Metal Gear Solid (PS1) Save Files

Metal Gear Solid (PlayStation) Save Files

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Note: These saves were made using version 1.1 (Rev 1) of Metal Gear Solid and may not be compatible with ver 1.0. You may also need to change the file name/extension if you are using certain emulators. Players will get the “Good Ending” if they use the saves made after Save 3.

Save 1 (Disc 1): Save made in the Cell area just after talking to the DARPA Chief and getting the 1st Key card.

Save 2 (Disc 1): Snake has just rescued Hal and must find Meryl. This save had plenty of weapons including the Socom, FA-MAS, and Claymore Mines. Items like the Cardboard Box A, Thermal Goggles, and Gas Mask are also in Snake’s possession.

Save 3 (Disc 1): Just after the first fight with Sniper Wolf. Snake still has the stuff listed above for Save 2. This is also the point where you can choose the ending you get by losing or winning the “Torture game”.

Save 4 (Disc 1): This save was made in the Snowfield just after the Hind battle and before the second encounter with Sniper Wolf. Snake has all the standard items as well as the Camera and Body Armor.

Save 5 (Disc 2): After the battle with Vulcan Raven.

Save 6 (Disc 2): Underground Base, the PAL Key has been heated and Snake must return to the Command Room Metal Gear’s Hanger to finalize the emergency override.

Save 7 (New Game +): Start at the Dock on a new game with the Bandana and Camera.

Emulator Version: SwanStation (RetroArch Linux)

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  1. Thank you, this is super helpful! I suspended playing the game a few years ago, and since then have lost my save. Don’t feel like replaying 15 hours, so this is great!

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