Pulseman (Sega Genesis) Walkthrough

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Pulseman for the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) Walkthrough

By tankMage (August 2016)

About this Walkthrough…

   Pulseman is a rather obscure platformer created by Game Freak for the Sega Genesis in the mid nineties. While straightforward, this title can be tough at times and I was not able to find much in the way of advice while playing it, so I decided to write this guide for the benefit of those who may be struggling with this game. This walkthrough is very basic and does not cover every nook and cranny of the game, but should be useful nonetheless. Keep in mind that the Japanese version of this game was used to create this walkthrough and some elements of the Japanese version may differ from the one that was recently re-released digitally. Please contact us if you find any mistakes.


Basic Information

  • Controls and Special Moves
  • Rules
  • Power ups


  • Stage 1: Japan
  • Stage 2: India
  • Stage 3: USA
  • Stage 4: Thailand
  • Stage 5: Alaska
  • Stage 6: Australia
  • Stage 7: Japan (Revisited)

Basic Information

Controls and Special Moves

Basic Controls

D-Pad: Moves Pulseman left or right by pushing the corresponding button. Hitting down allows you to duck.

A Button: Activates the Volteccer move.

B Button: Performs a slash attack.

C Button: Jumps

Special Moves

Run/Charge Up: Holding the left or right button down and moving a short distance will make Pulseman to break into jog. He will also “charge up” which is indicated by a sound effect and a field of electricity that surrounds his body. While charged up, he can perform a number of special moves.

Dash: Double tapping left or right and holding the button down on the second tap will make Pulseman do a quick dash. This dash will allow you to pass through enemies unharmed and glide over pits. It will also charge Pulseman up.

Kick: Hit B while ducking to perform a kick. This move is useful for hitting small enemies or if you are immersed in water and need to do decent damage.

Flash Arrow: Hitting the B button while charged up, will release a projectile in conjunction with the normal slash attack.

Volteccer: Pulseman will turn into a ball of energy that launches into the air at a 45° angle and bounces off of walls like a pinball if you hit the A button while charged up. His Volteccer move will also damage enemies and can interact with certain objects like electrical wire, which he will cling to and follow in energy form. You can also cancel this move by hitting B, just keep in mind that it will also deactivate if you travel a certain distance without hitting anything or touch water.


Taking Damage

Colliding with enemies, projectiles, spikes or other hazards will damage Pulseman. You can take three hits before dying and the amount of health you have left is indicated by the color of the watch in the upper left hand corner.

Blue= Full health

Yellow= Caution

Red= No hits remaining


Getting hit three times or falling into a pit will result in death. You start with 2 lives and will be forced to use a continue once all your lives are expended. Dying with lives remaining will send you back to the beginning of the area you died in.


You will have to continue if you lose all your lives. Upon continuing you will be sent back to the stage select screen, but any stages you completed before continuing will remain cleared and you’ll start in the area you last died in if you reselect a stage. The game awards you five continues, you will have to start the game from scratch if you use all five continues.

Clearing Stages

Each stage is composed of several areas. You will know you entered a new area in a stage when the screen stops scrolling and Pulseman walks off the border. You will then enter the next area after the screen fades to black. Area transitions act as checkpoints that you will return to after dying (granted you have extra lives).

The are also portals to and from the digital world that Pulseman can enter by touching. It is often necessary to enter such portals to progress in the game.

At the end of each stage waits a boss that must be defeated in order to clear the level.

Points and Bonus Lives

Collecting powerups, killing enemies and completing bonus stages will grant you points. At increments of 50,000 points you will receive an extra life.

Bonus Stage

After defeating a boss you will be given a chance to earn some S-Balls and points in a bonus round. The object is to break all of the blocks using Volteccer within the time limit. There is a rectangular object with a lightning bolt emblazoned on it in the center of the room that Pulseman can orbit using Volteccer, which is useful for aiming at blocks. In some cases the rectangle can be moved with the D-pad.


