Mega Man X2 Boss Guide (SNES)

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Mega Man X2 Boss Guide (SNES)

~By tankMage (January 2022)


To date I’ve written boss guides for eight Mega Man games counting this one. Looking back, I never thought I’d get this far or have so many people using my work, so thank you for choosing this guide over the dozens that are out there. As with many of my Boss Guides, this one not only includes the major bosses in Mega Man X2, but also the locations of the powerups and a few tips. I also did my best to test the bosses and get a good idea of their attack patterns, which are also described in this work.


I. Boss Order

II. Tips

    1. Start Getting the Upgrades ASAP

    2. Master X’s Moves

    3. Refill Your Sub Tanks in Overdrive Ostrich’s Stage

III. The Eight Mavericks

    1. Wire Sponge

    2. Wheel Gator

    3. Bubble Crab

    4. Flame Stag 

    5. Morph Moth 

    6. Magna Centipede

    7. Crystal Snail

    8. Overdrive Ostrich

IV. X Hunter Zero Part Battles: Agile, Serges, and Violen

    1. X Hunter Locations

    2. Tips for Finding the Zero Parts

    3. X Hunters 

V. X Hunters (Base Stages)

    1. Violen

    2. Serges 

    3. Agile

    4. Maverick Rematch

    5. Zero

    6. Neo Sigma

    7. Sigma Virus

IV. Power Ups

    1. Heart Tanks

    2. Sub Tanks

I. Boss Order

As with every game in the series, players are free to fight the first eight bosses in any order they wish. However, each of the bosses has a weakness to a weapon possessed by another boss. Furthermore, Wheel Gator’s weapon can be used to obtain the air dash, which makes it possible to acquire other powerful upgrades that make the game easier. Consequently, defeating the eight Mavericks in a certain order will make the game considerably less difficult. The boss order shown below is my personal favorite, since it allows players to gather upgrades without having to fight some of the more difficult bosses with little more than the X Buster.

1. Wire Sponge

2. Wheel Gator

3. Bubble Crab

4. Flame Stag

5. Morph Moth

6. Magna Centipede

7. Crystal Snail

8. Overdrive Ostrich

II. Tips 

Before looking at the Mavericks and the rest of the game’s bosses, I would like to cover a few strategies that make the game less difficult.

1. Start Getting the Upgrades ASAP

The first two bosses in the game are Wire Sponge and Wheel Gator if you are following this guide. Wire Sponge’s stage has an easy to acquire Heart Tank and Sub Tank that can make fighting him less daunting. Wheel Gator is a lot easier to defeat with the Strike Chain from Wire Sponge and the Spin Wheel can unlock the Armor in Morph Moth’s stage as well as the Air Dash in Overdrive Ostrich’s stage (See Part IV. Powerups). After getting the air dash, X can obtain the X Buster upgrade as well as several Heart Tanks. Having access to improved weapons and armor alone makes defeating the remaining Mavericks and X Hunters a piece of cake.

2. Master X’s Moves

Dash jumping, air dashing, and scaling walls are all very important skills. Sometimes you will have to perform these moves at a split second’s notice while charging the X Buster. This requires the player to hold down the Y Button with one part of his thumb while pressing the jump and even dash buttons with the other. This is rather unusual for an SNES game, so practice doing so if you are having difficulty taking evasive action. You can also dash and air dash by pressing forward twice, which is helpful if you cannot perform the thumb technique.

3. Refill Your Sub Tanks in Overdrive Ostrich’s Stage

After getting the Silk Shot and Spin Wheel, you can fill up all of X’s Sub Tanks in a matter of minutes by visiting Overdrive Ostrich’s stage. Look for a ledge near the big speeder bike ramp just after getting the bike. Dash jump to the ledge and you’ll see a wall that can be cut through with the Spin Wheel. Enter the room behind the wall and charge the Silk Shot to pull a bunch of large energy capsules into the room. Use these to fill up the Sub Tanks. This can be done as many times as you like as long as the Silk Shot has energy. 

