Orcs and Elves (Nintendo DS) Walkthrough

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This is a full walkthrough of Orcs and Elves for the Nintendo DS, complete with a Bestiary and Items List, both of which include commentary as well as advice. Readers should be aware of two facts while referring to this walkthrough. The first is that this guide was written for the second difficulty setting, which the game refers to as “difficult”. Those playing Orcs and Elves on normal mode, will encounter fewer enemies (that are also less powerful) than indicated in this guide. On Nightmare mode, players will encounter a greater number of foes that are generally more powerful. Secondly, while this guide has been written to be as accurate as possible there are some instances where the author may have neglected to record an object or event properly. Those who find instances where the walkthrough conflicts with their own experience (barring those that can be attributed to difficulty modes) are welcome to suggest corrections. Enjoy the game and good luck!



Part 1: The Entrance

Part 2: The Dragon’s Lair

Part 3: The Prison

Part 4: The Great Hall

Part 5: The Brimstone

Part 6: The Labyrinth

Part 7: The Catacombs

Part 8: The Forge

Part 9: The Throne Room

Part 10: The Pit

Part 11: The Twilight Cavern


C.Weapons, Rings, Armor, Potions, and Ale







1.General Tips

2.Nightmare Tips


Part 1: The Entrance

Section 1

   The adventure begins with the hero speaking to a ghost dwarf (seriously) who will tell him about the attack on the dwarven stronghold. The ghost will then unlock a door to the north. Take a moment to get used to the controls and open the unlocked door. Two Ratlings wait in this room, slash them a couple of times with your sword to defeat them. Don’t forget to grab the gold they drop. You can also destroy bodies and some objects with the sword. Pick up the meat, which instantly heals the hero, and a health potion. Take a few steps north to find a barricade which can be destroyed. Smash through it to continue on.

   The game will tell you about the magic map after you step into this room. Take a few steps forward (ignore the barricade on your left for now) to draw out a ratling and kill it. Go back to the barricade and smash it, be ready to kill the ratling behind it. There’s a bag of gold, a potion, and a journal attached to the wall in this section of the room. Head back to where you killed the first ratling. There’s a chest containing some gold and a potion of strength (save this for later) on your left, smash it to get the goodies. Ready your wand and turn right to find an orc, zap it with the wand a bit to soften it up as it approaches, then put your sword to work. The orc can deal some damage, but there’s a piece of meat nearby. Take note of the blue rune lock on your left, but leave it for later. Talk to Nestri who is a few steps away and he’ll give you the code for the door which is: yellow, red, green, blue.

Section 2

   Walk back to the rune lock and enter the code, which has been conveniently added to your quest log. A ratling and orc wait beyond the now open door. There’s also some meat to be had to the left after entering the room. Smash the chest to get a potion of accuracy, potion of health, and 7 gold. Open the door beyond the chest and proceed. Two ratlings wait beyond the door along with some more meat and a health potion. Some hanging ivy obscures a chest in the southern end of the room. Deal with the orc then open the box to get two health potions and some gold.

**Secret 1**

   There’s a gate in the room with a chest behind it. In order to reach the chest, go back to the room before it and go north one space, then touch the wall to the west, revealing a hidden door (The outline of the hidden hallway is visible on the map). Enter to find some meat, a gallery image, a potion of strength, and a potion of health. The chest contains a potion of strength, armor kit, and 10 gold.


   Return to the room with the ivy and go down the hallway to the west, there will be an alcove with a ratling and a potion of health in it to your left. Approach the door at the end of the hall and the wand will tell you that you need to find a fire portal. Open the door and enter. Grab the gold in front of you and get ready to fight an orc. To the west is a red rune lock. The room itself splits into a northern and southern section. Go through the northern hallway and grab the gallery image to your left. Take the meat as well and help yourself to the bag of coins. That’s it for the northern end, time to check out the south.

   Pick up the hunk of meat sitting in the southern hallway and head west. Take out the orc that pops up, then press onward to find a ratling. The room opens up into a small chamber with some meat in it.

**Secret 2**

   The outline of a hidden halfway on the western end of the chamber is visible on the map. Press A to move the wall. You will find a large health potion, a potion of remedy, a potion of defense, and a strength potion. Return to the chamber. I recommend saving the game at this point.


   There’s a barricade on the eastern end of the room, smash it then kill the orc and ratling on the other side. Grab the coins and health potion. There’s a chest in this room, but it’s a mimic. Take as many steps away from the mimic as possible and shoot it with the wand to draw it to you. This thing is dangerous and has a lot of life, so be ready to heal if need be. Most of the doors in this area are locked, enter the one door that isn’t. The dwarf of the other side will lead you to a scroll with the red rune door password. He’ll also hint at a secret hidden by the torches near the rune door. Don’t forget to grab the potion of accuracy.

**Secret 3**

   Another hidden door is located between two sconces just south of the rune door. Hit A to move the door and open the ornate chest behind it to find a ring of accuracy, a potion of accuracy, 2 health potions, and 25 gold.


   Now open the rune door by inputting red, green, yellow, yellow. Slay the orc waiting beyond the door and hit A to activate the fire portal door. Kill the ratling and step into the flame to continue.

Part 2: The Dragon’s Lair

   You’ll meet the dragon, Gaya, who expresses displeasure at having an unannounced visitor. At any rate, you can buy things from Gaya, but much of the dragon’s stock is way out of your price range right now. It is possible to haggle with Gaya once you’ve picked an item out by sliding the bar on the touchscreen to the left or right. Gaya’s mod will worsen if you bid too low (I’d hate to see what happens when she gets angry) so try to just shave a bit off the dragon’s asking price. 10 to 15% is a safe reduction in price for now. With that in mind, browse Gaya’s stock by selecting the items on the bottom screen. The sword represents weapons, the shield is armor, etc. Right now you only really need to purchase some chainmail, which can be haggled down from 75 to 65 gold. Don’t bother buying potions or anything else at this time (unless you are in dire need of healing potions), because you should have a decent stock of items and more loot lies ahead.

    Explore the lair a bit to find a few statues and a gallery image. There’s few odd coins scattered around the lair as well. The northern section of the lair is home to a healing crystal, which recharges the wand and heals the hero for 20 points. The crystal can be used repeatedly, so take advantage of it! Fire portals line this room, but only two are active at the moment: the one leading to the entrance and the portal to the prison. Step in the prison portal.

Part 3: The Prison

Section 1

  This room is home to the fire portal and not much else, open the portal door to proceed. In the next room there’s a chest to your right that contains 16g and two health potions.

**Secret 1**

   Touch the wall directly across from the portal door to reveal a hidden passage. Inside is a potion of defense, gallery image, potion of haste, bag of coins, and a large health potion.    


  Return to the fire portal door and go east (to the west is a shortcut to the entrance), destroy the rubble blocking the way and kill the orc waiting behind it. Break open the chest to find a potion of defense, stale bread, and some gold. Speak with the dwarf ghost, who will tell you about the levers that need to be pulled to drain the area, making it possible to open certain doors. There’s a door in the northern part of this area that leads to a chamber filled with orcs as well as a bit of gold and meat. This chamber is optional, but the extra experience may help.

Section 2

   A nasty fight lies behind the door the dwarf opens for you. A weaver and slime occupy the room, the weaver isn’t particularly dangerous, but the slime is very strong. I recommend drinking a potion of defense, strength, and/or haste before fighting the slime to give your hero a much needed edge in this fight. Trade blows with the slime and heal up when you get below 30 hit points. Try to draw the slime away from the weaver’s corpse (or destroy the body if possible), because the slime can devour bodies to heal itself. A few good criticals can end this fight quickly. Look out for the chest in this room, it’s another mimic!

   Destroy the rubble blocking the hallway in the western end of the room and get your wand ready. You should see an orc in the distance, send a volley of shots from the wand his way to kill or weaken him. Grab the meat that is to the right of the hallway and the health potion. Talk to the prisoner to get some clues about what’s going on here. Take the first door to the south and kill the orc recruit behind it. To the west is another secret door leading to…

**Secret 2**

   The outline of a hallway can be seen on the western side of the chamber, so approach the wall and hit A as usual. There’s a health potion right by a weaver, so grab it and get ready to fight. Beyond the potion is a long hallway containing two orcs that’s obscured by hanging ivy. Use the wand to take pot shots at the orcs and pick up the meat. There’s also a large health potion here as well as some coins, a potion of accuracy, and a defense potion. Go back to the chamber.


  Open the eastern door of the chamber. You should see a slime in the distance. Once again it is worthwhile to use a strength and/or defense potion in this fight. You should be able to pop a potion and shoot the slime a few times before it closes with you, so this encounter will go quickly. A weaver is also hiding in this room, so take it out right away and refill your health with some meat that can be found laying around. Take note of the blue rune door.

**Secret 3**

A barricade on the eastern corner of the chamber hides a chest with a potion of remedy, strength, defense, and some gold.


   Open the door in the southern end of the chamber, deal with the weaver and tap the wall to the south to find another secret.

**Secret 4**

This secret room is pretty minor and only holds a health potion and some coins, but every little bit helps. Hit A at the dead end in the hallway to open this room up.


   Go through the door on the western side of the hallway. Destroy the weaver and enter the room. A scroll that contains the code for the red rune door and a potion of strength are in this room. Hit the lever and move on.

Section 3

   Return to the chamber west of the one with the blue rune door and go through the southern door. I saved this room for later, because there is another mimic (along with two slimes that appear later) in here, but by now you should have levelled up and the fight won’t be too tough. The mimic is to the left of the lever and it drops a health potion upon death. Get the strength potion from the cubbyhole near the mimic and the health potion on the other side of the room.  Bust open the chest to find defense, health, and accuracy potions along with 22 gold. Take some defense and strength potions before hitting the lever. Two slimes will spawn after you activate the lever. Stay between the torches and fight them one at a time. These guys are nasty, but having the extra level and potions should get you through this fight. Be ready to heal up if your HP dips below 30.

   Go back to the room with the red rune door and open the western door. There are some weavers and an orc recruit in here as well as the last lever. Activating this lever drains the entire prison and makes it possible to open rune doors. Ratlings will also appear and it’s worth your time to clear the area of them for some extra cash and experience. Go to the red rune door when you are ready. The code to enter this door is: Blue, red, green, yellow. Two weavers and a slime are waiting on the other side of the door, so get ready to fight. Some meat, a health potion, and some coins can be picked up in this room as well as a scroll that contains the code to the blue door.

**Secret 5**

Check out the northeastern corner of room 4 before leaving and press A to reveal a secret door. There’s a potion of accuracy, strength, and defense here.

**Secret 6**

Press A when you reach the end of the secret hallway you just opened to find yet another hidden room. The magic bag in this room contains a large health potion, an accuracy potion, and 19 gold.


   Walk back to the blue door and open it by entering: Green, yellow, green, red. Eliminate the barricade and open the chest to get two potions of remedy, a strength potion, 4 crossbow bolts, and 21 gold. This is a good time to save and heal up, a boss waits beyond the door to the right of the chest.

Boss 1: Sonya

   This thing is the stuff nightmares are made of, at least visually. As bosses go she isn’t too bad given that you are prepared. As usual portions of defense, strength, and accuracy are all helpful here, but you may want to hold off on using them. Sonya has a tendency to run away from the fight. Stay in the hallway and zap her with the wand. Running into the room is a bad idea, since Sonya has a few weavers waiting around to help her. Eventually she’ll stop moving and begin spitting poison at you. Use a remedy if you get poisoned. At this point best to put your sword to work and hack the boss to death. At about half health Sonya will flee to another room and leave her minions to deal with you.

