attacking force generally consists of small tanks that resemble the Cocknell, with the occasional Bathsera type tank. Enemy tanks will come from random directions, but at least approach from one of the four cardinal directions, so they are easy to find if you listen to your team mate who calls out nearby hostiles*. Sweeping the area with radar also helps in locating attackers. It is important to remember that an attacking tank will halt and return fire if you shoot at it, which can keep the bad guys out of the area you are charged with protecting. Use the Dorcas for both Lynn and Vill in this mission; it’s armor and sheer power will help you get through this tough mission. Protect the red area for five minutes or obliterate nine tanks and the day is yours.

*Note: The verbal cues are very important in this fight, so be sure to have the sound on or you’ll have to rely totally on the radar sweep technique, which makes things a bit tougher.

Part 1: Solo

The mission begins with Vill guarding the area alone, move to the center of the box and listen for intel on enemy forces. Once you hear where an enemy is coming from, approach it immediately and fire on it. Don’t worry about taking damage, the Dorcas can handle it, just pummel the enemy with shells. Once the target is down, return to the box and wait for more intel. Be sure to sweep around with radar while waiting, in case your team mate fails to call out an approaching enemy.

Part 2: Backup

Lynn will enter the fight after a few minutes. Have her move to either the north or east side of the box and set her to defend. Move your tank to the side she isn’t guarding. This part of the battle is a breeze, just keep your eyes open, listen for intel, and concentrate on attacking the advancing enemy.

Story 12: Underground

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera, Dorcas, Dynuster G

Recommended Tank(s): Dynuster G. (Vill) Cocknell (Lynn)

This mission is not as hard as Errol makes it out to be, but a single mistake can ruin your chances of victory. Put Vill in the Dynuster and Lynn in the Cocknell, so she can keep up with you. Advance through the winding valley, set Lynn to support, and destroy every enemy you see. The Dynuster can lay down some heavy firepower and Lynn will be able to mop up damaged foes with the Cocknell.

It’s important to be aggressive and stay on the move, firing at enemy tanks as you advance. You’ll have to cut through about three hostile tanks to reach the red box in the northeast which is your target destination. Do not dawdle during this mission unless you want to run out of time or be destroyed by enemy backup. Book it to the red box and the mission will be accomplished.

Story 13: Breakthrough

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera, Dorcas, Dynuster G, AMS 100

Recommended Tank(s): Dorcas or Bathsera (Vill) Dorcas (Lynn)

An enemy fortification occupies the northern part of the map. This is a simple mission that requires players to destroy all enemy units. The are three guns mounted on the walls of the compound that can hit you from quite a distance and inflict a fair amount of damage. Entrances to the fort can be found along both the southern and western walls, but you’ll have to eliminate the tanks sitting in each entrance first. Once all of the defenders are destroyed (there are about six in total) reinforcements will attack from within the compound. Another tank and a few missile vehicles will approach from the east, then north. An arcing cannon like that of the Bathsera or Dorcas is best suited for taking out the turrets along the wall. Both tanks have strengths that make them suited for this mission, since the Bathsera is mobile enough to fight in the crowded compound and the Dorcas is heavily armored enough to face off with the turrets. Have Lynn use the Dorcas, however, she’ll need the extra armor, plus her gunnery is good. On a side note, it may be tempting to use the AMS 100, but it has to actually touch targets with is drill to deal damage, which means the missile launcher reinforcements will maul it unless you are extremely good at taking cover. Victory will be yours once all of the defenders are destroyed.