This is the hero’s greatest weakness. Pulseman will not be able to charge up, use Volteccer or generate any power in water, which weakens his attacks and mobility. Be cautious when traversing wet terrain.


S-Balls: These orbs can be found throughout the game and are a reddish orange color with a lighting bolt symbol in their center. Collecting 10 of these balls refills your life and grants you a 1-Up.

Energy Repair: These will restore some of your life and resemble a cartoon heart encased in a glass sphere. Like S-balls they are found in stages, but are less common.

1-Up: Similar in appearance to hearts, but with the word “1-up” in the center, these tend to be rare and may require some skill to acquire. Getting one will give you another life.

Voltecc Power: Once again similar in appearance to hearts, these feature a lightning bolt in the center and will keep Pulseman charged up and able to use Volteccer and the flash arrow until dying or changing areas.


Stage 1: Japan

    This level consists of three areas and is quite easy to navigate. Use your volteccer power to land on the tops of buildings in the first area to find some S-balls. Beware of the giant floating cat robots: they fire bullets and move quickly so its best to just run past them or use volteccer to blast through them. Area two is dominated by a huge wall that cannot be scaled. Luckily, there is a portal to the digital world on a rooftop on the far left edge of the map, which is where you enter the area from. Enter the portal to bypass the wall, collect some S-balls and look for hidden paths in the walls to get some powerups. The third area tends to be dangerous. Flying cameras, spiked floors, and swinging platforms make this place a bit tougher to negotiate. Take your time and swat the cameras out of the air when possible. Wait for the swinging platforms to complete their arc before attempting to jump on them or you will fall.

Stage 1 Boss

   The boss of this level can be very easy or tough depending on how you fight him. You will enter the cyber world to fight a giant wireframe hand. The moveset of the hand is very predictable, but he can destroy part of the floor making the terrain uneven and allowing him to pin Pulseman into a corner, so it’s best to learn his move set and let him plow through the blocks that make up the floor before attacking him.

   The hand attacks with a downward strike or a horizontal punch. You will know the down strike is coming if the hand pauses in mid air; the horizontal punch is coming if the hand flies past Pulseman from one side of the screen to the other, then out will fly back in the other direction except lower. When you first enter the room the hand will most likely do the downward smash, hitting it will get it to do the punch. Its best to hit it once and simply jump over it as it punches. The punches will plow through the floor blocks; don’t worry, this is to your advantage. The process takes some time, but eventually you will come to a more solid floor that can’t be smashed, which is your cue to attack.

   Hitting the hand always makes it change moves from the downward smash to the punch or vice versa, so use the dash move to blow past the hand when it comes in with the punch and hit it with volteccer or the flash arrow. Always be ready to jump over the hand or dash past it and you will be fine. About ten hits will drop this boss. The color of the hand will change from green to yellow to red to indicate how badly it is damaged.

Stage 2: India

   You start the second level in the digital world. Area 1 is straightforward and should not present a problem. Electrical wires that Pulseman can ride by hitting A, make their first appearance here. Get used to riding these lines, because the second area has more of them. You will also have to ride the wires in area one to avoid spikes and reach the end of the section. More wires await you in Area 2 and this time you will have to use them to climb a large vertical room. Several S-balls are scattered around this room, which are worth grabbing if you are willing to invest some time into getting to them. You can switch between two adjacent wires if you push the appropriate button on the D-Pad while in riding a wire, which you’ll need to do often here.

   The third area is fairly straightforward, just take your time and watch out for the pits. There is a one-up near the end of this area that can be reached by jumping onto some high blocks that have spikes positioned next to them. You will not be able to see your character while standing on these blocks, so carefully proceed left until you can grab the extra life. The exit to area 3 is right after the spike lined platform. Area 4 is quite hazardous thanks to spike pits and a number of leaps of faith that must be taken. There’s also quite a few wires that you will need to ride. It best not to dally here despite the fact that there are a few powerups, because it’s easy to take hits here and a boss fight is coming up.

