Silent Hill (PS1) Walkthrough

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Silent Hill (PSX) Walkthrough

~by tankMage (November 2018)


Thanks for using this guide! The purpose of this walkthrough is to provide players with specific instructions on how to complete the game and get the best ending the first time around. It also includes information on enemies, unlockable weapons, survival tips, and the other endings. Much of the following information is tailored to hard mode and players going through the game on easy or normal will not need to avoid many of the fights that I recommend running from. Silent Hill has two worlds, one of which is often called “Alternate World”, but I use the term Other World to describe it. The same goes for what some may call the “normal world”, which is actually called “Fog World”. Also, the names used for enemies have been taken from the Silent Hill wiki, the link to which can be found in the final section, References.

1. Survival and Combat Tips

Save Often: Resources in Silent Hill are limited and new players can find themselves without bullets or healing items when they most need them. Saving regularly and creating a secondary save file allows the player to fix any mistakes he or she may have made.

Use the Look Function: It’s possible to look around by holding the L2 Button and using the D-Pad to move the camera. Players can often spot enemies by using this function and prepare for them according.

Listen to the Radio: While not completely reliable, the radio will warn the player of nearby danger 99% of the time through the static it emits when a monster is near. The static increases in volume as the enemy gets closer and the intensity of the static increases with the number of enemies in close proximity to Harry. If you hear static in an open area, stop and look around. If you hear static upon entering a small room or passageway, ready your weapon.

Aiming Your Weapon: Harry isn’t exactly a crack shot and will often miss targets, especially when they are far away. Holding R2 for a moment to let Harry steady his aim is a good way to conserve ammo, since he will be less likely to miss. Firing at close range is also helpful. Letting go of the R2 Button, then pressing it again a moment later seems to diminish the likelihood that Harry will miss a second time if he already missed once and it will also allow him to acquire a new target once your initial one has been neutralized. The shotgun seems to be exempt from the aiming rules, but Harry must use it at close range for obvious reasons.

Learn to Melee: The pipe and the hammer are your best friends in Silent Hill. They require no ammo, deal respectable damage, and Harry will only miss his targets with melee weapons if he isn’t facing them or they are beyond his reach. Using melee weapons requires precise timing and a good knowledge of how each weapon works. Save your game and practice fighting some monsters with the pipe once you get it. It takes some practice to get a feel for each weapon’s reach and timing, but you’ll be very effective in combat once this happens.

There’s No Shame in Running: It is often best to run away from trouble. Monsters can’t follow Harry through doors and many of them are not fast enough to pursue him great distances. Try to plan your route out in advance so you can reach your destination without having to fire a shot. Running is a really good idea in places like the school, which are densely packed with respawning enemies.

Use the Worst First: Always save your good weapons and restorative items for more dangerous situations. There’s no point in using the shotgun to blow away a single enemy, especially when it is better suited to fighting groups of monsters or bosses. The same goes for health drinks, first aid kits, and ampoules. Always use the health drink first, because you’ll want to save the first aid kits for bosses. In fact, you can easily beat the last boss on hard mode as long as you have 5 or 6 first aid kits and an ampoule.

Light Attracts Enemies: The flashlight allows you to look at the map and see your surroundings, but it also alerts the bad guys. Turning the flashlight off (hold the O Button) before entering a dark area is a great way to sneak up on monsters. Shut the flashlight off when fleeing enemies in open spaces to get them to lose track of Harry.

Shaking Enemies Off: Many of the creatures in this game will grab Harry and bite him or hold him so their allies can attack him. Shake out of grapples by mashing the X Button. I find it also helps to move the left stick or D-Pad while rapidly tapping X.

2. Walkthrough

This section of the guide is designed to help players explore the game and get the best ending, which requires the player to perform certain actions. Absolute directions (North,West,East, and South) are often used here and it is helpful to refer to the map in conjunction with the walkthrough whenever possible, because I often refer to places marked on the map.

a. Entering Silent Hill

The Alleyway

Items: None

Harry will wake up in his car after the opening scene and look around the misty street for Cheryl. Just run in the direction Harry is facing once you are able to control him and you’ll eventually spot Cheryl running further into the fog. You can walk back and check the car, but there’s really no reason to do so at the moment. Continue to follow Cheryl after Harry sees her and you’ll come to a sidewalk that leads to an alley if you keep moving to the right. Head down the alley and you’ll reach a wall, turn left. Open the gate that says “Beware of dog” and check the mangled corpse on the other side if you like. Walk forward into the narrow gap between buildings and follow it until you reach another gate. Harry will use his lighter to illuminate the dark passage, just keep pushing forward since there’s only one way you can go. You’ll see a wheelchair, then a hospital bed if you are going the right way. Eventually Harry will find another mutilated body and small creatures called grey children will attack him. There’s nothing you can do without a weapon, so let Harry die or run deeper into the alley.

The Cafe and Bachman Road

Items: Handgun, Health Drink x4, Flashlight, Kitchen Knife, Residential Area Map, Pocket Radio, Handgun Bullets x4, Wood Man Key

Harry will wake up in a cafe and Cybill will give him a Handgun. Look at the counter and you’ll find a Notepad (use the notepad to save) near the pinball machine. There is also a Health Drink, Flashlight, and Residential Area Map on the counter near the notepad. Walk over to the right-hand side of the counter and you will find a Kitchen Knife and another Health Drink. Equip the gun before leaving the cafe and save the game if you haven’t already. An air screamer will crash through the window when you check the door, ready the gun, and shoot the beast. Five or six shots will do the trick, though you may have to push the X Button to finish the creature off after it falls to the ground.

Take the Pocket Radio and leave the cafe. Face the cafe entrance and walk left, you should see a bench with two boxes of Handgun Bullets nearby. Turn right and run down to the end of the block to Queen Burger (south on the map) and you’ll find another Health Drink sitting on the front counter. Another air screamer may attack Harry here, run away from it and reenter the cafe; it should be gone when you come back outside. Now go to Matheson Rd. and turn east. There’s an alley with two more boxes of Handgun Bullets to the south. Watch out for the screamer guarding them, you can just run past it if you are fast. There’s another alley directly north. About halfway up this alley is chain link fence with signs on it to the west, walk up to it and hit X to enter a small area. Check the ground by the bloody head under the basketball net to get the Wood Man Key and pick up the Health Drink sitting on the trashcan.

Convenience Store and the Alley

Items: Health Drink x4, First Aid Kit, Handgun Bullets x2   

Leave the enclosed area and go north to Finney St. You may encounter groaners (dogs) here, which you can outrun or even sneak past while you head for the convenience store at the corner of Bachman and Finney. The store shows up as a purple square on the map. Harry will have to enter the shop via the door on the western side of the building. Check the shelf by the ice cream cabinet to get a Health Drink, then check the shelves on the other side to get two more Health Drinks. On the counter near the back of the store is a Notepad, use it to save and grab the First Aid Kit from the shelf. You can return to Harry’s car (which is just north of the store) after you leave the store to get a Health Drink if you like. At any rate, set out for the alley marked by a red arrow on the map by running west on Finney St.

There are about four groaners and an air screamer in the alley. You can pick them off easily with the handgun if you look around and take your time. But it is just as easy to run through the alley and go through the gate to the left to shake Harry’s pursuers. Zigzag to avoid the groaners when they jump at you. Follow the path beyond the gate as you did before, just be ready to shoot a groaner when you get to a square section of the path that is lined by pipes. Beyond the groaner is another gate with two boxes of Handgun Bullets on the other side and a note from Cheryl near some pools of blood where the alley dead ends. Pick up the Steel Pipe before you leave. Take evasive measures when you get back to the alley on Finney St., because there will be a groaner waiting near the gate.

b. Finding The School

Exploring Old Silent Hill

Items: Handgun Bullets x5, Lion Key, Scarecrow Key, Health Drink x7, First Aid Kit x2, House Key   

Head east down Finney as far as you can and you’ll see a wrecked police car by an equally wrecked bit of road. Kill any enemies you see on the way. Grab the Handgun Bullets on the ground near the trunk as well as the Lion Key in the trunk. Walk west to reach Elroy St. and run all the way to the huge crevasse  just north of the gas station. You may see some screamers here, oddly they seem to take their time getting off of the ground and you may be able to whack them with the pipe if you are quick. Face the crevasse, turn right (west on the map) and you will see a wooden plank leading to a mailbox. Check the mailbox to get a Scarecrow Key and pick up the Health Drink on the porch.

Go back to Matheson St. and head west until you pass Bachman. About halfway down the block you will find an alley to the south. At the back of the alley is a First Aid Kit guarded by three dogs. Run past the mutts, grab the loot, and make a quick escape from the alley. Continue west on Matheson until you hit a dead end just beyond where Matheson intersects with Levin. You’ll find a bloody note in the middle of the road at the edge of the pit. It reads: “Dog house Levin”. Set out for Levin. Stick to the east side of Levin and run south to reach another pit. A Health Drink can be found on the porch of the house by the crevasse. Watch out for the groaners on Levin.

