Star Wars Battlefront II (PS4) Campaign Guide

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Star Wars Battlefront II (PS4) Campaign Guide

~By tankMage (January 2018)


   This guide is written for the single player campaigns that appear in Star Wars Battlefront II for the PlayStation 4. Overall, this title is not tremendously difficult and an objective marker tells the player where to go through much of the game, so the directions in this guide is vague. Most players will do well in Battlefront II as long as they avoid rushing into danger, but there are a few points that are mildly challenging, especially if you are playing on the Special Forces difficulty mode, which this walkthrough was written for. It is also possible to collect Star Cards for Iden (The main character) as well as find hidden Collectables in this game and this guide explains where to find all of the items. Brief explanations of controls and abilities are also included for the sake of convenience. Players should be aware that there is not much point to gathering all of the collectables, however. The only reward for getting all of the collectables is a handful of crafting parts, which is pretty disappointing. Thanks for choosing Retromaggedon and good luck on the battlefront!



   a.Character Controls

   b.Vehicle Controls

2.Star Cards

   a.Star Card Combos

3.Recommended Weapons

4.Main Story Walkthrough

   a.Prologue: The Cleaner

   b.Mission 1: The Battle of Endor

   c.Mission 2: The Dauntless

   d.Mission 3: The Observatory

   e.Mission 4: The Storm

   f.Mission 5: Outcasts

   g.Mission 6: Royalty

   h.Mission 7: General Distress

   i.Mission 8: Under Covered Skies

   j.Mission 9: Cache Grab

   k.Mission 10: The Battle of Jakku

   l.Mission 11: Until Ashes

   m.Mission 12: Discoveries

5.Resurrection Vehicles

6.Resurrection Walkthrough

   a.Mission 13: Project: Resurrection

   b.Mission 14: Ashes of the Empire

   c.Mission 15: Inferno


   Below is a list of controls and special moves for the playable characters and vehicles that appear in Star Wars Battlefront II. Brief descriptions of the abilities that can be used by specific characters are also included in this section. Be aware that this section has some minor spoilers in it, since it names people that appear throughout the game. Most vehicles/characters share the same controls, which are outlined under each category heading. Only controls that differ from the norm are included in the more detailed portions of this section.

a.Character Controls

   The following controls are shared by nearly all characters that appear in this game.

Right Stick: Used to look around and aim your weapon.

Left Stick: Makes character walk around in the corresponding direction.

O Button: Crouch, conceals player from enemies to some extent, stabilizes weapon when firing.

X Button: Jump.

Square Button: Interact with objects.

L1/R1: Activates abilities.

R2: Attack/Fire Weapon.

L2: Zoom/Aim down sights.

L3: Sprint.

R3: Melee attack.

D-Pad Up: View abilities and descriptions

D-Pad Down: Toggles between first and third person when held down. Switches between right and left hand when tapped.

D-Pad Left: Uses secondary weapon when available.

Droid Controls

X: Rise

O: Descend

Square: Interact with objects

L1 + R1: Scans for threats such as hostile soldiers

Triangle: Shock

Iden’s Controls*

O: Crouch

Square: Interact

R3: Takedown (sneak attack), melee attack.

Triangle: Droid Shock; sends droid to shock an enemy. Can be used from a distance, headshots and sneak attacks refill meter faster.

L1+R1: Activates scan by default, shows enemy positions.

L1: Uses Impact grenade.

R1: Pulse Cannon (Default), powerful blast that is charged with the R2 button.

*Note: These are Iden’s default skills, equipping Star Cards will replace certain abilities. For example, the Killstreak Vanguard Card replaces the Pulse Cannon ability with the Vanguard Shotgun.

Luke’s Controls

O + Left Stick Left/Right: Side Step.

L2: Block with lightsaber.

R2: Attack with lightsaber.

L1: Force push.

R1: Dash attack.

R1 + L1: Repulse.

Leia’s Controls

L1: Flash Grenade.

R1: Squad Shield.

L1 + R1: Rapid Fire.

L2: Power Shot.

Han’s Controls

L1: Lobs Detonite Grenade, press button again to detonate it.

R1: Makes Han sprint forward.

L2: Zoom in on target.

R2: Fire blaster.

L1+R1: Rapid fire blaster for  a short period.

Lando’s Controls

L1: Smoke Grenade, blinds enemies with smoke. Lando can still see them with his night scope.

R1: Sticky grenade that scrambles enemy radar and reveals their positions. Can also shock enemies if R1 is pressed again.

R1+L1: Zoom in on five enemies and shoot them.

Kylo’s Controls

L1: Force pull, drags enemies towards Kylo.

R1: Freeze, immobilizes enemies in front of you.

L1+R1: Frenzy, uses lightsaber to slay multiple foes.

b.Vehicle Controls   

   Vehicles come in two different flavors: Flight and Land, which is indicated in parenthesis next to the name of the vehicle. Generally, flight controls apply to things like TIE Fighters and X-Wings and use an inverted y-axis. So up and down are switched. Land vehicles move identically to characters with some exceptions, which are indicted in the control descriptions for such vehicles. As such, there is no general explanation for land vehicles, since they have already been covered in the Character Control section above. The AT-AT is not covered here, because players need only look around and shoot with R2 when operating it.

Flight Controls

Right Stick: Moves craft left, right, up, and down. Pressing up makes craft descend, while pressing down makes it ascend.

Left Stick Up: Throttles up, increasing speed.

Left Stick Down: Throttles down, decreasing speed.

Left Stick Right/Left: Rolls craft clockwise or counter clockwise.

L3: Full throttle.

R1/L1: Activates abilities.

L2: Zoom in.

R2: Fire weapon.

TIE Fighter Controls (Flight)

L1: After burner. Use this for a brief burst of speed.

L2: Zoom in, good for firing at distant to medium range targets.

R1: Heat Sink, keeps lasers from overheating, allows player to fire longer before laser has to cool. In some missions L1 fires an ion torpedo, which takes a second to lock, but heavily damages targets.

R2: Fires laser.

L1 + R1: Fires laser barrage, make sure you are centered on target before using.

X-Wing Controls (Flight)

L1: Astromech Repair, restores health to ship immediately.

R1: Ion Torpedo, locks and tracks target.

L1 + R1: Quad Laser cannon, all cannons fire at once, imparts damage bonus.

The Millennium Falcon Controls (Flight)

L1: Afterburner, increases speed for a brief period.

R1: Dual Concussion Missiles. These track targets and stun them for a while.

L1+R1: Makes primary guns more powerful and keeps them from overheating for a bit.

Cloud Car Controls (Flight)

L1: Electronic countermeasures, breaks and prevents missile locks for a short time.

R1: Heat Sink, keeps weapon from overheating for a while.

L1+R1: Afterburner, brief burst of speed.

AT-ST Controls (Land)

L1: Motion scan, detects moving targets.

R1: Grenade launcher, fires several concussion grenades.

L1+R1: Anti vehicle missile, fires guided missile.

R2: Fires primary weapon.

2.Star Cards

   Star Cards grant Iden special abilities or amplify the effectiveness of existing abilities. Unlike the Star Cards used in multiplayer, Campaign Mode cards do not need to be upgraded or purchased and can be found in missions. In fact, dying in a mission will usually award you any Star Cards you have not yet obtained. Usually, cards are found in Equipment Crates that are scattered throughout levels. Equipment Crates can also be used to change Star Cars and even weapons at any time. Below is a list of available Star Cards that includes a brief description of each card. In parentheses, next to the name of the card is a number ranging from 1 to 5 that scores the Star Card’s usefulness, with 5 being highly useful, and 1 nearly worthless.

Killstreak Vanguard (3): Using Iden’s vanguard shotgun to defeat an enemy will increase the weapon’s active time. While the vanguard is powerful and fun to use, running behind enemy lines and shotgunning them on higher difficulties can be bad for Iden’s health unless you really know what you are doing or you have a good card setup.

Flash Grenade (2): The primary virtue of the Flash Grenade in campaign mode is it’s wide area of effect, coupled with it’s ability to blind enemies. As such, this card is great for making life tougher for Iden’s opponents, though a good old fashioned thermal detonator gets the job done faster.

Shield (2): This Star Card is not really bad by itself, since it generates a temporary bubble that protects Iden from harm and gives her time to heal. The problem is, you can’t shoot through it. Even worse, it replaces Iden’s threat scanner, which not only displays the position and class of nearby enemies, but also makes them easier to see, even through walls. With that said, there’s really no good reason to choose this card over an ability that can prevent you from needing the Shield in the first place, unless you are using it in conjunction with the Vanguard shotgun or the Brawler card.