III. The Eight Mavericks

The Mavericks are the initial bosses of MMX2. The first two or three boss fights are the toughest no matter what order you use, since X will not have access to his more powerful abilities at this point. As a result, you will have to fight Wire Sponge and Wheel Gator a bit more carefully than the rest of the mavericks.

1. Wire Sponge

Weakness: X Buster or Sonic Slicer

Reward: Strike Chain 

Wire Sponge is the weakest of the Mavericks and a good first boss. He often starts out by spinning one of his wires around, forming a shield that blocks attacks. After a few seconds, Sponge will either jump towards X, extend his wire towards X, or use his wire to grapple into the ceiling and pull himself upwards. The wire’s reach can vary quite a bit and it’s best to scale the wall where it can’t hit X. 

If Wire Sponge starts pulling himself upwards, he will stop every few seconds to lob seeds that sprout into spikes when they touch the wall or ground. Blast the spikes to keep them from becoming a problem and hit Sponge with charged X Buster shots while he is vulnerable. 

This Maverick can also grab onto walls and pull himself forward, so it’s best to stay high and dash jump off the walls to avoid him. In fact, staying mobile will tend to force this boss into a pattern where he either uses his ceiling grapple or hops around trying to hit X with his wire. This makes it easier to get shots in on Sponge.

Get this boss down to about 20% and it will turn red, becoming invincible for a few seconds. Additionally, the flower on his head will transform into a spike and he will call lightning down from above. The lightning tends to hit the areas adjacent to Sponge, so you’ll be safe if you move as far from him as possible when he turns red.

The Sonic Slicer is Wire Sponge’s real weakness and can deal massive damage to him. He will also fall if you hit him with the Sonic Slicer while he is hanging. Both charged and regular Sonic Slicer shots work well.

2. Wheel Gator

Weakness: Strike Chain

Reward: Spin Wheel

Wheel Gator follows a fairly simple pattern throughout the match. First, he will dive into the sludge that coats the floor of his chamber. Movement is not hindered by the brown liquid, however, Wheel Gator will leap out of it and catch X in his jaws if he is on the floor or close to it. Gator’s leap attack is fast and you have to move quickly to avoid it. The boss will squeeze Mega Man X to death in his jaws and you will have to wiggle out by mashing the jump and directional buttons. Dash jumping from one end of the chamber to the next is a reliable way to stay out of Gator’s grasp.

After emerging from the muck, Gator will either dive back in or launch the buzz saws on his shoulders at you. The blades take a moment to spin up, so you will know the attack is coming when he stands still for a second. He’ll fire two saw blades that bounce along, climb up the wall and half way across the ceiling, then fall back into the gunk on the other side of the room. Dash jump away from the circular blades and climb up the wall to safety. Gator will either launch two more blades or submerge again to repeat the process.

Gator’s attack pattern changes if you stick to the walls. He will stay submerged and send a single saw blade up the wall you are on. Make a small jump away from the wall to get out of the blade’s path, then jump back to where you were. Do not jump to the otherside of the room, because the saw blades arc downwards as they lose momentum and there’s a good chance one will catch you.

Attacking Wheel Gator is a bit tricky. You should use the Strike Chain on him, which means you have to get close to this dangerous boss. The good news is Strike Chain does a lot of damage and will force him to retreat into the sludge, which allows you to control the fight. Try to bait Gator out of the water by dash jumping from one side of the chamber to the other. A pattern of dash jumping onto a wall from the floor, hopping down, and dash jumping to the next wall works well. Watch out for his saw blades while on the wall and move quickly when you are on the floor to stay out of Gator’s jaws.

With any luck you should be able to narrowly avoid getting chomped on by Wheel Gator. Stay on the floor when he comes out of the sludge and wait a second for his invulnerability to wear off before hitting him with the Strike Chain. The window of opportunity to hit Gator before he launches his saw blades is tiny, so you will have to time your attack to hit just as he stops flashing. Wheel Gator always retreats into the sludge after getting hit with the Strike Chain, so be prepared to bait him out again after using it.

