Star Wars Battlefront II (PS4) PVP Tips

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Star Wars Battlefront II (PS4) PVP Tips

~by tankMage (January 2017)


Much of the information in this guide has become outdated and is not reliable. I will not finish or update this guide due to a lack of interest on both  my part and that of the public, but I will leave this page posted for the sake of posterity. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.



This guide is intended to provide payers with advice that will help them succeed in Star Wars Battlefront II online multiplayer mode and is written for the Sony PlayStation 4 version of the game. Much of the information contained is this guide should be considered a set of rules of thumb, since a variety of unexpected situations may occur while playing with other people. The reader should be aware that the rules of this game may change as the developers update it. It should also be noted that this guide is a work in progress and will be altered as the game changes and I develope new strategies. Note: This guide currently focuses only on Galactic Assault mode, but more content will be added in the future.


A. Galactic Assault

1. General Tips

2. Getting Started

3. Class Specific Information and Advice

A. Galactic Assault

In Galactic Assault mode, two teams of twenty players compete to fulfill mission objectives such as sabotaging turbo lasers, defending key locations, and neutralizing the shields on heavily armored vehicles. Both attackers and defenders have a limited number of reinforcements (usually 100) which they can field. The game ends when either the attackers or defenders complete all of their objectives or a team runs out of reinforcements. Players have access to the four basic trooper classes (Assault, Heavy, Officer, and Specialist) at first and can unlock advanced classes such as Enforcers, Vehicles, and Heroes as they collect battle points for fulfilling goals and defeating other players.

1.General Tips

Below is a list of practices and habits that make PvP in Battlefront II more manageable. Players who cultivate these techniques as habits which will become a force to be reckoned with in multiplayer.

Choose a Comfortable Perspective

Star Wars Battlefront II allows players to switch from a first person to a third person view by holding down on the directional pad. You can also change the side of the screen the target reticle appears on from right to left by hitting the same button a second time. Both perspectives have their advantages and disadvantages. It is easier to orient yourself, avoid attacks, and fight in close quarters in third person view, but your shots are less accurate. First person view is good for firing weapons accurately and spotting distant enemies. Players should experiment with both modes to find which is best suited to their strengths or learn to switch between modes depending on their current class or situation.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Enemies can be anywhere, so it is smart to look around and regularly check your scanner on the bottom left hand side of the screen. Keep an eye on both, because sneaky players and Specialists can conceal themselves from scanners or hide in places where they are difficult to spot. Getting a visual on an opponent can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Move From Cover to Cover

Rocks, crates, hills, and just about any other object or type of terrain can help protect you from enemy fire, especially at long distances. Ducking or rolling behind cover is also a good way to stay safe. Corners and bends in narrow hallways are also good places to ambush opponents from.

Stay Mobile

It is generally not a good idea to stand around unless you are in a really safe spot since a fixed target is easy prey. Rolling is a good way to move from one safe position to another or avoid being shot while charging forward. Strafing is useful for harassing enemies who are hunkered down in hallways, alleys, and other fortified positions.

Work Together

Galactic Assault is team oriented and players should work with their teammates to stay alive as well as achieve goals. Some classes and Heroes can even provide beneficial effects like increased health to nearby allies. Players who work together will also get extra Battle Points.

Focus on the Objective

During battle you will see icons such as flags, shields, and targets, which are mission objectives. At the start of each phase of a mission, the commander will tell you what to do and following these orders is a good way to accrue Battle Points as well as help the team. Be sure to defend and assist teammates who are attempting to fulfill an objective.

Aim for Center Mass and Fire In Bursts

Aim your weapon at about chest level to increase the chances of your shots connecting, through very skilled players or those with arcuate weapons like pistols or sniper rifles should go for headshots. All weapons have recoil and should be fired in short, but rapid bursts to maintain accuracy, with the exception of the Heavy class’s sentry gun. Crouching will also make your shots more accurate at the cost of mobility, so be ready to roll when crouching.

Have More than One Equip Card/Weapon Setup

It is a good idea to have Equip Card configurations that not are not only well thought out, but complement each other. Some of the weapons and abilities granted by Equip Cards are nearly useless in certain situations or less than optimal. For example Heavy trooper’s Ion Torpedo is great against vehicles, but is not going to help much indoors where it can only be used on turrets, which can be taken out just as easily with a grenade or Sentry Gun. The same line of reasoning applies to weapons. An officer fighting in the vast open fields of Hoth may want to use an S-5 to pick enemies off from a distance. However, a Blurgg-1120 may serve that same officer better when the fighting reaches the tunnels.