Brawler (3): This card is either useless or amazing depending on how you play. It resets cooldowns if you use melee to defeat an enemy and restores a small amount of life, so it is great for people who like to get up close with the vanguard, sneaky types, it or those who are just looking to have some fun by playing the game in an unorthodox manner.

Cooldown Bonus (5): This card is great and goes well with all sorts of setups, because it cuts cooldown times dramatically.

Detonite Charge (4): This is a beefed up grenade that doubles as a sticky bomb. Throw it at your target and hit the L1 button a second time to detonate it.

Heal (5): Iden’s droid will heal her for a short time and can actually boost her life to 600 points. Heal goes well with just about any Star Card and is great for players who like to charge headlong into battle, but it is only available late in the game.

Recharge Vanguard (4): Good for those who like to use the Vanguard, this card takes your abilities out of cooldown when you defeat an enemy with the shotgun. Most useful when coupled with Heal or Shield.

Bodyguard (1): This Star Card reduces damage from explosions and toxins. There’s two problems with bodyguard, the first being I do not recall encountering toxins in single player. The second problem is you’re better off just running away from the blast radius of a grenade than standing around and taking it.

Survivalist (2): Health regeneration kicks in faster with this card. Overall it isn’t a bad choice, but should probably be swapped for something better when possible.

Disruption (1): Disables turrets and defuses grenades. There’s a card similar to this in multiplayer that’s pretty darn useful under the right circumstances, but in single player this thing is pointless. A turret can be disabled by killing the officer that set it and you may as well just run away from a grenade. Ultimately, this ability card would be better if it didn’t replace stuff like impact grenade or thermal detonator.

Thermal Detonator (3): I’m really not sure how this thing differs from an Impact Grenade, but it is a good choice for someone looking for a more traditional grenade. The main virtue of this weapon is it’s ability to bounce, so its not a big deal if you are not right on target with it. Thermal Detonator also seems to have a short cooldown.

a.Star Card Combos

   Below are a few Star Card setups that I find both fun and useful. Keep in mind that some cards aren’t available until late in the game and that these combos are not necessarily perfect. It is also possible (but unlikely) that EA may alter the way these cards work, so be careful when experimenting..

Brawler+Recharge Vanguard+Heal (The Tank): This combination is amazing and even works at the highest difficulty. Whip out the Vanguard, charge into the action and hit Heal the second you take damage. You can keep spamming Heal every time you down an enemy and cancel the cooldown on Vanguard once it expires by smacking an enemy with a melee attack.

Cooldown Bonus+Detonite Charge+KillStreak Vanguard (The Sniper): A quick cooldown for scan and the Detonite Charge are the main features of this build. Sniper rifles also work well with it, since the idea is to stay concealed and use scan to observe targets before picking them off to reduce the chances of detection. Planting a charge near a likely ingress for enemies allows the player to take out a few charging troopers before they can close with him/her. The Vanguard is a sort of second line of defense in this build.

Thermal Detonator+Cooldown Bonus+Survivalist (The Trooper): As builds go, this is one that is easy to obtain relatively early on and is good in most situations. A TL-50 works great with this Star Card setup.

Shield+Brawler+Killstreak Vanguard (The Raider): This setup is a watered down version of The Tank that can be used early on, just keep in mind that it is less durable. Shield is good for escaping to cover when things get too crazy. Killstreak Vanguard is great for hallways and keeping up an offensive.

3.Recommended Weapons

   Iden can use a variety of guns, most of which are decent, but a few stand out from the crowd and should be equipped when possible. Some weapons are not accessible in certain missions, so be ready to substitute your favorite blaster with something else.

TL-50: Quite possibly the best gun in the game, the TL-50 delivers an accurate storm of blaster bolts to the target and is most useful at short to medium range. Skilled players can even hit targets from afar. This gun actually becomes more accurate when fired for sustained periods while crouching. A secondary fire option (used by holding L2) that lobs an energy ball, which can bypass cover to hit targets.

A280-CFE: A quick firing and accurate blaster that is good for sniping thanks to it’s scope. The primary virtue of this weapon is it’s its excellent cooling power (for a sniper rifle) that allows the A280-CFE to be fired for prolonged periods.

Blurgg-1120: Pistols are useful at short ranges and generally complement a playstyle that relies heavily on the vanguard. The Blurgg is the premier pistol in Star Wars Battlefront II thanks to it’s two shot burst fire.

E-11: A standard mid range blaster used by imperial forces. In general, the TL-50 out does does the E-11 in every category, but players looking for something with comparable firepower and the ability to zoom in on targets may like this weapon.

Vanguard Shotgun: This weapon is obtained by equipping the Vanguard Killstreak or Recharge Vanguard Star Cards. Pressing R1 will activate the vanguard for a short time in which Iden will sprint and move more quickly. The shotgun also delivers a devastating blast at short range. Players who are good at flanking enemies will get a lot of mileage out of this weapon.

Pulse Cannon: Iden comes equipped with the pulse cannon by default. Hitting R1 activates this weapon which can be charged by holding R2. The L2 button can be used to scope in on targets. Overall, the pulse cannon is effective in a variety of situations and can even be used against vehicles. A fully charged shot can even kill enemies hiding behind cover in some cases. It also makes a good sidearm for people who prefer using shorter range weapons like the Blurgg or TL-50. Unfortunately, players must choose between the vanguard and pulse cannon, since equipping a vanguard Star Card removes the pulse cannon temporarily.

4.Main Story Walkthrough

   Campaign mode is split into two sections: The Main Story and Resurrection. The missions in the following section comprise the main story of Star Wars Battlefront II campaign mode. Both the number of collectables and Star Cards that can be obtained in a mission (if applicable) are indicated at the beginning of the walkthrough under the mission title. A walkthrough for Resurrection can be found in section 5.

a.Prologue: The Cleaner

Collectables: 3

Part 1: Locate the Commander/Locate the Cellblock/Deactivate the Lockdown

   You’ll start out as a droid equipped with a shock weapon, use it to disable the alien attempting to cut into you by pressing the triangle button. Float over to the back of the room and look for a square box near the corner that is marked by a round blue icon. Hit square to open the box to find your first Collectable (1). There are computer terminals on each side of the room that can be used to access the security cameras and locate Iden. After accessing the terminals, Iden will tell you to enter the ventilation shaft which is above the door, use square again to open the hatch. Follow the shaft then make a left, then a right. Slow down after making the right to avoid getting electrocuted. Wait for the electricity to dissipate, then move on. Beyond the electrical grid is another hatch that leads to a hallway, watch out for the guard who is walking towards the door ahead. Peak into the window before entering and you’ll see a second guard. Open the door and wait for him to turn his back, then shock him, the other guard will not notice. Go through the passage towards the objective marker and you’ll see a pair of soldiers guarding Iden’s cell. Use the ventilation shaft just above them to avoid detection.

   There’s more electrical grids after you make a left in this shaft, just charge past them as before. Open the hatch at the end of the tunnel then use L1 and R1 to scan. Iden will order you to deactivate the security lockdown. This area is full of enemies, stick to the left-hand side of the room and go around everything. There is a Collectable (2) hidden here for the brave, which can be found in another square box with a blue icon under the platform in the center of the room. You may want to shock the heavy trooper looking down from the scaffolding before proceeding. The target is a computer terminal near the back of the room, hack it and go to right side of the room across from the terminal and pass under the electrified barrier. Look out for the trooper near the barrier, you can shock her or just sneak past her. There’s yet another ventilation shaft in the room behind the barrier, above the door, enter it and follow the passage to reunite with Iden.

Part 2: Reach the Communications Center/Reach the MC80 Airlock

   Now that you have control of Iden, you can leave the room by opening the door. Hurry over to the guard while crouching and whack him while his back is turned by pressing R3. Another guard is just ahead, shock her and move on. Go through the door while crouching and listen in on admiral Ackbar’s briefing if you like, then follow the objective maker to a pistol. Open the door to the right of where you grabbed the pistol and be ready to shoot a pair of guards. Two more guards are on the other side of the room to the left of the door, take them out as well. Turn left from the entrance to this room and go along the catwalk to find an open door leading to a small hallway with this mission’s final Collectable (3) sitting on top of a cart. Return to the entrance to the large room, then open the door ahead of you. Go down the hallway and take out the soldiers. You should be able to get quick shots in or sneak attack them while their backs are turned. Open yet another door and blast the soldier inside, then access the terminal to get the intel.

   The rebels will locate Iden after she uses the terminal, go over to the door and get the blaster to the right of it, then have the droid open the door. Several enemy soldiers are on the other side of the door, stay crouched and shoot as soon as it opens. Go back towards the large room that was just past the briefing room and use the scanners. There’s plenty of enemies to shoot at in here. Use the steps as cover when you first enter. Be ready to shoot the soldier at the bottom of the room as you make your way to the next objective marker. Have your droid open the next door, but keep your eyes on the room behind you. Several soldiers will attack, shoot the red panel by the door to lock them out. Go through the door and shoot the guards ahead, then get ready for another firefight in a large room to your left. Beyond that room is a corridor with some enemies who come through a door on the opposite side. You can shoot them or blast the door control near them.