On the northwest side of Levin St. stands a blood stained doghouse near the center of the street. Someone hid their House Key in the doghouse, take it, they won’t be needing it anymore*. Use the key to open the door to the house behind the doghouse. Pick up the First Aid Kit on the shelf near the entrance. Walk back to the dining room and grab two boxes of Handgun Bullets. One box is on the dining room table, the other is on the counter by the Notepad. It is not possible to unlock the door on the left side of the hallway right now (see Section 4: Unlockables). There’s a map with the location of the three keys you collected earlier by the backdoor, which you can now open using the Lion, Wood Man, and Scarecrow keys.

*Harry will not see the key in the doghouse unless you read the notes on Matheson St.

Harry will use all of the keys automatically when you check the door. The backyard is dark, so keep the flashlight on and pick up the two Health Drinks on the picnic table. Go through the wooden gate at the end of the yard and walk out into the alleyway that runs between Midwich and Levin St. Walk north and get ready to deal with an air screamer, there’s also another screamer waiting on Finney St. To the northwest is a dead end where an overpass has crumbled, blocking the northern end of Midwich. You’ll probably run into a pair of groaners here, so have your pipe or gun ready. Look for some damaged pillars to the west when you reach the dead end. There should be some Handgun Bullets and a Health Drink laying on the ground between the pillars. Visit the alleyway between Bloch and Matheson St. to find some more Handgun Bullets sitting next to some trash cans on Harry’s right (beware the air screamer lurking around here) then set out for the Elementary School which is to the southwest on Midwich St.

The road to the Elementary School is treacherous, I counted six groaners and two screamers on the way, so be cautious. Look for a school bus parked by the sidewalk south of the school. You can enter the bus by checking the door. On one of the seats near the front of the bus you’ll find two Health Drinks. A Notepad is located near the back of the bus, save your game. Set out for the front doors of the school, which are to the northwest of the bus.

c. Midwich Elementary School

The Entrance and Courtyard

Items: School Map, Handgun Bullets, First Aid Kit, Health Drink

Follow the hedge if you are having trouble finding the front door and you will see a cement walkway to the left if you are facing north. Head down the cement walkway to reach the front door of the school. Eliminate the groaners near the doors and make a break for the building once the coast is clear, because a screamer will attack from behind. Once inside the school you should see a School Map sitting on a counter under a wall map of the USA. Go through the double doors to enter the main hallway. Turn left to get to the reception area. You can read the bloody books on the counter for some clues.

There’s a room behind the reception desk that has some Handgun Bullets on a table. Exit the room and head over to the infirmary on the east side of the hall. A First Aid Kit is on the bed. There is also a Health Drink in the cabinet next to the bed. Use the Notepad to save and go back to the hallway. Use the double doors in the center of the hall to get to the courtyard. There are two grey children in the courtyard, use the gun on them, because they tend to bite Harry’s legs if he uses the pipe. Note the Clock Tower in the southeast corner and prepare yourself before going through the double doors that lead to the northern hallway.

The Gold Medallion

Items: Handgun Bullets, Health Drink, Chemical, Gold Medallion

Ready the handgun the moment you enter the hallway and start firing, because there will be a grey child right in front of you*. Run over to the left or right end of the hall after you down the monster and try to juke past the other grey kid (there are two more in this hall). Turn around and begin firing to knock the other two down and begin stomping them so they cannot get up. Enter the double doors to the north when you are done. Grab the Handgun Bullets sitting on the bench and leave.

*The grey children tend to respawn, so you may just want to run past them.

It is harder to get past the grey children when you reenter the hall, because you have to get to the western double door, which requires you to squeeze by a grey that likes to hang around the center of the hall. Running in the opposite direction a bit, then circling back to the west side of the hall is a good way to lure them away so you can escape unscathed. Two more grey children are guarding this hallway, one will be to Harry’s right, the other will be to the left. Kill the monster to Harry’s right (north) then turn left to face south. Pick off the two grey kids to the south with the gun and go to the double doors that lead to the reception area near the end of the hall. Unlock the doors, but stay in this hallway.

Return to the northern end of this hallway and ascend the steps. Visit the girl’s bathroom to the far south for a box of Handgun Bullets that’s guarded by a grey. After that, enter the classroom near the stairs, but go into the southern door to the room so you are far away from the creatures inside. There are two greys in this room, use the desks as a barrier and shoot them. Check out the table to the left of the teacher’s desk to find a Health Drink. Now leave the classroom and go through the double doors across from the classroom. Three grey children are on the other side of this door, shoot the one nearest Harry and enter the lab equipment room, which is the first door on Harry’s left. Look for a purple bottle on the shelf against the wall to get a Chemical and leave the room.

Your next stop is the chemistry lab whose entrance is right next to the lab equipment room door, so you can just walk inside, ignoring the monsters for now if you wish. Grab the Handgun Bullets from the counter under the window and check the middle table to find a clay hand grasping something. Use the chemical to dissolve the hand and check the table again to get a Gold Medallion. Leave the lab and make a break for the double doors at the eastern end of this hallway. There may be some greys near the door, so try to outrun them to reach the double doors safely.

The Silver Medallion

Items: First Aid Kit, Handgun Bullets x2, Silver Medallion

The library is just north of where you entered this hallway. Take the First Aid Kit from the desk in the library. There are some spirits in here that cannot hurt you, so do not worry about the static. You can enter the library reserve via the door in the library. Inside you’ll find a grey kid you can ignore and unlock the door to the northern hallway. Take some Handgun Bullets from a table by the teacher’s desk in the classroom to the south, but you’ll have to either evade or kill a grey child to get to them. Your next goal is the set of doors that leads to the southern hallway, but you’ll have to get past some grey kids in this room to reach them.

Go in the locker room that is slightly southeast of the entrance to this hallway and look at the small locker that is clanking to trigger an event. You can also check the music room if you like, but the piano is locked for now. Return to the eastern hallway and go down the steps, beware of greys on the way to the stairs. There will be a grey child waiting for Harry on the first floor, shoot it before you even leave the steps for an easy kill. Look inside the northern classroom to find some harmless ghosts and some Handgun Bullets by the lockers at the back of the room. Stay in the classrooms to avoid enemies and use the door near the stairwell in the southern classroom to reenter the eastern hallway.

Unlock the double doors that lead to the entrance hall, which should be familiar, and revisit the courtyard. Run over to the clocktower and look for a gold plaque on its left side. Go into your inventory and use the Gold Medallion. You can completely avoid the greys in this courtyard if you are quick. Run back to the entrance hall, visit the infirmary, and use the notepad to save. Return to the music room (go up the eastern stairwell, through the double doors northwest of the steps, and up to the second door) and check the piano.

You may notice the cover on the piano, which was once locked, has opened. You’ll have to examine the keyboard and hit the keys in a certain order to solve the puzzle. There’s a clue on the chalkboard, but here’s the solution:

1. Second white key from the left.

2. Second white key from the right.

3. First black key from the right.

4. Third white key from the right.

5. First black key on the left.

The keys will make a strange clicking sound each time you hit the correct one and the Silver Medallion over the blackboard will fall to the ground. Pick up the medallion and return to the courtyard.

Grey children will attack you in the entrance hall on the way to the courtyard, so have your weapon equipped. Place the silver medallion in the socket on the right side of the clock tower which is marked by a silver plaque. Now head back through the double doors to the south, go through the next set of doors east of the infirmary to get to the eastern hallway, then go down the steps. There’s not much down here aside from the boiler room, so go in and press the glowing red button on the boiler. You’ll hear an eerie sound. Return to the infirmary and save again.

d. Other World School

The Clock Tower

Items: Rubber Ball, First Aid Kit x2, Handgun Bullets x2, Health Drink x2, Ampoule

Check the Clock Tower door and Harry will enter a small chamber with a ladder. Climb down. Proceed down the passage and check the ladder on the opposite side to climb up, then open the metal door. Head over to the northern hallway after you reach the shadow courtyard, try to lure the grey kids near the entrance to the hallway, and quickly sprint towards the storeroom to the west. You’ll find a Rubber Ball in the storeroom. Leave the storeroom and shoot the greys to clear the way if you must, then go into the double doors northeast of the storeroom.

This room is dominated by a giant fan and you will find a First Aid Kit on the bench to the left. Grab the Handgun Bullets from the other bench. Exit the fan room and go into the door to the east to get to the room marked “Hall” on the map. Get the pipe ready the moment you enter the hall-room and use it to bash the roaches that swarm Harry. If you are lucky, the pipe will take most of them out the second they swarm you, but you will still have to stomp them. You may want to switch to the handgun and pick off any survivors. Enter the door to the east and unlock the double doors on your right once you enter the eastern hall.

This hallway has a fence blocking your progress about halfway down, so go into the classroom door east of the fence. Pick up the Picture Card on the table (which can be used to unlock a locker in the teacher’s lounge later on) and equip your handgun. Go through the door to the south that leads to another “classroom”. Turn left (south) immediately and sprint to the door to avoid the grey children in this room, then open the door on the western wall. Check the bench once you enter the hallway to get a Health Drink.