Story 14: Escape

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera, Dorcas, Dynuster G, AMS 100, TRS 98

Recommended Tank(s): TRS 98, Dynuster G, or Dorcas (Vill) Dynuster G. or Dorcas (Lynn)

Mission 14 requires you to destroy the enemy unit that has come to block the escape route. Several waves of enemy tanks will attack and one tank will even sneak inside the fort. Both Balks and Lynn will be here to assist in this battle, but you cannot issue commands to Balks, who will be piloting a TRS 98. This mission presents a good opportunity to try out your own TRS 98, but remember to stay mobile and take advantage of its range, because this tank has relatively light armor. Lynn should be put in a Dynuster or Dorcas as usual. The attacking force consists of a mixture of missile and standard tanks. Staying close to Balks and having Lynn support you will keep the enemy from overwhelming you. Most of the hostile tanks will come in from the southeast and it’s possible to hammer them into submission as they enter the map with the Sarge’s help. Do not pursue the tank that infiltrates the base, because he is a diversion, meant to draw you away from the real fight so the missile tanks can pick off Balks and Lynn. The diversion tank will eventually engage you, but look for it near the base entrance if you are having trouble finding it. There are roughly ten enemies in this mission, which will end once they are all destroyed.

Story 15: Sisters

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera, Dorcas, Dynuster G, AMS 100, TRS 98

Recommended Tank(s): Dorcas or Dynuster G (Vill) Dorcas (Lynn)

Your goal in mission 15 is to destroy the red lead tank, which is fitted with a deadly laser. Armor and firepower are important in this battle, so have Lynn and Vill use the Dorcas. The Dynuster is another good option for Vill if you are having trouble completing mission 15 in the Dorcas.

Part 1: Falling Back

This mission is very dangerous thanks to the laser tank. There’s also a double barreled tank, some missile tanks, and a few standard tanks to deal with. Remember: you need only destroy the red tank. Retreat behind the stand of trees to the south (with Lynn in tow) to force the enemy to search for you. A tank or two will most likely close in on you from the east, take them out quickly, then scout out the northwest. A missile tank and the double barreled tank will likely come from that direction, stay close to Lynn and focus your attacks on the enemy to eliminate them quickly.

Part 2: Counter Attack

Advance north a bit to find the red command tank. The laser this thing fires is deadly and accurate. Luckily it isn’t the fastest of tanks and even the Dorcas can outrun it, so fall back again if you see any other hostiles while approaching the red tank to draw them out. Circle around the red tank once you have it alone so it has to split it’s attention between two targets. The laser tank is fairly well armored, but a few shots from the Dorcas’ cannon or some rear hits will put it out of commission, winning the battle.

Story 16: Exposure

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera, Dorcas, Dynuster G, AMS 100, TRS 98, Objex 05, Alotopas M

Recommended Tank(s): AMS 100 (Vill) Dorcas (Lynn)

This is one nasty battle, because the enemy won’t be visible on the touch screen. On top of that, the stealthy tanks pack a punch and there are four of them in total. Lynn is useless in this battle, so just put her in a Dorcas*. You’ll have to estimate where your shell will hit the enemy, which is tough without the red dot, but there is another option: The AMS 100. Being fast, the AMS can close with hostile tanks quickly and the drill will reduce a stealth tank to scrap in seconds. You’ll also save a lot of time, which is good, because you only get five minutes to complete the mission.

You’ll have to sweep around the touch screen and try to get a visual on each enemy, then head straight for it. While the AMS 100 is fast and the enemy will have trouble hitting it, even head on, you may want to consider approaching at an angle to further mitigate damage. Circle around a tank to ram it if you are having trouble getting a fix on it. This mission is hard and it may take a few tries to get used to it, but the AMS and a little practice will pretty much guarantee success.

Story 17: Rubicon

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera, Dorcas, Dynuster G, AMS 100, TRS 98, Objex 05, Alotopas M

Recommended Tank(s): Objex 05, TRS 98, or Dorcas (Vill) Dorcas (Lynn)

Part 1: The Crossing

Take your time and defeat every enemy you come across. The bridges are out, so you’ll have to cross via the shallow spots in the stream, which are located near each bridge. Fight carefully so you have plenty of life when you reach the gunboat.

Part 2: The Gunboat

This thing is located in the northeastern corner of the map and is pretty hard to miss… in more ways than one. To make up for its broad profile, the gunboat is heavily armored and it will take a concentrated bombardment to destroy. To further complicate matters, the boat has a respectable cannon and enemy reinforcements will arrive when you reach it’s dock. Ignore the reinforcements and move laterally up and down the shore to avoid the falling shells. Pound away at the boat with your own guns and the boat will be history in no time.

