Super Star Wars (SNES)

Developer: Sculptured Software

Publisher: JVC Digital Studios

Release Date: November 1992

Genre: Platformer

System: Super Nintendo 

Players: 1


Super Stars Wars is a run and gun platformer based on the first Star Wars film. Players can control Luke, Han, and Chewbacca through 14 stages that are modeled after scenes from the movie. Luke starts out using a blaster that can be upgraded to shoot homing missiles and even plasma. As the game progresses he will be able to use a Lightsaber. Han and Chewie, who are masters of the blaster, will join him later in the game. Players will also find health refills, protective shields, and even health extensions in addition to blaster powerups. Mode 7 scrolling stages place players in control of various vehicles in missions that require them to fulfil objectives that range from destroying enemy vehicles to simply riding to the next stage.

Cutscenes that feature important segments of the film play between stages as players travel through the game. Popular Star Wars bad guys, like Sand People and Storm Troopers, as well as original foes, fill out the ranks of the enemy roster in this title. Many stages in Super Star Wars  are protected by a boss that must be defeated in order for Luke and his friends to move onwards. 

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