Stage 2: Boss

   Ever want to fight a cybernetic tree in a video game? Well, here’s your chance. Fortunately, this boss is easy if you know the trick to beating it. It will first attack you by sending its roots along the ground in a rippling motion. Then it will burrow underground. You will know it it’s about to resurface when you see puffs of dust under Pulseman. Try to stay in the middle of the room so it can’t pin you and jump over the roots. The cyber-tree will attack by sending a spiky red ball at you after resurfacing. Make sure you are charged up and ready to use the Volteccer at this point. Aim for the wire that the ball is attached to and you will travel along it, damaging the tree in the process. The tree isn’t too smart and will repeat it’s moveset in the exact same way; just keep an eye on it, be ready to Volteccer the wire, and this fight should end in 8 hits or so.

Stage 3: USA

Area 1 MiniBoss

   Be ready to fight as soon as this stage begins. Dr. Waruyama will immediately attack you in a strange tank. The best way to handle this is to duck, since he shoots balls of energy from a cannon. Fortunately, the Dr. can’t hit you while you are crouched and will try to collide with you. Simply kicking him will knock him back making the first part of this fight a joke, since you can sit in the corner and spam kicks at him until he changes his moveset. Next, the Doc will try to ram you. This part is a bit tougher, but his moves are predictable: the tank will charge at you, back off then repeat the process. Best thing to do is dash through him when he charges at you, then hit him with Volteccer as he moves back to the right side of the screen and repeat the pattern until you win.

The second section takes place in the cyberworld. There are many cactus like structures that are partially composed of breakable blocks that you can smash through with Volteccer or the slash attack. Make your way to the right, climbing as needed. You’ll eventually come to a pit with several lifts in it, jump from one lift to another and you will come to a wall with some breakable blocks with a powerup behind them. You can ignore the powerup and jump on the ledge (which is safer) or use Volteccer to smash the blocks and collect the item, either way you’ll want to keep going right. The exit to this section is somewhat hidden; to find it keep going right under the structure (you can scale the structure to get some S-balls if you want) until you see a set of breakable blocks with a mouse behind them. Smash the blocks and the mouse, then use Volteccer to break the blocks above you and climb up the shaft. Once you land on the platform, take a few steps to the right to leave the area.

   Area 3 is maze-like and will require the Volteccer move to clear. There are several platforms with drill bits attached to their bases. Standing on these platforms will cause them to slowly descend and destroy the breakable blocks under them. Be careful: about halfway through this area you will see a pair of drill platforms; the platform in the left is the safer choice, because the one on the right descends into a pit. The exit is positioned on the upper right corner of the screen and can be reached by using Volteccer to bounce off the opposing wall. The fourth area is fairly simple, but you will have to use Volteccer accurately to smash through the blocks. After bouncing through a few stacks of blocks, you’ll come to a ledge with an “In” gate sitting on it. Enter and prepare to fight the boss.

Stage 3: Boss

You’ll fight Dr. Waruyama again, however,  this fight takes a bit more strategy than the first confrontation. The Doc will land his machine on the right side of the screen and launch small bots into the air that will float to the ground. While it’s tempting to run up to him and strike, you’re better off charging Pulseman up and standing a few steps away from where the first bot will land on the left side of the screen. If you have positioned yourself correctly the first bot will not hit you and walk off the screen. Use flash arrow to kill two of the bots in front of you and melee the farthest one.

   After dealing with the bots, dash to the left and keep moving; Dr. Waruyama will slam his ship where you are standing. The boss is exposed after he lands, so hit him with the flash arrow up close and then get a few jumping slashes in. The Doc will repeat the same pattern throughout the fight and you should be able to defeat him after repeating the process three or four times.

