Monster Party (NES)

Developer: Human Entertainment

Publisher: Bandai

Genre: Platformer

Release Date: 1989

Players: 1

System: Nintendo Entertainment System


   Monster Party is a horror themed platformer for the NES that is centered around the adventures of Mark and a monster named Bert. Evil monsters have taken over Bert’s world and he needs Mark’s (or anyone’s) help to return peace to the land. Players control Mark, a boy who uses a bat to attack monsters and deflect projectiles. Over the course of the game players will engage in the usual platforming activities, such as fighting enemies and leaping over obstacles. Mark can also fuse with Bert by taking a pill dropped by enemies. After fusing, the player will control a projectile shooting creature that is capable of flight for a limited time. Monster Party consists of eight rounds that the player can return to by using a password.

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