   Enter her lair and help yourself to the goodies inside. There’s meat, two large health potions, and an ornate chest in the room as well as about four weavers. The chest holds a ring of force, two potions of remedy, two large health potions, and 55 gold…not bad. Go through the door in the southern end of the room and destroy some rubble and a skeleton to your left to get another remedy.

   Follow the pathway and be ready to fight Sonya again. She’ll have full life, so buff up with some potions. Keep slashing at her and use a large potion if your HP dips below forty. Don’t be afraid to use remedies to cure poison either. She won’t run this time and she’ll drop a black widow stone upon death. A winding hallway that is home to three weavers is just past the chamber Sonya was hiding in, at the end is the door to the great hall.

   Hold off on entering the great hall and take some time to clear the prison. More ratlings spawn here after Sonya’s death. The extra gold and bonus experience is most helpful. It’s also wise to visit Gaya, who will give you a crossbow in exchange for the widow stone. You can also refill your HP at the healing crystal. Return to the entrance to the great hall when you are done.

Part 3: The Great Hall

Section 1

   Pick up the bag of gold coins and approach the door. The wand will learn a new spell: lightning. A pair of orc raiders wait beyond the door. These guys wield crossbows and can strike from a distance, so have your bow at the ready or close with them quickly. The hallway splits into east and west, go east to get a piece of meat. A recluse will appear, this is a good time to try the lightning spell.

   The hallway leads to a staircase. Get the meat and coins before going up the steps. You’ll find a dwarf and a chest with three health potions, an armor kit, 5 bolts, and 47 gold in it. The dwarf will give you the blue rune door code and ask for some ale. Go back down the steps and get ready to zap another recluse with lightning. The blue rune door is opened by green, red, red, yellow.

   Upon entering you’ll see a wererat named Filch activate the crusher via a lever. This is a good time to save. You’ll have to pass turns using the Y button here, but for now step forward and into the alcove to the left. You’ll find some coins in the alcove. Use Y to pass a few turns and move to the next alcove, collecting a health potion in the process. Get the next health potion and step back into the hallway. Two steps forward will place you by the lever. Pull it to shut the device off.

   You’ll encounter a worg pup beyond the lever. These guys are nasty, thanks to the double attack they can perform with their two heads. Luckily it’s possible to destroy one of the heads with ranged attacks before the pups reach you, which keeps them from attacking twice per turn. Kill the worg pup and get the potion of accuracy. You’ll see the ale press lever and instructions by it. But let’s find a secret first…

**Secret 1**

The section of wall just south of the lever is in fact a secret door. Open it to find a health potion and a chest, which contains a potion of haste, two large potions, a potion of defense, and a strength potion. A note hangs from the wall as well, but it’s not relevant.


   Go back to the press and activate it to get the dwarven ale. Return to the dwarf who requested it, but watch out for the worg pup by the crusher on your way. You can dispatch the pup by activating the crusher and waiting. It’ll also kill the raider behind the pup! Sarbok the dwarf will ask you to drink the ale with him, use it as you normally would then speak to him again. He’ll give you the door code and drunkenly fly off. Remember, you can go back to the press for more ale. Go back to the main hallway when you are ready and explore the western hall. Pick up the health potion, if you haven’t already, and use lightning to slay the recluse. Go through the door across from the green rune door and make sure you have plenty of health before opening it. A worg pup will attack you and you will not have a range advantage here. The treasure chest and coins make this fight worth it however. You’ll find two large health and two strength potions. There’s an accuracy potion and 47 gold in the box. Go back to the green rune door.

Section 2

   The code for the door lock is green, green, red, green. Step in and kill the orc recruit, who should be laughably weak by now. Eat the meat and explore the area before going through any doors. A worg pup and a slime are waiting in the northern part of the chamber. Lightning works really well on slimes, so be sure to employ it. Pick up the coins and meat situated around the pillar in this chamber. Now that the area is safe, go back to where you killed the orc recruit and open the door to the south.

   Whack the chest to find a strength potion and some gold. A wererat thief will pop up behind you, turn around and attack it, then step back into the main chamber. Head north and open the storehouse door and kill the rat behind it. Open the chest in this hallway to get two large health potions, a potion of accuracy, a health potion, and 40 gold. Open the door south of the chest and get ready to fight a troll. Trolls are dangerous and it’s best to use ranged attacks and magic when fighting them, because their melee damage is devastating. Be sure to back off if you see the message “Troll readies slam”. The slam attack does moderate damage and can hit you a square away. You can use the door as a buffer in this fight. Use the crossbow to destroy the orc raider after you finish the troll.

   There’s also an orc recruit in this room along with roasting meat, a defense potion, and a cask of dwarven ale. Destroying the rubble pile in here will yield a troll’s blood potion. Read the note on the wall if you like, it hints at the danger ahead. Enter the door to the right of the fire pit where you found the meat. The room is filled with mimics, so be careful about what chest you open. Make sure you are fully healed, enter the room, whack the mimic to your left, and back out again in order to force them through the door so you can fight them one on one. You’ll have to kill about four mimics in total and they are stronger than those from earlier stages. Lighting can one hit kill them, so use it when possible. The mimics drop a health potion and some gold. A red ornate chest is the main prize in this chamber, break it to get a ring of intimidation, five large health potions, an armor kit, 14 bolts, and 80 gold. Here’s a general breakdown of the rest of the loot in this room:

-2x Remedy Potions

-5x Health Potions

-2x Defense Potions

-1x Troll’s Blood

-Remains of Bastek the Elastic

-Lots of gold

   Now leave the store room and go to the southern side of the chamber and look for the outline of a hallway on the map to find the location of the next secret.

** Secret 2**

Open the hidden door with the A button as usual and you’ll find a small room with troll’s blood and a haste potion. Open the chest to obtain two haste portions, one large health potion, 7 bolts, and 48 gold.


   Go back to the room with the pillar, where you killed the slime and open the northern door. Sarbok is on the other side and he wants more ale, luckily you have some extra ale from earlier. Drink with him and he’ll open the door to the north. Walk off the ale if you wish and check out the western door first. Take out the recluse and use lightning on the slime. There’s a hunk of meat, coins, and a chest in here. The box contains two health potions, five bolts, and some gold.

   Now get ready to open the door Sarbok unlocked for you. Pass a few turns first if your lightning spell isn’t available, then open the door and cast lightning on the troll. You should take away a chunk of his life with the spell. Next fire crossbow bolts at him until he dies. With any luck you will get a few critical hits and the troll will drop without touching you. Back away from the door the moment the troll dies, because a shadow will spawn. Let the door close, locking the shadow out and wait for your lightning spell to charge again. Open the door and cast the spell, which should destroy the shadow immediately.

   Take the hunk of meat to the right of the entrance to this chamber. Open the door behind the meat and dispatch the slime, then pick up the potion of defense and coins in the room. Be ready to kill a recluse on your way out. There’s a chest in the alcove to the north, but it’s a mimic. You may want to pass a few turns and let the wand recharge so you can use lightning on the mimic.

   Up ahead is a red rune door and some troll’s blood. There’s a shadow in the hallway west of the red door, so you may want to charge up lightning again before fighting it. More meat and an accuracy potion are in this hallway. You’ll also see our buddy Sarbok. Talk to Sarbok, he’ll ask for two casks of ale this time and open the locked door for you. Enter his room and pick up some coins. Plenty of ale is scattered around this room, so Sarbok’s request is easy to fulfill. Go back to the red door and enter in four red runes.

Section 3

   Pull the lever and open the chest for a potion of remedy, two large health, and an armor kit. Pulling the lever makes a lot of noise, so get ready to fight. Return to the area near the entrance of the great hall, cutting through the occasional orc raider and recluse on the way. Be cautious as you approach the green door lock. In fact, run into the room across from the green door and enter it, because a swarm of trolls, recluse, and orcs is going to rush you. Use the door as a means of separating yourself from the enemy and use magic to soften up hard targets like trolls as much as possible. Pacing around the room, letting your magic regenerate can make dealing with these guys easier. Potions of haste, defense, accuracy, and strength can also help get you through this fight.

   Remember the golden gates by the entrance to this area? They’re open now. Be ready to fight an orc raider as you approach them. Inside the main room is a health potion, large health potion, a potion of defense, and plenty of meat. Take some of the meat to heal up. A door to the fire portal is in the north end of the room. Break the rubble pile by the door for a health potion. The wand will suggest visiting the dragon’s lair before moving on.

Note: I missed a secret while writing this section of the walkthrough and found it upon returning to the great hall. Below are the directions for the final hidden room in the great hall.

**Secret 3**

Go to the northwestern most room on the map. This room has some chairs, a wooden pillar in the center, and some iron bars blocking one of the passages to it. Strike the center block in the west wall to open a hidden door. Here you will find a health and large health potion. Open the chest to get a potion of haste, two large health potions, four health potions, and an empty wine bottle. Go up the steps to get a gallery image and several casks of dwarven ale.


Dragon’s Lair (Revisited)

   Use the healing crystal if needed. Go talk to Gaya and the wand will mention the goat stockade. Walk up to it to trigger an event after talking to Gaya. A green wererat named Flopsie will drop into the pen along with an orc. Agree to free the rat by activating the lever on the pen’s southern wall. Flopsie will put a ladder against the wall below a hole so you can access one of the lair’s hidden areas.

Part 4: The Brimstone

Section 1

   Follow the rat through this area, but first ride the vent to your right up to a hidden room with some coins, a gallery image, and a health potion. Use the vent the rat rode to move forward. Three vents lay ahead and a hint to the correct one is placed on the wall. Only pain awaits if you take the wrong vent, so use the west tunnel. A letter pinned to the wall of the west tunnel warns that the path is dangerous. You’ll soon come to a boulder that the wand feels is precarious. Blast the stalagmites holding the boulder up with the wand to clear the way. The ceiling will begin to collapse as a result of your actions. Turn right and take the side passage, do not go straight or you will be crushed. Go down the hole to continue.

   Pick up the magic bag behind the skeleton near the entrance to this room to get a potion of haste and two large healing potions. Go forward to find Flopsie who will throw a ladder down for you. You’ll have to push the boulders out of the way, save before doing so in case you make a mistake. Pushing them towards the east and west walls seems to work. Push the boulder beyond the puzzle down the hallway. The floor will collapse, sending you and the wererat into a lava filled room. Fire the wand at the boulder sitting on top of some stalagmites to your right. Follow the new path that opens up and push the boulder that rolls down the tunnel and blocks your way forward.

   A little puzzle is in this room. The vent directly in front of you when you enter is not working and you’ll have to activate it by blocking other vents with boulders. Go to the eastern end of the room and push the boulder sitting against the wall forward to block the vent. Push the next boulder to the west, then twice to the north to block the next vent. Now go back west and push the boulder by the first vent forward. The vent will become active and you must return to the eastern end of the room. Jump on the vent that opened up when you pushed the second boulder while facing the hole in the wall. If done right, you’ll hop from vent to vent and into the tunnel.

