Super Star Wars Cheats (SNES)

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Super Star Wars (SNES) Cheat Codes


The various codes for Super Star Wars can be a bit complicated and often require the user to input them quickly, so do not be surprised if they don’t work the first time you try them. The Debug Menu, which happens to be the most useful of the cheats, has to be entered with two controllers; make sure you have one ready before attempting to use it. Finally, some codes will not work with others and it’s probably best to just use the Debug Menu if you are looking for an all around cheat.

Sound Test

Hold A B X Y then press Start while the game is active to initiate the sound test.

You can cycle through the soundtrack with the directional buttons and play songs by hitting A, B, X, or Y. The same can be done with sound effects. 

Extra Continues

Gives you five continues, does not work with other cheat codes. A Jawa yell will sound once the code has been entered.

While on the title screen, enter X B B A Y

Start with the Lightsaber

Luke can use the Lightsaber from the very beginning of the game with this code. Cannot be used with the other cheats.

Enter the following code while on the title screen:

Y Y X X A B X A, then Start

Note: This code must be entered quickly after the start and options menu appears on the title screen or it will not work.

Debug Mode

A second controller is required to make full use of this cheat. On the title screen, move the cursor to “Options” and press:

A A A A X B B B B Y X X X X A Y Y Y Y B 

If entered correctly, you will hear a Jawa shout. Start the game and you will be able to select Luke, Han, or Chewie from the very beginning. Luke will have his Lightsaber right from the start. It’s also possible to activate a variety of cheats, which are listed below, by pressing buttons on Controller 2.

Debug Menu

Press L and R on Controller 2 to bring up the Debug Menu. In this menu, players can select any stage, increase or decrease the current number of lives, adjust health levels, select a character, and change weapons.

Stage Skip 

Press Start on Controller 2 to proceed to the next stage.

Invincibility and Map Mode

Two controllers are required for this code. Bring the Debug Menu up by entering the Debug Mode code above.

Hold A, B, X, Y, Select, and Start on Controller 2 then press Start on Controller 1. 

Once activated, this code will allow you to see Luke’s X and Y coordinates. He will also be nearly invincible and can drop through floors by pressing Down and B.

The preceding cheat codes, which originally appeared in Nintendo Power and Tips and Tricks Magazine, have been compiled and transcribed to this site for the sake of posterity as well as for the convenience of our visitors. They have been tested thoroughly for accuracy. Feel free to contact us if you have problems getting these cheats to work or know something we do not.

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