   Be careful going down the corridor, an enemy soldier will pop out of the door to your right. Make a left and shoot the soldiers that come pouring through the room ahead, then make another left. Follow the passage to a room with a round table. Watch out for the heavy trooper that comes out of the door opposite the entrance to this room, he can take more hits than the rest, a headshot will end him quickly though. There’s also an enemy perched on the platform to the left of the entrance, so enter with caution. Beyond the round table room are a few more soldiers and a door that must be sliced by the droid. Take cover behind the computer terminal in the center of the room and take out the soldiers that attack from the hallway you came from. More troops will attack from your left as well, so be ready to swivel. You can shoot the controls on the door to the left to seal it.

   Go down the hallway once the door is open and get ready to blast a heavy trooper. Some soldiers will also attack from behind, so duck into a passage to your right if need be, then head towards the objective to complete the mission.

b.Mission 1: The Battle of Endor

Collectables: 5

Star Cards Found In This Mission: Killstreak Vanguard, Flash Grenade, Disruption

Part 1: Eliminate the Rebel Squads/Eliminate the Rebel Reinforcements/Regroup With Agent Meeko

   Take out the rebels directly in front of you, then slice the box to the left of the starting point to get a Star Card. An enemy squad is hiding near a destroyed imperial walker, go down the path and pick the exposed soldiers off with head shots or rush with them vanguard. Be sure to check under walker to find a box holding a Collectable (1). The path loops around the walker to a bunker, follow it to catch the second squad unaware. You can pick up a DLT-19X sniper rifle by the bunker door if you like. Reinforcements will arrive on the eastern side of the map the moment you defeat the last rebel. There’s about six of them, so take cover behind some nearby rocks or a tree and use the blaster to take them down. The droid shock is helpful here as well. Run over to Meeko and watch the short cutscene.

Part 2: Reach Platform 4/Eliminate Rebels

   A rebel patrol is near the first waypoint, climb up the hill on your right that overlooks the waypoint and chuck a grenade at them to take a few out quickly. Use the ledge of the hill as cover and mop up any survivors, but watch out for enemy grenades. There’s a bunker where the rebels were standing, check out the crate by the door to get a Star Card. Open the bunker door and grab the Barrage from the weapon box, you can also pick up a DLT-19X that’s to the left of the weapon crate. Get the Collectable (2) from the box at the back of the bunker before leaving. You can switch weapons at the crate in front of the bunker, so find a gun you’re comfortable with and get ready for the first serious firefight in the game.

   Follow the objective marker to a downed imperial shuttle and find a high place to fire down on the rebels from. Use the scanner to locate the enemy as you approach the destination and find a good spot with cover to attack from. There’s a lot of rebels here, some of which are heavy troopers, so use the Barrage to eliminate as many as possible right away. Once you are done fighting, look for the wing of the shuttle a bit to the left of the fuselage and turn left. You should see a path leading down to a bunker that holds a DLT-19X, Barrage, and a Collectable (3). Go back to the crash site after getting the items from the bunker. A Rocket Launcher is located near the shuttle wreckage, grab it and proceed to the next objective marker.

Part 3: Eliminate the Officers/Reach Platform 4/Secure Platform 4/Reach the Upper Level

   You’ll come to a valley with some rebel troops dug in near a stone arch. Officers are mixed in with the regular troops. Prioritize them as targets since they can lay turrets down. Use the hill overlooking the stone arch as a vantage point and attack the enemy. Check out the Rocket Launcher in the enemy camp, then move on through the arch. Open the crate by the stream to get two Star Cards. A DLT-20A is sitting on the weapon rack by the crate, be sure to pick it up. The platform is up ahead, but there are a ton of rebels defending it. To make matters worse, an AT-ST will also join them. Use the rocket launcher to take out the walker, hit the back of it with the launcher when possible to deal extra damage. In fact, you can flank the AT-ST by going east. There’s a hollowed out fallen tree you can take cover in if things get dicey. An A280C and a Rocket Launcher are stashed to the east of the tree. After the fighting is over, go to the back of the platform (on the ground level) and look for a pile of boxes near some steps. A Collectable (4) is in the box on the very top. Run up to the platform and interact with the door to move on.

Part 4: Secure TIE Fighters for Inferno Squad

   Rebel troops are all over this platform, a sniper rifle is your best bet here, so grab the DLT-20A near the entrance of the platform after you climb the steps. A Barrage is also available here. Use the crates for cover here and take out any officers you see right away, because they will use flash grenades and plant turrets. Your allies will leave after you defeat the first wave of rebels, so proceed carefully to the TIE fighter at the back of the platform. Watch out for more officers and heavy troopers here. Take a look at the X-Wing wreckage near the TIE fighter that is marked as an objective (it is at the back of the platform) to find a Collectable (5). Hop in the TIE fighter to continue the mission.

Part 5: Follow Agent Meeko

   Be careful as you fly through the wreckage in your TIE fighter and stay close behind Meeko. Remember that the TIE fighter uses aircraft controls, so up is down and down is up. It is also tempting to hit the throttle with L3, but be careful around the wreckage. Pull down on the left stick to reduce your suited if necessary. Enemy fighters and bombers will attack once you get close to the Corvus. There will be three waves of bombers, the first of which is escorted by several X-Wings. Fly straight to the enemy and take out as many as possible. Use L2 to zoom in on targets to make it easier to hit them. L1 and R1 activate the laser barrage, which is good for quickly destroying bombers. Make passes on the bombers, throttling down when approaching, then throttling up when breaking from attack when you get too close so you can circle back quickly. You can also hit R1 to activate the heat sink to cool your blasters. Try to eliminate the escorts along with the bombers so you don’t get bogged down in a dog fight. The Corvus has a limited amount of durability which is displayed by the blue bar at the top of the screen, be aggressive to keep it from being destroyed. The chapter is over once the last bomber has been destroyed.

c.Mission 2: The Dauntless

Collectables: 2

Star Cards Found In This Mission: Brawler, Thermal Detonator

Part 1: Destroy the Corvette/Destroy the Rebel Transports/Rejoin & Defend Agent Hask

   You are tasked with eliminating a corvette. This ship has some fire power, but it’s an easy target from behind. Use the after burner to close with it and blast away at it’s rear. The laser barrage will tear through the corvette quickly, so use it when possible. Don’t be distracted by hostile fighters until the corvette has been destroyed. Your next target is a group of enemy transports.

   Use the after burner to close with the transports quickly. Be careful not to crash while attacking them, since they like to stay close to the space station. Ion torpedoes work wonders on the transports, so use them to take the first one down, hit the next with laser barrage and your main guns. The torpedo should be ready again once you are in range of the third transport, if not just blast it with your main guns. The transports will try to use the shipyard as cover so use your afterburners to get around the shipyard quickly and shut the afterburners off once the transport is in sight by hitting L1 again. Fly over to Hask’s position and get ready to blast away at some X-Wings. Keep your throttle down unless you need to break away and let the fighters follow Hask. You’ll only need to down a few fighters to complete the objective, so it’s fairly easy.

Part 2: Board the Rebel Cruiser/Reach the Cannons

   Fly over to the enemy cruiser and enter the blue field to board the ship. You can take out the turrets guarding the hanger if you like, but it is possible to simply land in the hanger if you hit the throttle. Blast away at the pilots and X-Wing inside while still in the fighter. Iden will exit the ship once you have shot up everything. Enemy troops will swarm into the hanger, but Iden starts this stage with the TL-50, which fires a powerful energy burst if you hold L2. Run to some cover as soon as you exit and take out the guards with your weapons. Go into the smaller room attached to hanger to the right and grab the A280C on the rack if you want it (I recommend holding onto the TL-50). Walk to the back of the room with the A280C in it and look up to find a Collectable (1) tucked into a corner where the wall and ceiling meet, then go into the open door. Pivot right and eliminate the two troopers in the hallway as you pass through the entrance. Two more will come running down the hall, take ‘em down and open the door. You’ll encounter more fleeing enemies in the ship’s hallways, pick them off so they can’t regroup.

   You’ll see a blue barrier at the end of the hall. To the left of the barrier is a passage filled with enemies and a turret. Be careful here: the heavy troopers and turret can cut you down in a second. Throw a few grenades into the passage before storming in to neutralize the turret. You can use the wall as cover and strafe back and forth to take down the turret with the TL-50 as well. It takes a second for the turret to lock, which is your chance to blow it away. The barrier that blocked the room at the end of the hall (to your right if you are facing where the turret had been placed) will drop after the group guarding the hallways is history, enter to find a crate that contains a Star Card and computer consoles. Slice the console on the right to complete the objective.

