Starpoint Gemini 2 Walkthrough (PC, Xbox One)

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Starpoint Gemini 2 Walkthrough

~By tankMage (June 2019)


Welcome to my Starpoint Gemini 2 main mission walkthrough, thanks for stopping by! I did my best to describe each mission in this game and provide strategies for completing them. However, there are a number of variables that can affect a player’s experience. Someone who leveled up to 60 and bought a carrier will have an easy time with the majority of missions, while someone who is level 3 in a gunship will have to approach certain situations very carefully. With this in mind, my instructions should be thought of more as a loose set of guidelines. Finally, I played this game on hard mode, so my observations will vary from those of someone who played on Extreme or Easy.

A. Main Mission Walkthrough

As the name implies, this section deals with the main missions for Starpoint Gemini 2’s story mode. Many of the experience and cash rewards documented in this guide are estimations and will often have a “ ~ ” displayed next to them to indicate that I was uncertain of the exact amount. This is because the text for the mission rewards scrolled very quickly and certain achievements unlock Experience bonuses, which further muddled my attempts to record mission rewards. Missions will also give the player blueprint pieces on occasion, but these are random. Finally, I recommend what ship class I feel is best for each mission, but players are free to choose any ship they wish and it’s even possible to beat the game in a gunship. That said, it’s generally easier to clear missions in larger vessels.

1. Godspeed!

Reward: 205 Exp and 40,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Gunship

Your first task is to land on planet Trinity. As you fly over to the planet, a single Lyra will attack. This enemy is quite weak and will make good practice. Use your heavy weapons to hurry up the process of destroying it. PTE will help you reach Trinity faster, so be sure to use it often. Junk can be found floating around the planet, shoot it if you want to collect some stuff to sell. It usually costs money to land on planets and use T-Gates, but you can land on Trinity for free this time.

Drydock and repair your hull. Rearm your heavy weapons and sell any junk you collected, then save your game. Fly towards the Main Mission waypoint after Jeremy Coop talks to you. Take care to avoid hostile craft on the way. Scan the Avalon derelict after the cutscene by bringing up the context menu with the derelict targeted. You’ll be approached by John Hoffman and Diego Hernandez after scanning the wreck, choose “Continue Campaign” with Hoffmann to stay in story mode, then accept the next mission. You may as well use the Scavenger Swarm drones to salvage the derelict which will give you something good if you are lucky.

Pro-Tip: All ships have optimal firing arcs that allow the player to bring their turrets to bear on targets. The Taurus will fire its guns much faster if the target is slightly above and in front of it.

2. The Search Begins

Reward: 411 Exp and 60,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Gunship

The recommended level for this mission is 2, but you can safely start it at level 1. The goal is located in an asteroid field that is home to a hostile space station, so stay away from enemies and asteroids. Use PTE to cover the distance faster. In fact, you can push your engines even harder by going to the Energy Transfer overlay in the lower left side of the screen and diverting more power to the engines. Just remember to set it back to normal when you are about 3000 from the waypoint.

One of your allies will be under attack from two enemy gunships when you arrive at the waypoint. Slow down to about 25% speed when you get near firing range (815 if you are still using the Mongoose) and fire your heavy weapon at one of the gunships. It should take a while for the enemy to close with you, so try to get a few shots off to soften him up. The gunship should be nearly dead by the time it reaches you and you can finish it off with light turrets. It won’t take much effort to defeat the second ship alone. In the off chance that the enemy manages to close with you before you can take one of them down, use PTE to put some distance between yourself and them, then make another pass using heavy weapons. Don’t forget to activate your combat skills to help make this fight go more smoothly.

3. One Less to Go

Reward: 900 Exp and 80,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Gunship

Note: It’s likely you are only level 2 or 3 if you’ve been following this guide closely. The game recommends being level 6 for the next mission, which isn’t necessary. However, it does help to be at least level 4 and have a ship with upgraded shields as well as weapons. I recommend doing some ship capturing or gathering resources to sell until you have enough to buy some enhancements.

Plymouth Shipyard is your next destination, so get ready for a long ride. Kobe will contact you once you reach the shipyard and ask you to fetch some fuel casings from the nearby junkyard. Unfortunately, he won’t be accompanying you in his fancy Wolverine. Fly over to the waypoint and two more ships, similar to those you fought in the last mission will assail you. Use the same tactics as before to neutralize them, then have your Scavenger Swarm drones retrieve the fuel casings from the derelict. Return to Plymouth and you’ll get your reward for this mission.