2. Getting Started

This section of the guide outlines strategies for building characters in Battlefront II, which differs from some shooters, because it uses quasi-RPG mechanics that come in the form of Equip Cards, unlockable weapons, classes, and weapon modifications. As a result, people who have invested more time in the game generally have more powerful characters than a new player. In order to become more powerful, players must earn credits in multiplayer (The amount earned is based off of Battle Points) or in the single player mode, which are used to purchase various crates that hold crafting parts, Equip Cards, and other bonuses. Fulfilling Milestones will also award players with credits, bonus crates, and even weapons. Credits and crafting parts can also be used to unlock heroes or purchase/upgrade Equip Cards. Weapons and their modifications must be unlocked by defeating enemies as the class that uses the weapon type or with a specific weapon.

Consider Playing Campaign/Arcade Mode

Playing campaign and Arcade mode is a good way for players to get familiar with the game and earn credits which can be used to upgrade their troopers. Arcade mode is best for familiarizing yourself with heroes and their abilities. A skilled hero can dominate the field and almost single handedly bring victory to his/her team, so taking some time to tinker with his or her abilities is worthwhile.

Find a Class You Like and Practice, Practice, Practice

Each basic trooper class has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. The Assault class uses a powerful medium range blaster that can be converted into a shotgun for close range combat, but doesn’t have much in the way of support abilities. Heavy troopers have a powerful chain gun that allows them to mow down hordes of enemies, but they are slow. Officers can buff their teammates and can deploy shields, unfortunately they are also rather fragile. Finally Specialists use deadly sniper rifles and can conceal themselves, though they are poorly suited to close range combat. It is best to experiment with each class and find one that you enjoy before using credits/crafting parts to buy or make Equip Cards. Getting kills with a class will also unlock things like bonus crates, credits, and new weapons, so take some time to play the game before spending credits.

Advanced Classes

Scoring 2000-3000 points battle points in a mission will temporarily make Enforcers and Aerials available. Enforcers are tough, hard hitting ground troops, while Aerials are fast and mobile thanks to their jet packs. Players skilled with these classes can dominate the battlefield, even taking out the occasional hero with some luck. Choosing an advanced class and obtaining equip cards for it can make a player far more effective on the battlefield. While the names and even some abilities of the advanced classes change depending on faction, all Enforcers use the same Equip Cards and the same goes for Aerials.

Focus on Two Heroes at First

Heroes are great, but they also cost a lot. At first it is best to get a hero for the light side and one for the dark side, since you will alternate between being on each side automatically in multiplayer. Jedi and Sith tend to cost more credits than characters like Bossk and Han Solo, but their extreme power makes them worth while. I recommend Yoda for the light side and Palpatine for the dark. Yoda is fast and deadly with a lightsaber, plus he can raise the maximum life of his teammates for a short time. Palpatine’s force lightning can destroy most normal troopers in seconds and even hit enemies through walls, plus he can jump high making him hard to hit. Getting a few Equip Cards early on can make these heroes even more formidable.

Check Your Milestones

There are a number of challenges that players can complete to earn extra credits, guns, and special crates. These challenges range from playing as a certain class for a set period of time to killing enemies with a certain weapon. Be sure to go to the career section of the main menu to collect your rewards from time to time and set goals for yourself. The trooper starter crates are especially good for getting Equip Cards without spending credits or precious crafting parts.

Get Equip Cards for Your Basic Class, Heroes, and Advanced Classes

Bonus crates from milestones should provide a few starting Equip Cards which should be placed on your character early on. Others can be unlocked in the collection section of the main menu by using crafting parts. Players should take a look at the Equip Cards available for their class and make the ones they want after getting their starter crates. Equip Cards can be upgraded to level four which makes their effects far more powerful, but the crafting cost increases with each upgrade. It is best to test an equip card out before upgrading it more than once to see if it is worthwhile.


Players can pilot all sorts of vehicles ranging from X-Wings to AT-STs in Battlefront II. These vehicles vary widely from mission to mission, but they are quite dangerous and fun to pilot. It also doesn’t cost much to unlock a vehicle and get the usual Equip Cards. As with trooper classes and Heroes, players should experiment with vehicles and Equip Cards before investing a lot of time in upgrading them. Unfortunately, vehicles are not always available in missions since the game limits the number that can be on the field and they cannot be used in some areas, so they should not be a high priority.

