Metroid (NES)

Developer/Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: August 1986

Genre: Action/Adventure

Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System

Players: 1


The Nintendo classic that started it all, Metroid places players in control of the famed interstellar bounty hunter, Samus Aran. After receiving orders to hunt down the Metroid and destroy the space pirates, Samus travels to the planet Zebes in search of her quarry. In this side scroller, players have to pick their way through the maze-like pirate base on the planet Zebes. Weapons like the Wave Beam and Ice Beam can be found hidden in ruins scattered around the base. Samus must use her powerful space suit and beam cannon to blast her way through hordes of alien creatures as she explores the planet. Players will also find Missiles and Energy Tanks that give Samus extra health.

Metroid is also full of obstacles such as high barriers that players must find special items like the High Jump Boots to clear. These items grant Samus special powers that allow her to do things like roll into a ball or leap high into the air. In order to complete her mission, Samus must first defeat the bosses Kraid and Ridley before facing Mother Brain. Players can save their progress using a password system.

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