Super Spy Hunter (NES) Cheats

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Super Spy Hunter (NES) Cheats

Extra Life Roulette

Press A, B, Select, then Start when the title screen appears. A screen with the numbers 0 through 12 will display. The numbers will spin rapidly across the screen. Press the A Button to stop the spinning wheel. The number the wheel stops on is the amount of extra cars you will be awarded. The game will begin after the wheel stops. Reset the game if you do not want the number of lives you were awarded.

Full Power Ups

During gameplay, press Start to pause the game, then enter the following button combination: Up, Up, B, Right, Right, B, Down, B, Down, B, Left, Left, and A. Press Start again to resume the game with a fully powered up car. This code will not work while the player is fighting a boss.

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