Story 18: Thunder

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera, Dorcas, Dynuster G, AMS 100, TRS 98, Objex 05, Alotopas M, Dynuster2 H

Recommended Tank(s): Objex 05, DynusterG, Dynuster2 H, or Alotopas M (Vill and Lynn)

The goal for this mission is to destroy the artillery tanks positioned just past the rivers. Find the first batch of artillery tanks by crossing the first river and hugging the eastern shore just south of the ruined bridge. You’ll see the artillery near a patch of forest. The next batch of artillery is located to the southeast, on the other side of a stream. There are four artillery tanks in total and they have tremendous range as well as power. Have Lynn and Vill use tanks like the Dynuster, Alotopas, or Objex 05 models, because their combination of speed, power, and armor will keep you alive in this fight. It may be tempting to use a heavy tank like the Dorcas or something fast, but the artillery will chew up a slow tank and take out lighter tasks in just a few hits.

Part 1: Artillery A

Head east with Lynn in support mode and cross the river. Several standard tanks are positioned on the strip of land between the first two lakes, be sure to take them out quickly while moving laterally in order to avoid artillery fire. Hug the eastern shore near the broken bridge to locate the enemy guns. It’s easy to get a visual on them by sweeping the radar around. Once you’ve spotted the enemy, send a few shells their way. It’s extremely important to stay mobile and not to try to cross the stream even though it’s tempting to get closer. Two or three shots, depending on your cannon, will be enough to destroy each gun.

Part 2: Artillery B

Advance north and cross the stream after destroying the first set of guns. Take out the tank that pops up and head south. You may want to set Lynn to attack mode at this point and take cover behind the trees to the south for a few seconds. Lynn should start rolling to the southeast, which is where the second pair of guns is located. Follow her and get ready to rush across a dangerous open field. Try to get a visual on where the enemy shells are coming from and move at an angle relative to the enemy’s position. You’ll have to cross the shallows quickly and begin blasting away at the enemy as soon as they are in range. With any luck Lynn will be able to distract or damage them, allowing you to safely mount an attack. You may get a notification about enemy reinforcements, ignore it: you only need to destroy the guns to complete the mission.

Story 19: Mud

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera, Dorcas, Dynuster G, AMS 100, TRS 98, Objex 05, Alotopas M, Dynuster2 H, Objex 09, Jaris E

Recommended Tank(s): Alotopas, Objex 05, or Dorcas (Vill) Dorcas (Lynm)

You’ll have to destroy enemy hover tanks while protecting an ally to succeed in this mission. Swampy terrain makes this area hard to navigate, but there are dry patches that can be traveled across quickly. The game recommends an amphibious vehicle called the Jaris E, but the gun on this thing is too weak to eliminate the hover tanks efficiently, unless you are very good at circling behind enemies. It is best to pick the reliable Dorcas or Objex 05, even the Alotopas performs nicely in this battle. Lynn should be in the Dorcas once again and set to support. Enemies will mob you and destroy your comrade if you sit around at the starting point. The key to victory in this battle is to follow the dry path north and pick off the enemies as you see them. Do not worry too much about the guy you have to protect, because he will follow you and Lynn. If enemies begin to attack from behind, back up and begin firing on them. Blow up 9 hover tanks to complete the mission.

Story 20: Capital Entry

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera, Dorcas, Dynuster G, AMS 100, TRS 98, Objex 05, Alotopas M, Dynuster2 H, Objex 09, Jaris E

Recommended Tank(s): Dynuster2 H (Vill) Dorcas (Lynn)

Part 1: Entering the City

The first part of this mission is simple: roll into the city and destroy every enemy you come into contact with. Use the buildings as cover and return fire. The second phase of the battle will take place after you destroy several enemy tanks.

Part 2: The Enemy Commander

A red tank will appear along with some reinforcements, take cover behind the buildings and begin focusing your fire on the red command tank. Keep Lynn near you so she can support you with the firepower of the Dorcas. A few volleys will destroy the command tank and win the battle.