   Follow the hallway to an open chamber with a suspicious looking floor. Lava will bubble up from the floor and damage you. There’s no easy way to avoid it, so heal up and walk straight ahead, but be ready to fight. Two lava dwellers spawn when you get about halfway through the room. Back away and switch to the wand. Try to get back into the narrow hallway so you do not have to fight both at once or contend with the blazing floor. Lightning and wand shots work well against the lava dwellers. Make sure you stay healed up, because they can strike from a distance. Once they are dead go onward. It’s possible to push the boulder in the lava room away, revealing “unstable dirt” that can be cleared with the sword, but the only thing behind it is forty gold, so is up to you to decide whether or not it’s worth it. When ready, follow the pathway into another tunnel.

Section 2

   Get ready to fight two more lava dwellers once you step forward. A third dweller is further down the hallway. Heal up fully and go to the end of the path to find Gaya’s eggs and Flopsie. This has probably been a tough journey but it’s almost over, sort of . Don’t waste any potions on the rat at this point, he’ll just heal up and run away after fighting a bit, although you should keep yourself healed. Use the sword on him (save the wand for later) and hit him until he leaps away to eat more eggs. Heal when your life dips below 40. Flopsie will retreat a second time when you get his health down to about 30%. Lava Dwellers will spawn and the rat will run down a lava filled hallway. The first thing you should do is use a haste potion, then walk up to the closest egg, which will heal you, repair your armor, and grant fire resistance among other things. Start moving towards where Flopsie ran off, destroying any dwellers that get in your way. Do not stick around to fight the lava dwellers, they’ll just keep respawning. Walk to the end of the tunnel to find an ornate chest and ladder. The chest contains two large health potions, a potion of defense, a potion of strength, a potion of accuracy, and 75 gold. Flopsie will lead you back to the dragon’s lair. Check the back wall by the boulder to find a journal. Approach Flopsie and climb up the ladder, which leads to the burrows.

Part 5: The Burrows

Section 1

   Use the egg Flopsie drops and head northeast. Quickly slay the centipede hatchlings and destroy the egg sack so they can’t respawn. You can also destroy the poison emitting fungus on the walls with the wand. There’s a rubble pile just north of the egg sack, break it down and lay waste to the rats behind it. Take down the unstable dirt at the back of the cave and pick up the large health potion, potion of haste, and coins behind it.

   Return to the chamber where you fought the centipedes and go south. You’ll encounter more small centipedes and egg sacs along with a fully grown centipede. Try to take out the eggs with the wand or crossbow and draw the large centipede into the hallway to avoid getting attacked from multiple angles. Use a remedy if the centipede paralyzes you. Finish off the egg sacs once you defeat the centipede. To the west is a pile of junk that can be destroyed to reveal a hallway. Kill the rats in the hallway and make your way to a magic bag that contains a potion of strength, health potion, and 27 gold. There’s some unstable dirt behind the bag that conceals a haste potion.

    Go through the eastern hall near where you fought the first centipede. You should come to an insect wall that can be destroyed with the sword. Destroy the wall and grab the health and haste potions behind it. Return to the hallway and destroy the unstable dirt. Kill the weaver and two recluse behind the wall. Grab the potion of remedy and destroy any fungus you see. Follow the path east and go through the spider web to get a health potion. There’s also a letter in this room. Go through the web to the south and get ready to fight some weavers and recluse. There’s also a widow that attacks from behind. Grab the health potion and meat in here.

   Go back to where you fought the centipede and take the southern hallway. Get ready to fight another centipede and make sure you destroy the fungus on the walls. Move forward after defeating the centipede and be ready to fight another centipede and some hatchlings. Destroy the egg sec and take out yet another centipede. You’ll come across another insect wall to the north that hides a remedy. Take the hallway to the north and watch the centipede kill some rats, then zap the monster with lightning and a wand blast to take it down. Head east a bit and get the meat near the rat corpse, then destroy the rubble pile along with the rats behind it. Pick up the hunk of meat and coins, then destroy the insect wall to get a large health potion.

Section 2

   To the south is one of Gaya’s eggs, pick it up, but watch out for the fungus. You’ll see Flopsie, who scampers away and a centipede will attack. There’s an egg sec and a centipede just down the passage, a potion of haste can make this area easier to handle.Destroy the fungus and position yourself so you have a clear line of site to the egg sac to the east. Use ranged attacks to destroy it and deal with any hatchlings it spawns. Press eastward and destroy any fungus you see on the walls. There’s some unstable dirt with two recluse behind it. Kill them and get the meat, haste potion, large health potion, and gallery image. Go back down the hallway to the east to find an egg sac and a magic bag. Take out the fungus behind the bag and get the bag, which holds: a potion of defense, health potion, and 13 gold.

   You’ll encounter Flopsie again with two centipedes, kite them into a choke point before engaging them. Follow the path as it winds north and grab the large health potion behind the insect wall. Kill the centipede to the north of the wall and move forward. Destroy the fungus along the wall and get the potion of health, potion of accuracy, and 18 gold from the bag. Continue north and slay the centipede. Another Gaya egg is sitting around here, get it and move forward. There’s an egg sac up ahead. You’ll get an experience bonus if you cleared the rest after destroying this one. You’ll also encounter a centipede hatcher, which should be easy prey with the egg buff.

   Go up the hallway to the northwest to find a remedy and an insect wall with a parasitic brew behind it. Go back to where you destroyed the final egg sac and take the southwestern hallway to find Flopsie. A centipede will kill him, don’t let the centipede get the egg he drops. Walking over Flopsie’s body will get you the egg, a potion of haste, a remedy, two large health potions, and 80 gold. Drink a remedy to keep from getting paralyzed by the centipede hatchers and kill them all. Haste is really useful here as well. When you are done, open the ornate chest to get a parasitic brew, potion of haste, large health potion, an armor kit, and 115 gold. You can return to Gaya and do some shopping. At this point you may have enough for the elven mail, but one can be found in the Forge, so it may be wise to wait.

Part 6: The Labyrinth

Section 1

   Make sure sure have everything you need before challenging the labyrinth, because you won’t be able to leave the level for some time after entering. Return to the great hall through the fire portal and pull the lever in the portal chamber to open the way to the labyrinth. Take a few steps forward and the wall will close behind you. You’ll see a boulder and yet another dwarven ghost (these guys don’t seem to be doing so hot) if you take a few steps to the right. Bash the pile of rubble next to the ghost for an accuracy potion. Thoris the ghost dwarf will give you some pretty generic advice and float off. Push the boulder forward and you’ll see a skeleton with a map under it. There’s also a chest that contains another accuracy potion, two health potions, and 143 gold.

**Secret 1**

Check the wall behind the skeleton to reveal a doorway.


   Step into the passage and engage the vaettir drones. These guys attack from a distance and move quickly, usually attacking and side stepping to avoid your reach. Luckily they are fragile and a single lightning spell will end a drone. You can also lure them into narrow hallways and pelt them with your own ranged attacks. Be sure to take care of the sneaky rat that appears behind you. Grab the health potions dropped by the drones. Pick up the coins and get the meat and health potion in the alcove to the east. You’ll also have to slaughter another rat around here. Head north and kill a worg pup, then pick up the potion of strength in the alcove to the east. Take Thoris’ map as well… even though it did him little good. Follow the hallway north to find a door.

   Two rats attack once you open the door, but at this point they aren’t a threat. Move forward and that naughty rat, Filch will steal your wand. Go back to the eastern end of the hall and grab the accuracy potion. Follow the path as it goes south to get a remedy and you’ll see Filch pop up again after taking a step or two south. Slay the ratling that ambushes you.

**Secret 2**

Check the wall to the left of where you saw Filch to open a secret door. Smack the chest to get a potion of avoidance, large health potion, defense potion, two health potions, and 172 gold. Nice! Check inside the tiny room for a parasitic brew as well.


   Keep pushing south and destroy the rubble in the chamber to find a bag of coins. A ratling will attack you just before you encounter Filch again, who promptly runs away. Walk south a bit more to find Thoris, who will tell you Filch ran through a door flanked by two torches. The room Thoris spoke of is to the east, just past where he was standing. Explore the chamber a bit to get some gold, a haste potion, and kill a rat.

Section 2

   The door to the next section doesn’t look ominous or anything…. right? Actually there are just more doors, a note, and a potion of accuracy. The note says the quickest way out of the labyrinth is found by opening the door by the torch, but let’s explore first. Go through the is the southernmost door in the area. Get your crossbow out before opening the door. Shoot the recluse waiting for you a few times, then proceed down the hall to get a remedy and kill another recluse. You’ll come to another set of doors, take the one at the very end of the hall and get ready to fight a big slime. The big slime is a tough opponent without the wand so heal up and get ready to duke it out.

**Secret 3**

Enter the slime’s chamber after slaying it and search the western wall. As usual the wall will move to reveal a chest. Open the chest to get a potion of avoidance, haste, troll’s blood, remedy, and two health potions.


   Go through the door across from the secret room and kill the prowler, a tougher version of the rat. Pick up the meat and press onward. Get the potion of strength and be ready to fight another big slime. Take the hallway north and use the crossbow to damage the tracker (these beasts disappear for a turn after attacking and pop up behind you or at your side) ahead of you, then finish it with the sword. There’s also a map on the ground. The map reveals a lot of the bottom right quadrant and it’s clear that the the doors are all basically interconnected. Go back to the southern hallway to finish exploring it.

  You’ll come to a door in the southern hall, ready the crossbow and kill the enemy on the other side. Go west and open the door to the small chamber to find a large health potion. Then head over to the next door on the eastern end of the hall. Kill another recluse and step in, then break the pile of rubble to get a remedy. Go down the passage and try to draw out the big slime so you can take a few potshots at him before going toe to toe…hmmm slimes don’t have toes…anyway kill the thing and explore to passage to get some meat, gold, and a health potion. Go back to the door that lead to this section, be careful when opening it, a tracker may be on the other side. Take the hallway north then read the note on the wall. Open the door to find a vaettir drone and kill it. Pick up the potion of haste to the north.

   Open the door to the east and kill two vaettir, by now the paths leading out of all three doors should be explored. Go back to the other side of the door and go north. Open the door and fight the tracker, then grab the meat and large health potion. Open the door ahead and fight the shadow, which will be tougher this time without the wand. There are two more doors in the shadow’s chamber, go through the western one. Kill the worg pup and grab the meat, then open the door to the south for a potion of defense. The next door leads to a dead end while the one west of it leads to another vaettir and a chest. The chest contains: 1 large health, 1 strength, 2 health, 150 gold, and a rusty sword hilt.

   Go back through the door from which you entered and open the door to the north. You’ll see a torch on the wall, to the west is a note and a pile of rubble that conceals a remedy. Open the door in the northern part of the chamber then go through the eastern door and kill the vaettir. You’ll be teleported to the southern quadrant if you take a step to the north. The teleport only seems to work once, so return to the intersection where you killed the vaettir and go through the door to the northeast. Kill another drone and pick up a bag of coins in the alcove to the west. Go through the door to the west to find another map that will reveal the northeastern quadrant.

   Go through the door to the east to get some meat, then open the door to the south and fight yet another vaettir drone. Open the door to the south for a health potion and go back to where you found the map. Go to the western hallway and open the door to the north to fight a shadow. Another door to the north hides a tracker. Pass through the door north of the tracker and kill a recluse.

  This area is a small treasure room. In here is a dwarven ale, gallery image, remedy (under rubble), coin bags, and an ornate chest. The chest holds a potion of haste, remedy, four large health, two strength potions, two accuracy potions, an armor kit, 9 bolts, and 350g. Go through the door west of the chest, kill a prowler, then collect an accuracy potion as well as some coins. Read the note on the wall. You’ll be teleported to the southern quadrant again, but this gives you a chance to explore the eastern hallway on the way back to the treasure room. The rest of this hallway just contains another tracker and a big slime, but you may as well kill them for the experience.