3. Class Specific Information and Advice

This section describes the roles of the various classes on the battlefield, some of their abilities, and recommends Weapons/Equip Cards for them. While each class excels at certain tasks, their is some overlap between them and highly skilled players can defeat opponents with just about anything. Also, as Equip Cards and Weapons go, players should experiment with combinations and abilities to find what works best for them. Furthermore, it is wise to have different loadouts for missions. For example, a Heavy fighting in Crait may want Ion shot, Explosive Sentry, Ion Torpedo, and the Ion turret for taking out AT-ATs or other vehicles in the open field. That same player may want to remove ion shot and ion torpedo in favor of cards more effective against regular troops once the fighting reaches the bunker. Only equip cards that I recommend using are discussed in this section, players should feel free to use other abilities for classes and will likely find merit in cards I have overlooked, but be forewarned that some Equip Cards (like the Officer’s turret) are nearly worthless.

Boost Cards

Boost Cards are generally the same across classes with a few exceptions. While it isn’t necessary to use them, players may want to consider using the following cards which are good for accruing Battle Points or making abilities recharge faster.

Resourceful: This excellent card reduces the cooldown time of all your abilities, which is good for just about any class, especially officers and heavies.

Bounty Hunter: Provides bonus to Battle Points received for fulfilling objectives and defeating enemies. While useful, it doesn’t really shine until the third and fourth levels.

Marksman: Defeating an enemy with a head shot makes your weapon cool down faster allowing for sustained firing. Very useful for Specialist, Assault, and even Officers.


The Assault Trooper’s primary strength is the deadly assault blaster, which is both powerful and accurate. Skilled players can even pick targets off at long range and can easily get headshots with the right gun. Pressing R1 and L1 at the same time will activate the vanguard, which is a shotgun that is well suited to close range combat. These weapons allow this class to storm areas controlled by enemies, quickly killing Heavies, Officers, and even Specialists who are caught off guard. The mobility of this class even allows it to go toe to toe with Enforcers, but they are at a disadvantage since enforcers beat them in terms of firepower and durability. Vehicles also pose a threat to Assault troops, because of their modest life and lack of weapons that can inflict significant damage on heavily armored objects. Note: While I discuss both the A280 and the CR-2, I advise anyone using this class to go for the CR-2 at this point in time.

Recommended Weapons and Mods

A280: This popular gun fires three shot bursts and can be modded with dual zoom, improved cooling, and increased range. Improved cooling and increased range are the way to go with this gun, but players who like to shoot from greater distances may want to swap cooling out for dual zoom.

CR-2: A high rate of fire and good cooling make this gun highly popular. Reduced recoil is an excellent mod for the CR-2. Unfortunately, ion shot and night vision are only situationally useful mods. Nonetheless, this gun is truly excellent and troopers who unlock it will rack up the kills.

Recommended Equip Cards

Recharge Vanguard: Getting kills with the Vanguard shotgun takes your abilities out of cooldown.

Toughen Up: Initiates life regeneration instantly.

Slug Vanguard: A single shot from the Vanguard that is accurate and powerful, good for people who aren’t comfortable fighting at super close range or those who are good at getting headshots.

Acid Launcher: Launches an acid canister that fills the area with dangerous gas. Good for harassing enemies and driving them away from chokepoints.


The Heavy class is well suited to guarding chokepoints and destroying enemy vehicles. Durability and high life are key features of this class, but they are the slowest of the basic classes. As main weapons go, the Heavy’s blaster is rather mediocre. It can chew through enemy life quickly at close ranges, but is inaccurate and Heavies will find themselves outgunned by the Assault class and even Officers. As a result, heavies should work closely with other classes and support them in combat. While the Heavy’s primary gun is a bit weak, their special ability (The Sentry Gun) can hit enemies from extreme ranges and deals massive damage to machines as well as troopers. Unfortunately, the Sentry Gun slows the Heavy down considerably and leaves it exposed to enemy fire, so players will have to use this weapon judiciously. Powerful abilities like the Ion Turret and the Barrage give the Heavy even more options in terms of offensive capability. All in all, Heavies rely more on their abilities to defeat enemies than any other class, but are quite deadly when used effectively.

Recommended Weapons and Mods

TL-50: Range is generally a issue for the primary weapons of the Heavy class which often suffer from low accuracy at long and even medium ranges. The TL-50 compensates for this with a high rate of fire. Improved cooling and reduced spread help this gun function better in firefights. Unfortunately, heavies are generally out gunned in terms of main weapons when going up against Assaults, Officers, and Specialists, all of which possess more reliable weapons. Despite it’s shortcomings, the TL-50 can inflict quite a bit of damage to larger, slower targets like Wookies, vehicles, and other heavies under the right circumstances.