Stage 4: Thailand

This stage will likely prove the more difficult than previous levels thanks to the presence of water, which prevents Pulseman from using his powers. In area one you will encounter waterfalls with frog-bots placed in or near the falls. You can still destroy them with a couple of punches or a kick. After passing the initial set of waterfalls charge up and jump from the top of a staircase-like formation towards a wall. If done properly, you should land on top of the wall. Head right and you will see a 1-up. Continue right after grabbing the extra life and drop down and to the left at the waterfall to grab some S-balls. There’s also a few wires you will need to ride, just take note of the water pumps that can disrupt Pulseman’s Volteccer and knock him off the wire. Continue to the right past another set of wires that you will have jump up vertically in volteccer mode. After that proceed to the right to clear the area.

   The next area is tricky thanks to the translucent floating green eyes that track Pulsey and prevent him from using his powers when they make contact. Luckily they move slowly and can be outrun quickly on level surfaces. Keep this in mind, because you will need to use volteccer quickly to scale walls and escape the eyes as you climb up the area, which is a large vertical shaft. Area three appears to be the innards of some massive machine. Beware the moving gears that slow Pulseman down and can drop him into spike pits. Try to stay in the platforms and charge up whenever possible so you can clear long jumps. Head to the right and you will see an entrance to the cyberworld.

   The next area, number 4, is rather frustrating, but not difficult. After running to the right a bit you will see rows of green orbs with lightning bolts emblazoned on them. Touching them in volteccer mode will cause you to orbit an orb in a tight circle. Hitting A will launch Pulsey in the direction he is facing. There’s a chance to collect several S-balls here if you can master using the orbs. Either way, you’ll want to make you way up and to the right using the orbs, to reach the top of the wall. Go right a bit and you’ll see a series of narrow corridors. Go up and to the right whenever possible using volteccer to climb up the cramped shafts when necessary. You’ll need to angle Pulseman carefully to get up the final shaft that leads out of the area.

   Area five is essentially a giant room with a spiked floor and strange platforms that resemble screws. These platforms will expand and contract horizontally, usually expanding to the right and then contracting. Carefully navigate these platforms and be ready to jump once you see one. It’s wise to have Volteccer charged up in case you miss a ledge. Eventually, you’ll reach the entrance to the boss room after going right for some time.

Stage 4: Boss

   This is the toughest fight in the game up to this point. With that said, the boss is very manageable if you know how to handle it. Upon entering the room, a metallic sphere with three colored dots on its surface appears. Do not attack the boss when it is in this form, because it will simply absorb the blow and counter attack. The best thing to do is stay on the left hand edge of the screen, duck and wait for it to swoop down. If done properly the sphere should pass Pulseman by harmlessly, but don’t get comfy; the boss is right over your head and will quickly descend, so run to the other side of the room to avoid damage.

After descending, the boss will cause the room to distort and the sphere will disappear. Be on your toes, since the sphere will reappear in one of three colors. It is important to know how to react to each color in order to avoid damage and get a few hits in.

Blue: The boss will look something like a marble or planet in this mode. It will also move around the screen in a counterclockwise rectangular pattern. Jump over the sphere when it comes in low or hit it with volteccer. Be cautious since the sphere will speed up with each cycle until it disappears.

Water: A defensive strategy is best here, since water is Pulsey’s bane and you will not be able to use his powers if the boss gets too close. The sphere will track you, but you can jump over it easily enough. Charge up and hit it with an arrow slash when possible.

Brown: While in this mode the sphere will look something like the planet Jupiter and bounce around the room. The ground will  tremble every time the sphere lands. Try to be airborne when this happens as it will cause Pulseman to bounce if he is on the ground, leaving him open to attack. This form is easy to hit with volteccer, flash arrow or even a regular slash (if you’re careful).

After spending some time in each form, the boss will disappear and re-materialize in its initial form. It will then repeat the process of swooping from one side of the room to the other and changing colors. I was unable to get a good estimate of how many hits this boss takes before going down, but it should be destroyed after changing shapes 3 or 4 times if you can get shots in consistently.