Story 21: Root

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera, Dorcas, Dynuster G, AMS 100, TRS 98, Objex 05, Alotopas M, Dynuster2 H, Objex 09, Jaris E

Recommended Tank(s): Dynuster G (Lynn and Vill)

A heavily armed enemy train is your target in this mission. Keep a good distance from the train and move parallel to it while firing on the engine. It’s a good idea to back up if you outpace it. The Dynuster G is a good choice for this mission, because of its speed, defense, and power. Both Vill and Lynn should be in a Dynuster or something similar so they can keep up with the train. Staying in front of the engine is the safest option, but backing up a bit and letting it go ahead will allow you to get rear hits on the front car. Focus entirely on the engine, pummeling it with shells and machine gun rounds. Letting the train escape will result in failure, so don’t get distracted by the other cars or backup that arrives. You can also park your tank on the tracks so the train cannot move forward. Hit it enough and the train will explode, resulting in victory.

Story 22: Duel

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera, Dorcas, Dynuster G, Objex 05, Alotopas M, Dynuster2 H, Objex 09, Jaris E

Recommended Tank(s): Dynuster G or Cocknell

Vill is alone in this battle and will have to face a powerful opponent. Fortunately, your enemy is on his own as well, but he is both fast and well armored. Have Vill use the Dynuster G, it’s one of the few tanks that can avoid the enemy’s attacks while dishing out respectable damage. The Cocknell is also good in this battle thanks to its speed, but you need to be very accurate with your shots and good at manoeuvring (the Cocknell can only take 3 or 4 hits from the enemy tank), so stick with the Dynuster if you don’t feel comfortable in the Cocknell. There’s a small hill between you and the enemy, try to keep the hill between you and your opponent, because it can sometimes block his shots.

One nice thing about this mission is that you can time your movements so that you are turning just after the enemy fires, which is a great way to avoid his attacks. The enemy moves quickly and often changes direction, so it’s necessary to aim your shots at where he will be in order to hit him. At some points the enemy will turn his back on you which is a great opportunity to get rear hits. This battle is tough and may take a few attempts, but it become easier once you get used to the way the enemy moves.

Story 23: General’s Fortress

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera, Dorcas, Dynuster G, AMS 100, TRS 98, Objex 05, Alotopas M, Dynuster2 H, Objex 09, Jaris E, PSN 105

Recommended Tank(s): Cocknell, Objex 05, Dynuster G or H (Vill)  Dynuster G (Lynn)

The next to last mission is dangerous thanks to the fort’s heavily fortified ramparts and laser tanks that reinforce the enemy after you destroy most of the defense force. Use relatively speedy tanks like the Dynuster or Objex for Vill and Lynn. The Cocknell is actually effective in this battle thanks to its speed, but you really need to know how to evade enemy fire and fire your gun accurately to make good use of it.

Part 1: Breaching the Walls

Two massive ramparts stand to either side of the entrance. A turret and missile tank occupy each rampart. Destroy the turrets before attempting to enter the fort, then take out the missile tanks. You may have to position yourself carefully so can hit the enemies on the high walls. A tank waits within the fort and two more turrets are mounted on the northern wall. Destroy the tank and turrets, then prepare for the real battle.

Part 2: Reserves

After destroying nearly all of the enemies, the general will send in about three waves of reserves. Each wave will consist of a laser tank and a standard tank. Circle around the building in the center of the fort and make the enemy come to you. You’ll need all of your evasive skills to stay alive in this match. Sometimes the laser tanks will retreat and try to draw you into a trap. Using hit and run tactics will make it difficult for them to hit or trap you. Alternatively, you can retreat through the entrance to the fort and force them to come to you, but you’ll probably have to lure them to you. This fight is tough, but use evasive movement, be patient, and you will eventually win.

