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Release Data

Genre: Platformer

Developer: Game Freak

Publisher: Sega

Platform: Sega Genesis (Sega Channel)

Release Date: July 1994 (Japan) 1994 (North America Sega Channel Exclusive)

Players: 1


Pulseman is a side scrolling platformer about a being who can travel freely between the physical world and cyberspace. A band of villains from cyberspace known as the Galaxy Gang has been attacking the real world and Pulseman is the only one who can stop them. The hero’s ability to manipulate energy allows him to fire energy balls, dash at high speed, and even turn into a spark that can defy gravity for short periods or travel along electrical wires. This game features seven stages, six of which can be played in different orders. Each level is filled with plenty of obstacles to overcome and the obligatory boss. Be sure to grab extra lives, health powerups, and any bonus items you find, because this game only gives the player five continues. This title was only available in digital format via the Sega Channel in North America, until it was made available on the Wii virtual console roughly twenty years later.


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