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Release Data

Developer: Id Software and Fountainhead Entertainment

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release Date: November 2007

Genre: RPG

System: Nintendo DS

Players: 1


Orcs and Elves is a turn based first person RPG for the Nintendo DS. The hero, Elli, owns a sentient wand, known as Ellon, that receives a message from the Dwarf King, Brahm. Orcs have attacked Brahm’s stronghold and the dwarves are in dire need of assistance. Elli and Ellon set out for the dwarven city only to find the place in shambles. It’s up to the two heroes to battle an army of orcs and find King Brahm. Orcs and Elves uses a turn based combat system that emphasizes strategy. Players can wield magic, swords, crossbows, and a variety of other weapons to dispatch the orcish invaders. There are all sorts of rings and potions that imbue the player character with greater power as well. Of course, the enemy will fight back and this title features a wide range of monsters, each with their own traits. Exploration is also a large part of Orcs and Elves and players will have to pick their way through a series of mazes to complete the game.


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