Stage 5: Alaska

The fifth level is somewhat easier than the fourth, since you won’t be dealing with water. The starting area is a simple series of platforms with frog bots that will jump from one platform to the next. Stay to the left and jump up to collect a few extra S-balls. Keep jumping up and you eventually encounter a series of slopes. Be ready to slash or jump over the robotic snowballs (don’t ask) that come rolling down the slopes. Eventually you’ll come to a series of platforms, scale these and continue upwards to another ledge with several volt blocks above it. Use the blocks to climb upwards and avoid destroying them. Eventually you come to an area with Mega Man style disappearing blocks. You have to time your jumps to get to the top of the mountain and enter the cyberverse.  Area two is a maze of rooms that you will have to pick your way through. In some cases you will have the option of either entering a gate (which is indicated by a monitor that reads “In” within the game) or walking into the next room via the edge of the screen. This section is complex, so I’ve broken it up into a series of steps.

Note: This may not be the best route through the second area, but it will suffice.

Room 1: Head right, you will need to jump from platform to platform to clear a spike pit. Eventually you’ll see an exit sign with a pathway under it that is blocked by the floor. Use Volteccer to smash the floor and continue right on to an “In” gate. Enter to move on to the next room.

Room 2: This one is short, just use Volteccer to smash through the blocks and squeeze through the small gaps while moving to the right. You’ll come across another “In” gate, which you should enter.

Room 3: There are a number of vertical shafts at the room’s entrance. Use Volteccer to climb up the first shaft you see and head right. You’ll see an “In” gate, bypass it and run to the righthand side of the screen to enter the next room.

Room 4: Go right and jump over the spears. Enter the gate to proceed.

Room 5: You’ll see some S-balls planted on top of some spike traps. Be ready to jump quickly to evade the trap if you decide to collect them. This room is small and you’ll soon see the gate after going right for a bit.

Room 6: Go up, be sure to jump over the spikes. You’ll see a gate on a platform above some spikes. Get on the platform with Volteccer and enter the gate to proceed.

Room 7: This room is dominated by a large triangular mound. With Volteccer charged, run to the apex of the triangle and use it to reach a platform positioned on the upper left hand side of the room. You’ll see another ledge above you to the right, use Volteccer to bounce off of it. If done properly, you’ll land on a platform to the left with a gate on it. Enter.

Room 8: Use volteccer to head upwards and negotiate a series of disappearing blocks. Head to the right and enter the gate.

Room 9: Run down the hill and continue to head right, you’ll see an exit sign. Walk to the edge of the screen and you are finally done with the maze!

This area (3) is simple, just head downwards. Watch out for the penguin bots and spikes. Head to the right once you reach the bottom of the area.

Stage 5: Boss

    This boss is a bit of a surprise, but don’t fret; he’s actually easy to defeat if you know the trick. The boss will use Volteccer to bounce around the room just like our hero. The best way to counter this is to use Volteccer as well…In fact if you collide with him while you are both using Volteccer, the result will be both powers canceling each other out. The boss will drop to the floor and this is your chance to pivot around and hit him with a slash. Do this about ten times and the day is yours.

   Don’t try to hit this guy if he isn’t falling; he’ll just dodge and counter you. Don’t let him corner you either. Instead, try to stay in the center of the room and use Volteccer whenever possible. This is a slow fight, but as long as you are not greedy about getting hits in, you should come through unscathed.

Stage 6: Australia

The first section of level 6 is quite dangerous thanks to the rising and falling water. Take your time and wait for the sea level to start falling before attempting to ride any wires or jump over pits. While you may be used to dealing with waterfalls from level four, being completely submerged is a different story, since Pulseman sinks like a stone and has poor movement control underwater. Near the end of the first section, you will have to negotiate dangerous wires in Volteccer form. Be sure to cross onto the wire above you and then to the one on the right when you traverse the second set of wires before the water shorts Pulseman out and you end up falling into the abyss.

