Silent Hill (PSX)

Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo

Publisher: Konami

Release Date: January 1999

Platform: Sony PlayStation

Genre: Survival Horror

Players: 1


   Silent Hill is named for the town Harry Mason (the hero) must explore in order to save his daughter, Cheryl. The two are separated in a car accident while driving to the vacation resort. Harry awakens to find his daughter missing and the town seemingly abandoned. He quickly learns that something is horribly wrong after encountering some monsters while searching for Cheryl. In Silent Hill players will have to fight monsters, solve puzzles, and explore the town in order to solve its mystery. Healing items and ammo are in limited supply, so players will have to look for resources as well as manage them carefully. Over the course of his journey, Harry will find shotguns, sledge hammers, and many other weapons that he can use to fend off attackers. Silent Hill has five different endings and a number of unlockable items. Its total play time is about 4 to 7 hours the first time.

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