4. Nordhorn Passage

Reward: 1,750 Exp and  100,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Gunship

Fly over to the next objective when you are ready. You’ll be given further instructions upon arriving at Masada station, which is also a good place to stock up and make repairs. Depart when you are done and be ready to fight. Several freighters will be under attack from three hostile ships, one of which is an Adhara corvette. Focus on knocking out the corvette first, then go for the Lyra gunships. This should not be difficult if you use your heavy weapons, skills, and have a few enhancements. Use your repair bots and burn out of the enemies’ range with PTE if you find your ship taking too much damage.

With the enemy defeated, you’ll be informed that there are more freighters under attack nearby. Make any necessary repairs and give your skills a second to cool down before heading back into combat. Travel to the marker, then open fire on the Lyra and Taurus harassing the freighter. These guys should be easy seeing as how you just destroyed an Adhara. Return to Jackson and accept your next mission to get your prize.

5. Two-faced

Reward: 2,883 Exp and 120,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Gunship or Corvette

The next mission is close to planet Trinity, but you will pass through some dangerous territory if you fly straight over to the waypoint, so keep your guard up. Stop at a station on the way and make sure you have plenty of ammo. The next step is to intercept the Galahad once you arrive at the Waypoint. Galahad is a Horizon frigate with beam and railgun turrets. While intimidating, this ship isn’t all that tough if you fly carefully and soften its shields up with heavy weapons or happen to be in a larger ship. Watch your hull and shields carefully in this fight, because he can strip your defenses quickly, especially if you are still in a gunship.

Bring up the context menu and select “Board” once the Galahad is disabled. Kuzhev will contact you after the Galahad is boarded and order you to attack a nearby station. Fly over to the station and blast it until it’s history. More ships will drop in to fight Kuzhev and his buddies, take his advice and leave. Your destination is marked on the starchart and shouldn’t be hard to find.

6. Old Friends

Reward: 4,222 Exp and 140,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Gunship or Corvette

The recommended level for this mission is 10 and it’s a bit tougher than previous ventures, but it can be done at level six or even lower. With that in mind, I suggest using a corvette and bringing plenty of repair bots. Head on over to Sigil station and talk with Stieger who will ask for help with a raid on station guarded by defensive batteries that fire plasma. The batteries are pretty dangerous and you’ll want to make passes to fight them. Heavy weapons like fusion torpedoes are good for taking out the batteries, but you’ll need to use your light guns to do most of the work. A ship with a cloak or some fancy flying can help you dodge plasma fired by the enemy. Be sure to keep the pressure on a particular battery, because they can repair themselves. The station will be a sitting duck that you can blast away at once its defenses have been stripped away.

Pro-Tip: Equip a railgun with a long range, like the Ripper III and enhance it with the Nioshu III upgrade to attain a range of 1100. This will make it very easy to avoid the station defense batteries shots as you snipe at them from afar.

7. Jailbreak

Reward: ~5,000 Exp and ~15,0000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Gunship or Corvette

Get ready for an easy mission… if you do it right. Your target is a space station that serves as a prison. Stieger will be nearby shooting at a bunch of ships, let him distract them while you fly up to the station. Having a cloak is very helpful for the first phase of the mission, since you can sneak up to the station and transport your troops into it as instructed. After that, use PTE to get your ship to a safe distance while you prepare to attack. The prison will defend itself with plasma guns that have a range of about 900, so you have to either tank the damage or fly evasively while firing upon the station, unless you have managed to really boost your railguns’ range. The station won’t last long at any rate, so focus on staying alive and set your guns to fire at will, since your target is too big to miss.

8. Access Granted

Reward: 7,900 Exp and 180,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Corvette or Frigate

Note: Your opponent in this mission is a battleship. While it is poorly armed, it still has a considerable amount of shielding. Buy a frigate like the Orca or take some time to really upgrade your weapons before engaging this beast in battle.

Be prepared to fly a great distance through hostile territory to the next objective. It may be wise to pay the T-Gate toll of 60,000 credits for the convenience of jumping to the Nexus Perimeter gate. From there it’s just a short trip to the Yxaril Wasteland Depot. You will be told to take care of a few assassins once you reach the depot. Take a moment to save your game and set out for battle once your ship is ready.