Open the double doors to the west and deal with the grey kid, then go into the infirmary. Take the Health Drink from the cabinet, then pick up the First Aid Kit from the gurney. Use the Notepad to save. Exit the infirmary and unlock the double doors leading to the courtyard. Enter the double doors on the southwest wall, right next to the infirmary. Look out for the grey kids in this room, there’s one on the right and one on the left. There’s an Ampoule on the wheelchair in the back of this room. Go to the next room over (reception) and take the Handgun Bullets from the couch. Examine the strange door to the left and use the Picture Card you found in the classroom to unlock it.

The Men’s Room and the Second Floor

Items: Shotgun, Shotgun Shells, Handgun Bullets x2

First things first, go to straight to the Men’s room which is the door on Harry’s right when he enters the hallway and open the stall. Get the Shotgun laying on the floor, you’ll need it. You can also read a note by the corpse. Enter the women’s room. For some reason, you will now be on the second floor. Leave the ladies’ room and check out the men’s room here on the second floor. Pick up the two boxes of Handgun Bullets and the Shotgun Shells at the back of this room. It will be tempting to use the Shotgun at this point, now that you have some ammo for it, but save it for tougher enemies.

Return to the women’s room and leave again to get back to the first floor. Enter the door next to the fence in the hallway and run along the north wall of the classroom to avoid enemies (two grey children and a creeper) and get to the door to the northern classroom. There’s a single creeper in this classroom and a strange table that has a bunch of old fashioned phones sitting on it. Get the Handgun Bullets on the chair and walk over to the northeast door. A cutscene will start when you attempt to open it. Leave the room through the northeast door once the cut scene ends.

Library Reserve and the Roof

Items: Health Drink, Handgun Bullets x2, Shotgun Shells, Library Reserve Key, First Aid Kit

There’s about three grey children and a creeper waiting for you on the other side of the door. Luckily, you are right in front of the blue double doors that you can use to escape if things get dicey. In fact, it’s best to go through the blue doors, then reenter the hallway to get a clear line of sight of the steps, which will allow you to run past them and save ammo. There is a Health Drink waiting on the bench near the fence that divides this hallway. Check out the northern classroom in this hall, there’s a box of Handgun Bullets* on a chair inside, but watch out for the three grey and the creeper that guard it. The southern classroom is accessible via a door on the south wall of this room and there are some Shotgun Shells inside.

*You may want to skip the Handgun Bullets and go straight for the shells in the next room, because of the enemies in here.

Go through the door to the southeast and open the blue doors the second you enter the hall to avoid the greys waiting for Harry. Ready your gun and blast away at the two creepers and grey child in this hall, then visit the locker room to the east. Investigate the banging locker and then walk back to the door. Pick up the Library Reserve Key near the corpse before you leave. Backtrack through the hallway and classrooms to get to the blue door that leads to the northern hallway and the library reserve. Look out for grey kids when you reenter the classroom you found the shotgun shells in, there are about four of them. Luckily, you can get past them by running along the eastern wall and going through the northwest door. Shoot your way out if you do not think you can run fast enough.

Take the First Aid Kit from the shelf once you are inside the library reserve. Enter the library via the door on the west wall and take the Handgun Bullets from the shelf. Read the book on the table if you like and go through the door to the south, which leads to the eastern hallway. Unlock the blue doors and enter the northern hallway. Continue until you reach the western hallway and go up the steps to the roof. Once on the roof, walk over to the blood stained gutter to the southeast and examine it. Harry will note the key hanging inside the pipe. Walk further east and you’ll see another hole in the corner, use the rubber ball you found earlier to stop the hole up, then turn the bright red valve to the left. The water will wash the key down into the courtyard.

Courtyard (revisited) and The Basement

Items: Classroom Key, Health Drink x2, Shotgun Shells x2, Ampoule

Use the staircase to get back to the first floor. Be ready to deal with a creeper and three grey children when you get to the first floor. Staying on the steps and shooting them works fairly well. Enter the northern hallway and go to the courtyard. The Classroom Key is just east of the door by the drainage pipe. Remember those double doors north of the infirmary? Hopefully you unlocked them, because now is a great time to save.

Return to the eastern hallway by the library on the second floor. It is now possible to explore the locked classroom southeast of the library. Unlock the classroom door near the entrance to the library and lure the three grey kids towards Harry by standing near the back of the room near the middle locker. Run along the eastern wall when they get close to ditch them without firing a shot or taking damage. Enter the southern classroom via the door on this classroom’s south side. Take the Health Drink on the chair and go through one of the doors on the west wall.

Shoot the creepers that swarm the hallway and pick up the Health Drink on the bench. Go down the steps to the first floor and take a moment to unlock the chain link door that leads to the eastern hallway. It’s a good idea to save at the infirmary before going down the steps to the basement. Descend the steps to the basement and check out the storage room to get two boxes of Shotgun Shells and an Ampoule from the metal table. Make sure Harry is at full life and equip the shotgun. You will have at least 30 rounds to play with if you didn’t fire the shotgun. Enter the boiler room. Some bars block your way and two valves flank the left and right side of the hallway. Turn the valve on the left side to the right once. Next turn the valve on the right side of the room to the right, twice. Go down the hall to fight the first boss.

Boss 1: Split Head

Recommended Weapon: Handgun (normal) Shotgun (enraged)

The first boss is easy at first; he will just walk towards Harry and try to headbutt him. This is a good time to practice backpedaling and blasting Split Head in the face with the handgun or shotgun. Five or six hits from the shotty should send the boss into rage mode. Run away from Split Head and turn to face it after you get about a body length away. Split Head moves fast in rage mode, so do not be afraid to run around the fire in the center of the room until you get a good angle on it. The boss’s mouth will begin to split apart before it tries to bite Harry. It lunges forward slightly when performing its bite attack, so back away when its mouth opens.

Do not let Split Head bite Harry, because it will likely kill him, even at full health. Run away if you get too close to the mouth or backed into a corner. Time your shot so it hits just as the two halves of the monster’s mouth comes together to inflict maximum damage. The lizard will stand still and drool for a second if your shot hit its mark. On hard mode you will need to get about five or six good mouth shots in to kill the first boss, on normal about two hits should do the trick.

e. Silent Hill (Revisited)

Balkan Church

Items: K. Gordon Key, Handgun Bullets x5, Health Drink x3, Shotgun Shells, Flauros, Drawbridge Key

Harry will wake up in the boiler room of Midwich Elementary after the boss battle. Get the K. Gordon Key from the floor by the boiler and leave the school after saving in the infirmary. Visit Bradbury St., which is southeast of the school and look for an alley leading north. There will be a dog in the alley and you’ll see a pathway leading to another yard on the east side of the alley, open the gate to enter the yard. Use the K. Gordon Key to unlock the backdoor to the house and take the Handgun Bullets from the counter in the dining room as well as those in the kitchen. A Notepad is on the dining room table. Leave the house through the front door, Harry will be on the south side of Levin St. now. If you are playing the game for the second time, you will be able to acquire some special weapons at this point, see Section 4: Unlockables for further details.

Check the house by the sinkhole on the northeast side of this street to find a Health Drink. Go south to Bradbury St. and look for a park bench with a Health Drink on it just before the alleyway. Head north through the alley, some Handgun Bullets can be found by some trash cans near the middle of the alley, as well as two air screamers that you can ignore. Run east on Bloch St., but do not enter the church yet, visit the gas station on the corner of the street instead. You’ll encounter a groaner on the way and maybe an air screamer, just ignore them and enter the gas station door which is slightly ajar. Inside you’ll find a Notepad and Handgun Bullets by the car.

Leave the gas station and turn south on Ellroy. Follow the street south until you reach a chasm and look for a truck to the west. Shotgun Shells and Handgun Bullets are waiting for you by the truck. Set out for the church on Bloch St., which you passed earlier. Dhalia will have a word with Harry. Walk up to the pulpit after the cutscene and take the Flauros. There’s also a Drawbridge Key on the pulpit. Take the Health Drink from the candle stand left of the pulpit. Save your game with the Notepad by the entrance door, then leave the church.

The Drawbridge

Items: First Aid Kit, Shotgun Shells x3, Shopping District Map, Health Drink x4, Handgun Bullets x5

Run across the intersection of Bloch and Ellroy, but be ready for the horde of screamers that swarms the bridge to the east. Head east and stick to the south side of Bloch St. to find a broken staircase on the bridge. It’s kind of hidden, because there’s a short wall in front of it, but you’ll know you’re near it when the sidewalk gets wider. If you see the bridge control building, you went too far. Get the First Aid Kit and the Shotgun Shells on the broken steps.

Continue east along the bridge to get to the control tower. Ignore the first floor (you’ll want to visit it on your second playthrough) and climb the steps. Take the Shopping District Map from the chair in the control room. A Health Drink is right next to the control panel. Use the Notepad in here to save, then use the Drawbridge Key on the console and choose “Yes” to lower the bridge. Exit the control room and cross the newly lowered bridge to the east.

Check the north side of the bridge after you cross to find a concrete building and a Health Drink. Continue east and look for another staircase on the south side of the bridge like the one from before. This time there are some Handgun Bullets on the broken steps. There’s a police station at the intersection of Crichton and Sagan, check it out. You’ll encounter several air screamers and a new enemy on the way: the Romper. Stay away from rompers and shoot them from afar, because they can pin Harry down, then maul him to death. The police station is guarded by two rompers and you’ll have to use the entrance on the Sagan St. side of the station to get inside.