Part 3: Secure the Area/Slice the Console/Protect the Droid/Destroy the Ion Coil

   A second barrier will raise just enough so you can duck under it in the room with the computer consoles after you speak to Hask. Enter this way or go through the hallway with the turret to enter the ion cannon control room. I prefer going through the hallway, because you can use the sliding doors as a shield by moving up to them, opening fire, and backing off to let them close. Beware the turret placed on the steps in the control room if you go this way. Charge in and take down the remaining troops once the turret and soldiers by the door have been dealt with. Iden can take cover in many places in this room, so taking it shouldn’t be an issue once the turret is out of the way. There is a Collectable (2) hidden under a platform near the doors leading to the hallway you entered from. You’ll also find a crate on the central platform that contains a Star Card as well as an RT-97C on a gun rack. A couple of Blaster Turrets are also scattered around the area, pick them up.

   There is a console you must slice to expose the ion cannon Ion Coil. Place a turret at the bottom of the steps that are closest to the window then have your droid slice the console. Enemy soldiers will enter the room through the door across from the console, Hask and the turret should help hold them off while you fire on them. After a minute or two the droid will complete it’s task. The Ion Coil will come down from the ceiling, shoot it a few times to destroy it and head over to the western side of the room to another console.

Part 4: Slice the Console/Protect the Droid/Destroy the Ion Coil (Again)

   Drop another turret in front of the doors across from the computer, then have the droid slice it. Troops will enter from the doors south and west of the window. These guys are a bit more serious so be ready to take cover. You can hide behind a wall near the droid and take out anyone who approaches with melee attacks if you need to heal for fit a moment, just watch out for grenades. Shoot at the Ion Coil as soon as it is exposed to fulfill the objective.

Part 5: Plant an Explosive/Destroy the Power Sources

   The cooling cell is located in the center of the room, walk up to it and hit square to place a bomb on it and enjoy the show. Iden will return to her TIE fighter and receive orders to destroy the power sources for the clamps holding the Dauntless in place. Hit the afterburner the moment you gain control of the fighter and turn to evade fire from a nearby corvette. You have plenty of time here to destroy some fighters and corvettes, so feel free to do so. Once you are done, simply fly over to the Dauntless and blast away at the giant clamps holding it in place.

Part 6: Destroy the Rebel Fighters/Attack the Clamps

   Some rebel fighters will swarm the Dauntless, destroying them should prove a simple task, just be careful not to crash into the Dauntless. Go for the clamps once the Dauntless is safe. The mission will end once the clamps are history.

d.Mission 3: The Observatory

Part 1: Explore Pillio/Eliminate Imperial Forces

   Take a moment to get used to Luke’s controls and then follow the objective marker. Some stormtroopers are waiting just under the cliff below Luke’s X-Wing, take them down with a force push and move on. A transport lies ahead and you can use block to deflect some shots from the soldiers protecting it. The next transport is more heavily guarded and you’ll want to move fast to avoid the sniper fire. Hide behind the crates near the transport if you take too much damage. Look out for rocket troopers in the valley beyond the transports. Use bock to deflect their shots and take them down when they land. Keep going through the valley, cutting down troopers as you make your way to the objective. Watch out for grenades as you get close to the cave and the soldiers defending it. A few side steps or a jump is a good way to avoid them or you can just keep charging forward.

Part 2: Search the Cave

  Head into the cave to find some imperials shooting at the creatures that live inside. Be careful when you pass a stone arch, there’s some troops and a turret dug in behind a ledge. Use force push to eliminate them and mop up any stragglers with the lightsaber. Take cover behind the rocks in the area to heal up if necessary. Use the lightsaber to cut apart some rocks blocking the passage that leads deeper into the cave and enjoy the cutscene.

Part 3: Explore the Cave/Uncover the Defense Terminal

   Go down the passage a bit with Del and get ready to fight some bugs. The bugs are no match for the lightsaber and Del’s gun. You’ll come to more amber after fighting a few creatures, blow it away with a force push and go towards the door in the back of the cave. Del will need you to break some amber that has encased the terminal that controls the cave’s defense system. Bugs will swarm Del as he works on the defense system, cut them down and save repulse for when you they begin to overwhelm you. Backing away and using force push on the bugs is also an effective means of defense. A second terminal is on the opposite side, take a breather before uncovering it if your health is low, just don’t linger too long: the system will explode in four minutes. Smash the amber concealing the second terminal and fight off more bugs. Once again, force push and repulse work wonders here. Approach the door to complete the mission.

e.Mission 4: The Storm

Collectables: 4

Equip Cards: Survivalist, Recharge Vanguard, Bodyguard

Part 1: Reach the Archive

   Walk north up the steps and through the gate, then turn right. Follow the passage to a gate that opens into a courtyard. On the right-hand side is an enclosed area, walk down the ramp, walk straight, and make a left to enter the enclosure. There’s a box with a Collectable (1) in it inside the enclosure. You can’t reach it, but your droid can, so point the reticle at the box and hit square to access the box. Walk up the steps to the archive after grabbing the collectable.

Part 2: Escape the Archive Courtyard

   There’s not much to find in the courtyard aside from a DLT-19X in the enclose where you found the collectable. You can sneak past the guards pretty easily here to save time, just remain crouched and watch their movements. Go down the steps and open the door, then follow the hallway, which bends left. You can slice the security camera on the left hand wall to peak down the hall. Several troopers will come down the hall where it bends, but you can hide behind the pillars to avoid them.

Part 3: Reach Kestro Defense Center

   Go up the steps at the end of the hall and slice the camera to see a squad walking down the street and some other troopers near the objective point. An Equipment Crate is sitting next to a pillar across from the steps you entered from, open it for a Star Card. A specialist and heavy block the route to the objective (using the droid scanner will help you spot them) luckily their backs are turned so you can sneak up on them and take them out with melee. A Barrage, Collectable (2), DLT-19X, and a DLT-19 are located at the western end of the street by a barricade, but they are heavily defended, so you’ll have to shoot the place up to get them. The collectable is hidden on top of some boxes near the barrage.

   Go to the objective marker and slice the door control, then proceed down the steps. (Note: Another Collectible (3) is hidden near the door by a dome shaped structure in the water. Look down to find it and grab it before going down the steps) You can shock the two troopers near the elevators if you wait until they are close to each other. A heavy will likely investigate and walk up to the steps you entered from, but you can avoid him by hiding behind the pillars and taking him out with melee. An Equip Crate and a Barrage are located near the steps at the end of the hall and there’s a terminal from which you can hack the security camera. Using stealth to defeat these enemies is easier, so get ready to use droid shock and sneak attacks.

   Enter the tunnel to the right of the security camera panel and go up the steps. You can pick up a DLT-19 at the top of the steps if you wish. Take out the trooper ahead with a sneak attack and check out the Equipment Crate to the left of the trooper. Try to eliminate as many endures with stealth as you can, then go in guns blazing once their numbers are thinned. The TL-50 is a great weapon to use in this area thanks to its secondary fire which can penetrate cover. Use the crates as cover and watch out for grenades as usual. Go up the steps towards the objective once all the bad guys have been dealt with and walk over to platform that has two trees flanking it to find a Collectable (4). Now go over to the objective to get your next goal.

Part 4: Hijack the AT-AT Walker

   A few soldiers are standing guard near the walker, the barrage or a few grenades will make short work of them. Hold square to enter the walker and initiate a rail shooter scenario. The AT-AT has powerful guns that can blow away groups of soldiers, use them to defeat any enemies in the way ASAP, because this thing isn’t as tough as the ones from the movies. You’ll encounter an AT-ST, make sure you blast it first, then blow up the laser cannons. Some more troopers and AT-STs will confront you before you reach the next two cannons. Blow the enemies up before dealing with the cannons. After that you’ll have to take out a TIE fighter and another AT-ST. Some more troops will attack you as you reach the satellite dish that controls the cannons and a final cannon. Things will really heat up after you take out the dish, with multiple AT-STs, TIE Fighters and hordes of soldiers attacking. You’ll reach a barricade, shoot your way through it. Another AT-AT will block your way, aim your guns at it’s neck and fire away. Once the walker is gone you just have to fight some more troops and a few fighters to end the scenario.