A Bishop battleship awaits you amidst the junk in a nearby sector. Try to turn your ship so that the Bishop’s beams won’t slice through your shields or stay out of its range and use plasma or railguns. Throw everything you have at this battleship including heavy weapons, skills, and fighters if you have them. Engineers using Rift (with a few levels in radiation damage) and Gunners with a few points in Railgunner skills like Phased Shell can wear the Bishop’s hull down pretty fast. Otherwise, get ready for a protracted battle. Aiming for systems and weapons can help a lot in this fight. Fly over to the next waypoint once the Bishop is space debris and target the container, then send some troops on board to retrieve the papers.

9. Cat and Mouse

Reward: 10,917 Exp and 200,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Frigate

The next stop on the list is the Fidelity station. Head over to the communications relay you were told to repair after docking at the station and select the “Repair” option on the context menu when you get within about 500 to it. Do the same for two more relays and you’ll be told to go to Will ‘o the Wisp. Someone in the area is being attacked by two Orca frigates and it’s up to you to defend her. The Orcas will drop fast if you were strong enough to defeat the Bishop from the previous mission.

After that you will have to defend your new friend for 3 minutes while enemy frigates try to blow her away. A capable ship like the Orca or Abeja should be able to handle the waves of hostiles. It’s important to be aggressive while defending the crippled ship, because the enemy will destroy it if given the opportunity. Most of your foes will be weak cruisers and frigates, just watch out for the beam weapons they use. Equip a set of Unity Nanodrones and MO Repairbots to keep your hull intact if you are having trouble.

The next stop on the list is the location of the Redemption. Go to a nearby station to rearm and buy supplies if you’re running low. A Myrmidon and another smaller vessel will attack when you reach the Redemption. Both ships should go down without fuss. With them out of the way, scan the Redemption and watch the movie. Afterwards you may want to salvage the Redemption and your victims.

10. Deciphering the Secret

Reward: 13,700 Exp and 220,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Destroyer or Cruiser

Note: This mission takes place in a giant EMP storm and your shields will constantly take damage. Equip the ResoSpec EMP III or InoCell III enhancement to cut down on the shield drain. Buy a few EMP Defense Fields to further reduce damage or use skills like Defender. I also suggest taking a Destroyer class or larger vessel with generous shielding into this mission.

It’s up to you to defend your allies once again. This time you will have to do so in an EMP cloud that will drain your shields and eat away at your ship’s hull. Two waves enemies will swoop down on you and your allies. The first frigate and destroyer will have weakened shields and should prove easy prey if you are in a cruiser. Repair your hull and do whatever you can to recharge your shields, because the second pair will be in better shape. A decent cruiser like the Saratoga or Hydra S should be your ship of choice in this battle. It is possible to do this mission in a smaller ship, but the odds will be stacked against you.

11. Another Setback

Reward: 17,715 Exp and 240,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Cruiser

This mission is highly similar to the previous one, though you will not have to deal will constant EMP damage. Three waves of enemies will attack, the first two being Luna gunships that are not a match for you. Two Apollo destroyers will join the fray once the gunships are out of the way. Watch out for their beam weapons. You may want to split your energy between shields and weapons to make this fight easier. Fly over to the next waypoint after the timer is up to collect your reward.

12. Probing the Beast

Reward: 21,732 Exp and 260,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Cruiser

Use the transporter to board the Leviathan once you reach it. A timer will appear once the troops are aboard the Leviathan and a corvette will begin firing upon you. Destroy it and wait around while the timer counts down. A new timer will appear after the first one vanishes and you will have to do battle with a Poseidon cruiser. The Poseidon will prove a more worthy foe, but you should have nothing to fear if you are in a good ship. Let the timer expire a second time and the mission will end.

13. We Hear You

Reward: 27,431Exp and 280,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Cruiser

Talk about easy… you will be told to hunt down a pair of imperial ships to bait them into using the emergency communications system. A weak Inciter and El Dorado are going to pop up when you arrive at the second waypoint. Just blast them from a distance and collect your reward.

14. Giant Leap


This mission will take you outside of Gemini for a while and you cannot return until it is complete. Take a ship that you can rely on, preferably Battleship or larger and any supplies you think will come in handy. Make sure you have plenty of credits to pay your officers while in this area, because they will still collect their salaries. Any mercenaries in your service will not follow and you will not have to pay their salaries.