Wheel Gator will start using a new attack when his energy drops down to about 25%. After surfacing, he may spin his entire body around and fly horizontally across the screen into the wall he is facing. Gator will damage the wall if he touches it, creating small spikes that harm X if he makes contact with them. This move is slow and easy to cancel with the Strike Chain. Just be aware he may also use his double buzz saw attack even at low health, which makes it more difficult to predict his actions.

Note: Agile, Serges, and Violen will appear as mid bosses in random stages after you defeat a second Maverick, which would be Wheel Gator if you are following this guide.

Pro-Tip: This is a great point in the game to start collecting powerups. The Spin Wheel will allow you to get the Air Dash in Overdrive Ostrich’s stage, which will allow you to get many of the Heart tanks and other upgrades. In turn, having a powered up X will make defeating the X Hunters much easier. Of course, this is not a good strategy if you want to go through the stages quickly, because you will have to get the upgrades, then purposely die to prevent the X Hunters from retreating.

3. Bubble Crab

Weakness: Spin Wheel

Reward: Bubble Splash

Bubble Crab surrounds himself with a bubble that absorbs damage. He moves rather erratically, often switching between running across the room and jumping towards X. He also jumps directly upwards using jets that come out of his back. The water level constantly changes in this chamber, so you cannot rely on making super high underwater jumps consistently. Watch out for the spikes on the ceiling, they can kill X if he touches them.

While Bubble Crab’s primary means of attack is ramming into Mega Man X, he also spawns four small crabs that will also attempt to crash into X. The small crabs float at the top of the water level and have their own protective bubbles. Charged shots will destroy the tiny crabs. 

On rare occasions, Bubble Crab will open a hatch in his chest and send a ring of bubbles across the chamber. The bubbles are slow and not a problem to jump over.

Crab’s bubble shield makes fighting him without the Spin Wheel take forever, because he will refresh the shield a few seconds after the player destroys it. However, charged X Buster shots deal a fair amount of damage and knock this boss backwards. Of course, Wheel Gator’s Spin Wheel is your best bet in this battle. Not only will it destroy Bubble Crab’s shield instantly, it also knocks him back and interrupts his pattern, which prevents him from spawning the small crabs. Skilled players can time the Spin Wheel so that the boss walks into it twice with a little luck. At any rate, this fight is pretty easy since all you have to do is hit Crab with the Spin Wheel, jump away from him and repeat the process until he is history. A charged Spin Wheel deals a lot more damage to Bubble Crab and penetrates his shield instantly, so use it if you have the X Buster upgrade.

4. Flame Stag 

Weakness: Bubble Splash

Reward: Speed Burner

Flame Stag often starts the battle by leaping from one side of the chamber to the next until he reaches the ceiling. He’ll climb back down to the ground using the same leaping pattern. While on the floor, Stag will either throw fireballs or use a flame dash move that will take him across the room. The fireballs follow a predictable low/high pattern and can climb up walls. Stag’s flame dash leaves a trail of fire behind him.

This boss is a piece of cake if you have the Bubble Splash. Dash away from him, to get out of the way of his wall leap, then dash again to avoid him when he returns to the ground. Hit him with the Bubble Splash as soon as possible and you will knock him back. Stag always reacts to the Bubble Splash by throwing his fireballs. Dash jump to the wall opposite Flame Stag when he throws fireballs, then jump off of it and hit him with Bubble Splash again to force him to throw more fireballs. Repeat this process until Flame Stag is scrapped. 

Range plays a role in this fight and X will have to get close to to hit Stag. The player will also have to make longer jumps to reach the boss as he gets knocked back by successive attacks, though hitting him from the front, then behind will keep him in the center of the room.

Flame Stag is difficult to fight without Bubble Splash and I do not recommend doing so. Players who wish to use the X Buster or some other weapon against Stag will have to dash away from his leaps and dash jump from his flame dash/fireballs. Then hit him between attacks.