   The second area is very dangerous and potentially frustrating. Pulseman will be fully submerged here and can’t use his powers at all. Not only that, but it’s much harder to control him under water. A quick tap to the left or right while falling will cause him to shift a body length in that direction while jumping underwater. Tapping the jump button will cause Pulseman to jump quite high as well, so be careful when moving around under water. You will have to clear this area by falling and dodging spikes as well as the the occasional enemy. Take your time here and land on platforms whenever possible to get an idea of what’s under you. Eventually you will see a tube in the ocean floor. Enter the tube and pat yourself on the back: you just cleared the worst part of the game.

  Area three is fairly easy. You’ll encounter platforms that ride along rails. Be ready to quickly switch platforms, duck, or jump, since the platforms will often pass by obstacles. Keep Volteccer charged up in case you fall. You’ll come across a portal to the cyberverse which you will need to enter to get to area four. The fourth section appears to be composed of bubbles. Be ready to smash the purple bubbles to proceed. You’ll need to head right as usual. Beware the sliding penguins and floating eyes. You’ll be done this section once you come to a wall made out of purple bubbles. Cut through the barrier and try to grab the S-balls in it, take a few steps to the right and you’ll enter area five.

   The fifth section is rather dangerous: you will have to use volteccer to get to several spike lined ledges by bouncing off the wall opposite to them. Plan your jumps carefully and watch out for the floating cat head robot hovering just above the second ledge. You’ll see a lift once you reach the top; hop on and be ready to step to the left or right to avoid spikes. Once the lift takes you to the top of the room, jump down the shaft to the right and try to land in the alcove on the right hand side of the shaft. Wait a few seconds and let the lift in this shaft pass you, then jump down to clear the rest of the shaft. Go right and you’ll see yet another shaft, use volteccer to bounce up it and land on the platform to your left. Another lift will come down; jump on it then jump from one lift to the next as they appear. You will know you are on the last lift when you see the wall, so let it take you to the final ledge and the exit to the area.

    The devs got creative with the sixth section; upon entering you’ll see Dr. Waruyama in the foreground sitting in the cockpit of some kind of vehicle. The object is to get to the other side of the corridor (as usual), but the Doc will occasionally fire rockets at you. Use the crates that are scattered through the area for cover or destroy the rockets. Volteccer is very helpful here and you will do well to use it as much as possible to clear the area.

Stage 6: Boss

   Whelp, you’re stuck under water again. The best course of action is to stay on the far left edge of the room. The boss, who is a fish shaped sub, will fire a series of small bullets at you. These are easily avoided by leaping over them or ducking. Every now and then it will fire an orb that appears to be shaped like Waruyama’s head; use the slash attack to deflect the orb back at the sub. If you time it right, the orb should hit the boss and do some damage. About six hits should end this battle.

Stage 7: Japan

    This is it, the final stage. Pulseman will enter an arcade machine in pursuit of Dr. W. The first area is similar to an old arcade game, so much so that the screen scrolls automatically and you’ll lose a life if you fall too far behind. Discs that look like something out of R-Type or Gradius will appear at the right side of the screen and swoop towards you. It’s best to just run past these things or jump over them when possible. Next a series of meteors will bombard the screen. Hang back and evade these. There will be a Voltecc power orb on a platform, grab it. The rest of the section should be easy with Volteccer powered up. Just be wary of the second wave of meteors: It’s best to proceed as slowly as possible when it begins and use flash arrow to destroy them. Run too far ahead and you may get knocked into a pit by one of the last few meteors.

   The second area is a bit easier. Try to keep Volteccer charged up in case you fall, you’ll also need it to clear a difficult jump. The platforms here retract and extend, like those encountered earlier in the game. The screen also auto-scrolls, so try to jump onto each platform as soon as you see it. You should see an extra life sitting on a solid platform early on, be sure to grab it. You will have to take a leap of faith near the end of the area, where the platform you are on will retract and force you to jump before you can see the next one. Take the leap and hit Volteccer before you fall into the pit. If done correctly, you’ll land on the next platform safely and be able able to proceed to the next area.