   Back at the treasure room is a door to the northeast, just to the right of the note on the wall. Open the door and shoot the tracker, then grab the defense potion and go through the door to the east. Another shadow waits behind this door so make sure you are near full health, before opening it. Go through the doors killing the tracker, drone, and rat as you encounter them. Go back to the hallway once you reach the dead end. Pass through the door to the south and use the crossbow to kill the drone ahead of you. A rat will ambush you, kill that too.

Section 3

   Gunis will give you the code to the blue door, beyond him is a chest, coin bag, and accuracy potion. Open the chest for a remedy, two large health, two health, an armor kit, and 151 gold. Filch is behind the door to the south. He’ll open every for door in the chamber, letting out several creatures including a worg pups, a recluse, two trackers, prowlers, several drones, and two big slimes. Potions of haste help a lot here along with strength, troll’s blood, and defense. There’s some meat in the chamber along with a potion of defense under some rubble. There are three passages in this chamber, check the center one to find some meat, gold, a large health potion, and a note warning about Bruul. The eastern passage leads to a door, but prepare yourself before opening it, Filch waits on the other side!

Boss 2: Filch

   Ok, this guy hardly qualifies as a boss, but he drops a gem, which is something bosses tend to do in this game. Anyway, you should make sure your HP is over 120 and drink a few potions. I used a strength, accuracy, and defense potion for this fight, they aren’t necessary, but they make hurry things along. Filch can strike twice per turn, dealing a fair bit of damage, but buffs from the potions will ensure that he falls quickly. The sword should be able to inflict decent amounts of damage to this boss thanks to the strength and accuracy potion. Filch should only last about five turns and drops a Dragon’s Eye gem. Heal up with a large potion if your HP drops below 50 to be on the safe side. Grab the gem and say hello to your trusty wand Ellon, then walk up to the blue door.

   Open the lock with yellow, yellow, green, red. Use lightning on the big slime (doesn’t that feel good?) and check the area out. There isn’t much to see here aside from a haste potion, a goat (what’s with this game and goats?), the door to the catacombs, and a fire portal. I know you are just dying to get into the catacombs (sorry for the awful pun), but pay Gaya a visit first.

Dragon’s Lair (re-revisited)

   Gaya will give you the Dragon’s Breath, a useful weapon that spews fire and can damage enemies in a straight line, but it requires ammo. She always seems to give the player gifts that need ammo… shrewd. It is also possible to buy the Flaming sword or the heavy crossbow, but I’d save up for the Vorpal Blade and Warbow, in fact try to get the Warbow for a good price if you have a lot of money. Gaya will be in a great mood after you return her gem, so take the opportunity to buy a few potions and some bolts at the very least.

Part 7: The Catacombs

Section 1

   Three orc raiders are waiting for you near the entrance of the catacombs. These guys are less intimidating now and will drop quickly. There are two reliquaries in this room that can be searched to find gold and some broken glass*. Go over to the normal door to the north to learn Ellon’s fire spell. Then go east and open the tomb. Go down the steps to enter the tomb of Bain.

*All searchable reliquaries appear as brightly colored jars in the wall.

Bain’s Tomb

   All you’ll find in here are a few reliquaries that contain gold, a bag of teeth, and some spoiled candy…eww. Go back up the steps.

   Head out through the northern door. There’s a potion of haste and yet another ghostly dwarf in this chamber standing by a red rune door. Break the barricade south of the ghost to get some coins and talk to him to learn the password to the red rune door, which is: Green, yellow, blue, red.

   Open the red door and confront a new enemy: The warhound, which is a bigger badder version of the worg pup. This is a great opportunity to try your new fire spell. Turn left after crossing the threshold and you’ll see another warhound and a pup. Pass a turn and blast them with Dragon’s Breath when they get close if you want to test your new weapon. Finish off the hound with the sword and get ready to fight another pup. Go east and pick through the reliquaries to find gold, a potion of defense, and some more weird stuff. The box in this chamber is a mimic. Stay as far as possible from it and hit it with spells or ranged attacks to kill it and get a health potion. Fire works really well on mimics. Open the door to the tomb of Ur and enter.

Ur’s Tomb

   Check the reliquaries for more gold and smash the chest. The box contains a potion of invisibility, two large health potions, and 140g. Go back up the steps.

   Go through the passage to the east and talk to the ghost, who will ask you to slay some “strange creatures”. Go west and you’ll see a collapsed portion of the ceiling and some broken down walls. Go through the hole in the wall and pick up the coin bag. To the north is a door that leads to a chamber filled with gargoyle statues. Deadly creatures called Stalkers inhabit this room. They will shift around you, so look to your left, right, or behind you to find them each turn. Cast fire to take these guys out. Dragon’s Breath works well here too. Using a few potions, especially haste, can also make these guys less dangerous. Pick up the large health potion in this room before leaving.

   A worg pup will attack once you open the door leading out of the gargoyle chamber. The chest in the room has one large health potion, two strength potions, and 111g. Check the reliquaries in the chamber for some gold, an invisibility potion, and more creepy things. Get the meat and be ready to blast the warhound that creeps into the hallway leading east with a fire spell. The reliquaries in this chamber contain a potion of defense and more gold. Blast the chest with fire, it’s a mimic. Break the barricade in this room for some more gold. Go down the southern hallway near the gargoyle chamber and use fire to slay the troll that attacks. Pick up the gold coins near the unknown statute in the troll’s chamber, then smash a pile of rubble.

**Secret 1**

Check the wall behind the rubble to reveal a small room and a bag of coins.


   Open the door west of the unknown statue and kill the three vaettir drones in this chamber. The wand and lightning works wonders on these guys. Take a peek at the reliquaries to get a potion of haste, potion of defense,  potion of strength, Sarbok’s ring (which makes you drunk, giving you both the drawbacks and benefits of being intoxicated), and some gold. There’s a large health potion under some rubble. Break the chest to get a potion of strength, two health potions, and 235 gold. A fire portal is on the other side of the door in the eastern end of the chamber.

Dragon’s Lair (re-re-revisited)

   You should have a decent amount of gold by now (about 3800g) and Gaya is still in a decent mood. I recommend buying the war bow for about 2300g and some more bolts. Heal up at the crystal and return to the gargolye room in the catacombs.  

Section 2

   Go through the door to the east and take the meat. There’s also some coins. Search the reliquaries to find a remedy and some gold, then talk to the ghost. He’ll warn you about strange creatures that raise the dead and open the locked door to your right. This chamber contains some nasty creatures, particularly a warhound and phantoms. Phantoms can raise the bodies of slain monsters to fight again. Luckily they are weak against the wand. Take some potions before opening the door to make this fight easier. Dragon’s Breath is effective here, so don’t be shy about using it. Go forward and you’ll see a switch and a hall leading east with a boulder in it.

**Secret 2**

Walk up to the boulder, face north, and push A to open a secret passage. Kill the two recluse and the widow, then pick up the remedy after entering. Deeper in the hallway is another widow and a parasitic brew, use lightning on the widow. Kill another recluse, grab the bag of coins and turn to the west to find yet another widow. Slay the widow and collect a potion of avoidance, two invisibility potions, a remedy, and 451 gold.


   Go back to the room with the lever and open it. A wraith will appear. These creatures are weak against fire, so use the fire spell or a burst of Dragon’s Breath. Step inside the room and check the reliquaries to get some gold and two invisibility potions. Smash the barricades to get some coins, then open the door and blast the wraith that approaches with fire. There’s a reliquary, some roasting meat, and a chest in this room. The box holds: one large health potion, one health potion, an armor kit, and 246 gold. Pull the lever to open the door, which leads back to Kregir.

King Brahm’s Tomb

   Kregir will open the tomb up for you after you speak to him. Go in and collect the potion of avoidance and the Medusa Scroll. This item will turn an enemy in front of you to stone. Using the scroll a second time will un-petrify a monster*. Attacking a petrified foe will damage them normally, but the effect only lasts a few turns.  All of the gargoyles in this room come to life and surround you, so you’ll need to use it to petrify them as a means of crowd control. Popping a potion of haste in this fight is a good idea. Go through the door to the south and grab the large health. Pick up the coins and gallery image as well. Then open the chest to get a large health, 9 bolts, and 214g.

*Note: The Medusa Scroll does not always remove petrification from targets.

   Pull the lever and go through the door. Kill the prowlers and use your warbow on the warhound. The ornate chest in this room is actually a scarlet mimic, use fire on it. Go down the steps and slay the vaettir and phantom, try to get the phantom first, since they can resurrect fallen enemies. The reliquary at the back of the room contains 11 bolts.

**Secret 3**

Just south of the reliquary that contains the crossbow bolts is another false wall that can be revealed by pushing A. There’s an invisibility potion and two large health potions in here.


   Check the reliquaries for more gold. Go into the passage to the north then open the door and kill the warhound, petrify him first, so there will be no body in the area for the phantom to reanimate. Use magic on the phantom. Pick up the coins and destroy the rubble pile in this chamber to get a haste potion. Go through the next door and pick up the casks of Sarbok’s brew and say “hi” to Sarbok.

Section 3

   Once again Sarbok will invite you to drink with him.  This time it’s a high octane brew of Sarbok’s that you have to drink. Take a swig and speak to him again. Some orcs will come charging into the room and Sarbok will tell you to use the scroll of Medusa, which will backfire, turning you to stone if you do so. Luckily, the +40 to defense you get from the brew means the orcs will most likely be unable to harm you and you can take them down easily with your weapons…if you manage to hit them. A potion of accuracy can offset the negative side effects of the booze. Move forward now that the locked door is open once the orcs are dead.

   The next chamber is home to a treasure chest and a wraith who will attack once you approach the box. The chest will yield the following items: two strength potions and 157 gold. Further into the room you’ll see the door to the forge, but don’t leave yet. Go through the door next to it. There’s a vaettir conjuror and a worg pup in the chamber beyond the door. The warbow works wonders here. There is a reliquary you can loot in this room as well as a chest that contains four health potions and 133 gold. Search the hallway to the east to find another conjuror, a reliquary that contains a potion of avoidance, and some gold behind a barricade. That’s it for the catacombs, you can go to the forge now or head back to the Dragon’s Lair for provisions.

Part 8: The Forge

Section 1

   Talk to the dwarf. He’ll tell you the place is cursed and that you need to locate the forge master. Lava dwellers will spawn when you approach the doors to your right or left. Open the first door leading west and destroy the phantom, who will most likely raise a shadow orc and a prowler. Collect the accuracy potion and leave. Check out the door to the east and kill the warhound that pops out from the corner. You’ll see a brief scene with two orcs in the room ahead. Use the scroll to freeze these guys and take them out one by one. There’s not much else in here, so go back to the main chamber.

   Open up the northeastern door and slay the wraith, then kill the stalkers in the next chamber. This room holds a chest that’s actually a mimic and a potion of remedy. Go through the eastern door and kill the drone, then take out the stalker. Be sure to grab the potion of defense before leaving.

   Go north between the anvils and lava in the entrance chamber, then destroy the dweller that appears. Follow the passage and open the door. Kill the warhound and enter the room. There’s a mimic right by the door, so back away before attacking it. Be careful when you get the potion of avoidance: some orcs, a stalker, a phantom, and some drones will attack you. Back up into the doorway you entered the room from and pick them off one by one. The second box contains an armor kit, 22g, a wooden spoon, and 12 bolts. Take note of the blue rune door.