Harry will find two Handgun Bullets on the front desk in the police station entrance. There are also Shotgun Shells on the bench by the door. You’ll find another box of Handgun Bullets on the desk in the room to the left, along with a Notepad. Check the other desk in this room to get some Shotgun Shells. Exit the police station and head east to Sagan and Simmons, dispatching any rompers you see on the way. Turn south when you reach the intersection, then turn west when you reach Koontz St. You should see a building called the Sun Cafe, shoot the rompers walking around here (be sure to grab the Health Drink on the table) and go south across Koontz St. to find an alley.

Two air screamers will show up when you enter the alley, deal with them and get the Handgun Bullets. Pick up the Health Drink at the back of the alley. Run east down Koontz St. and you will soon reach the gate to Alchemilla Hospital. Watch out for the groaner that hangs around the area. Go through the main gate when you are ready to proceed.

f. Alchemilla Hospital


Items: First Aid Kit, Hospital Map, Hospital Basement Map, Plastic Bottle, Health Drink

Two groaners will attack as soon as you enter, take care of them and enter the only door in the small yard. Use the Notepad on the reception desk to save and follow the L-shaped hallway to a locked double door. Enter the smaller door to the left of the double doors. Harry will meet Kaufmann here, but there’s nothing important in this room. Open the door next to the blue cabinet and pass though the small office. You’ll wind up behind the reception desk. Take the First Aid Kit that’s sitting on the box, then check the blue board on the wall to get the Hospital Map. Return to the room where you met Kaufmann and go through the door on the northern wall. Continue through the medicine room. Enter the doctor’s office, which is the first door to the east, take the Hospital Basement Map from the table and enter the the conference room via the door on the southern wall. Grab the Basement Key on the table in the conference room. Go back to the hallway and check out the kitchen which is right next to the doctor’s office, take the Plastic Bottle from the counter on the western wall and grab the Health Drink nearby.

**Side Quest**

After getting the Plastic Bottle, visit the Director’s Office and look for a red stain on the floor behind the desk. Use the Plastic Bottle to collect the liquid here, it is needed to get the “good” ending.



Items: None

The door to the basement is next to the Director’s Office. Use the key to unlock it and descend the steps. Kill the three creepers in the basement hallway. All of the doors except for the generator room are jammed shut, so enter the generator room and turn on the generator. Now go over to the elevator, which has power and press the button for the second floor, which can be found on the panel by the doors. Check the double doors after exiting the elevator, then get back on. Hit the button for the third floor, get off, check the doors, then get back on the elevator. Now there should be a button for the fourth floor, press it…

g. Other World Hospital

Third Floor

Items: Shotgun Shells, Plate of Turtle, Handgun Bullets, First Aid Kit, Blood Pack, Plate of Cat

The elevator will take you to the fourth floor and Harry will find himself in a small chamber just like the others. As usual, go through the double doors. Don’t waste time trying the doors in the hallway, they’re all locked. Instead, run to the end of the hall and go through the double doors. Descend the steps at the end of the next hall (all the doors in here are jammed as well) to get to floor three. You can use the map again here, so use it to find room 302, which is beyond another set of double doors and north of the steps.

Harry will meet a new enemy after going through the doors: the puppet nurse. About five handgun shots or so is good enough to slay a puppet nurse. Room 302 contains a VCR which comes into play later, a box of Shotgun Shells on a bed, and a Notepad, which you should use to save your game. Ignore the other rooms in this hallway for now and check out the men’s room, where you will find a Plate of Turtle. Enter the linen room across from room 301 and go through the door to the east. Get ready to shoot some puppet nurses which will attack from the north.

Now visit the storage room, which is south of the linen room. In here you will find Handgun Bullets, a Blood Pack, and a First Aid Kit on the shelves. Enter room 306 and walk to the wall, where you should see a yellowish colored square. Check the square to get the Plate of Cat. Return to the steps and descend them to reach the second floor.

Second Floor

Items: Plate of Hatter

You’ll see a nurse right after you go through the double doors next to the steps, shoot her from a safe distance. Look out for a second puppet nurse to the north. Have a look at room 201, which contains a nurse (be ready to blast her right away) and a Lighter. Pay room 204 a visit and stay away from the killer tentacles guarding another plate on the back wall. Inch forward and use the blood pack once you’re a few steps away from the tentacles. This will distract the tentacles so you can take the Plate of Hatter from the wall. You cannot do anything else on this floor at the moment, so go down the steps to the first floor.

First Floor

Items: Handgun Bullets, Health Drink x2, Plate of Queen

Look out for the puppet doctor waiting at the bottom of the steps. Head through the double doors to the west and start firing the second the screen loads, because a puppet doctor will be just a few steps away from Harry. The store and medicine rooms are empty, so check out the office, which is the second room from the double doors on the southern wall, to get some Handgun Bullets. The kitchen has a Health Drink, but you’ll have to get past a doctor to get it. A puppet doctor is in the northern end of the hallway near the kitchen, so blow him away before trying to enter the director’s office. Inside the office you’ll find a Plate of Queen on the table and a Notepad on the counter at the back of the room. Now head for the elevator, which is to the north. Be sure to save, because it’s dangerous in the basement, which is your next stop. Look at the vending machine at the end of the hallway by the elevator twice to get two Health Drinks.

Basement (Other World)

Items: Hammer, Health Drink, Ampoule

Equip the handgun when you enter the elevator, because a nurse will rush you in the basement hallway. Hit “B” on the elevator panel. Start blasting the nurse, who is about three steps from Harry, once the area loads and take out the next one when you get further down the hallway. Go to the generator room and pick up the Hammer, which is a great melee weapon. Visit the morgue just west of the elevator. Have the shotgun ready to deal with the two nurses that gang up on Harry the moment he opens the door. It’s likely one will manage to grab you, so shake loose by tapping the X Button. There’s a Health Drink and an Ampoule on the gurneys at the back of the room.

Second Floor Nurse Center, East Hall (2F), Basement Storeroom

Items: Basement Storeroom Key, Disinfecting Alcohol, First Aid Kit, Shotgun Shells, Handgun Bullets

You’re going to have to take the steps up to the second floor, because the door by the elevator is locked. Use the hammer to smash your way through anything you encounter and save some ammo. The nurse center is just across from 201. Inside is a door to the next hallway that’s sealed with a bizarre lock. Place the plates in the lock in the following order:

Queen = Upper Left

Turtle = Upper Right

Cat = Lower Left

Hatter = Lower Right

Try the door after the plates have been inserted into the correct slots and it should open.

A grand total of three nurses occupy the hallway beyond the nurse center door, but Harry should have no trouble picking them off with the hammer, since they are spread out. Unlock the double doors near the nurse center, then visit the operating prep room to the south. Two nurses wait in here, but the narrow catwalk makes it easy to defeat them with the hammer. Go through the door to the left to get to the operating room. Introduce the nurse in here to the hammer and take the Basement Storeroom Key from the gurney.

Go into the intensive care unit to the north after leaving the operating room and grab the Disinfecting Alcohol after taking care of the nurse. Room 206 is to the north, check it out to get a First Aid Kit. Unlock the double doors just north of 206 and go in the elevator. Return to the basement and unlock the storeroom to the southwest. Help yourself to the Shotgun Shells and Handgun Bullets on the shelf. Take a look at the right side of the rusty cabinet and Harry will push it, exposing a secret door.

Hidden Area

Items: Videotape, Examination Room Key

Go in the hidden room and use the Disinfecting Alcohol on the grate covered with vines, then use the lighter to burn them away. Walk down the steps and continue along the spooky hallway to a door. Three nurses are on the other side of the door, so get ready to use the hammer. Equip the shotgun and enter the big metal door on the right. Shoot the two nurses that attack you and be ready to heal, then go into the first metal door on the left. Kill the nurse and take the Videotape from the bed. Enter the third room on the right, watch the cutscene and take the Examination Room Key next to the picture. Your work here is done, return to the third floor if you want to watch the video. Otherwise head to the first floor.

Room 302 and the Examination Room

Items: Antique Shop Key

The video is optional, but you will get some plot related information from it, so use the Videotape on the TV in room 302 if you are interested. Head over to the medicine room on the first floor when you are ready and use the key to open the door at the east end. You’ll meet Lisa Garland here, then Harry will wake up in the normal hospital and Dhalia will talk to him. She’ll leave an Antique Shop Key on the desk, pick it up and leave the hospital.

h. Other World (Town)

Town Center

Items: Axe, First Aid Kit, Rifle Shell

Look out for dogs when you leave the hospital. I suggest running for the gate rather than fighting them. You may also want to keep the handgun handy for the rompers who are not easy to fight with the hammer. Head north on Simmons St. until you reach a chasm. The antiques shop will be right by the abyss on the east side of the street, watch out for the air screamers that fly around here. The door to the shop is actually open, so run down the steps to reach an inner door where Harry can use the key. Use the Notepad to save once inside, then have a look at the cabinet near the green couch and push it.