FWMB-10K: With high damage, a decent rate of fire, and good range as the primary weapons of the Heavy class go, the FWB-10K is an excellent anti vehicle weapon. Auto cooling and Ion shot make this gun all the more deadly vs. armor, walkers, and even aircraft. This weapon works best when fired in bursts unless the target is extremely large or close due to it’s low accuracy. While effective against vehicles, the FWMB-10K should only be used as a backup while the Ion Torpedo and Sentry Gun are on cooldown.

Recommended Equip Cards

Ion Turret: An excellent ability that places an Ion Torpedo firing turret on the ground that will attack enemy troops and vehicles, often hitting them from long distance. Useful in most situations, but easily destroyed in close quarters.

Ion Torpedo: Launches a torpedo that tracks hostile vehicles and turrets. The Ion Torpedo takes a few seconds to lock onto an enemy before it can be fired. Useless against normal troopers and should be swapped for impact grenades when fighting them.

Explosive Sentry: Fires a powerful explosive shot that can kill most troops in a hit and heavily damage vehicles. The Heavy trooper can move around with this weapon deployed, but has to stand still to fire, making it dangerous to use at close ranges unless you have excellent backup and cover. Especially effective at long ranges, especially against things like AT-ATs and AT-STs.

Improved Combat Shield: Deploys a shield that protects the Heavy from frontal attacks. The shield has a limited amount of life however, so players must take care while using it. Also, the heavy can only fire his primary gun with the shield up. This ability pales in comparison to the Ion Turret which is a “fire and forget” type item, but it is good for holding hallways and defending yourself from enemy attacks.

Supercharged Sentry: An upgraded version of the Sentry that fires more powerful bullets, making it a happy medium between the standard Sentry Gun and the Explosive Sentry, since players can move while firing it.

Barrage: A grenade launcher that can fire three shots before needing to recharge. Great for crowded chokepoints and wreaking havoc with enemies.

Impact Grenade: A rather basic hand grenade that explodes on impact as the name implies. While simple, the impact grenade is powerful and good for holding chokepoints.


Officers have access to some of the best and worst abilities/weapons in the game. Abilities that buff teammates like Battle Command and Blast Command can help your allies succeed in battle by temporarily increasing their maximum life or keeping their weapons from overheating for a while, making the officer a welcome asset to any team. The down side to the officer is his awful starting weapon, which is probably the worst in the game due to it’s poor range and low damage. Defeating enemies with the pistol will open up better weapons like the S-5 and the Blurgg, however, which can make officers quite dangerous in combat. Untimely, officers can handle a wide array of situations, but should keep close to teammates so they can keep them buffed. They should also watch out for enemy fire which can cut through their defenses quickly. Vehicles pose the greatest threat to this class due to the fact that they can do little to them aside from plink away with the pistol, though vehicles like Speeder Bikes and the LIUV which leave the pilot exposed are easily dealt with by skilled officers.

Recommended Weapons and Mods

S-5: The S-5 is a powerful and reliable pistol that is effective even at long ranges under the right circumstances. Precision is the name of the game with this weapon, however and players will need to be good at getting headshots to really make the S-5 shine. Reduced recoil and dual zoom are the go-to mods for the S-5 that allow it to function like a makeshift sniper rifle or lay down accurate fire in heated confrontations.

Blurgg-1120: Possibly one of the best and most popular primary weapons in the game, the Blurgg is an excellent short to medium range weapon thanks to it’s high cooling power and two shot burst. Reduced recoil and improved burst (which doubles the number of shots fired in a burst to a total of 4) are the best mods for this gun, though some may appreciate exploding shot more than reduced recoil. Moderately skilled officers can eliminate foes in a split second when using this blaster. As impressive as the Blurgg may be, it’s accuracy suffers at longer ranges, so it is more suited to fighting in narrow corridors and streets than open areas.

Recommended Equip Cards

Officer’s Presence: Makes allies heal more quickly when near the officer.

Resourceful: This ability reduces the cooldown time of all abilities, which allows the Officer to use his command ability more frequently as well as other skills. A must have for just about any officer build.

Improved Flash Grenade: Flash grenades are quite useful in battle since they can blind several enemies at once, exposing them to your attacks. They also cover a wide area and can be triggered at the officer’s whim by hitting L1 a second time.