Finally, Stag’s flames may turn blue when he gets low on health. The only notable effect of this is an increased duration of the flame trail left by his flame dash.

5. Morph Moth

Weakness: Speed Burner

Reward: Silk Shot

Phase 1

Morph Moth is unique in that he has two forms. He will begin the battle as a pupa that hangs from the roof of the room. The pupa will swing from its thread, knocking into X if he is on the walls. It also throws junk that can damage X if it hits him. The junk comes in a random, thus difficult to dodge pattern. 

Morph Moth may also drop from the roof, burrow into the trash on the floor and move from side to side sending dangerous bits of junk everywhere. He is invincible while performing this move, so stay near the ceiling and wait it out.

After sucking up enough scrap, Morph Moth will spray it back out in a circular motion that goes around the room. You will have to scale the walls and air dash over the pupa in order to avoid the junk. He usually sweeps the room three times with his junk spray.

The Speed Burner is highly effective against Morph Moth and will damage him quite a bit, but it does not interrupt his attack sequence. Do not charge up the Speed Burner, because the flame dash does not work well on the pupa form of Morph Moth. Stick to the standard Speed Burner shot. 

The pupa will retreat to the roof and transform into a moth after losing about 2/3 of its health.

Note: Do not use the Speed Burner on the floor, it won’t hit Morph Moth and will cause lag.

Phase 2

Morph’s second form is easy to kill. It’s still weak to the Speed Burner and spends a lot of time exposed to attack. Watch out for the dust it drops as it flies and shoot it while sliding along the walls. Every so often, Morph Moth will extend its hands and fire a beam of light; dash or leap away from it. You can use the charged up Speed Burner to kill Morph quickly if you like, but you run the risk of taking damage while dashing through the boss and the amount of damage it inflicts isn’t much better than the uncharged shot.

6. Magna Centipede

Weakness: Silk Shot (Primary) Strike Chain (Secondary)

Reward: Magnet Mine

Magna Centipede’s main weapon is his ability to pull X towards him and deliver a sting that will prevent X from charging his weapon for the rest of the battle. This makes it important to fight this boss with the Silk Shot, because it destroys his tail along with his ability to magnetically attract X.

Without his tail, Magna can only teleport around the chamber, throwing shurikens that curve towards X. He can cling to the ceiling as well, but Magna is easy to hit with the Silk Shot if you dash jump off the wall to reach him. Learn to look for pixels that float together as Magna materializes and you can set up attacks just as he appears. 

If his tail is still intact, Magna will detach sections of it from his body and send it towards the player. A dash jump or air dash can avoid this move, but the tail pieces will track the player until Magna recalls them.

The Silk Shot uses a lot of energy and you may run out of ammo in the fight with Magna. The Strike Chain is not much of a substitute for the Silk Shot, but it deals respectable damage to the boss. Magna is easy to hit with a charged up X Buster as well as the Strike Chain, so there are a lot of options for fighting him.

7. Crystal Snail

Weakness: Magnet Mine

Reward: Crystal Hunter

Crystal Snail mostly retracts into his shell and flies around the room at sharp angles. Weapons cannot penetrate this boss’s thick shell. He is easy to dodge when he is in his shell, because he spends a couple of seconds rotating to line up with X, which gives the player plenty of time to figure out where the boss is going to move. 

Upon landing, Snail will throw three globs of goo that will encase X in a crystal if one of them touches him. Stay near the ceiling to avoid the crystal goo. You can (and should) break out of the crystal quickly by mashing the jump and directional buttons if you get caught in the goo. X will take a lot of damage if Crystal Snail makes contact with him while he is encased in crystal. Every so often, Crystal Snail will emerge from his shell in mid air and slow time, but this move isn’t really a threat.

Magnet Mines are very effective against this boss, because they make him pop out of his shell and hit the opposite wall. On top of that, Snail will have to reenter his shell, which is your chance to hit him again. You can force him into a loop where he returns to his shell, then gets forced out of it again with a Magnet Mine if you time your attacks so they hit just as he enters his shell. Just be sure to move out of his way since he can cause contact damage while flying out of his shell. 