Cybil will enter the room and talk to Harry, then Harry will enter the trustworthy looking hole behind the cabinet. Take a look at the altar, then get the Axe hanging on the wall. Go back to the hole to trigger a cutscene. Harry will wake up in the dark version of The antiques shop. Save using a nearby Notepad in the room, then go through the only door in the room. Ascend the steps and shoot the romper that’s a few paces to the right. There’s another romper near the chasm, so be careful. You’ll also encounter a beefed up version of the groaner, called wormheads, but they are not very dangerous.

Walk south, picking off everything you see, and stay on the east side of the street. The camera will pan in on a gate that has been torn open once you reach the Silent Hill Town Center, go inside and walk up the escalator. With Harry’s back to the escalator, turn left and you’ll see a wooden door that leads to a shop, do not walk past it or you will fall through the floor, which is not something you want to do just yet. Inside the shop you’ll find a Notepad (use it to save before leaving this room) and a First Aid Kit. Two boxes of Rifle Shells are on the shelf near the door. Make sure your weapons are loaded, your health is full, and your game is saved, then step out of the jewelry store. Walk south towards a corpse and the floor will collapse.

Boss 2: Twinfeeler

Recommended Weapon: Shotgun

Items: Hunting Rifle

The Twinfeeler burrows into the sand and surfaces somewhere else in the room after a few moments. It can damage Harry a bit by ramming into him or by spitting a greenish yellow liquid at him. Run around in a circular or zigzag pattern to avoid the creature when it surfaces, then unload a few shotgun shells into it. This fight is actually really easy and even on hard it only takes about 9 hits to drive the Twinfeeler away, 6 if you fire the shotgun at point blank range. Keep an eye on Harry’s health and everything will be fine. You can find the Hunting Rifle on the west side of this room. Do not bother using the rifle on this boss, because it really isn’t worth the ammo.

It is possible to defeat this boss with melee weapons, but your attacks must connect with the fat part of its body or it will not take damage. The fact that Twinfeeler moves unpredictably also makes it difficult to hit, but about 12 hammer swings will knock it out of the fight on hard difficulty. Weapons like the axe and knife can’t seem to hit this thing at all, likely due to the fact that it is so low to the ground.

Twinfeeler will curl up into a ball once it is defeated, then bust through the wall, making a path for Harry, a few moments later. Don’t forget the rifle if you haven’t picked it up already.

Other World Police Station

Item: Rifle Shells, Handgun Bullets

Harry will encounter a night flutter, which is basically an air screamer, after he leaves the town center, so be ready to shoot right away. Go south past the metal windmills and follow the path. It is possible to explore the area, but the only thing I found was a ton of monsters and nothing to pick up. Run west down Sagan St. and kill the rompers in front of the police station, you can safely ignore the rest of the enemies around here if you focus on running.

Go inside the police station and pick up the Handgun Bullets on the counter as well as the Rifle Shells. You can save using the Notepad on the table by the door. The locks to the doors are jammed, so leave and continue south along Crichton to reach the hospital. Turn east onto Koontz St. Ignore the pesky night flutters here and go right into the hospital gate with your shotgun equipped.

i. The Sewers


Items: None

Three wormheads are on the other side of the gate, either break for the door to the hospital, or kill them. Use the Notepad on the counter to save once inside. Enter the examination room and talk to Lisa who will tell you to go to the waterworks. Leave the hospital the way you came in and cross the street. There are some steps leading up from the post office, climb them and prepare to fight the third boss.

Boss 3: Floatstinger

Recommended Weapons: Handgun, Shotgun, First Aid Kit

This giant moth has two attacks: spit acid and sting. The acid does moderate damage and can hit Harry from quite a distance, while the sting attack deals heavy damage, but has limited range. The real strength of this boss is its endurance. On hard mode it took 24 rifle shells and 6 shotgun shells to kill the Floatstinger. If possible, use the handgun on it to save your more valuable ammo. It took a staggering 60 shots with the handgun to kill this boss on hard mode, but doing so saved the important ammo. It is also possible to defeat the moth using the axe, but it takes a lot of work and you’ll burn through healing items if you aren’t good at avoiding its attacks.

The Waterworks Area 1

Items: Rifle Shells, Health Drink, Shotgun Shells, Handgun Bullets, Sewer Map

Harry will return to Fog World once he defeats the Floatstinger. Run north on Crichton and cross the drawbridge, which will instantly transport Harry to the entrance to the waterworks. Walk over to the door in the fence and try to open it. Harry will note that it is locked; use the hammer to smash the lock or shoot it with the handgun. Climb down the ladder after opening the door and follow the tunnel. Get the handgun ready and shoot the creepers that pop up as Harry makes his way down the tunnel, then switch to the hammer.

A new enemy, the hanged scratcher, will appear shortly after you defeat the creepers. Use the hammer to clobber these things, which are easy to kill even on hard mode. Just watch out for groups of scratchers and those hanging from the ceiling. At any rate kill the two scratchers that scamper towards you and move forward. The tunnel will open up into a T shaped path just beyond where you fought the scratchers, face the wall and turn left (if you see a fence and a locked door you went the wrong way) and move forward along the southern wall.

Eventually you’ll hear the clacking of another scratcher, bash it with the hammer. Keep going until you see a boat and some Rifle Shells, backtrack a bit from here until you see a metal bridge. Cross the bridge and walk back in the direction where you found the boat. This should take Harry to another dead end with a Health Drink, some Shotgun Shells, and a box of Handgun Bullets. Walk back the way you came, sticking to the same side of the tunnel. The wall should have “C3” painted on it at points. Cross the metal bridge when the path dead ends and follow it in the same direction. This time the wall should read “C2”.

You’ll pass a pile of mangled metal, then arrive at another bridge, which you should cross. This will bring you to another door, this one is not locked, so go on in. The path in this area is really direct, so follow it over a big pipe and over to a desk behind a fence. The Sewer Map, which will make life much easier, is on the desk next to a Notepad. By all means, save your game. There’s an open rack next to the desk, search it to find the Sewer Key.

Go through the door to the right of where you got the key, then follow the walkway to a second door, which Harry will unlock. A hanged scratcher is prowling around the ceiling on the other side of the fence, so aim your shotgun at it and shoot it a few times. It’s a good idea to have a gun equipped here and aim every occasionally to locate any scratchers that may be clinging to the ceiling. Go west until you reach the end of the walkway and cross the nearby bridge to the north side of the sewer. Keep moving west until you see another bridge, cross it, take a few steps east, and follow the walkway as it turns south.

Run all the way to the fence (which is near the entrance tunnel) and use your new key to unlock it. Ready the handgun and walk south. Three creepers will attack Harry just after he crosses a blueish metal bridge, shoot them and head over the the southeast corner to get a First Aid Kit. There’s a ladder in the southwest corner across from the first aid kit, climb it.

The Waterworks Area 2

Items: First Aid Kit, Handgun Bullets, Health Drink

Pick up the First Aid Kit just north of the ladder. Take a few steps into the platform next to the ladder and look up. Three scratchers are clinging to the ceiling here, pick them off with the hunting rifle. Two shots will usually dislodge a scratcher from the ceiling and maybe kill it. Use the hammer on any scratchers that fall to the ground and live, then step forward a bit more and fire on a fourth one hiding on the ceiling. The western and southern paths are dead ends, so head east. Some creepers will attack about halfway down the tunnel and a few more will attack when you get to the end of the road.

Take the Health Drink and Handgun Bullets sitting in front of a metal flood gate at the end of the tunnel. The only way to go from here is south, but beware the scratcher guarding the tunnel. The southern tunnel will bring Harry to an open area with a locked gate. To the west is an unlocked gate that leads to an area filled with creepers, be ready to shoot the one waiting on the other side of the gate. It’s fine to sprint through this area to the western gate, ignoring the creepers, because there’s nothing to pick up in here. Open the gate to explore the next room.

This chamber is empty save for a door to the west, which you should go through. Walk to the westernmost end of the next room and double check your health when you get to the blood stain. Three scratchers will emerge from the water when you examine the blood stain. Harry will acquire the Sewer Exit Key after looking at the blood. You can just run away from the scratchers, but make sure you stick to the southern wall. There will be a fourth scratcher guarding the narrow path just before the exit, run around it. Run away from the door after you leave the room, because the scratchers are still active behind the gate and may be able to hit Harry, though it has never happened to me.

Go into the creeper chamber and run east. If you are fast, you can avoid the creepers and the scratcher that pops up in here. Three scratchers are waiting in the next chamber, two of which are standing by the door. Use the shotgun to pick one off and kill the rest with the hammer. You can now unlock the door to the east. A Notepad is waiting next to the ladder on the other side of this door, use it to save, then climb up the ladder.

j. Resort Area and the Kaufmann Side Quest

Resort (Fog World)

Items: First Aid Kit, Handgun Bullets, Rifle Shells, Resort Area Map

It’ll be dark when you exit the sewers. Have a look at the ruined building next to the ladder. In the corner you will find a First Aid Kit. There’s some Handgun Bullets and Rifle Shells by a chunk of concrete near the center of the structure. With Harry’s back to the building walk towards the street and to the left. You should see an information board by the curb, look at the red box on the front of the board to get a Resort Area Map.