Reward: 32,507 Exp and 300,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Cruiser or Battleship

Adrian will automatically jump to an imperial gate once you reach the waypoint. The T-Gate is heavily guarded, but all you have to do is fly into it, so hit PTE and ignore the enemy. The next step is to fly over to a battle station near the gate. Here you’ll meet someone who will give you yet another location to fly to, where you will be given three locations to explore. A container is located at each of the waypoints, you can either shoot it open or use salvage drones; just watch out for the enemy ships that guard the containers.

Eldorado’s and Inciters will mostly attack you while you are harvesting loot. These ships shouldn’t pose a threat as long as you are in a well equipped ship. Gather as much as you can and take it to the Refuge station. Don’t worry if you cannot pick everything up, the game will accept this part of the mission as complete as long as you destroy and loot the containers. You’ll be given another goal once you travel back to the station.

The next leg of this mission is dangerous, so be ready to use hit and run tactics. You may also want to go in cloaked if you have one. The shipyard you are asked to raid is protected by five destroyers that will put up quite a wall of fire. Evasive flying is important here, especially if you are in a smaller vessel. Use your fighters if you have them as well your cloak and skills to pick off the destroyers. Plasma Defense Fields can help in this confrontation, since the enemy uses plasma cannons. Stay at max weapon range and back off when your shields get low. With a little patience (or a Carrier) you can defeat these guys.

There’s one last portion of this mission, so head over to Bastille and have your troops board the Damocles. Several veteran Luna gunships will approach you after you board the Damocles, blow them up or run for the Gate. Get ready to do some evasive manoeuvring once you pass through the T-Gate, because you will appear in the middle of the fire fight you left earlier. Turn your ship so that it is clear of the T-Gate before attempting to use the autopilot to go to the next waypoint. The AI tends to bug out, because of the gate and will waste time circling it if you do not move to a better position.

15. Revelation

Reward: 35,000 Exp and 320,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Cruiser or Battleship

There’s a space station that needs defending, so get ready for some combat. The first wave of enemies will consist of a Myrmidon frigate and an Aristarch destroyer. Neither ship will survive for long if you are in a cruiser or something larger. A Celestial dreadnought along with a few smaller ships will appear in the second wave. The Celestial uses beams, so you should be able to stay out of its range with plasma or railguns. Fly out of the Celestial’s range and lead the smaller ships away from it if you are having difficulty with this phase of the battle. Destroy the Celestial, then fly to the waypoint to complete the mission.

16. Dawn of War

Reward: ~36,000 Exp and 340,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Battleship

Two waves of Nyxian ships will attack Masada. Each wave will consist of about five ships lead by a Jupiter dreadnought, so do not charge blindly into the enemy. While the attacking forces are large, none of the enemy ships are particularly powerful and you will have some help in this battle. Stay with your allies and mercenaries in order to force the enemy to engage a larger group, then concentrate your fire on the Jupiter. Both waves should crumble once their lead ships are destroyed.

17. Lines are Broken

Reward: 46,000 Exp and 360,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Battleship

Carlos Figueroa will give you the coordinates of three perimeter nodes that must be destroyed. It just so happens that these nodes are sitting in a radiation cloud, so take a tough ship and a few repair bots. The eastern node is defended by a pair of Aristarch destroyers. A battleship ship should be able to deal with the destroyers without breaking a sweat; get rid of them to prevent them from harassing you throughout the mission. You’ll have to fire on the node to destroy it. The central node is watched over by a Prowess and a Piranha, finish them off and destroy the node. A single Aristarch guards the western node. The mission will end once the last node is gone.

18. Catapult This!

Reward: ~52,000 Exp and 380,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Battleship or Dreadnought/Carrier

The Catapult is defended by four turrets, two Celestial dreadnoughts, and an Aristarch destroyer. Your job is to eliminate the defense platforms, which is easy if you are in a larger ship. Even the Celestials are easy targets since they will be busy fighting your Bealdor allies.

