Monster Party (NES) Passwords

This page contains passwords for stages 1-8 in Monster Party for the NES. For more information and screenshots please click here to visit our Monster Party description page.


   Select “Continueat the title screen and enter the alphanumeric password for the desired stage by using the D-Pad to highlight the appropriate character and pressing the A button to enter the letter/number. You can delete a previously entered character by hitting the B button. Passwords are case sensitive, so be sure to verify whether or not each letter is lower or upper case (we have transcribed the password to each round in plain text under each screenshot for the sake of clarity). Once the password has been entered, hit start or select “end” to begin the game. (Passwords courtesy of Rontro)

Round 2

Password: Syn bog 1sJ

Round 3

Password: F0a Q?K 8TQ  (Note: The second character in this password is the number zero)

Round 4

Password: 2pQ QD2 Ogu

Round 5

Password: BQ! TjH SnW

Round 6

Password: bG2 tz2 uCE

Round 7

Password: -pn bMe T6L

Round 8

Password: Hdg P.v 9fF

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