**Kaufmann Side Quest**

Annie’s Bar

Items: Kaufmann Key, Receipt, Health Drink x2

This quest is completely optional, but completing it will reward you with a better ending, which I recommend doing on the first play through. Run south on Bachman then go east after you cross Craig St. and you’ll see the parking lot for Annie’s Bar, which can be seen on the map. Rompers patrol the parking lot, but it is possible to slip past them and enter the bar without trouble. A cutscene involving Kaufmann will play once you are inside the bar. Inspect the package on the floor by between the pool tables to get the Kaufmann Key and a Receipt. Look at the bar to get two Health Drinks. Use the Notepad on the bar to save, then set out for the Indian Runner. Turn your light off before leaving the bar and run straight through the parking lot if you let the rompers live, otherwise they will harass you.

Indian Runner

Items: Health Drink, Rifle Shells, Safe Key

Head east on Craig St., then turn south onto weaver to get to the Indian Runner. Rompers prowl around the Indian Runner parking lot and you’ll run into a groaner on Craig, so be ready to defend yourself. The Indian Runner is locked, but Harry has the number for the padlock, which is: 0473. Take the Rifle Shells and Health Drink from the counter. You can read the red book on the counter, if you wish. There’s a Safe Key in the drawer behind the counter opposite the safe. Use the safe key to open the safe, which is filled with drugs. Harry isn’t in the mood to party, so you can’t pick them up. Look at the note pinned to the wall near the safe to learn the code to Norman’s back door: 0886.


Items: Health Drink x2, Shotgun Shells, Magnet, Motorcycle Key

Walk over to Weaver St. after leaving the Indian Runner and follow the road south. Near the end of the road is a green building with a door on its side. Enter 0886 into the keypad next to the door and go inside. Read the book on the desk if you like and examine the white couch to get the Magnet. Go through the door next to the couch and take the Health Drink from the step ladder. Right next to the step ladder are some Shotgun Shells. Inspect the motorcycle before leaving. Back in the room with the white couch there’s an open door to the left of the TV that leads to the front desk. Use the Notepad to save and open the door that leads out of the office.

Harry will end up in the motel parking lot. Check room 3 on the north side of the motel and Harry will unlock it with the Kaufmann Key. Enter the bathroom and grab the Health Drink on the sink. Have a look at the side of the chest of drawers by the bathroom and choose “Yes” to move it, revealing a hole in the floor. Use the magnet over the hole and Harry will receive the Motorcycle Key. Return to the room with the motorcycle, use the key on the motorcycle, and watch the cutscene. Congratulations, you’ve completed the side quest.


Resort (Other World)

Items: Health Drink, Rifle Shells, Handgun Bullets, First Aid Kit

Make your way to Sanford St. and head west. Reality will transition from Fog World to Other World as Harry crosses the bridge. Keep moving west and look for the Lighthouse on the map. The path to the Lighthouse is next to the west garage, while it may be tempting to explore the garage area, there’s nothing there aside from swarms of enemies. Head south down the pier. Take a moment to slay the night flutter and wormheads that attack Harry or just run past them. You’ll come to a dead end with some steps to the left of it. Go down the steps and board boat, which can be entered via the double doors on the back.

Go through the door at the end of the small hallway and watch the cutscene. Help yourself to the Health Drink, Handgun Bullets, and Rifle Shells after the cutscene. There’s also a Notepad. Exit the boat via the door by the ship’s wheel and kill the night flutter, then follow the narrow path to the lighthouse. Ready the shotgun when you see some steps, then climb them and take out the romper. Keep going south and kill the romper by the steps leading down. Descend the steps and cross the plank to reach the platform with red railings.

Look out for the night flutter that hangs around these platforms and continue south until you find another plank. Cross it and go through the opening in the fence to the south. Be ready to shoot the rompers that guard this area, in fact you may want to use the hunting rifle here. Follow the narrow path to the end of the pier, ignoring the steps for now, and you will find a night flutter guarding a First Aid Kit. Ascend the steps you passed a moment ago and run to the next set of steps.

Follow the concrete platform to more steps leading down, then go along the narrow path to a final set of steps. From here you can run south to the lighthouse door. Night flutters, rompers, and wormheads patrol the road to the lighthouse, but you can just run to the door to save ammo. Use the Notepad by the door to save, then climb the winding staircase. A brief cutscene will take place when you get to the top. Now you get to run back down the steps and go out the door. Just run as if heading back towards the boat after exiting the lighthouse and you will automatically travel to the boat after a few steps.

k. The Amusement Park

Finding the Amusement Park

Items: Sewer Map (Amusement Park), Health Drink x2, Handgun Bullets

Check your map and look for the arrow right by the “S” in W. Sandford St. The monsters you fought on the way to the boat likely respawned, just run away from them in a northbound direction. Turn the flashlight off to lose your pursuers more quickly. Go west along the north side of Sandford and look for an open gate that leads to a small area swarming with wormheads and a night flutter. You can shoot these creeps if you want, but it’s just as easy to go through the open fence and climb down the ladder which is under an open panel a few steps from the door.

A Sewer Map (Amusement Park) is hanging on the wall down here, take it. Beyond the entrance you’ll run into two scratchers, one on the floor, the other on the ceiling. Try to take out the hanged scratcher on the floor with the hammer first to save ammo, then shoot the one from the ceiling with the hunting rifle. The southernmost end of the tunnel is a dead end where a hanged scratcher is hiding, so turn west when you get near the end of the line. Continue west past the creepy bodies in this tunnel and walk straight to the archway at the intersection to get a Health Drink.

From here go south to the dead end to get another Health Drink and Handgun Bullets. Equip a gun before going north, because there are two hanged scratchers and a mumbler, which is basically a stronger grey child. If you want to melee these enemies, lure them towards Harry and duck into the alcove to the south. The scratcher on the ceiling will not be able to reach you and you can beat the other two creatures to death with the hammer. You’ll still need to shoot the scratcher on the ceiling though.

Another mumbler and a scratcher are near the end of the tunnel, but it’s safe to use the hammer if you draw the mumbler out first. Be alert when you enter the tunnel to the west. There are three mumblers near the center of the tunnel and a scratcher will attack Harry from behind. Use the shotgun or rifle here, unless you are good at drawing these creatures out. A final scratcher guards the exit to the tunnel, just beyond where you fought the scratchers. Climb up the ladder when you are ready.

Amusement Park

Items: None

There’s no map to this area, luckily it’s fairly linear and there’s really only one path to follow. Turn right and go along the path, you should see some park benches after walking a bit. Eventually you’ll encounter a grey child. A ride is just north of the grey. Turn left at the ride and you should see a blue and yellow building. Use the Notepad on the counter to save and keep moving forward. You should see a merry go round beyond the building, which marks the end of the amusement park. Walk up the steps to the merry go round and watch the cutscene…

Boss 4: Cybil

You can either save Cybil or kill her. I’ll explain both in this guide, but I highly recommend saving her the first time around for the best ending. Cybil’s gun can put a nasty hurtin’ on Harry, knocking him to the ground. A gunshot can kill you, if your health isn’t full on hard mode. Pressing the X Button rapidly seems to help Harry get back on his feet more quickly, which you’ll need to do before the boss fires another round. Cybil also pistol whips Harry if he gets close to her, but this is far less dangerous than a gunshot. Sometimes she’ll holster her gun and slap Harry. Circling this boss is a good way to dodge her shots. You can also side step with the L and R buttons.

Saving Cybil

This is actually the easier of the two choices. Just run up to Cybil as close as possible, open your inventory, and use the liquid filled plastic bottle from the hospital. A cutscene will play after you use the bottle. Congratulations, you saved Cybil.

Killing Cybil

Recommended Weapon: Shotgun

You should do this on a subsequent playthrough or if you didn’t get the plastic bottle w/liquid from the hospital. Use the shotgun at close range on her, because you’ll need the rifle later on. About nine close range shots will make Cybil throw her gun away on hard mode. With her weapon discarded, Cybil will run to another section of the merry go round. Have Harry run in the opposite direction of Cybil to catch her. At this point she will attempt to strangle Harry. Pressing the X Button repeatedly will shake her off. Another 8 or 9 shots will kill her.

l. Nowhere

Nowhere: Section 1

Items: Handgun Bullets, First Aid Kit, Shotgun Shells

A cutscene will play after you deal with Cybil and Harry will awake in the hospital with Lisa. Save your game using the Notepad on the desk and go through the door next to it. Walk forward and Harry will automatically use the elevator. There’s no map here, so I’m going to use relative directions from here on. After the elevator, Harry appears in a hall full of doors. Enter the first door on the right (if you turn right without moving you’ll see it) and note the birdcage with a key inside. Get the Handgun Bullets on the bed and leave. Watch out for the nurse that stabs at Harry right away when he reenters the hallway. If you have the hammer equipped and mash the attack button while the room loads, you may be able to hit her before she can make a move.

The room across from the birdcage room has a key you cannot get yet (it’s lodged in a pipe), so don’t bother with it. Across from the elevator is a room with a clock that’s very similar to the antiques shop. Another Notepad is sitting on a desk in here along with a First Aid Kit on a chair. There’s also Shotgun Shells on some boxes across from the green couch. Return to the hall and walk towards the double doors, then go into the door to the right of them.