Part 5: Reach the Corvus/Defend the Corvus

   A few troopers will attack you on your way to the Corvus, but they are not much of a threat. A large group will attack you once you get near the Corvus. You need only hold out for a few minutes before the ship is ready to go. Take cover behind some crates near the ship and shoot as many troopers as possible to keep from getting overwhelmed. You’ll find some Barrages scattered around here along with a DLT-19 and DLT-19X on a platform just north of the Corvus. An AT-AT will attack after a couple minutes, don’t bother fighting it, because the game will automatically destroy it after a minute or so. Keep an eye on it however, it’s cannon can kill you in a shot. Troops will come in from the east once the AT-AT is out of commission, so be ready to engage them. An AT-ST will advance as well, but you can ignore it like you did the walker, because you need only hold out another minute to complete the mission.

f.Mission 5: Outcasts

Part 1: Destroy the Cinder Satellites

   Two satellite clusters are located dead ahead of Iden’s X-Wing, shoot the glowing central satellite to destroy each cluster. I’m not sure if this makes a difference, but I aimed for the central part of the target and it didn’t take long to destroy them. Look out for the red beams the satellites emit when flying close, they can take a chunk out of your life. Fly over to another set of satellites once the first group is finished and destroy them as well. This set may have TIE Fighters guarding it, but do not bother with them and focus on the Cinder satellites.

Part 2: Protect the Y-Wing Bombers

   Fly over to the star destroyer and eliminate the TIE Fighters attacking the rebel bombers ASAP. The TIE Fighters in this mission may as well be made out of glass and can only sustain a few shots from the X-Wing. On the other hand, the Star Destroyer the Y-Wings are bombing is quite sturdy and presents itself as a physical barrier between you and the TIE Fighters from time to time, because the waves of fighters will often approach from different directions. The fact that the X-Wing lacks an afterburner complicates matters, so you’ll have to respond immediately to incoming groups of enemy fighters to keep your bombers alive. Throttle up to close with the TIE Fighters when necessary and throttle down while attacking them. Be careful when flying near the destroyer, it’s turrets can inflict some damage and there’s always the threat of accidentally crashing into it. Using an ion torpedo on a TIE that is trying to put the destroyer between itself and you is an effective way to solve this problem. Otherwise, simply unloading a few laser volleys into the hostile fighters is enough to complete the mission as long as you close with the enemy promptly. Protect the bombers for a few minutes and the mission will be a wrap.

g.Mission 6: Royalty

Part 1: Secure the Market Place/Defend Del/Reach the Relay/Secure the Garden

   Storm into the marketplace and cut down the troopers. After the market is cleared, Del will begin hacking into a thingamajig in the market. Use the Squad Shield to keep him safe and take out the waves of troops that attack mostly from the north. Go towards the objective marker and take cover to avoid being obliterated by an AT-ST after crossing a large boulevard. Bombers will hit the AT-ST and you can resume your charge. A transport full of troops will land after you make a right. Take cover behind the crates to stay safe and use Leia’s charged shot to take out the troopers. Watch out for the heavy in this group. After the transport has been wiped out, head over to the relay and take care of the troopers in the square using charged shot.

Part 2: Defend Del (Again)/Reach the Frontline

   Del will do his science stuff to the relay console once the area is clear. Throw a squad shield down like before and get ready to fight some more troopers coming from the south. These guys will try to penetrate the shield and hit Del, so take them down quickly. Del will finish up after a couple of minutes and you can move forward. Just beyond the garden is the frontline. You’ll have to hold off the advancing force as long as possible. Try to kill as many enemies as you can and use the Squad Shield if you take too much damage. An AT-ST will support the enemy, but concentrate on the soldiers. You’ll have a limited number of reinforcements, so be aggressive. As the battle wears on, you will have to fall back, eventually going up the palace steps and entering the building once Del is finished, which will also conclude the mission.

h.Mission 7: General Distress

Part 1: Collect Information About Paldora/Speak to the Bearded Man Drinking Merenzane Gold on the Top Floor

   Chat with some of the inhabitants of Maz’s Castle to complete this objective. Talk to the uhhh… people sitting by the window north of where Han starts to get the first bit of info, then head up the steps to the east and talk to the guy leaning on the wall for clue #2. Now return to the staircase and go down to the basement to find the final informant. Head back up the steps to the top floor and go down the hallway to the left to find Paldora.

Part 2: Get Paldora Out of Here/Reach the Generator/Take them Out  

   Walk down the steps and head for the metal door. Open the door and move forward to reach the generator, which is guarded by troopers. There’s a cluster of them standing near some tanks talking. Use a detonite charge to eliminate them all at once then get ready to fight the rest. These guys should prove no match for Han Solo, just keep blasting at them and use the big rock nearby for cover. Han’s Detonite Charges have a wide radius, which makes them effective at killing troopers through cover. There’s also a few explosive canisters you can shoot here.

Part 3: Locate the Republic Intelligence

   You can access the intelligence by interacting with some crates near the structure to the right after defeating the troopers. Troopers will attack from the left after you find the intelligence. Take cover to avoid getting chewed up by the Heavy and use your trusty charges as much as possible in this fight. There’s only a handful of enemies to defeat, so this should go quick.

Part 4: Reach the Lovely Shrine/Take Them Out Too/Locate the Kashyyyk Intelligence

   Imperial troopers are guarding the pathway to the shrine, pick them off one by one as you advance. It’s possible to sneak up on these guys, but as usual, blasting your way through is faster. Sneak up to the shrine once you get close and snipe the officer standing on the steps to make life easier. A few Heavy and Assault troopers make up the defensive force here, which shouldn’t present a problem if you take cover and go for headshots as usual. The Kashyyyk intel is located in a box under the archway on the eastern side of the shrine. Reinforcements will charge in after you grab the intel. Use the arch as cover and take the reinforcements down.

Part 5: Reach the Falcon/Help Chewbacca/Hold them Off

   Go up the path and kill anything you see on your way, because your going to have to hold your position by the Millennium Falcon once you reach it, so it is wise to not have extra enemies pursuing you at this point. Help Chewbacca defeat the imperials attacking him, then take cover by some crates near the Falcon. Troopers will come in from the front and right, take them out quickly, because these guys like to chuck grenades. A transport will land and more troops will attack. Watch out for the guys with rocket launchers. It is best to be aggressive as possible here so the enemy can’t pummel you with explosives. Han’s charges and blaster overheat work great in this fight. You can use his sprint to get away from trouble if necessary. The final wave of troops has some Heavies in it and more Rocket Launcher toting troops, so take care. Han will hop in the Falcon once the fighting is done.

Part 6: Destroy the Imperial Light Cruiser/Destroy The TIEs

   You get to fly the Millennium Falcon in this part of the mission. Your target is a cruiser over the lake, but it comes with a TIE Fighter escort. You may want to thin out it’s escort a bit before attacking it, since the Falcon isn’t as agile as the other ships and is more vulnerable to attack. Don’t get bogged down fighting them however, since you have Inferno Squad backing you up. Make passes on the cruiser, throttling up to blast past it once you get too close and throttling down when approaching to attack. Missiles and overheat deal nice damage to the cruiser which can take a beating. Use the afterburner to break if you have too many fighters on your tail and let the Falcon repair itself before going back in for an attack. You’ll have to mop up what’s left of the TIE Fighters once the cruiser is down. Destroy the TIEs and the mission will end.

i.Mission 8: Under Covered Skies

Collectables: 4

Star Cards: Cooldown Bonus, Detonite Charge

Part 1: Follow Del/Eliminate Imperial Forces/Reach the Turbolift

   You’ll be back in an X-Wing for this mission. Follow Del and approach the landing pad when it is within range. Line your ship up with the objective marker so it looks like you’ll crash and keep flying towards it. The X-Wing will land automatically. Open the box in front of the X-Wing to get a Star Card and change your loadout if you wish. A Collectable (1) is in a box near the steps leading down at the end of the landing pad. Go down the steps and start mowing down troopers. Do not leave the hallway or you’ll have to deal with a rocket launcher, Heavies, and a sniper. Go back up the steps to draw the enemy out and lob grenades at them. Head back down the steps once most of the bad guys have been cleared (The scanner is helpful in determining this) and pick up the Turret sitting in a box near the entrance to the platform. Take out the rocket launcher and sniper at the far end of the platform and get ready to deal with more troops to the right. Staying far back and throwing thermal detonators at them is a good strategy. Walk over to the turbolift objective marker once you are done here.

Part 2: Infiltrate the Overseer’s Tower/Capture Hask/Reach the Platform/Settle for the Cloud Car

   Ready for a relaxing stroll through an area infested with enemies? Go through the doors after exiting the lift and you’ll find yourself in an open area full of troopers and an AT-ST. Shuffle over to the large staircase to the left of your starting position and enter the building. You can stroll around and listen to the gossip on the first floor or go straight to the elevator, either way, prepare yourself for a trap! Go out the door to your right after the brief cutscene and take cover behind some boxes immediately after approaching Del. A TIE Fighter will rise up from below and begin firing on you. It is possible to damage the TIE, but it will just fly away after you shoot it a few times. Run back into the doors and take care of the troopers waiting for you. Throw a grenade towards the door across from you after taking out the first group of enemies, because more will come in through that door. Enter the elevator once you’re finished.