   Go to the door in the west when ready, then smash the junk and the the chest to get a haste potion, large health, and a health potion. Heal up and proceed up the steps. You’ll see a familiar face here and he has a big slime, wraith, and a conjuror to help him. Petrify the guy in front of you and the big slime, then use fire on the wraith. Keep everyone else petrified and use your sword or wand on them. You’ll get the red rune door code, two large health potions, and a potion of strength in this room after winning the fight. That’s it for this room, take the door to the west to enter the living quarters.

The Living Quarters

    Destroy the shadow near the beginning of the hallway. There’s a pile of rubble blocking the entrance to a chamber further down the hall. Smash the rubble and slay the widow, then kill the big slime. Grab the health potion and read the note.

**Secret 1**

Smash the chair in the alcove of the chamber with the widow and big slime, then check the wall behind the chair. There’s some meat in here and a locked door as well a widow.


   Leave the chamber and go down the hall. Rotbread’s chamber will be on your left, beware the stalkers in this room and take the meat. Smash the box to get a potion of strength, potion of accuracy, potion of defense, and 19g. Go back to the hallway and walk past the red puddle to find a fire portal on your left. Take another step down the hall between the two red puddles and a pair of vaettir drones will emerge from them. There’s also a crusher (a beefed up troll) that will attack, use fire magic on him. Pick up any health and troll’s blood potions your enemies drop, then bust down the barricade blocking Glorin’s room. Look out for the chest in this room, it’s a mimic. Pick up the potion of haste and read the note by it.

**Secret 2**

There are three sconces with blue flames burning in them. Light the sconce opposite the entrance to the chamber and extinguish the other two in order to open a secret room. The chest inside holds an elven mail and a ring of defense. If you already own an elven mail, at least getting a new one fully repairs your armor.


   Leave Glorin’s room and open the door to Thalim’s room. Use fire on the wraith in this room, it should destroy the wraith and harm the warhound behind it. There’s a note on the wall that you can read. The chest contains three potions of remedy, two large health potions, and 17g. A red rune door is at the end of the hallway, along with a ladder to the royal hall, which is blocked by a boulder. Enter green, green, red, red into the lock and talk to the dwarf on the other side.

Section 2

   Ithcor will fill you in on events and give you the blue door code. There’s not much else to do here, Ithcor’s body is locked in a curse, so it can’t be destroyed. You can also read a note sitting on a table by Ithcor. Check the back wall of the room to find a secret.

**Secret 3**

Check the back wall next to the bench. Pick up the gold, the dwarven ale, the large health potion, and the gallery image. Open the ornate chest to get 6 Gaya’s Breath, 10 Phoenix Eggs, a potion of avoidance, 2 large health potions, and 100g.


   Return to the blue rune door. Open the blue door with yellow, red, red, blue. Kill the stalker and orc. This chamber is pretty grim thanks to all the bodies, but there isn’t much else here. The lever to the compactor is broken, so you’ll have to wait until both walls slide back to pass, you’ll have exactly two turns to get to the other side.

   Three orcs (two raiders and a berserker) await you in the next chamber. Lure them into the crusher for some easy wins. This also prevents the phantom hanging around just out of site from raising the orcs. Be ready to fight a widow after defeating the phantom, then collect the potion of invisibility, large health potion, and meat.

  Enter the hallway at the end of the chamber and be ready to deal with a tracker, crusher, and a big slime. If that’s not enough you’ll also have to fight a guardian (a powered up version of the gargoyle) and a wraith. There’s some meat in the chamber beyond and Ellon will state that he can sense the power of the object you are looking for beyond a barricade in this room. Search the area a bit before breaking down the barricade.

**Secret 4**

Check the southern wall of the chamber to open up a secret passage. Slay the widow and the recluse. Then pick up the potion of haste, large health potion, troll’s blood, parasitic brew, remedy, and potion of avoidance. Another widow seems to spawn in this room as well, so be ready to deal with it.


   Smash the barricade after uncovering the secret and slay the warhound behind it. It’s not a bad idea to heal up and drink a few beneficial potions before moving forward, especially stuff like haste and strength. A conjuror will spawn in front of you and a warhound will appear somewhere behind you when you reach the end of the hall. Kill them along with the orcs and drones that emerge from the portals. Blast the sphere sitting in the center of the chamber with the wand to lift the curse. Ithcor will show up and thank you.

   Enter the chamber again and two lava dwellers will spawn along with a wraith, and a warhound that attacks from behind. It’s best to back away from the area and kill the warhound first, then deal with the wraith. You may also encounter a phantom at this point, so be sure to destroy bodies or better yet use the scroll of medusa on enemies.

   Two hallways lead out of this chamber, one of which is hidden by a barricade. The only passage that leads anywhere is the barricaded one, but heal up before proceeding. Two widows, two trackers (one of which attacks from behind), a big slime, and a warhound (which also attacks from behind) will engage you when you enter the room. Use the scroll as a means of crowd control and remain in the hall so the creatures cannot surround you. Go up the steps once you have dealt with them.

Entrance to the Throne Room

   Pull the lever to open the stone door. The stone should destroy a crusher on the other side, but be ready to fight one along with several trolls. There are also guardians in this chamber that appear inert, but become active when you approach or touch them. Activate them by hitting A, then fall back to a safe position to fight. This will ensure that you won’t get ambushed.

Part 9: The Throne Room

Section 1

   You’ll encounter another ghostly dwarf in the beginning of this area. Go down the passage (killing an orc raider on the way) until it forks. Take the southern path, deal with the crushers, and pull the lever to open the stone doors.

   Beyond the stone doors is a large room with another massive door that is blocked by a magical barrier. Two dwarves flank this door, speak to them to get some more background. Go down the southern passage and engage the drones in the next chamber. At this point normal shots from the wand should devastate weaker foes like vaettir drones and shadows. Take the large health potion laying around and break the barricade. You’ll see Montague in a room filled with gold. Talk to him to get the code for the red rune door in the previous chamber.

   Open the door with the code blue, blue, green, green. You’ll come to a room with a lever in it, pull it and enter the chamber that opens up. Kill the rat and open the chest for 350g. Pull the lever that is in this chamber and take out the prowlers that appear. Now head down the newly opened passage. Open the box in the next chamber for two defense potions and 650 gold.

   Return to the central passage (you’ll see a magic barrier sealing you in the area) and activate the lever a second time to open another door. The chamber beyond is filled with guardians, step inside to trigger them and backstep into the passage so they cannot surround you. Take the guardians down and go up the steps. Open the ornate chest to get the hex breaker verse. Go back to Montague and follow him back to the chamber with the massive sealed door.

Section 2

   Montague will open the locked door, go down the steps and note the fire portal to your right. Be sure to visit Gaya to stock up or heal your wounds.

**Secret 1**

Smack the eastern wall of the fire portal room to find yet another hidden door. The small passage contains a gallery image, troll’s blood, and a parasitic brew.


   Go deeper into the area to find a room filled with chests. There’s also a cerebus and two orc berserkers in here. Here is the contents of each chest:

Thoris’ Trunk: Potion of accuracy, 150g, broken compass

Sarbok’s Trunk: Dwarven Ale,123g, hangover helpers

Montague’s Trunk: Two armor kits, 6 bolts, 125g, heroic tales for young readers

The final chest is a scarlet mimic.

   Proceed to find a room with a big slime and a great slime. There’s some roasting meat and dwarven ale to be had here as well as a blue rune door. Talk to Jem who asks to you to retrieve her(?!) ring. Go into the western passage to find another chest room. Blast the red box near the entrance with fire, it’s a scarlet mimic. Be ready to fight when you get to the center of the room: a group of berserkers, Cerberus, and warhounds (Two of each) will attack from both sides. Here’s list of the contents of the other boxes:

Gunis’ Trunk: Accuracy potion, 214g, record of seismic anomalies

Kozzer’s Trunk: Troll’s blood, 285g, smithing tools

Brik’s Trunk: 204g, uncut chainmail links

Brak’s Trunk: Two large health, 234g, keepsake favor

Krieger’s Trunk: 320g, ancient burial rites

Destroy the rubble to get an avoidance potion and destroy the red box from afar, it’s another mimic. Go through the next corridor and eliminate the wraith. An orc berserker will ambush you after you take a few steps into the corridor.

Dragon’s Lair (Optional)

   Depending upon how you have spent you money, you should have more than enough to buy the vorpal blade at this point. Players should be able to purchase vorpal for 4,300-4,400g if Gaya is in a neutral mood.

Section 3

   Go back to the area with all the chests (if you went to the dragon’s lair, otherwise just proceed) and follow the hallway to a room with a barricade. A phantom will resurrect a bunch of orcs in the next chamber, so back out of the room and let them come to you. The vorpal sword will annihilate these enemies if you have it, otherwise use your wand and Dragon’s breath, just save enough wand charges to cast fire on the void wraith that is in the area. Smash the rubble pile in this room to find a large health potion. Go up the steps in the northern corner of the room to find an ornate chest that holds the next verse of hex breaker and some potions (troll’s blood and large health).

Go back down the steps and destroy the barricade. Kill the orc and the conjuror, then enter the next room which is another trunk room. The boxes contain the following:

Olak’s Trunk: 108g, warrior hymns

Ignok’s Trunk: 222g, map of secret passage in the treasury

Silan’s Trunk: 100g, torn letter from Eol

Jem’s Trunk: Ring of Fortitude, 300g

**Secret 2**

A hidden door is behind Ignok’s Trunk. A chest named “In case of emergency” that contains two large health and defense potions as well as 75g is in the secret passage. There’s also a gallery image and a lever that opens a shortcut back to the fire portal room.

** Secret 3**

Take a look at your map after finding the secret passage in the treasury map. You’ll see some unexplored space in the southwest where the treasury is located. Go to the room with the stair case and check the southern wall right next to where you enter the area. If you are having trouble finding it, walk up to the steps, turn around, take five paces forward, and turn right. Hit the wall to reveal the secret corridor. There are some coins here and box containing 198g. A wererat will steal some gold, kill it to get your money back. Deeper in the corridor is some more gold and a large health potion. Pull the lever at the end of the tunnel to open a shortcut back to the main area.


   After uncovering all of the secrets, go back to Jem. Talk to Jem and she will kindly let you keep the ring and give you the password to the blue rune door: blue, yellow, yellow, yellow. Unlock the blue door and grab the hex breaker verse from the box. Don’t forget the potion of haste next to the chest. Go back to the sealed doors (killing a few conjurors on the way) and talk to Brik or Brak. You’ll automatically use the hex breaker and open the door. Enter the main hall and destroy the rubble pile between Brik and Brak to get an invisibility potion. Talk to king Brahm, who will ask you to find Abraxis. The king will open the locked door, which will be to the right of where you are facing. This door leads to a small maze filled with guardians.

   Enter the maze, turn left, then open the ornate chest to get a large health potion, champion’s brew, and some gold. Go to the northern end of the room and break the next chest open to find a strength potion and 100g. On the western end of the room is an ornate chest with 200g, a champion’s brew, and a large health potion. Opening all of the ornate chests seems to awaken the statues in the room, so be ready to fight sentinels, an even stronger form of gargoyle. The chest to the south contains a strength potion and 100g. Opening that chest makes the stone blocks shift positions. Go to the northern end of the room to find an ornate chest that contains a champions brew, potion of haste, and 300g. Behind the box is the warhammer, Abraxis. Pick the weapon up and use it to destroy the sentinels that appear. Several crushers will attack after the sentinels have been defeated, use the hammer, haste potions, and the medusa scroll to dispatch them. Congratulations, the throne room is now clear and you can move on to the Pit.