Blast Command: Keeps the weapons of allies in range of the ability from overheating for a few seconds.

Recharge Command: Takes your allies’ abilities out of cooldown. While this is an awesome skill since it allows your teammates to spam grenades and other abilities, it is best used if you are in verbal communication with your teammates since some of them may not realize their abilities are out of cooldown if they are busy fighting.

Improved Battle Command: Increases your ally’s life as well as your own. The only downside to this skill is that a lot of officers use it and multiple officers will have to time their battle commands carefully to fully benefit their team.

Squad Shield: This ability is great for protecting the officer and his/her buddies from enemy fire, especially that of snipers. Squad Shield is also helpful at choke points, but players have to be careful to place it behind the front line so their teammates have an unobstructed field of vision, because the shield also blocks outgoing blaster bolts. Perhaps the best use for this skill is it’s ability to protect allies who are sabotaging a mission objective. As useful as the Squad Shield is, enemy players can enter it and take out anyone inside with a grenade or vanguard. It also isn’t much help against enemy vehicles which can pass through it or destroy it with their powerful weapons.

Defuser: Possibly one of the most underrated abilities in Battlefront II, the Defuser deactivates things like thermal and flash grenades making it an excellent choice for fighting in tight spaces, since grenades are commonly used to break up attacking or defending squads opening them up for a charge.


Specialists are the snipers of Battlefront II and can eliminate key targets from afar. The primary issue with this class is it’s learning curve, which is a bit high due to the fact that Enforcers and heroes can take multiple headshots from the starter rifle before dying. Specialists must also be adept at positioning themselves. The upshot (so to speak) is that all of the more advanced sniper rifles are good weapons that fill the needs of the user fairly well. The Specialist’s special ability, Infiltration takes the form of a rapid firing pistol that can take enemies out at close range, but it isn’t very good. Marksman is a particularly good Equip Card for this class, because of it’s reliance on headshots and poor cooling capabilities of the sniper rifles. Most of the Specialist’s abilities are more for support than offensive use. As deadly as the specialist may be, it struggles to compete in close range combat and should probably avoid it unless his or her opponent is totally incompetent.

Recommended Weapons and Mods

IQA-11: With high damage output and range, this weapon is well suited to sniping distant targets. The marksman Equip Card goes well with this gun since it offsets it’s poor cooling ability, but players need to be skilled with the IQA due to it’s low rate of fire. Increased bolt speed is a great mod for this gun, since it increases it’s accuracy at all ranges, especially extreme distances. Improved cooling and Dual zoom are good as well, but players should alternate between them depending on the situation. Dual zoom is good for open stages where you will be shooting from afar, while improved cooling is better suited to smaller more densely packed places with lots of targets since it increases the amount of times you can fire the gun.

A280-CFE: With good cooling, and relatively high rate of fire, the A280 is the best choice for Specialists who have to fight in tight quarters. Unfortunately, the mods available for it are mediocre side aside from Burst mode (which makes the gun fire three shot bursts) and players should probably avoid Ion shot unless they are really keen on downing enemy aircraft or tanks.

NT-242: The extreme power of this gun makes it a force to be reckoned with, especially at long ranges. With that said, it’s rate of fire and cooling are also extremely low, which may put off some players. Dual zoom and improved cooling also make this gun more efficient and make up for it’s shortcomings to some degree. The NT can also equip the Disruptor shot mod, which is a chargeable attack that is effective against vehicles.

Recommended Equip Cards

Stealth: Keeps the Specialist concealed while firing and gives them a melee bonus. Not the best of abilities, but it can make it more difficult for counter snipers and other opponents to locate you.

Marksman: Specialist guns generally have poor heat reduction, which limits the number of shots they can fire dramatically. Marksman gives the player a temporary cooling bonus when they get a headshot in on an enemy. Skilled snipers can keep their weapon firing longer than usual with the right set up thanks to marksman.

Personal Shield: This shield will absorb a small amount of damage for the specialist, which allows them to escape from attackers. Keep in mind that you cannot use weapons with this shield active.

Trip Mine: An explosive that can be placed as a trap, the trip mine detonates when an enemy approaches. Good for setting traps in narrow hallways, slowing enemy advances, and protecting hiding specialists.

Improved Shock Grenade: Temporarily disables enemy combatants and machinery, the shock grenade is useful for creating chaos in enemy ranks and gives the Specialist an edge in close combat where they are generally at a disadvantage.

Enforcers (coming soon!)

Aerials (coming soon!)

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