Super Spy Hunter (NES)

Developer: Tokai Engineering

Publisher: SunSoft

Release Date: February, 1992

System: Nintendo Entertainment System

Genre: Shoot ‘em up

Players: 1


Super Spy Hunter takes place in the year 2525. The United Nations has come under attack from a terrorist group led by a shadowy figure named X. C.I.A. reports indicate that X is working on a secret weapon that will allow the terrorists to throw the world into chaos. All of the agents sent out to investigate X have failed, including a specialist named Rachel who has yet to return. A special operative known only as Super Spy Hunter has been dispatched to track down the terrorists and finsih them off before they can complete their weapon.

Players control a vehicle that can transform into a car, boat, and airplane that can race through each stage at high speed. Terrorist agents will attack players as they make their way to the boss of each stage. Super Spy Hunter’s vehicle can be powered up with better guns that can be aimed in several directions, oil slicks, and even tire shredders that send enemy vehicles careening into walls. Players will have to react quickly to twists and turns  in the road as well as enemy vehicles. 

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