19. Tide is Turning

Reward: ~58,000 Exp and 400,000Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Dreadnought or Carrier

Go to the waypoint and watch the cutscene, then head over to the next waypoint when you are ready to take on the Empire. You’ll come up against a large fleet of Imperial ships that consist of Peruns, Equinox carriers, and smaller craft such as Inciters. While you will have quite a bit of support from friendly ships, it is wise to take a carrier, dreadnought, or at least a battleship into this fight. Don’t hesitate to back off a bit if your ship starts taking heavy damage, because your allies will keep firing on the enemies. There are two waves, totaling about 20 ships at the end of the day, so be ready for a drawn out fight.

20. Lure of the Lens

Reward: 64,000 Exp and 420,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Dreadnought or Carrier

Several imperial vessels are positioned near the Lens. Watch out for the Equinox carrier called Seraphim and its Perun escort, both ships can chew through your shields quickly if you are not careful. Keep your distance and fly parallel to them so you are harder to hit. Pick off the Inciters that accompany the Seraphim first, then go in for the kill. It helps to have fighters in this mission, since they can target the Seraphim from a safe range. Mercenaries are also a great help in this battle and a pair of dreadnoughts can take a lot of the pressure off of your ship. Destroy the station once you have beaten the Seraphim.

21. At an Empire’s End

Reward: ~80,000 Exp and 440,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Dreadnought or Carrier

Traveling to this mission is a bit dangerous as you’ll have to fly through some hostile territory filled with imperial forces if you use the Starpoint T-Gate. It’s much safer to buy a 3 or 4 T-Drives and jump to the mission area. You will be transported to the Starpoint Gate once you reach the mission marker. The Gate is defended by nine installations called Guard Posts and Hanger Platforms. These things fire plasma and can pump out serious damage. Try to stay at a range of at least 600 and fire on them while moving laterally.

If your shields start dropping, hit PTE and get to a safe range of about 1000. Out of the two types of installations, the Guard Posts seem to be the most deadly, so try to pick them off using mercs, fighters, and/or long range weapons. Some imperial ships will appear after you destroy the installations. This group consists of 2 Peruns and a few Inciters, so do not rush them. Instead, attack from a distance and rely on your comrades for support. A few Brotherhood Luna gunships will attack after the empire has been dealt with, destroy them and their main fleet will emerge from the gate.

The primary target is a massive ship called the Voltra that is backed up by several gunships. Let your allies engage the Voltra first so you do not have to deal with its plasma guns. Voltra has a lot of hull strength, but no shielding. Even so, its hull slowly regenerates, so you’ll have to fire on it for a while before it explodes. Skills and Damage Amplifiers can help wear down this enemy. Watch your shields closely and be ready to retreat if the Voltra targets you, though it should focus on your allies.

22. Closure

Reward: ~80,000 Exp and 500,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Dreadnought or Carrier

Your enemies in the first leg of this mission are two Celestial dreadnoughts and an Aristrach destroyer. Ignore the destroyer and focus on the Celestials, which are far more lethal. These ships have heavy shielding, so skills that bypass shields or beam weapons will prove valuable in this battle. You may want to visit the nearby station, Redding, after you defeat the Nexus forces, because your next task is a dangerous one.

This part of the mission is kind of tricky. You have to destroy the target cylinders on the Catapult, but they are defended by some turrets. The Brotherhood Mothership will also shoot at you if you get too close to it. Take the turrets out first and position your ship so that it is facing the cylinders and the mothership is behind it. This should give you a clear shot at your targets. Your will have to engage the Brotherhood Mothership once the cylinders have been destroyed. While the Mothership has a ton of plasma turrets that can shred even the toughest vessels, it has a fatal flaw: no rear turrets. Use PTE to get behind the behemoth and fire away at it without fear of retaliation. You will have to position yourself carefully so you are aligned with the center of the Mothership or the turrets will have a clear shot at you. Eventually the Mothership will explode after a few moments of sustained fire and victory will be yours!

B. Side Missions

Side missions become available once you gain a few levels. As implied, these missions are not directly tied to the main mission and can be skipped. However, side missions reward the player with experience, credits, and precious blueprint pieces. I recommend doing these missions in conjunction with the main mission, since they are a good way to earn money and can unlock powerful equipment if you are lucky.