Nowhere: Section 2

Items: Screwdriver, Pliers, Key of Ophiel, Amulet of Solomon, Stone of Time

At the bottom of the steps is the entrance to an empty classroom. Use the door next to the lockers at the back of the class to enter a creepy chamber with a pair of Pliers and a Screwdriver on a rusty gurney, take these, you’ll need them. Return to the hallway and go to the room next to the elevator with the key in the pipe, it’s the door on the right if you are facing the elevator. Use the pliers on the pipe at the back of the room and take the Key of Ophiel. Walk up to the back wall of the hallway and look for a door marked with a glowing glyph, it should be the third door on the left. The Ophiel key will unlock this door.

To the right of where you entered is a locked door with a keypad next to it. Enter the word “Alert” into the pad and go into the room now that the door is unlocked. This room is devoid of anything useful, so go through the door ahead. Bodies line the walls of this chamber, ignore them and take the Amulet of Solomon. Go back to the previous room and watch the scene. You can go back into the room after the cutscene and read the diary on the floor.

Go into the room to the right of the double doors directly across from the room with the diary. There’s a column in this room with three number pads. Go to the one on the left and hit 6, then enter 4 into the center. Finally, press 8 on the right side and the Stone of Time will fall to the floor, take it. A puppet nurse will jump Harry as soon as he leaves the room, so be ready to fight. Go back to the antiques room (you’ll have to deal with another nefarious nurse on the way) and save your game, then use the Stone of Time on the clock. Check the clock to get the Key of Hagith.

Nowhere: Section 3

Items: Crest of Mercury, Rifle Shells, Handgun Bullets, Camera, Birdcage Key, Health Drink

Now that you have the Key of Hagith head over to the double doors at the end of the hall. A nurse will rush Harry as he emerges from the door, so be ready to defend yourself. Use the elevator in this room to go to the second floor. You’ll have to go through another set of doors to get to the second floor hallway. Three puppet nurses guard this area, use the narrow catwalk to your advantage and pick them off one at a time with the hammer. Enter the third room on the left (with your back to the entrance to the hallway) and grab the Rifle Shells, Crest of Mercury, and the Ring of Contract from the shelves. Return to the hallway and bash the nurse that respawns in here with the hammer.

Now go to the double doors at the back of this hallway (not the doors you entered from) and open them to get to another hallway. Kill the nurse by the entrance and unlock the double doors ahead, but do not go through them, because they’ll take you to the first floor. Two more puppet nurses are to the right, put them out of their misery and go inside the first room on your right. Get the Handgun Bullets on the gurney, then check to desk to obtain a rather antiquated Camera. Enter the fourth room from the door you unlocked (it’s the last door) and use the screwdriver on the metal plate. Take note of the electrified key and return to the elevator.

Select the third floor and go through the double doors to reach an altar. The puzzle in this room is very simple. Just walk up to each of the pictures that flank the altar and use the camera to reveal shapes. The doors on the right and left walls are locked with three button pads that have 3×3 grids on them. Just replicate the patterns revealed by the camera on the grids in the same order. You’ll hear a click if you get it right. The room on the left is home to the Birdcage Key, which can be found on a chair in the back of the room. The right-hand room has a Health Drink and a book you can read.

Nowhere: Section 4

Items: Key of Phaleg, Dagger of Melchior, Handgun Bullets, Health Drink, Key of Aratron, Disk of Ouroborous

Return to the first floor via the elevator and hammer the nurse as soon as you step out of the doors. Visit the birdcage room and use the key to open it. Harry will take the Key of Phaleg. Take a moment to save since the notepad is close by, then open the phaleg door, which is right next to the birdcage room. You’ll meet a new enemy on the other side of the phaleg door: stalkers. These creatures are semi transparent and behave like grey children. Its best to just shoot them, since you’ll be attacked by a group of three. Enter the first room on the left and use the Ring of Contract on the refrigerator. DO NOT take the dagger unless you have used the ring or you will be killed. Once the ring had been used, take the Dagger of Melchior.

Go into the second room on the right and check the shelf against the right-hand wall for a Health Drink. Help yourself to the Handgun Bullets on the shelf to the left. You’ll find a bag of jelly beans on the shelf against the left-hand wall in this room, open them to get the Key of Bethor. Enter the double doors next to the shelf and pop the cassette tape you got so long ago into the VCR, which is the thing under the TV in this room. After watching the fun movie, go back to the hallway and enter the second room on the left. Take the Ankh from the wall, then open the bethor door. Switch the generator off in this room, then go into the third door on the left. Use the Notepad to save then go back to the elevator (there’s not much else to do here now) and return to the second floor via the double doors next to the antique room on the first floor.

Equip the shotgun, because several stalkers will attack Harry as soon as he enters the second floor hallway. Check the back wall in the room at the end of the hallway to get the Key of Aratron. Return to the basement area where you turned the generator off. More stalkers are waiting in the first floor hall, but you can just run past them. Enter the last door on the right, which is marked Aratron and watch the movie. Take the Disk of Ouroboros from the console by the bed and go into the room across from it. Equip the hunting rifle, then walk up to the door at the back of the room. Place the Disk of Ouroboros, the Dagger of Melchior, the Ankh, Amulet of Solomon and Crest of Mercury in the door to unlock it. Save your game before entering the next room. Watch the movie and get ready for the final battle after you go down the steps.

Boss 5: Incubus (Good Ending) or Incubator (Bad Ending)

The boss your fight depends on whether or not you did the Kaufmann side quest. If you did the quest you’ll fight the Incubus, if not you will fight the Incubator.


This winged nightmare is the strongest boss in the game. He will remain in the center of the arena throughout the battle, firing bolts of red lightning at Harry that arc in a manner similar to real electricity. Incubus’ lightning is extremely lethal and can kill you in about two seconds on hard mode. Each separate bolt inflicts moderate damage, but they stagger Harry, which often leads to more lightning connecting with him. The good news is Incubus cannot sustain his lightning attack for more than a few seconds.

Run in a circle to avoid the lightning, an auditory cue that sounds like three static clicks will let you know it’s time to run. Players who have a lot of healing items can fight Incubus without running as long as they mash the select button every time they take damage from the lightning and use a healing item. On hard mode it took me about 4 first aid kits and 14-15 shots from the rifle to kill Incubus.


Significantly weaker than Incubus, Incubator stays on the ground in the center of the arena. She’ll shoot blue lightning at Harry for a couple of seconds before resting, then fire again. Incubator’s lightning seems to do light damage, but the individual bolts add up and can kill Harry pretty quickly if he stands still. Run in a circle to evade her lightning attack and fire the hunting rifle at her when she rests. You can get five or six cheap shots in on her at the beginning of the fight before she begins attacking, just hold R2 and the X Button as the screen transitions from the cutscene to the battle.

m. The Next Fear

The credits will roll after the final cutscene, let them run and a screen showing your gameplay stats, score, and anything you unlocked will be displayed. Hit the X Button and the game will ask you to save, say “yes” and save your game as usual. You can now start a new game where you can acquire special weapons using the “Next Fear” save.

3. Endings

Good +

Complete the “Kaufmann Quest” (see Walkthrough Part: 10) and use the liquid filled plastic bottle from the hospital on Cybil at the amusement park to get this ending.


Complete the “Kaufmann Quest”. Kill Cybil at the amusement park.


Complete the game twice getting the Good+ and Bad+ endings, then save your game at the very end to create a “Next Fear” save file. Visit the convenience store at the beginning of the game and look for the Channeling Stone on the counter, which resembles a blue disk. You will need to use the Channeling Stone in the following places to get the UFO ending:

-Other World school rooftop

-Other World Hospital Gate, before the fight with Float Stinger

-Fog World Motel parking lot

-Other World Boat helm (where Harry speaks to Cybil)

-Lighthouse top floor, Other World


Save Cybil using the liquid in the plastic bottle from the hospital. Do not finish the “Kaufmann Quest”.

Bad –

Kill Cybil and skip the Kaufmann Quest.

4. Unlockables

Chainsaw and Rock Drill

Complete the game with any ending and get the K. Gordon Key after beating Split Head in the school. Visit the gas station east of the Balkan Church on Bradbury St. A big red Gasoline Tank should be on the shelves right next to the notepad in the gas station, take it. The gas tank is needed to fill up the Chainsaw or the Rock Drill, but can only be used once. The Rock Drill is the more powerful of the two weapons, while the Chainsaw is the more mobile weapon.

The Chainsaw can be found in a broken window of a shop called Cut-Rite Chainsaws, which is on Bradbury St., west of the church.

Visit the tiny room at the base of the drawbridge control tower on Bradbury to get the Rock Drill.

You will have to go in your inventory and use the gas tank while facing the Chainsaw or Rock Drill before you can pick it up.

Hyper Blaster

Harry starts with this at the beginning of the game if the player gets the UFO ending, see Section 3: Endings.


The player will need to beat the game twice, once with one of the good endings and once with a bad ending to get the katana. It can be found in the house on Levin St. (Known as the doghouse) behind a door in the hallway.