   An Equipment Crate is in this room to the right of the elevator. There’s also a DLT-19X hanging on the wall by the door to the north. There are several exits to this building, but they all lead to the same place. I recommend equipping a sniper rifle like the DLT-20A or A280-CFE before leaving the building. This place is swarming with troops, try shoot the ones near the TIE Fighter that is marked as your objective first, because one of the soldiers in that area has a rocket launcher. Stay on the walkway by the building and hide behind the solid part of the railing which will shield you from most attacks, but stand back a few steps, because the blast radius of rockets and AT-ST munitions can damage you through the barrier.

   The enemy will locate you after your first few shots, which means the AT-ST will start shooting too. The metal barrier should protect you from the AT-ST as long as you stay crouched. Some troopers will likely come up the steps and try to rush you, so watch your flanks. Throwing a grenade behind the AT-ST will actually distract it and get it to turn away from you, which makes this fight a lot easier. Focus on the AT-ST once most of the troops are out of the way. Keep lobbing grenades at it and shooting the back of it when it turns around. Duck when it faces you to avoid getting slammed by it’s guns and wait for them to overheat so you have a few seconds to attack. You can throw grenades over the barrier to keep the walker distracted. You may want to distract the AT-ST with a grenade at this point and run back into the building to grab your TL-50 from the Equipment Box, since it’s secondary fire is effective against armor, the pulse cannon also works well. If you grabbed a turret, place it where it can hit the AT-ST. Keep shooting and the AT-ST will crumble. You can run down into the platform once you have eliminated the AT-ST. There’s a dome shaped structure near the center of the platform, check it out to find a Collectable (2) sitting on top of some boxes to the right of the door. There’s also a Rocket Launcher and E-11 in this building. Now head west to find another Collectable (3) on top of some rectangular boxes sitting in front of a dome shaped building (Exit the building where the TIE Fighter attacked you through the central door and turn left, then go down the steps to find it). Finally, from the overseer’s tower (The building Hask was hiding in) go north from the steps to two platforms holding TIE Fighters at check out the one on the right. Next to the TIE Fighter that’s missing a wing is a Collectable (4). Head over to the Cloud car once finished and hold square to enter it.

Part 3: Reach the Fueling Refineries

   You get to fly a Cloud Car in this portion of the mission… every Star Wars fan’s dream… seriously though, this thing sucks. At any rate, the cloud car is a bit flimsy and poorly armed, but at least it can break missile locks with L1 and fire up afterburners with R1+L1. There are 9 fuel cells to destroy and they are protected by TIE Fighters which can turn your crappy ship to debris in seconds. The fighters won’t shoot until you do, so get as close as possible to the fuel rigs before firing. Stay clear of the Star Destroyers as well, their turrets with chew you up. You can’t outgun the enemy, but the TIE Fighter pilots in this game are about as good at clearing obstacles as stormtroopers are at hitting targets, so some fancy flying will save your bacon. Use the rigs as cover and shoot at the fuel cells when you can. There all all sorts of gaps in the rigs you can fly through to avoid being shot and the enemy will often crash into the rigs when trying to follow you. In fact, circling the rigs tightly is sometimes enough to get your pursuers to collide with them. Destroy the fuel cells and the mission is complete.

j.Mission 9: Cache Grab

Part 1: Infiltrate the Facility/Clear the Area/Shut this Place Down

   Climb up the hill towards the transport and get ready to fight some troopers. Lando’s abilities aren’t terribly useful, but his blaster makes up for it with high accuracy, cooling, and damage. Take cover and take down the guards. Plenty of snipers are hanging out around here, so stay mobile. Enter the Facility once you’re done. Hit square to open the door, which turns out to be stuck. Go up the steps to the platform that has an AT-AT head in front of it, hit the button and watch the cutscene. You’ll have to kill all of the troopers in the assembly area, but it should be a breeze since there’s plenty of places to hide. Lando’s night scope also makes it easy to find targets before they get a chance to attack. Go up the steps and operate the panel with square once all the troopers are out of commission.

Part 2: New Plan: Kill the Power, Sabotage the Pump

   Enemy soldiers will advance on the control room. This group can be dangerous thanks to the Heavies, but Lando’s smoke grenade and his sharp shot (L1+R1) ability work great here. You’ll have to fight your way past a horde of troopers guarding the entrance to the next room (Which is across from the control room). Take your time and pick them off patiently. Enter the cave-like passage and be prepared to deal with an officer’s turret and a few troopers. The cave eventually opens out into another assembly room. Stay inside the cave and blast the troopers. You can side step back into the hallway where the cave turns to avoid damage. Be careful when exiting the cave, because there’s a bunch of enemies waiting to shoot you up. Turn right and use the entrance to the cave as cover and shoot back, side stepping back into the shaft when necessary. Walk into the chamber and take cover behind the big metal plate in front of the lava machine. An officer and some Heavies are hanging out to your left, pick them off. The officer will likely plant a turret, but killing him will also neutralize the turret. Run up to the control panel after everything is done and hit square to sabotage it. Don’t run down the steps or the lava will kill you as it fills the room.

Part 3: Figure Out an Exit Strategy/Create an Exit/Get Out Already/Meet Shriv

   Sprint through the open door to the north and use Sharp Shot to eliminate the troopers right away. The next area is tough, since you’ll have to contend with the rising lava and troopers. Head down the hall and you’ll see some AT-ATs and fleeing troopers, enter the room, then turn left. Shoot the Heavy standing on the catwalk above you and run through the AT-AT, then quickly shoot the troopers blocking you. Sharp Shot is a good way to clear these guys out. Throw a smoke grenade, run up the steps and shoot anything you see ASAP. Turn left and blast some more troopers. Another smoke grenade or shock grenade can help the process along. Run to the objective marker.

   A walker is standing in this room. Take out the guards, preferably with sharp shot.Operate the console just below the walker twice, then shoot it. Climb into the back of the AT-AT after it falls and leap onto the broken bridge below. Run through the burning hallway to get out and look for Shriv, who is waiting in an AT-ST. Hit Square to enter.

Part 4: Steal an Imperial Shuttle

   Move your AT-ST over to the island and take out the troopers shooting at it with its main gun. Don’t stand in the lava. A turret* mounted on a cliff ahead will fire on you, zoom in and blast it. A door will blow open under the turret once you approach and troopers will come running out, shoot them and take a rest if you sustained damage. Use motion scan (L1) to locate threats while resting to be safe. Cross over to where the turret was to find another one sitting atop the hill you have to climb. Use a missile to soften it up, then your main gun to finish it, and go up the hill… carefully. An ambush is waiting, complete with a rocket launcher waiting on a ledge ahead. Use the ledge on the path you climbed as cover and blast the turret to your left. There’s a bunker just above the turret, which is where the rocket launcher will come from. Begin shooting the moment the doors blow off the bunker to kill the trooper with the rocket, then take care of the troopers on the ground to your left.

   If you zoom in on the area between the bunker and the antenna next to it you’ll see another turret you can destroy preemptively. More troops will come out of the bunker under the turret you just destroyed once you near it as well as a few that come from the right. Use your main guns and the grenade launcher on these guys, then walk up to the shuttle on the landing pad to end the mission.

*You can take the turrets out from afar before they can hit you if you zoom in and look around.

k.Mission 10: The Battle of Jakku

Collectables: 3

Equip Cards: Heal

Part 1: Reach the Distress Beacons/Land Your Ship/Retrieve Binocs/Destroy The AT-ATs

   Iden is back in the cockpit of an X-Wing in this mission (sure beats the Cloud Car) and must fly over to the location of a distress signal. TIE Fighters will attack from behind once you get close. Shoot the TIEs down and resume your approach. Fly down to the marker that says “Land” and the X-Wing will automatically touch down. Next you have to get some Binocs from a crate that is protected by some imperials. Hurry over to the crate, because you have to keep your allies from dying and shoot the enemies, then grab the binocs. Use binocs by pressing left on the D-Pad and focus on an AT-AT, then hit R2 to initiate the orbital strike. It’ll take 3 strikes to kill each of the two AT-ATs. Now that things have quieted down a bit, run back to your X-Wing and check out the Equipment Crate sitting near some TIE Fighter wreckage to the right of your ship.

Part 2: Regroup With Captain Lindsey/Defend the Evac Point/Reach Your Ship

    Before going over to the objective marker, face it and investigate the big metal container to the left of the marker to find a Collectable (1). There’s a Blaster Turret you can pick up at Lindsey’s location and a fixed heavy blaster you can use by holding square in this area. I recommend hopping on the gun and using it to mow down the troopers that emerge from a transport that lands to your left. Some troopers will also come from the right, take them out and your buddies will be able to hop onto the Corvus. Now go back to your X-Wing.