1. Trinity Free States

a. Seeking an Ally

Reward: 2,505 Exp and ~75,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Gunship

Your first side mission requires you to rescue a group of traders under attack by several Shanghai gunships. Even in a Taurus this mission should not be difficult as long as you remain evasive and focus on your targets. Try to separate the Shanghais from each other and pick them off one by one.

b. Treaty

Reward: ~6,000 Exp and 190,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Corvette or Frigate

Time for an escort mission…ugh. Luckily this one is not too bad, because the ship you’re escorting is a Philadelphia frigate and its attackers are puny Shanghai gunships. Your foes will periodically decloak and begin firing on the frigate, so stay close. Try to start shooting at the assailants as soon as you can target them to minimize damage to the frigate. You’ll have to drive off a second wave of gunships before the frigate reaches its destination.

2. Gemini Protectorate

a. Sacrifice

Reward: 13,909 Exp and ~400,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Frigate or Destroyer

Your opponent in this mission is a Prowess destroyer. Be ready to face some serious railgun fire from this beast. A destroyer with strong defenses or a well prepared frigate is a good match for this foe, since you’ll need some firepower to bring your opponent down. Frigates and even certain destroyers that have lower defense should make passes using PTE in order to minimize the amount of damage the Prowess can inflict.

3. Nexus

a. Stand Your Ground

Reward: 5,945 Exp and 179,400 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Frigate

The task is to defend the Fidelity station from Revenants. Waves of Cavalier corvettes and Piranha frigates as well as the occasional Ptolemy cruiser will assail the station. Don’t underestimate the beams these guys use, because they can peel your shields away quickly. Use the range of your own weapons to your advantage by staying outside their range when possible. Several friendly ships are also defending the station, so try to draw your enemies towards them. Defeat three waves and victory is yours.

b. Rise of the Machines

Reward: 6,938 Exp and 194,700 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Frigate or Destroyer

You’re going to have to perform this mission in an irradiated nebula that will constantly eat away at your ship’s hull. I recommend equipping two different types of repair bots and keeping an eye on your hull while in this area. If it looks like you’re taking too much damage, activate a bot. You should be able to make it to the DaVinci Research Complex alive. Dock at the station to pick up the cyborg and get out of the nebula ASAP. Take care when approaching the Advanced Arms Inc. HQ station, three Legionnaire frigates will attack.

Larger ships will have no problem with the frigates, but you’ll have to be cautious if you are in a frigate or something smaller. The enemy may launch a SETH, which will make the battle even more dangerous. Try to concentrate your fire in order to pick the Legionnaires off one at a time. Use any helpful skills and heavy weapons to mow these guys down. It is necessary to destroy all three hostile ships before you can dock at the station and finish the mission.

c. Error

Reward: 14,810 Exp and ~440,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Frigate or Destroyer

Nexus wants you to handle its rogue cyborg problem by destroying a space station. The station will not go down without a fight since it is defended by several turrets that fire plasma rounds. Use fighters to take out the turrets one by one by marking them and orbit the station from a safer distance while returning fire. This should reduce the amount of hits your ship takes. If you do not have fighters, use long range weapons or be ready to duke it out with the batteries by making passes. The mission will end once all of the turrets and station are obliterated.

4. MultiOps

a. Give it Here

Reward: 12,232 Exp and ~300,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Frigate or Destroyer

Two Philadelphia frigates will attack you upon nearing the objective. Neither ship should be dangerous to a well equipped Frigate or Destroyer, especially if you have a mercenary or two in tow. Focus your fire on the nearest of the frigates to take it out before it can counterattack. Dormant ships will appear once the frigates are gone, simply have your troops board each of the three ships to complete the mission. You can even use scavenger drones on the ships after they explode to pick up some extra loot.

b. Test Failed

Reward: 13290 Exp and 372290 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Cruiser or Battleship

This is a simple seek and destroy mission, but your target is a veteran Helios Dreadnought. As you may imagine, this foe is not to be trifled with unless you’re using an overpowered build like Rift Engineer. To make matters worse, your foe will deploy a SETH at the beginning of combat, so you’ll have to deal with incoming fire from two sources. Railguns and fighters can help you stay out of the enemy’s range. Mercenaries can be a big help in this battle as well, but you’ll need cruisers or larger ships for this engagement. Dreadnoughts are tough and using heavy weapons is another good way to keep the pressure on this opponent until he is dead. You should also ignore the SETH and try to draw the Helios away from it to minimize damage.

c. Revenge

Reward: ~13,000 Exp and ~390,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Battleship or Dreadnought