Story 24: The End Of Ambition

Available Tanks: Culcri, Cocknell, Bathsera, Dorcas, Dynuster G, AMS 100, TRS 98, Objex 05, Alotopas M, Dynuster2 H, Objex 09, Jaris E, PSN 105

Recommended Tank(s): TRS 98 (Vill) Dorcas (Lynn)

The final target is a massive tank with four turrets mounted on the top. Each of the turrets seems to fire something different and the super tank seems to switch between weapons at random. One turret fires shells, another fires a machine gun, and the center turret fires a laser. Vill and Lynn will start out on the ramparts of the fortress and will have to hit the device in the center of the super tank that looks a bit like a naval radar array. Lynn won’t be much help in this battle, since her AI doesn’t attempt to aim for the weak spot, so she will serve as a distraction at best. The TRS 98 is surprisingly well suited for this task however. Stay on the rampart while making evasive maneuvers and lobbing missiles at the enemy. If the super tank starts shooting lasers, fall behind the ramp for cover.

The boss will usually circle the center of the fort, which means you can time your volleys so the hit the rear of the boss’s weak point. Sometimes the super tank will move towards the entrance of the fort and halt. This is a good time to back up to the ramp and use the top of the rampart as cover. If you’re lucky the boss will not move from the entrance and you can bombard him from a safe vantage. Either way, the boss will take dozens of shots to kill, so patience and careful manoeuvring are a must in this battle. Destroy the super tank and the final mission will end in victory!


Culcri: A light tank that relies on its impressive speed to survive. Mostly used for training due to its lack of firepower and poor defense. Vill starts the game with a Culcri. Players should only use this tank when there are no other options.

Weapon: HM-Gun

Power: 1

Defense: 3

Speed: 10

Range: 6

Cocknell: A beefed up version of the Culcri that is equipped with more armor and the Canon 1. The Cocknell’s cannon fires in a nearly strait trajectory, which makes it good for use against fast targets on flat terrain. Although weak and lightly armored, the Cocknell is as fast as a tank can get, which makes it effective in a variety of situations if the player knows how to use it.

Weapon: Cannon1/M.Gun

Power: 1

Defense: 4

Speed: 10

Range: 6

Bathsera: This tank has a good mix of speed, defense, and fire power. It’s cannon fires in an arch and packs a decent punch. The Bathsera is only really useful early in the game and will quickly become outmoded by superior armor.

Weapon: Canon2/M.Gun

Power: 2

Defense: 5

Speed: 6

Range: 7

Dorcas: With a powerful gun and good overall stats, this tank seems suited to any mission, but it’s not an effective pursuit tank, because it must stop to fire it’s massive gun. The Dorcas is best used as an assault tank against slower, heavily armored targets.

Weapon: Cannon6/M.Gun

Power: 5

Defense: 10

Speed: 5

Range: 10

Dynuster G.: The Dynuster G. looks inferior to the Dorcas in almost every way on paper, but in practice it’s a surprisingly decent tank. The Dynuster has it’s cannon to thank for it’s competent performance in battle. The cannon 4 inflicts decent damage and fires in a fairly straight line, while allowing the tank to stay mobile. This ultimately makes the Dynuster good at busting through enemy blockades or fighting in urban settings where there is plenty of cover.

Weapon: Cannon4/M.Gun

Power: 3

Defense: 8

Speed: 5

Range: 8

AMS 100: This bizarre tank has a drill mounted to its nose. While fast and deadly at close range, the AMS 100 is not suited to combat in the open due to its paltry armor and the fact that it must make close contact with targets to employ its drill. Despite it’s weaknesses, the AMS 100 is extremely deadly, thanks to its drill which can shred an enemy in seconds. Terrain that features narrow passages and plenty of cover, such as a base or town, is ideal for the AMS 100, but players will need to use skill and strategy to stay alive in this tank.

Weapon: Drill/M.Gun

Power: 2

Defense: 5

Speed: 10

Range: 1

TRS 98: More of a mobile missile launcher than a tank, the TRS 98 is fast, accurate, and deadly. It’s also lightly armored and unable survive a slugfest with most other tanks, making it more of a support or hit and run unit.