Part 3: Clear the Skies/Land Your Ship/Find the Detonators/Reach the Hanger/Reach Your Ship/Reach the Corvus

   Fly over to the destination marker and get ready to shoot some bombers down. Now fly over to the landing area and touch down like before. There’s an Equipment Crate near the hull of a wrecked TIE just past the landing point, you may want to grab a sniper rifle for this part of the mission. You’ll see a giant pipe-like structure that is mostly shattered just past the entrance to the area. Face the objective, turn right and run through the pipe to find another Collectable (2) at the very end of the pipe. Take cover near the pipe and scope the area out. The troopers are pretty well dug in here, so use the sniper to pick them off. These guys are dangerous, so stay hidden and headshot the troopers that stray from the group. Two of the troopers have rocket launchers and there are some officers in the mix, so watch out. Head over to the detonators and pick them up once you have finished contending with the troopers. You may also want to grab the rocket launcher or barrage near each detonator. I recommend getting the rocket launcher.

   Run for cover immediately after getting the second detonator. A TIE Fighter will come out of the hanger on the western side of the area. Make sure the cover is substantial, because this thing has the advantage of elevation. Wait for the fighter’s guns to overheat, then hit it with a rocket. Fall back behind cover and take potshots at the TIE while the rocket recharges. Two or three rockets should take care of the TIE, mop up the troopers that are supporting the fighter and go to the hanger. Run to the very back of the hanger and look up to find another Collectable (3) hanging from a ruined catwalk. Plant the detonators and go back to your ship. Some more troopers will land and attack you just after you exit the hanger. Take your time fighting these guys, the explosives won’t go off by themselves. Board your ship once most of the enemies are done for. Fly up to the Corvus to complete the mission.

l.Mission 11: Until Ashes

Collectables: 2

Part 1: Destroy the TIE Bombers

  You should be an old hand at shooting down bombers by now, but these bombers are a bit better armored than those from past engagements. The enemy will occasionally launch missiles at you as well, so be ready to make evasive maneuvers. Two squadrons of TIE Bombers will attack the Corvus, try to take them out before they reach the ship, since the Corvus has limited health.

Part 2: Eliminate Hask

   Hask is nothing like what you’ve fought in space/aerial combat so far. He will head straight for you, guns blazing and can shred your ship in a second. Two TIE Fighters also support him in this fight and they will launch missiles at you as well as hound you relentlessly with their blasters. The first thing you should do is take evasive maneuvers by shifting left and right as well as occasionally turning to avoid his laser fire. Hit L1 to initiate the repair droid the instant he and his squadron gets into firing range to increase your odds of survival. It also helps if you can fire a missile of your own off at one of Hask’s escorts. Destroying an escort makes this battle much easier and it helps to stay away from the star destroyers who will also fire on you. While taking down both escorts will allow you to focus on Hask more, I do not recommend it, because another pair of escorts will spawn after a minute or two. Hask has a lot of life so it is unlikely you will be able to take him down before backup arrives and three enemies are a lot harder to deal with than two. Stay on Hask’s tail and throttle down, then bank if his escort fires a missile at you. If Hask starts speeding up, that means he’s going to attempt to turn and make a frontal pass at you. Firing a missile at him when he does so will force him to evade, which disrupts his attack pattern. Use quad lasers and your primary weapon to damage him and pray some of those missiles hit. Hit L1 to repair the second you take damage in this fight to keep from getting pummeled. Hask is tough, but these methods work well against him even on the highest difficulty, so stick to it.

Part 3: Reach the Bridge/Reach the Escape Pod

   Start heading north and get ready to deal with some troopers. The platform that the objective marker points to is also home to a few snipers and a rocket launcher, use your gun to shoot them from afar. There are also some rocketpack troopers here, use the edge of the platform as cover and shoot them down, but don’t run out in the open, because they can fire down on you easily. More troopers are up ahead, use the pipes as cover and take them out. A rocketpack trooper is among them and they like to throw grenades, so be cautious. About 50 meters from the objective maker is a chunk of flaming wreckage with a Collectable (1) right up against it. You’re going to have to fight your way through half the imperial army to reach the objective, so take your time and move from cover to cover. The droid’s scanner works great here, but keep in mind that these guys emerge from the ship, so it probably isn’t clear even if nothing shows on the scan. The final group of defenders consists of several heavies, snipers, rocketpack dudes and an officer. Try to get rid of the officer first, because of the threat his turret presents.

   Climb up the flaming wreckage to get inside the ship and check out the crates by a computer console on your right to find another Collectable (2). Slice the door and walk down the hallway, then turn right at the end of it to find another door. Enjoy the cutscene and run down the hallway as quickly as possible to find the escape pod. Do not dawdle, because Iden only has a few minutes to get out or the mission will fail. Get to the pod, jump in and the mission will be complete.

m.Mission 12: Discoveries

Goal: Pursue Del

   The path is pretty straightforward, but you will encounter resistance in this mission. Once you enter the jungle area, some rebels will appear, use force pull to clear them out. Up ahead are some troopers that are hard to deal with, because they take cover, but using L2 to deflect their shots will help you out. Take the pathway to the right and head towards Del. Use force pull or freeze to bust the enemies up and finish the rest with your weapon, then enter the bunker. You’ll be in an area that looks like Endor once you pass through the hallway. Be ready to block and use your force abilities to take out the soldiers, though you may have to retreat, since these guys can dish out some damage. Go up to the tower and approach the door encased in amber. Smash the amber and proceed.

   In the Pillio type area, jump down to the path below where you start and follow it. Some troopers and a bug will spawn, but they are close and easy to reach. Ahead is some more amber, slice through it and carefully drop down to the next platform. You’ll see Del again and more troopers will attack along with some bugs. One trooper is a heavy and will begin fire his blaster right away, so be ready with freeze. Beyond the enemy is another ledge to drop from and a door covered in amber. Enter the door to move to the next area.

   Del will spawn a whole pack of troopers right away, use pull to neutralize them ASAP. There’s a bunch of soldiers here clear them out before heading up the steps, then wait a second to let your abilities cooldown and let your life replenish. More enemies will spawn on the steps, kill a few and fall back to cover. These guys are tough and some even appear to be Inferno Squad, so use caution. Circle around to the side steps to get the rest. Go up to the door to complete the mission and the main story! Congratulations!


5.Resurrection Vehicles

   The following vehicles appear in the resurrection. The same controls used to pilot vehicles in the main story are used here, so refer to Section 1 for more information.

Iden’s Specialized X-Wing (Flight)

L1: Droid repair, increases ship’s self repair rate for a short period.

R1: Dual Proton Torpedoes, high damage torpedoes. Press R1 to initiate lock and press it a second time to fire.

R1+L1: Ion Pulse, allows enemies in a large radius and disables their abilities.

First Order TIE Fighter (Flight)

L1: Afterburner, boosts speed for a while.

R1: Concussion Missile, deals medium damage and stuns fighters for a bit.

R1+L1: Turret Gunner, fires on enemies behind you automatically.

AT-RT (Land)

R1: Repair, fixes vehicle.

L1: Motion Scan, located enemies.

R1+L1: Ion Charge, fires ion shots for a while. Effective vs. Vehicles.

Square: Hold to exit walker.

6.Resurrection Walkthrough

   This is a brief walkthrough for Resurrection, the single player mode which is unlocked after the main story is complete. As of the writing of this guide, there are no known secrets hidden in Resurrection. Just as with the Main Story, the player will be guided by an objective maker throughout the scenario and directions given in the walkthrough are relative to the positioning of the objective marker.

Mission 13: Project: Resurrection

Part 1: Destroy Enemy Fighters/Destroy Transports

   Iden flies a modified X-Wing in the beginning of this mission and will have to destroy several enemy fighters off the bat. Ion Pulse should be your go-to ability in this fight, since it will slow your enemies, making them easy targets. Don’t be shy about using droid repair here either, because these ships can dish out and take more damage. You’ll have to go for the transports once the fighters are out of the way. Use your Dual Proton Torpedoes on the transports whenever possible. Watch out for their turrets and fighter escorts which can pose a threat to Iden. Droid Repair should be enough to keep you in the fight however, so use it instead of breaking away, unless you have taken really serious damage. Stay focused and hammer away at the transport with your blasters/torps and you should be done in no time.

