Metal Storm (NES) Passwords

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Metal Storm (NES) Passwords


Select “Password” on the title screen and enter the password for the desired stage by using the D-Pad to highlight the corresponding character. Hit A to enter each character. The game will commence once the final character has been entered. Each password has been transcribed into plain text under the screenshot for the sake of clarity. Please note that the the heart symbol depicted in the game’s password entry screen is transcribed as the word “Heart” to avoid confusion. The final password unlocks stage 1 of expert mode. (Passwords courtesy of The Every Gamer)

Stage 2

Password: FMJ HNHQ 1V4

Stage 3

Password: XBD 2D3S FBS

Stage 4

Password: 64 [Heart] FNC2 BJZ

Stage 5

Password: RF9 CCRW 7VN

Stage 6

Password: PC9 QFRW WGQ

Stage 7

Password: NPF 6VC3 K [Heart] Z

Expert Mode Stage 1

Password: 9R4 452K X50

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