Get ready for a fierce battle with four Paladin battleships. You will want to be in a larger ship for this battle and have a few good mercenaries to back you up. Keep in mind the Nirith T-Gate will drop you right on top of these battleships if you use it, so prepared to fight. Diverting power to weapons and shields while picking the battleships off with manual targeting its a good way to go in this fight. You can also slip away to repair your ship if you have a cloak. I also recommend deploying a SETH in order to wear away their defenses. Target the station and select board to complete the mission once all of the Paladins are gone.

d. Contraband

Reward: ~31,000 Exp and ~880,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Battleship or Dreadnought

MultiOps wants you to destroy four Bohemia freighters filled with illegal goods. These freighters are parked near a hostile space station that will shoot at you. There are also a few Nibiru cruisers and a Jupiter dreadnought hanging around the area. Luckily, the Bohemias that you have to blow up are easy targets for a battleship or even something smaller, so concentrate on eliminating them by flying directly to your targets. Approaching the objective from the north is a good way to bypass the defenders and get at the freighters. Activate PTE and fly over to the marked location once you destroy the freighters.

5. Bealdor Republic

a. Civil War

Reward: ~12,000Exp and 323,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Cruiser or Battleship

Part of this mission takes place in an EMP nebula, so bring a ship with good shields. Approach the waypoint to pick up the agents and use the nearby wormhole. Passing through the wormhole can damage your ship, so make sure your hull is at 100% before entering it. Dock at the Ganymede station after emerging from the wormhole, make repairs, then equip a Projectile Defense Field if you have one. Get ready to fight three Paladin battleships when you undock. Activate the Projectile Defense Field and Shield Booster, then return fire or fly away from the battleships so you can fight them from a more advantageous position. Fly over to the next waypoint once the battleships are destroyed to finish the mission.

b. Second Front

Reward: ~13,000 Exp and ~353,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Battleship

The station that serves as this mission’s target is guarded by several turrets that you will have to destroy. These turrets should be easy pickings if you are in a cruiser or battleship. Transport some troops to the station once the turrets are out of the way and the mission will end.

c. Peace Talks

Reward: 14,400 Exp and 382,800 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Battleship

Get ready for an intense battle when you reach the planet. Two Perun dreadnoughts and several Inciter cruisers will attack the convoy. You’ll have help in this battle, so take out the Peruns and ignore the smaller ships.

d. Joint Ops

Reward: ~31,000 Exp and 844,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Battleship

Try to keep pace with the Praetorian dreadnoughts after you rendezvous with them. Two Peruns and an Equinox will come to the station’s defense once your fleet reaches it. A timer will start and you will have to hold your position for about 4 minutes while enemy ships continually attack in waves. Keep your distance from these foes and fly evasively, because these ships pack some serious firepower. Use your cloak to let your shields and weapons recharge if you have one. You may get a message saying the mission has failed towards the end; this appears to be a bug, so ignore it and fly out of the system once the timer is up.

6. Hub

a. Collector

Reward: ~14,000Exp and 402,600 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Cruiser or Battleship

You’re tasked with defending a gas collector and some ships in this mission. The collector is located in an EMP cloud, so watch your shields and hull. About six cruisers will attack the collector. A battleship or cruiser is suited to destroying these poorly equipped enemies.

b. Essential Parts

Reward: ~27,800 Exp and ~880,000 Credits

Recommended Ship Class: Battleship or Dreadnought

Bring a dreadnought or even a carrier to this mission if you have one. The enemy consists of four cruisers that decloak when you get near the space station. These cruisers are armed with railguns and do a good job concentrating their fire on your ship, so having powerful shields will keep you alive. You can also attempt to fly out of their range or cloak, but the cruisers will probably still be able to pin you down.

The good news is the cruisers are not very durable and a few seconds of sustained fire will obliterate them. Your target, a ship known as Arimis, will become disabled if you damage it enough. Send some troops to board it and retrieve the quest item, then head over to the next waypoint to finish the job.

7. Artefact Vaults

Reward: 3% Exp Bonus

Artefact Vaults are scattered all around the Gemini system and are part of a side quest of sorts. Approaching an Artefact Vault and selecting “Repair” in the context menu after targeting it will grant the player an Artefact. There are fifty vaults in total. On the starchart they appear as structures that resemble a cog wheel and will turn grey after being repaired. You’ll be given a permanent 3% Exp bonus after unlocking all fifty vaults.

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