Part 2: Destroy the Opportunity’s Engines/Destroy Leema Kai’s Wingmen/Eliminate Leema Kai

   The opportunity should be an easy target with the transports gone. Throttle down and pick away at the engines with you blasters and torps. The Opportunity will fire back, but it doesn’t have much in the way of firepower, so keep blasting away and you should be fine. Once the engines are history, Leema will leave the ship and engage you in a fighter along with two wingmen which must be destroyed first. The wingmen are dangerous if they get behind you, so be ready to hit Ion pulse and make a sharp turn if one is on your tail. These guys are good at evading torps, but you can still use them as a distraction. Asteroids make for great cover, so do some fancy flying to duck behind them when necessary. They wingmen are tough, but you’ve fought worse in the main story, so keep at them and you’ll win.

   Leema is your next target. This guy is fairly easy, but his ship has a lot of armor and will take a while to defeat. Leema Kai will also launch mines that explode, damaging ships and scrambling their sensors in a wide radius. Use Ion Pulse to neutralize the mines whenever possible, otherwise just fly away from them. Torps hit Leema fairly reliably, so be sure to use them along with your blasters. Keep the pressure up and Kai will be history, the mission will be as well.

Mission 14: Ashes of the Empire

Part 1: Reach the Archive/Reach the Corvus

   Follow Shriv up to the Archive steps. Keep an eye out for an Equipment Crate at the foot of the steps and make sure you use it equip your Start Star Cards; I recommend equipping Heal. Go up the steps and watch the short movie, then get ready for some action.  You can just run past the enemies at the steps without them really taking notice of you, because J-sec and the First Order are busy fighting each other. There’s a Barrage and Rocket Launcher at the gate about 50 meters from the objective. Turn right from the gate (ignore the AT-ST) and take down the troopers blocking your way. Go through the opening in the wall and get ready to fight a flamethrower and a few regular troopers. Just hit R1+L1 to heal (if you have the card equipped) and blast away. Otherwise, prioritize the flamethrower and chuck a grenade at him. Run into the building, clear out some more soldiers and go up the steps.

Part 2: Slice the Relay/Follow the Beacon/Secure the Area/Search the Escape Pod

   Go over to the Corvus and fire down on the enemy to take them out while they are distracted. There’s also some enemies on the platform in the distance to your right. Take your time and eliminate them to make going forward easier. Head over to the dish and check out the Equipment Crate if you want to change your gear, then slice the relay to the right of it. There’s also a Blaster Turret and an FMWB-10 you can pick up here. I recommend grabbing the blaster and setting it right in the middle of the landing so it has a line of sight on both sets of steps before slicing the relay. Once you slice the relay, you’ll lose access to the droid for a while and enemies will attack. Two flamethrower troopers will attack from the left and right along with some regular troops. You’ll also have people shooting at you from across the ditch. Take cover and fire back. The turret should serve as a great distraction. Move on once the droid is done.

   Walk down the steps into the ditch and go through the hallway to the north to find an AT-RT. Hop in and go north, then turn left. Be ready to fight some troopers. A few flametroopers and heavies will be in the mix, take them down first. Do not use ion shot on these guys, because it is less effective on humans than vehicles. Hang back and use the AT-RT’s superior weapons to class the area. Be ready to run or hit repair if they lob grenades at you. Leave the walker and open the pod, then head over to the next objective. Watch out for more enemies, including flamethrowers and heavies. Clear the area and head for the next marker.

Part 3: Secure the Area/Follow the Beacon/Secure the Area (Yet Again)/Regroup

   Go over to the courtyard, but don’t rush in. Stay near the entrance and pick enemies off. Watch out for the AT-ST. Staying far away from it and taking potshots at it will usually not draw it’s attention. Ion Shot works well on the AT-ST. Make sure you clear away any troopers shooting at you before focusing on the walker. Finish off the rest of the troops once the walker is toast and check the area out. There’s an Equipment Crate and some Rocket Launchers around here. Leave the courtyard and follow the objective marker, take the AT-RT with you. There are people fighting outside of the courtyard, but you may as well ignore them. Go over to the empty AT-RT and walk up the incline next next to it, then head for the objective. You’ll see a ditch much like the one where you had to slice the relay. Stay up high and shoot down on everything. There are no serious threats here so just move forward and clear out anything in your way if you want to get through this area quickly.

   At the end of the ditch you’ll come to a broken gate and some flaming wreckage. Walk up to the edge of the gate and pelt the enemy ahead with blaster bolts. Go into the courtyard once you have cleared some enemies and fight your way up the steps. Walk up to the crest of the next hill and get a bead on the AT-ST ahead. Take it down with ion shots and back down the hill if it fires on you. Tons of J-sec guys are shooting at the walker as well, so it should go down quick. Quickly eliminate some more enemies and blast the next walker that appears. This AT-ST May focus on you more, so get ready to take cover and hit repair. Only a few enemies should remain after this, but look out for heavies and a flametrooper, then head over to Zay to complete the mission.

Mission 15: Inferno

Part 1: Stay in Formation/Clear The Skies/Reach the Back of the Ship/Destroy the Heat Sink/Enter the Star Destroyer

   Follow the lead TIE Fighter and do not shoot anything. You’ll have to make some fancy maneuvers as the fighters fly around the star destroyer, so keep your throttle low and pay attention to your surroundings. Break from the group once your cover is blown and start taking the enemy TIEs out. These fighters aren’t sturdy, but don’t let them gang up on you or you’ll be dust. Destroy about four of them and the next objective should come up. Fly over to the engines then turn around and fire on the Heat Sink, which is a glowing red dot. It should explode quickly making a space for your TIE to fly into. Throttle down to minimum speed and carefully navigate the hallway. You’ll come to the hyperdrive, which is a spinning blue cylinder and the next phase of the mission will begin after your TIE gets a jolt of energy from the drive.

Part 2: Locate a First Order Data Bank

   Give the troopers ahead of you a few seconds to move along, then sneak up on the one standing by a computer at the end of the hall. You can check the security camera to see a bunch of enemies up ahead. Turn right from the computer and enter the door on your left at the end of the passage. There’s a few troopers here and an officer, take the officer down with a head shot and clean up the rest. Grab an F-11D and the Light Sentry. There’s also an Equipment Crate here, so change your gear if you want; it is wise to equip the Heal Star Card if you haven’t already. Go through the door to the right of the box you got the Light Sentry from and head up the steps. There’s some troops in the hallway to the left, activate Heal and mow them down with the Light Sentry.

   Down the hallway you just shot up is a small room to the right with an F-11D and an FWMB-10. A similar room with the same guns and an Equipment Crate is near the end of the hallway on your left. Go through the doors or your right and get your sentry out again, there’s a bunch of troopers in here to shoot up. Be sure to hit the officer first, his turret can chew you up even with Heal active. Slice the big for door on your left and enter the room to initiate a cutscene.

Part 2: Reach the Hyperdrive Generator/Secure the Area/Plant the Ion Detonators/Defend Zay

   Go through the door to the left of the big window and head up the steps. The enemy will close the door directly in front of the steps, so take a right. There’s another armory up ahead with the same stuff in it as the previous one, as well as some soldiers. Some troopers are in the hallway past the armory, just use the Light Sentry on them too. You can check the security cameras and grab another Light Sentry in the room ahead. Slice the door to your right when you are ready to fight. Take out the officer first as usual and have a grenade ready for the flametrooper that attacks. The vanguard works well here if you use it. Get the Blaster Turret after the room is clear and plant it on the hyperdrive control platform, opposite of the “reach” marker. There’s a catwalk that will host a bunch of enemies above it and the turret will make your life easier. It will take Zay some time to plant the charges, so keep a lookout for enemies. Use your gun to take them down and stick to Zay as she makes her rounds. The turret should help distract the enemy. Keep your eyes open for enemies that attack from the catwalks above.

   Move the turret to the opposite side once Zay reaches the side of the drive you planted it on to the opposite side (the place that originally had the “reach” marker) and get ready to fight some flamethrowers. Run around the platform shooting and chucking grenades, staying still can get you killed here. The vanguard comes in handy once again, since a lot of the troopers and flamethrowers try to get close. Pick up your turret once zay has all the charges planted and all of the enemies are dead.

Part 3: Unlock the Security Door/Defend Zay/Reroute the First Order Reinforcements/Reach the Backup Generator

   Go into the room under the platform and place a turret in one of the entrances. Then get ready to fight off some troopers as Zay hacks the door. Tons of troops will pour in, but you can hold the room thanks to the turret. Stand in the other doorway and pick the enemy off. Be sure to check the turret from time to time to make sure it doesn’t get overwhelmed. Slice the computer once Zay is done. Follow the hallway to the platform that looks like a trap (because it is one) and get ready to watch a cutscene. This one is more interactive and you’ll have to use the gun Zay gives you to shoot Hask. Just move the reticle to his head with the right stick and shoot with R2 as usual. Congratulations, you just beat the game.

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