Part 10: The Pit

Section 1

   A potion of accuracy is hiding under a rubble pile in the first room. Talk to Montague and bust down the barricade. A cerberus, orc berserker, and two raiders will attack after you destroy the barricade. Talk to Montague in the next room and he’ll open the locked door.

   A potion of avoidance is sitting in the center of the next room. The pillars in each corner of the room will move closer to you and three conjurors will spawn if you touch the potion. Take them out and open the next door. Be ready for the cerberus on the other side. A penumbra also occupies this room. The next room is inhabited by an orc berserker and raider. Take the coins in this room and kill the crusher hanging around the hallway.

**Secret 1**

Step out of the room where you fought the orcs and into the hallway. Hit the wall in front of you (You have to be facing west) with the sword to open up a secret room. Collect the large health potion. Open the chest and take the potion of avoidance, two remedies, and three strength potions.


Section 2

   Go down the hallway to enter a room with a chest and gargoyle statue. Kill the crusher before it can close with you, be ready to put it down again if the penumbra in this room raises it. You’ll also be attacked by an assassin (upgraded version of the stalker) in here. Smash the rubble for a strength potion. Make sure you are healed up before opening the box, several scarlet mimics will ambush you after opening it. Open the box to get two champion’s brews, four large health, 9 bolts, and 1,027g.

   Talk to Montague and he’ll open the door, the next room is filled with orcs, so be ready to fight. Destroy all of the orc corpses you encounter, a penumbra will attack when you try to leave the room. The ornate box in this room is a mimic, so hit it from afar. The regular chest contains a champion’s brew, two remedies, three large health, 16 bolts, and 1,141 gold.

   Break the barrier and some orcs will spot you. Back into the room behind you and force them to come to you. Defeat them and the conjuror, then move on to the next barricade. Buff up with some potions before entering the next room, you’ll be surrounded by a cerberus, an assassin, and a penumbra. A conjuror and another penumbra are also hanging around here, so try to get to them before your potions wear off. The medusa scroll is useful here as well. The room itself contains a defense potion (under rubble) and a mimic.

**Secret 2**

The southeastern wall in the room is a secret passage. Open it and take the large health, potion of haste, and coins. The chest inside will yield two avoidance, haste, troll’s blood, an armor kit, 21 bolts, and 965g.


   Break down the barricade after opening the secret room. Take down the crusher and the conjuror, be sure to exploit the healing crystal after fighting. Keep going down the hall and kill the assassin, then open the red chest to get champion’s brew, potion of haste, two large health potions, two armor kits, 17 bolts, and 365 gold.

**Secret 3**

You’ll see a chasm with a bridge running across it near the final secret room. Face the bridge and make sure you are two paces away from it, then turn left. Strike the wall to reveal the secret room. You’ll find troll’s blood, a potion of invisibility, an avoidance potion, haste, and large health.


   Cross the rickety bridge and destroy the scarlet mimic, then talk to Montague. Step between the pillars behind where Montague stood. Several sentinels will wake up, stay in between the pillars and use a potion of avoidance. Equip the hammer and spam it’s spin attack until everything is dead. Destroy the bodies before moving, a penumbra will ambush you after you step forward. Use the fire portal opposite the bridge if you need to stock up, then go through the door to the north. Prepare yourself for battle before entering…

Boss 3: Bruul

   Bruul waits at the back of a room filled with orcs. Load up on potions like haste, defense, strength, troll’s blood, and/or avoidance. In fact, you can even drink some of Sarbok’s brew and go crazy with the hammer if you are feeling brave. More cautious types should note the alcoves to the left and right of the entrance. You can smash the rubble blocking them and have a safe place to fight from. The rubble pile also conceals a large health potion, so it’s worth destroying either way.

   Use the healing crystal near the center of the room (you may also want to pass a few turns to let the wand recharge) once all the orcs are defeated and approach Bruul. Talk to him and he’ll express dismay at your actions. Bruul will also send more orcs to kill you and this time you’re out in the open. There’s also a troll variant known as the shaker thrown into the mix, so be careful. I highly recommend using haste and avoidance potions in this part of the fight, they’ll make you nearly invincible. Once again the warhammer comes in handy here, since intentionally allowing yourself to be surrounded is a good way to take advantage of its whirling attack, which can kill or badly injure the orcs in a single hit. The shaker will also crumble under the wrath of Abraxis.

   Heal up yet again and speak to Bruul. Drink some more portions of haste, strength, and the like. Bruul’s bodyguards will step forward. Take a step between them and use Abraxis’ spin attack, which should strike all three opponents. Bruul will flee into a locked door after a few hits and enemies will swarm into the room. Back off into one of the alcoves near the entrance. The biggest threat in this part of the fight are the dread wraiths. Make sure you are buffed up with at least haste and avoidance when fighting the dread wraiths. Use fire on them when possible, but it’s likely your wand will run out of charges and most of the wraiths will still be…uh…alive. Anyway, use Dragon’s Breath or Phoenix Eggs (who would’ve thought they’d come in handy?) on the wraiths to finish them off. The orcs shouldn’t pose a threat, just keep an eye on your health. Kill enough enemies and Bruul will return.

Super Bruul

   Bruul got an upgrade while he was gone and is ready to fight. You’ll appear in the center of the room after the cutscene. Bruul cannot be harmed while his shield is up and does massive damage. He’ll also send you flying backwards with a hit. Buff yourself with potions of haste, avoidance, accuracy, and strength. Next, step up to Bruul and use the medusa scroll on him. His defenses will drop once he is turned to stone. If your avoidance potion has worn off, drink another, if not smack Bruul with the hammer. With accuracy and strength potions active you should do upwards of 240 damage with a critical hit. Drink another avoidance if need be (don’t get close to him if he can hit you with melee) and use the scroll again, then hit him with Abraxis. Repeat the process until Bruul is dead, keeping your haste and avoidance buffs up.

   Bruul with drop the Alexander’s Heart gem. Kill the dread wraith and go back to the fire portal. Gaya will gift you the mighty Dragonscale armor in exchange for the gem. She’ll also be in a great mood, so take the opportunity to barter with her. It should be possible to acquire the regeneration ring for 3000g if you barter with Gaya now. Load up on potions particularly avoidance, haste, large health, and anything else you may find useful: The final stretch lies ahead.

Section 3

   Return to where you fought Bruul. Explore the hallway to the east and go up the steps to fight a cerberus and berserker. Take the large health potion and gallery image, then return to the boss room. Explore the western halls to fight two orcs and find a parasitic brew. Talk to Montague, who will tell you there’s a door to the next area in the north. Go through the hallway Bruul ran into during the battle and collect the gold lying around. Crack open the ornate chest to get two champion’s brews, a potion of avoidance, a potion of invisibility, a potion of haste, three large health potions, and 1,518g.

Part 11: The Twilight Caverns

Section 1

   Some of the dwarves you’ve met throughout the course of the game are hanging around the entrance to the caverns. Talk to them and they will give you a bit of minor info. Healing crystals are scattered around this room which will come in handy. Push the boulder to open the way to the next chamber. Two penumbras and a shaker inhabit the room that was blocked by the boulder. Make sure you either destroy the penumbras first or petrify the shaker before slaying it so you don’t have to deal with a shadow shaker.Destroy the box in this room to get troll’s blood, strength, and large health potions as well as three armor kits. Move another boulder and kill the conjuror, then follow the corridor as it leads north.

**Secret 1**

The corridor opens into a small chamber. Check the eastern wall to find a hidden room. Grab the parasitic brew and open the box, which contains: champion’s brew, potion of avoidance, and three remedies.


   Kill another conjuror and get ready to fight a new enemy: The vaettir necromancer, which is the strongest version of the vaettir. Push another boulder and deal with the necromancer behind it. Another passage lies beyond the boulder and you will be able to see a magic barrier at the end of the hall. Take care here and check your back every few paces. You’ll see a dread wraith ahead and some shakers will ambush you. It’s best to side step into the alcove formed by the boulder and the wall, then use the medusa scroll to petrify the enemies as they come within range so you can fight them without fear of being harmed. Some more shakers, two penumbras, and a dread wraith will reinforce the ambush, so stay on your toes.

Section 2

   With the magic barrier down, you can enter a fairly large chamber. There’s a box in this room, but hold off on opening it until you’re ready to fight.

**Secret 2**

Walk along the northern wall of the chamber until you come to some stalagmites. Stand against the eastern wall with your back to the stalagmites do that you are facing south. Take three steps forward and check the wall to open a hidden door. Take the gallery image. Break the box to collect a potion of haste, one troll’s blood, two large health potions, three potions of strength, and 438g.


   Break the box in the southern end of the room to get two potions of haste, a large health, four defense potions, 28 bolts, and 785g. The magic barrier by the box will drop and some conjurors will attack. Fall back to the entrance of this chamber. A potion of haste helps in this situation. There are some penumbras in this area as well, so try to petrify the vaettir before killing them. Go down the newly opened passage once you’re done fighting.

   A pair of cerberus will attack you in this passage along with an assassin. Step into a small room with two exits blocked by unstable dirt. Destroy the penumbra that spawns here. Take either passage you like, they both lead to the same room, which is filled with widows. Use the wand and crossbow to pick off these enemies from afar. There’s an ornate chest tucked into a small side passage on the eastern side of the room. A widow will spawn behind you when you approach the box. Break the chest to get three champion’s brews, two haste potions, three strength potions, an armor kit, and 989g.

Section 3

   There’s a hole in the back of the spider room, enter it and ride the vent over the stalagmites after killing a wraith.

**Secret 3**

Go into the alcove along the western wall, near the stalagmites you just jumped over. The wall is a secret door. Get ready to fight a wraith that ambushes you after opening the door. Open the chest to get champion’s brew, a potion of avoidance, troll’s blood, two large health potions, and two armor kits.


   A boulder is sitting on top of some stalagmites up ahead. Use a ranged attack to destroy it and move forward. A pesky penumbra will attack, take it out with a few wand shots. An assassin and necromancer will back the penumbra up, so be on your toes. Two more assassins will approach as you go further into the hall, try to destroy them with ranged attacks. Further down, the passage opens into a chamber with a boulder on the opposite side. Draw the two necromancers out of the room and eliminate them.

   Push the first boulder in the room to the left or right, then move the next boulder forward twice and push it to the right afterwards. Move the boulder blocking the hallway and it’ll fall into a pit, granting you access to a fire portal. Head west when ready. You’ll come to a winding hallway with a shaker dead ahead. Push the boulder forward and get ready for a battle.

   Enemies will emerge from a corridor to your left. Luckily you don’t have to worry about getting swarmed in the narrow hall. The attacking force consists of a necromancer, shaker, cerberus, and a penumbra. As usual, turning the creatures to stone will ensure the penumbra has no bodies to raise. Follow the hallway once you are finished. You’ll come to some boulders. Push the boulder over the vent to reveal a second vent, which will allow you to enter the next area.

