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Release Data

Developer/Publisher: Irem

Release Date: September 1, 1991

System: Super Nintendo

Genre: Horizontal Shooter/Shmup

Players: 1


In Super R-Type, the BYDO Empire has returned to renew its assault on planet Earth. The R-9 fighter has been dispatched to the front lines to penetrate into the heart of the BYDO Empire and destroy it from within. Players have to pilot their way through seven horizontally scrolling stages filled with hostile spaceships, turrets, and other nasty surprises to complete their mission. Each stage is guarded by a boss at its end.

Players can obtain several power ups, the most important of which being the Force, a special sphere that can attach to the front or back of the R-9. The Force can fire extra shots and absorb certain projectiles as well as damage enemies that crash into it. Speed power ups and special weapons like the laser are also available. Another feature of the R-9 is the player’s ability to charge the Wave cannon, which can result in a power blast that will clear much of the screen of enemies.

Players start with three extra ships and will lose one every time their ship crashes into something or is hit by a projectile. There are no checkpoints in this game, so dying means the player will have to attempt the entire stage again. However, players may continue an infinite number of times.


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