Metal Storm (NES)

Release Date: February 1991 (NA)

Genre: Platfomer/Run and Gun

Developer: Tamtex

Publisher: Irem

System: NES

Players: 1


   Metal Storm places you in the role of the M-308 Gunner whose mission is to save the Earth from a malfunctioning laser platform based on Pluto. Neptune has already been destroyed by the laser and the M-308 is the only weapon capable of penetrating the laser platform’s defenses in order to force the malfunctioning computer that controls the laser to destroy itself. It won’t be an easy job however: a legion of robots stand between our hero and the core. Metal Storm features standard NES platforming mechanics with a twist: the player can use the M-308’s gravity control device to cling to the ceiling at will. Players will also obtain a number of power ups for the M-308 including gun upgrades and an improved gravity flip that can destroy enemies. This title is seven stages long and features a tougher expert mode that can be unlocked by beating the game. Players can resume their progress via password.

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