Weapon: Missile 1

Power: 1

Defense: 5

Speed: 7

Range: 8

Alotopas M: A double cannon is the defining feature of the Alotopas, which is an otherwise mediocre tank. With middling armor and slightly above average speed, this tank is outperformed by tanks like the Objex 05 and Dynuster G. Some players may appreciate it’s cannon, however, thanks to its fast reload speed.

Weapon: Cannon 2

Power: 2

Defense: 5

Speed: 6

Range: 7

Objex 05: This tank features a great combination of speed, defense, and range, which makes it able to take on a variety of missions. Not only does the Objex pack a reliable cannon, but it also has a powerful machine gun that can be put to good use while the main gun is reloading.

Weapon: Cannon3/HM-Gun

Power: 3

Defense: 6

Speed: 7

Range: 7

Dynuster2 H: A lighter, faster Dynuster variant that is suited to a number of tasks.

Weapon: Cannon3/M.Gun

Power: 3

Defense: 6

Speed: 7

Range: 7

Objex 09: A difficult tank to use, the Objex 09 is fitted with a powerful long range cannon. Skillful players can use Lynn to spot enemies and bombard them from afar with this the long range gun.

Weapon: L-Cannon 1

Power: 3

Defense: 5

Speed: 5

Range: 10

Jaris E: Designed to move quickly through boggy terrain, the Jaris E. has very limited use thanks to its middling armor and weak firepower.

Weapon: Cannon1/HM-Gun

Power: 1

Defense: 5

Speed: 7

Range: 6

PSN 105: The PSN 105 is a fast and powerful tank that functions well in missions that require speed and firepower.

Weapon: Cannon4/M.Gun

Power: 3

Defense: 7

Speed: 8

Range: 8


   This guide does not address many aspects of Tank Beat, mainly because I had to focus my efforts on writing the walkthrough and had little time to ponder some of the finer points of the game. Below is a list of questions and musings concerning this title, that will hopefully be answered or confirmed one day. Sadly, I cannot guarantee that I will ever be able to return to this game to answer these questions (there are dozens if not hundreds of games that lack walkthroughs), but I may consider doing so. Those who intend to write their own guides are welcome to use these questions as a jumping off point. Also, anyone is welcome to contact me with any answers or clues they may have found.

Stage Scores: At the end of each mission, the player is graded based on his or her performance. Possible scores are: S,A,B,C,D, and E with S being the highest and E the lowest.* A numerical score is also displayed along with several criteria: Time, Damage, Special Points, and Enemies Destroyed. The numerical score seems to be derived from these criteria and is likely capped at 100. Generally speaking, clearing missions quickly and taking little damage seems to be the best way to get high scores. At this point, I do not know what significance these scores have or what happens if you achieve S rank in every mission. It’s possible that they open Skirmish stages up or even award the player with bonus tanks.

*Note: It may also be possible to get an F.

Skirmish Mode: This is a bonus mode that allows players to challenge various missions from story mode. Getting decent scores in story mode missions seems to unlock skirmish missions, but it’s also possible that playing skirmish mode unlocks more content, maybe both rules apply. So far there seem to be 30 skirmish missions in total (six more than story mode) and it is not clear if it is possible to unlock more or if there is some sort of bonus for getting high scores in skirmish.

Weapons and Tanks: All of the cannons and missiles in this game are numbered. I.E. Cannon 1, Cannon 2, Missile 1, and so forth. The “Tanks” section of this guide lists the tanks I have found along with their weapons and stats. Those who take note of the weapons fielded by each tank will notice that there is no “Cannon 5” present, but tanks with cannons 1 through 6 are available. There are also tanks with weapons like Missile 1 or L-range Cannon 1. It’s possible that this is an oversight on part of the developer or translator, though the fact that some weapons have no numerical designation seems to imply that there are hidden tanks with weapons like missile 2 or cannon 5. Perhaps getting higher scores in story mode unlocks more tanks, or they appear in other modes such as skirmish and battle*.

*Update: It is possible to view a list of acquired tanks in the options section of the game, which indicates that I have only unlocked 54% of the tanks in this game.

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