   Compared to the rest of this stage, area three is laughably easy. You’ll see a series of levitating platforms that move up and down. Just jump carefully from one to the next and you should have no trouble clearing this phase. Make sure you keep up with the auto-scrolling as usual.

   The fourth area features more automatic scrolling. This time you are on solid ground. You’ll encounter rows of turrets on the floor that fire lasers at the ceiling. Just double tap forward to dash past them. There are places where you can use Volteccer to pass through gaps on the ceiling and run above the action, which is highly advisable. If you take the low road you’ll have to cut through blocks and dodge lasers. You’ll eventually encounter the miniboss regardless of the path you take.

Stage 7: Mid Boss

    This thing is a space ship that suspiciously resembles Dr. Waruyama. There’s two horizontal platforms here as well. Stand on the first platform, so you are roughly in the middle of the screen.  Use the dash to charge Pulsey up and wait for the ship to come down to your level (it will always stay on the right side of the screen and move from the ceiling to floor in a simple pattern) the ship will then open and fire a beam. In order to damage it, you must jump and fire slash arrow just as the ship opens up. You should hit the ship and land on the top ledge without taking damage if you time your moves right. Quickly dash to the left and fall down onto the first platform, wait for the ship to lower itself again and repeat the process. About five hits should end this fight.

Area five is quite dangerous thanks to its unpredictable nature. This area is infested with robots that fly across the screen at a slow pace, so peek ahead before jumping, since they can easily hit you. You’ll reach a portion of the area that has a low ceiling and a series of pits. Use the dash to clear these pits since you run the risk of hitting your head on the overhang and falling. Be careful here as I’ve had strange experiences in this section. There were several instances where I fell through the floor or was propelled in a certain direction, presumably due to a bug. Head right and you’ll eventually reach the entrance to the next area. The sixth area looks like an empty room, but there is a platform in the center just above you. Use Volteccer to land on it and get the Voltecc powerup. Use Volteccer repeatedly to move upwards as if you were flying. You’ll encounter more of those floating eyes, try to avoid them. If they get you, just fall for a second to resume your ascent until you see a gate sitting on a platform. The seventh section is very dark, but not hard to get through. There are more of those green bubbles that cling to Pulsey and prevent him from charging up, so you’ll have to outrun them just like you did in Thailand. Beware of the spikes and keep moving to the right. Once you get to the edge of the screen take a deep breath: the final battle awaits.

Stage 7: Boss A

   This boss can overwhelm you if you don’t deal with it properly. Boxes will materialize in the top corners of the screen. Each box will release a tiny Dr. W. The boxes start at the opposite sides of the screen and come together. Kill each mini doc as it lands with a slash and be ready for the next pair to be released. This fight is quite easy if you keep up with the spawns. Eventually, the boxes will stop spawning and you’ll move onto the next part of the fight.

Boss B

   Dr. Waruyama himself appears as a giant head in the center of the screen, flanked by two giant hands. The boss uses a three stage attack pattern. First he’ll smash the ground with his fists, this is a good time to run over to a hand and swipe at it a few times (be careful though, a mini doc will drop from the ceiling). Next he will bring his hands up towards the ceiling and fire projectiles that intersect each other. Wait until the projectiles are about to hit you and dash through them. The Doc will then bring his hands over his head and fire a huge ball of energy, dash through this as well. Hit one hand enough and you’ll destroy it. Waruyama’s attack pattern will remain the same even with only one hand, except you’ll have less projectiles to deal with, so concentrate on one hand to destroy it and make taking the next one out easier. Destroy both hands and the Doc will be history….

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Congratulations! You just beat Pulseman!

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