5. Weapons

Harry can wield a number of weapons ranging from handguns to axes. This guide splits his arsenal into three categories based on how the different types weapons are used. Keep in mind that the katana, rock drill, chainsaw, and hyper blaster are not available on new save files and players must complete the game to unlock them.

a. Light Melee Weapons

Light melee weapons allow Harry to move while attacking and are capable of delivering quick combos. The downside is their limited reach and low damage output. Players who are very good at controlling Harry around can put these weapons to good use, just keep in mind it is impossible to hit enemies that are high in the air or low to the ground. It is necessary to keep up a strong offensive if you are using light melee arms, because they have little stopping power. Most light melee weapons have two attacks that Harry can perform depending on how the player presses the X Button. Holding X will make Harry use a slower, more powerful attack and tapping X will make Harry swing the weapon quickly.


Location: Cafe counter

A weak weapon with a fast attack. Do not use the knife unless you are really good at the game or have nothing else to fight with.


Location: Hidden Altar in antique shop

Harry uses the axe in a manner similar to the knife, but it has more reach and can be used to kill groaners, hanged scratchers, and even puppet nurses if you are careful.


Location: Cut Rite Chainsaws on Bradbury St.

This powerful weapon is only available after you beat the game for the first time (see Unlockable) and can shred enemies in seconds. It also attacks with wide sweeping arcs that give it a bit more range than most light melee weapons. Like other weapons of its type, players will have to use the chainsaw’s speed and mobility to make up for its lack of stopping power.


Location: Locked room in the doghouse

Players will have to unlock this hidden weapon and will find it in the “doghouse” hallway near the beginning of the game. The katana handles differently than the other light weapons, because it uses vertical slashes and Harry steps forward with each slice. Most of the game’s normal enemies are easy prey for a katana wielder, though it takes time to learn how to use it effectively. Groups of enemies will give the katana some trouble unless the player is able to isolate each opponent and cut them down one by one. The only bosses vulnerable to the katana are Twinfeeler and Incubator, the rest are either out of the weapon’s reach, immune to it, or impractical to fight with it.

b. Heavy Melee Weapons

The heavy melee weapons are a smaller family than their light counterparts, they are also slower and prevent Harry from moving while in combat mode. However, the extra reach and ability to stagger bad guys make these weapons highly reliable. Most heavy melee weapons have two attacks: a powerful downward swing with a slow windup and a faster two piece combo. Harry will use the powerful swing of the player holds the X Button. Tapping X will make him perform the combo.

Steel Pipe

Location: Finney St. alleyway

Do not let the pipe’s looks fool you, it’s a deadly weapon that can knock groaners out of their leaping attacks and cripple air screamers so they cannot fly. It is also effective against grey children if the player is good at timing swings and luring the little buggers into tight places. Sadly, the pipe looses its practicality after the elementary school and should not be used on things like rompers.


Location: Hospital basement, generator room

Functions exactly like the steel pipe, only more powerful. Blows from the hammer will knock most creatures back or stagger them. The hammer is not very useful against bosses, like most melee weapons.

Rock Drill

Location: Drawbridge control tower, first floor

The rock drill is arguably the most powerful melee weapon in the game, but this comes with a price, as it lacks reach. It also takes Harry a while to get into his combat stance with the rock drill since he will often have to start it up. Despite its drawbacks, the rock drill can tear through enemies before they can touch Harry. Holding the X Button will make Harry jab the drill at the enemy, which will stagger the target if it connects. Monsters that walk into the drill while Harry is holding it in the combat stance will take massive damage, though it will not knock them back.

c. Guns

Guns are your best option in boss fights and against crowds thanks to their range and power. Harry is not proficient with firearms and he needs a second or two for him to properly aim his gun after going into combat mode. Holding the X Button will make Harry fire rounds until the button is released. Harry automatically reloads in combat, but the player can also reload in the inventory screen to save time.


Location: Given to Harry by Cybil in the cafe

This is the first weapon Harry will acquire. While not powerful, the handgun is a reliable means of self defense throughout the game. Ammo for this gun is plentiful and the player should rely on it to clear out groups of weak monsters or lone foes.


Location: Other World Hospital, men’s room

Effective at short to point blank range, the shotgun can kill most monsters in one or two hits granted Harry is close enough. As an added bonus, Harry’s poor aim is not a factor with the shotgun and it will hit targets as long as they are not more than ten paces away. Players should save their shotgun shells for bosses and dangerous situations that require them to fend off multiple enemies.

Hunting Rifle

Location: Town Center, Other World

Not only is the hunting rifle the most powerful gun in the game in terms of raw damage, but it is also fairly accurate. A bullet from this gun is enough to kill most weaker creatures, like groaners, but players should save their rifle ammo for bosses.

Hyper Blaster

Location: Harry starts with this after getting the UFO ending

Unlimited ammo, a laser pointer, and long range make this weapon extremely deadly. The hyper blaster deals the same amount of damage as the handgun when first acquired and it can be upgraded by completing the game with 8-10 stars. The player’s time, kills, and accuracy play a huge role in determining their score. Kills with the hyper blaster do not count towards the player’s score, so be sure to use normal guns to kill enemies if you want a high score to upgrade the gun. Finally, the hyper blaster will lose its upgrades if the player completes the game with a score lower than that which is required for the upgrade.

Red: The default power level of the hyper blaster and equivalent to the handgun.

Yellow: Getting 8-9 stars with the blaster in your possession will upgrade the beam color to yellow and make it deal the same amount of damage as the shotgun.

Green: A 10 star playthrough will award the player a green hyper blaster, which does as much damage as the hunting rifle.

6. Monsters

Air Screamer: These pests tend to fly circles around Harry, often leaving his field of vision. They have a weak attack where they claw at him with their talons and a stronger swooping attack. Five handgun shots will typically kill a screamer. Hitting them with a heavy melee weapon like the pipe takes good timing, but it also renders them unable to fly, thus easy to kill. Later on the hunting rifle can down them with a single shot. Sometimes you will catch them walking around, which is a great chance to run up to them and beat them with your melee weapon.

“Giant” Air Screamer: The existence of this creature has been debated, but I can confirm from experience that they are real, though the term “Giant” is a bit of a misnomer. Giant Air Screamers are difficult to identify by looks alone, because the only thing that sets them apart from their smaller brethren is a slightly larger wingspan. However, they are far more durable than regular air screamers and can eat bullets from the handgun like candy. It is generally best to avoid these things, which I’ve encountered near the wrecked police car and the drawbridge.

Groaner: Resembling emaciated, hairless dogs, groaners usually appear in small groups. They can run fairly quickly and leap into the air to attack. While groaners inflict little damage they can be dangerous in groups. Three shots from the handgun is enough to disable a groaner. Melee weapons are fairly effective against these creatures, particularly if you can strike them just as they are leaping at Harry.

Wormhead: A beefed up version of the groaner, wormheads behave just like their smaller kin, but deal more damage. Oddly enough, they seem to die just as quickly as groaners.

Grey Child: Expect these abominations to attack in small groups. They will either slash at Harry with their knives or dive towards him and gnaw his ankles. This makes using a melee weapon on the grey children difficult, since they can simply dive under Harry’s attacks, so use a gun instead.

Creeper: While not much of a threat, these critters almost always attack in groups. They tend to bite Harry’s ankles and run away, only to come back in for another attack. A single handgun shot and a good stomp will put your average creeper out of commission.

Romper: Harry first encounters these monstrosities on the east side of Silent Hill after crossing the drawbridge. Rompers prowl around slowly when unaware of Harry’s presence, but can run at great speeds. They tend to attack by tackling Harry and biting him while he is pinned to the ground. Try to shake free from their grasp if this happens. About six handgun shots should be enough to put a romper down.

Puppet Nurse/Puppet Doctor:  Mostly found in Alchemilla Hospital, Otherworld. Puppet nurses and doctors appear to be humans controlled by a parasite of some kind. They can run, putting them among the fastest enemies in the game. They prefer to slash Harry with their scalpels, dealing moderate damage. Sometimes they will grab Harry, especially if they are attacking in a group. It’ll take about 5 or 6 handgun bullets to put a puppet down. The pipe or hammer works really well on these creatures and I recommend using them unless there are more than one attacking Harry. Use the shotgun in the rare cases where 2 or 3 nurses are after you.

Hanged Scratcher: Almost reptilian in appearance, hanged scratchers inhabit the sewers. The radio does not detect scratchers, so players must listen carefully for the distinctive clicking sound they make when they walk and/or try to get a visual on them. Scratchers will sometimes hang on the ceiling and attack from above. Despite their special abilities, their attacks only do moderate damage and they are very easy to kill even with the handgun. The real danger lies in being ambushed by two or more of these horrors.

Mumbler: Sporting sharp claws and a stumpy body, these monsters vaguely resemble grey children and use a similar moveset. Mumblers can inflict heavy damage with their claws, so take care fighting them. Luckily they are rare and are only found near the end of the game.

Stalker: These things are basically shadows in the form of grey children. They use the same attacks and seem to inflict the same amount of damage on Harry. Like their grey counterparts, stalkers attack in groups and it’s best to use a shotgun on them.

7. References

While writing this walkthrough I used two sources to double check my findings and to get the names of certain places/monsters.

Thanks for using our Silent Hill (PS1) Guide!

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