Section 4

   Open the ornate chest up ahead to get two champion’s brew, a potion of haste, two large health, three armor kits, and 253g. Go down the passage and slay the dread wraith, then collect the gallery image in the small room to the west. Go down the hall and open the box to get two haste potions, two troll’s blood, two large health potions, three strength potions, 15 bolts, four armor kits, and 719 gold. There’s also a healing potion in this room. Beyond is the final boss…

Boss 4: Kai’ Laria

   Chug every potion in the book, this is the last battle. Potions of invisibility are very useful in this fight, since they will allow you to slip past the boss’s minions. Ignore Kai’Laria’s minions and head straight for her. She is very fast and you’ll have to hit her with the wand to sun her in order to close with her. Try to force her to move so that she is within your direct line of sight. Smack her with the warhammer once she is stunned. Be sure to have avoidance up when you hit her, because she will likely counter with an attack that will knock you back. Having an active avoidance potion and haste will give you another chance to stun her with the wand, then hit her with Abraxis. With any luck, you’ll get a few good critical attacks and defeat her in two or three hits. Kai’Laria will heal herself if she slips past 30% health, so be aggressive. Defeat Kai’Laria and enjoy the end of the game, congratulations!


This section categorizes and briefly describes the hostile creatures the player will encounter throughout the course of Orcs and Elves. Bosses are not included in this list. Some categories are named after the first variant of each species encountered by the player, in other cases the common name of the species is used. Variants of a species are ordered from weakest to strongest.


These creatures are generally weak, but can charge the player from a space away to attack. As a rule these monsters are more of a nuisance, but can be dangerous in ambushes. They also steal from time to time. Ratlings often drop gold when slain. Note: Some wererats have unique names that are not included in this list, such as Filch or Wererat Thief.

Wererat Variants:





Brutes common in fantasy games. Stronger versions of the orc use a crossbow at a distance. Overall not very threatening, but they are often accompanied by deadlier monsters and can be dangerous in packs.

Orc Variants:





Spiders can spit venom (with the exception of the weaver) as well deliver respectable damage. Expect to be ambushed by spider type enemies from time to time. Most weapons are effective against spiders and the lighting spell can destroy all but the strongest of the species with a single hit. Remedies are also very helpful when fighting these monsters.

Spider Variants




*Spits venom.


Semitransparent monsters that resemble reptiles. These creatures are quite dangerous due to their high attack power and ability to shift to another square adjacent to the player after attacking. The best way to deal with a tracker type enemy is to pick it off from afar with lightning or another ranged attack. The Medusa Scroll is also highly effective. When engaging a tracker in close combat, turn around to find it once it disappears after attacking. Trackers are especially dangerous, because they ambush quite frequently. On the bright side, they have rather modest HP pools and crumble under powerful blows.

Tracker Variants





Worgs are vicious two headed dogs that move quickly and attack twice per turn. Fortunately, they are lacking in the defense department and take massive damage from fire and lightning spells. Worgs also lose the second attack if you damage them enough, so ranged attacks are recommended.

Worg Variants

Worg Pup




A troll is a huge brutish creature that packs a powerful punch. The game implies that they regenerate health, but the troll’s most prevalent ability is the “Slam” attack, a powerful blow that deals heavy damage and knocks the player back a space. Slam takes two turns to activate, however, so players will almost always be able to avoid it. Trolls have high defense and can soak up a lot of damage, use flame based attacks or the Medusa Scroll. Stronger troll variants will drop troll’s blood potions from time to time.

Troll Variants





Usually appearing as stone statues, Gargoyles often act as guardians of treasure. These beasts have moderate defense and a respectable offensive capability. It’s best to dispatch a gargoyle type foe by turning it back to stone with the Medusa Scroll and using the sword to destroy it. Ranged and magical attacks are also good for softening up distant gargoyles.

Gargoyle Variants





The shadow class of enemy is a dangerous spirit that is highly resistant to physical attacks, but weak against magic. Shadows will commonly strike from a distance with their own magic. The stronger shadow variants (Phantom and Penumbra) can raise slain enemies to fight again, so it’s important to either destroy the bodies of your fallen foes or kill them while they are petrified when shadow type foes are present. Keep in mind that shadows are immune to the effects of the Medusa Scroll. Lightning, fire, and even regular shots from the wand work well on these foes.

Shadow Variants




*Can raise dead allies.


The game seems to refer to these creatures as elementals, but almost every variant is a slime. All slimes are able to devour dead bodies, quickly restoring their health in the process. These creatures tend to have high HP and good defense, though they are susceptible to lightning. Note: The Lava Dweller variant is the exception to the rule with slimes: they do not seem to eat corpses and can hurl balls of magma at the player.

Slime Variants


Lava Dweller

Big Slime

Great Slime


Mimics are exceptionally dangerous early in the game due to their powerful attacks and high hit points. The most dangerous feature of the mimic is its resemblance to treasure chests, which can catch players off guard when a seemingly harmless chest suddenly bites them. Fortunately mimics usually stay in place until they are awakened, so players can set the fight up strategically and flush the mimic out. It’s best to stand several paces away from a chest you suspect is a mimic and fire a wand shot or crossbow bolt at it, then finish the monster of as it attempts to enter melee range. Lightning and fire spells are highly effective against these creatures. Sometimes mimics will give themselves away by jostling about. While mimics resemble treasure boxes, they’re it’s no guarantee they will drop loot upon dying and what they do drop is often limited to small amounts of gold or a single potion.

Mimic Variants


Oak Mimic

Scarlet Mimic


Also known as dark elves, vaettir are nimble creatures that can strike from a distance with magic. Vaettir do little damage and have poor defense, but they can move after attacking without using a turn, making them difficult to pin down. It’s best to lure a vaettir into a narrow passage so it cannot side step away from you, then hit it with ranged attacks. The crossbow is especially deadly to vaettir. Vaettir will sometimes drop potions of health.

Vaettir Variants

Vaettir Drone

Vaettir Conjuror

Vaettir Necromancer


Wraiths are among the deadliest foes in the game. Immune to the Medusa Scroll and resistant to physical damage, the wraith is also able to drain life from its victims, raising its own HP in the process. Furthermore, their attacks lower the player’s defense and strength (a potion of remedy can remove this debuff). Some variants have been known to use a weak long range attack as well. Magic, particularly fire, is the best way to deal with a wraith. Wise players will save weapons like the Dragon’s Breath and Phoenix Eggs for situations that require them to fight several wraiths simultaneously.

Wraith Variants


Void Wraith

Dread Wraith


Perhaps the most rare enemy type in the entire game, centipedes are classed by their stage of development and demonstrate different abilities at each phase of life. With that in mind they are generally easy to slay with both weapons and spells in most forms. Below is a list of the types of centipedes you will encounter.

Egg Sac– As the name implies, this is a cluster of eggs that will spawn hatchlings. Destroy these as quickly as possible to avoid being overwhelmed.

Hatchlings– Resembling worg pups in behavior, these creatures emerge from egg sacs.

Centipede– Adult hatchlings. Centipedes can paralyze the player will melee attacks. Use a potion of remedy to reverse the effects of paralysis.

Centipede Hatcher- A more powerful version of the adult centipede.

C.Weapons, Rings, Armor, Potions, and Ale

   While tactics are an important aspect of this title, the tools at your disposal are also key to a successful campaign. Understanding how potions, spells, rings, and weapons work along with when to use them is often the dividing line between victory and defeat. Below are descriptions and analyses of the usable items in this game.


   There are a variety of weapons available in Orcs and Elves, each with its own uses. Gaya the dragon will either sell or reward the player with many of the weapons listed below. Buying or receiving a new type of weapon in the same category will replace the old one. For example, purchasing a flaming sword will result in your normal sword vanishing. Below is a list of weapons according to category. Commentary on the applications and overall effectiveness of each weapon is also provided.


Swords are going to be your primary melee weapon for much of the game. They deal rather modest damage, but the fact that they do not consume charges or ammo is a major strength.

Sword- The basic starting sword is surprisingly effective through much of the game. Judicious use of potions, rings, and the Medusa Scroll can greatly amplify the effectiveness of this weapon, making it a viable tool in the long term.

Flaming Sword- A slightly more powerful incarnation of the sword that can be bought from Gaya for roughly 700 gold. While the flaming sword has it’s benefits, it’s not a necessary weapon and players can eschew purchasing it in favor of other items.

Vorpal Sword- The most powerful of swords can be bought for roughly 5000 gold from Gaya. Players should buy the vorpal sword as soon as they can afford it in order to take advantage of its high attack power.

The Wand

Ellon, the hero’s magical companion also doubles as a weapon. The wand has a limited number of magic points that recharge as turns pass. Over the course of the game Ellon will grow more powerful, gaining increased charges and new spells.

Magic Shot (1MP)- A simple magical projectile. Good for enemies that are resistant to physical attacks. Magic Shot becomes more powerful as the player levels up.

Lightning (35MP)- Good for destroying or heavily damaging weaker variants of slimes, mimics, and shadows. This spell is useful early on, but is eclipsed by stronger spells as the game progresses.

Fire (80MP)- An extremely powerful spell that can also ignite enemies around the target. Good for slaying trolls and wraiths.

Stun (80MP)- Deals damage and prevents the enemy from acting for a few turns. Stun is not really worth using due to its high cost and the fact that the Medusa Scroll offers a similar effect for free.

Force (80MP)- This spell can damage and knock back an enemy. The practical applications of force are fairly limited thanks to its high casting cost.


Crossbows are useful ranged weapons that are good for softening up enemies before they get into melee range. Players will need bolts in order to use the crossbow, which can be found in chests or purchased at a reasonable price. Keep in mind that you can only carry 99 Bolts bills at a time. It is also unnecessary to buy the basic crossbow, because Gaya will give it to you.

Crossbow- The most basic of the category, this weapon is gifted to you by the dragon. At first the crossbow is relatively powerful, but its utility will decrease over time.

Heavy Crossbow- A more powerful version of the crossbow. While the heavy crossbow deals more damage, it is not worth buying, because of the 1300 gold price tag. The player can easily hold out long enough to by the superior war crossbow.

War Crossbow- As the most powerful version of this weapon type, the war crossbow not only inflicts decent damage even late into the game, but knock foes back as well. At 2700 gold, players can buy this weapon about mid way through the game if they barter wisely.


Abraxis is a powerful warhammer that the player obtains late in the game. The warhammer can knock targets backwards as well as perform a devastating whirling attack that can knock back and damage multiple foes in melee range. Use the hammer by pressing A as you normally would when surrounded to activate the whirling move. The downside is Abraxis draws from the same MP pool as the wand and costs 15 MP to use.

Dragon’s Breath

A gift from Gaya, the dragon’s breath is a potent fire weapon that can hit enemies two spaces in front of the user. Dragon’s Breath’s primary advantage is it’s ability to damage two foes in a direct line. Wraiths, Trolls, and Shadows are weak against fire, so this weapon is a great choice when combating them. Unfortunately, the Dragon’s Breath requires rather expensive ammunition to operate, so it’s best to save this weapon for emergencies.

Medusa Scroll

One of the best items in the game, the Medusa Scroll is capable of turning foes to stone, rendering them unable to act for about five turns. Not only can the scroll petrify enemies from a distance of two spaces, but it can be used infinitely as well. The following rules regarding usage of the scroll should be kept in mind:

1.Monsters can dodge the effects of the scroll. Attempting to use the scroll on a creature that is a space away seems to decrease the odds of it working.

2.Creatures such as shadows and wraiths are immune to the Medusa Scroll.

3.Using the scroll while under the influence of ale will cause the player to accidentally petrify himself.

4.Enemies can be damaged and even killed while petrified. Killing a petrified foe will shatter the body, making it impossible for it to be resurrected.

Phoenix Eggs

Another fire based weapon, these are the hand grenades of Orcs and Elves. Phoenix Eggs are rather expensive, but are useful against Wraiths and the like. For the most part, Pheonix Eggs are not worth buying and players should simply hold onto those they find in chests for emergencies. Note: The game claims Phoenix Eggs are an area of effect weapon, which is possible, but in my experience they only strike a single target.


   Rings grant a variety of bonuses to the player character and can be bought or found throughout the course of the game. Only one ring can be worn at a time, but the game allows players to swap between rings easily.

Ring of Accuracy- Adds 25% to your accuracy rating. The ring of accuracy is my personal favorite for two reasons. First, it decreases your odds of missing, which is helpful for ale drinkers and increases damage in a de facto manner. Secondly, the accuracy stat determines the frequency of critical hits, so having high accuracy can greatly increase damage output.

Ring of Defense- Imparts a 25% bonus to defense. This is one of the less useful rings in my opinion. Still, players concerned with conserving potions may prefer it. It can also make the player nearly invincible when paired with ale and defense potions.

Ring of Force- 12% chance to knock target back. This ring only has 3/25 chance of actually knocking anything back which makes it weak when compared to other rings that have a constant effect. Note: I tried pairing this ring with the war crossbow to see if the innate knock back ability of the crossbow stacked with that of the ring of force. Some testing indicated that the effects either did not stack or the bonus was miniscule.

Ring of Fortitude- 50% bonus to HP. While not particularly helpful on its own, this ring works nicely with troll’s blood and/or the parasitic brew.

Ring of Intimidation- Gives attacks a 12% chance to inflict fear on enemies, causing them to flee for 3 to 5 turns. A marginally useful ring. The main issue with this item (aside from its low proc rate) is the fact that it is essentially rendered obsolete by the Medusa Scroll.

Sarbok’s Ring- Adds 10 to strength and defense. This ring also reduces accuracy by 15 and makes Elli drunk. There’s really not much cause to use this ring. It’s possible to achieve the same effect through Dwarven Ale, which the player can get an infinite supply of in the Great Hall.

Ring of Strength- Increases strength by 25%. Another highly useful ring, this one increases strength. While I prefer the ring of accuracy, the ring of strength is also worthwhile.

Ring of Regeneration- Restores 2 HP every turn. This ring is helpful, but at a base cost of 5000g, it is generally unavailable until late in the game.

Heirloom Ring- This ring seems to do nothing.


   Armor in Orcs and Elves is a fairly cut and dry. Each type of armor adds to your defense stat and has its own durability, which can be restored using an armor kit. Below is a list of the various types of armor and notes on when and how you should acquire them. Note: The defense stat seems to only reduce the damage inflicted by physical attacks and not magic.

Leather- Elli begins the game in leather armor. Not very effective, but it’s better than nothing.

Chain- More durable than leather and available for purchase at Gaya’s lair. It is best to buy this as soon as possible.

Elven- Players can either buy the Elven mail or hold out until the forge where it can be found in a secret room. This armor is second only to the Dragon mail.

Dragon- The most powerful armor in the game. While the Dragon mail is available for purchase for roughly 22,000 gold, it’s best to wait until Gaya gives it to you after defeating Bruul.


   A wide array of potions are featured in this game. All potions are helpful and players should be sure to not only stock up on them, but make use of them to get out of difficult situations. Using the right potion or combination of potions will often make the difference between life and death. Players should be aware that the effects of potions stack, but at diminishing returns and the max period of effect for most potions is locked at 30. The penalty for stacking potions appears to be about -40% and they will only stack four times. Example: You take a defense potion and gain +10  defense for 30 rounds, then wait ten turns, the next potion will grant an extra 6 points for a total of +16 and set the turn counter back to 30. Subsequent uses will impart an additional bonus of +4 for the third potion and +2  for the fourth. Consequently, I advise players to stack no more than two of the same potion for the sake of efficiency in most cases.

Health Potion- Restores 40 HP. The most basic potion in the game, these remain useful as a means of healing throughout the journey. While it is unwise to use these in the heat of battle later in the game, they still are still a good way to heal between fights.

Large Health Potion– Restores 80 HP. A more potent version of the health potion, these should be conserved when possible, because they will be an important source of healing in the second half of the game.

Potion of Haste- The player will be able to act twice in a single turn. Lasts for 20 turns. This is one of the best potions in the game and should be used frequently, since they are relatively inexpensive.

Potion of Strength- Adds 10 to strength for 30 turns. This potion goes well with haste and accuracy, which help amplify the damage bonus.

Potion of Defense- +10 to defense for 30 turns. Good for damage mitigation, especially in conjunction with the ring of defense.

Potion of Accuracy- Increases accuracy by 10 for 30 turns. Synergizes well with strength and haste. Also dampens the negative effects of ale.

Potion of Remedy- Cures all status ailments and inoculates the player against negative status effects for 5 turns. Remedies should always be kept on hand as they can cure all negative effects inflicted upon the player by an enemy, even stat penalties from wraiths.

Troll’s Blood- Restores 5 HP per round for 30 turns. Another great potion, Troll’s Blood can be used as a means of healing and partial damage mitigation in combat. It’s also technically the most powerful healing potion, because it restores 150 HP in total. The stacking rule mentioned in the beginning of this section also applies to troll’s blood. This means taking a second troll’s blood will heal 8 HP per turn and reset the timer to 30, making it one of the most useful potions to stack in prolonged combat situations.

Champion’s Potion- Grants 15 points to strength, accuracy, and defense for 30 turns. Champion’ s potions are good to take when ambushed, because you gain the effects of three potions in a single use, saving precious time. In such cases it’s best to take a potion of haste as well.

Parasitic Brew- This powerful potion leeches life from enemies when the player attacks.  Lasts for 30 turns. A great potion to use with Abraxis while surrounded or when fighting tough opponents. Note: My testing suggests that the parasitic brew will heal the player roughly 50% of the damage inflicted on an enemy by his/her attacks.

Potion of Avoidance- 4 enemy attacks will automatically miss the player. Lasts for 30 turns or until it has deflected 4 attacks. This potion is incredibly useful and should be conserved for boss fights. Do not attempt to stack this potion: The diminishing returns applied to stacks makes using a second potion a waste in this case.

Potion of Invisibility– Makes the player invisible for 10 turns. Good for escaping danger, but some creatures will still be able to locate the player. Note: I neglected to test this potion in any meaningful way. It’s most likely that wraiths and other undead type creatures are able to detect invisible players. The final boss seems to be able to do so as well.


   Ale is both a blessing and a curse. All ales restore some HP (20 points) and grant a bonus to strength and defense. They also penalize accuracy and make it impossible to use the Medusa Scroll properly. Luckily, players can work around the accuracy penalty by using the accuracy ring and/or potion. In some cases, enemies won’t be able to damage the player at all (especially if they are using powerful ale and a defense ring) making the accuracy penalty negligible. The most important thing to note about ale, is that the player has access to an unlimited supply of Dwarven Ale from the ale press in the great hall. Finally, the same stacking rule that applies to potions also applies to ale, so expect diminishing returns and a hard cap of four stacks of ale.

Elven Ale- Elli starts the game with this ale. Provides a bonus of 5 to strength and defense as well a 7 point penalty to accuracy.

Dwarven Ale- +10 to strength/defense, -15 to accuracy. An infinite supply of these is available at the great hall ale press.

Sarbok’s Brew- Adds 40 to strength and defense, but also comes with a massive -60 to accuracy. This is a rare ale that is only found in the catacombs.


  The following is a collection of rules of thumb that can be applied to a number of situations in Orcs and Elves. The first section outlines strategies for all difficulties, while the second is specific to Nightmare mode.

General Tips

Fight Wisely- Try to position yourself in battle so that only one enemy at a time can fight you. This is a turn based RPG, so you’ll always have time to survey your surroundings and find an alcove or doorway to stand in so that enemies cannot cluster around you.

Use Ranged Attacks- Many enemies lack ranged attacks, so firing a few crossbow bolts or wand shots into them while they close with you is a great way to damage them before the melee begins. Potions of haste can allow you to kite foes by taking a step back, then firing the bow or wand in a single turn. This strategy is less effective against enemies with ranged attacks of their own.

Door Buffering- This goes hand in hand with the first tip, but deserves its own mention. For some reason, enemies are unable to open doors. This means you can stand in a doorway and back out of it, using it as a barrier between you and the enemy. Players can use this strategy to recharge the wand so they can cast spells, use potions without fear of being attacked, cancel a troll’s slam attack, or simply flee from battle.

Grind- Orcs and Elves is an RPG that doesn’t require players to grind, but it is possible to do so anyway. Simply return to a previously visited area and walk around killing any enemies that pop up. This will net you some experience and even bonus items. Money is dropped by ratlings (especially common in the Entrance), Vaettir drop health potions, and troll’s drop troll’s blood. The drawback to grinding is that it can be costly in terms of armor durability and time. Theoretically, patient players could kill enough ratlings to purchase powerful items early on in the game.

Kill All Enemies, Find All Secrets- Clearing a stage of enemies and/or secrets will net the player a substantial amount of extra experience. A level can make a big difference in this game, not to mention the extra loot from secret rooms.

Bartering With Gaya- You don’t have to pay full price for anything Gaya sells, so be sure to haggle with her. The best time to make large purchases from Gaya is just after giving her a gem, which puts her in a good mood. Always save before trying to haggle with her in case she rejects your offer, which will move her mood meter a notch towards bad.

Stock up on Ale- The ale press in the Great Hall will produce a dwarven ale every time you pull the lever, get as much as you can. The healing properties alone make it worthwhile.

Turning is Free- Attacking, drinking potions, moving into another space, and any other actions count as a turn. Facing a different direction does not. Keep this in mind when checking for ambushes or fighting multiple opponents.

You Can Side Step- The L and R buttons will make the hero side step in the corresponding direction. While this doesn’t affect gameplay much, it allows the player to move to an adjacent space with a single button press.

Medusa is Your Friend- The Medusa Scroll turns enemies to stone. Use it whenever possible to avoid taking damage.

Save Often- Save the game regularly in case something goes wrong.

Destroy Corpses In The Catacombs and Beyond- You will encounter enemies that can resurrect their fallen allies and cause a tremendous amount of trouble. Destroy bodies or turn enemies to stone to prevent them from coming back to life if a phantom or penumbra iis in the area.

2.Nightmare Tips

   At first Nightmare mode may seem impossible, but it’s only slightly more challenging than difficult. Below is a list of things players should keep in mind while playing this mode to make it more manageable.

The First Room- This is one of the most dangerous aspects of Nightmare. In normal and difficult mode, players encounter only a few wererats in the first room and there are orc corpses scattered around that pose no threat. In Nightmare, these orcs are alive and spoiling for a fight. The enemies in this room can easily kill you, thanks to their numbers. Players should save before opening this door and use the Door Buffering technique (see General Tips) to get the orcs to move away from the door so they can be shot with the wand. Back away once an orc closes with you and let the door block him, then wait in hopes that the orc will back away. With any luck the trick will keep you alive until you manage to clear the room.

Destroy Every Corpse- Enemies resurrect on their own in Nightmare from the very beginning, which is why the first room has so many orcs. Use the sword to destroy every enemy corpse so they cannot come back to life and ambush you.

Clear Normal or Difficult First- It’s possible to finish Nightmare without having completed the other modes, but it helps to know something about the game before tackling this difficulty.

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