It’s also easy to beat this boss with the X Buster if you are patient. Wait for him to land, hit him with a charged shot, then climb up the wall to get away from the crystal goo. Repeat the process to beat Crystal Snail.

8. Overdrive Ostrich

Weakness: Crystal Hunter

Reward: Sonic Slicer

Overdrive Ostrich is one of the easier Mavericks, though fighting him without the Crystal Hunter can be tricky. Overdrive will run across the screen occasionally leaping into the air and firing sonic slicers that fall to the ground. There are big gaps between the slicers that X can step into to avoid damage. You can also jump over the boss with an air dash when he is charging you. 

Overdrive may fire a small sonic slicer from his mouth, but a simple air dash or dash jump is enough to get out of its way. He may also perform a series of bounding hops across the screen. Dash towards him to get under the hops where it is safe.

Not much strategy is required to defeat Overdrive Ostrich. Hit him with the Crystal Hunter to freeze him for a moment. Overdrive will react by leaping into the air to fire off his sonic slicer, which is your chance to hit him again. You can quickly trap him in a pattern where X uses the Crystal Hunter to freeze Overdrive repeatedly without fear of being damaged. Also, charging the Crystal Hunter will allow it to slow time, which makes it really easy to fight this boss.

IV. X Hunter Zero Part Battles: Agile, Serges, and Violen 

This portion of the game has to be handled carefully if you want to collect all of the Zero Parts and get the “Good Ending”. Collecting all of the Zero Parts will also save you the trouble of fighting a difficult boss near the end of the game and change the final parts of the story in a few minor ways.

Zero Parts are missible, because the X Hunters will start to retreat once a certain number of Mavericks have been defeated. The X Hunters do not start to appear until two Mavericks have been beaten. This leaves the player a relatively small window in which to find and defeat the X Hunters. Here is the order in which they retreat:

-Serges retreats after 5 Mavericks are defeated.

-Violen retreats after 6 Mavericks. 

-Agile retreats after 7 Mavericks.

To make the situation even more complicated, the X Hunters are fairly tough and hide in different boss rooms that are in turn hidden in the Maverick Stages. Finding and defeating Agile, Serges, and Violen takes a bit of patience and strategy.

1. X Hunter Locations

The X Hunters move around randomly and change places every time the player exits a stage. They hide in special rooms that are often in out of the way spots. Some of these rooms require special weapons or abilities to discover. Here are the locations of the X Hunter rooms.

-Wire Sponge Stage: The X Hunter room for this stage is just under the first large elevator. Slide down the wall after the elevator passes to find it.

-Wheel Gator: Use the last floating platform in this level to travel down to the secret room.

-Bubble Crab: The huge submarine in this stage stops near the hidden X Hunter room.

-Flame Stag: There is a second beetle robot after the rising lava. Trick this beetle bot into destroying the breakable wall near the top of the screen to unlock the path to the X Hunter room.

-Morph Moth: Look for a passage near the ladder after the first midboss. You will need the Air Dash upgrade to reach the hall leading to the X Hunter room.

-Magna Centipede: Run through the room with the falling blocks as fast as possible to reach the door to the secret chamber. The blocks can seal this door off, so it takes practice to get to it.

-Crystal Snail: This one is easy to reach. Look for it behind a breakable wall near the spike pits. You will need the Ride Armor to destroy this wall.

-Overdrive Ostrich: You will need Wheel Gator’s Spin Wheel to destroy a breakable wall near the start of this stage to find the chamber.

2. Tips for Finding the Zero Parts

It is not easy to find and battle all of the X Hunters, because of all the obstacles X faces and their habit of fleeing the field after a certain number of Mavericks have been defeated. There are a few things players can do to make finding and fighting these guys easier:

-Fighting the X Hunters is optional. Mega Man X2 can be completed without getting all or any of the Zero Parts, however, there are benefits to getting them.

-Keep track of how many Mavericks you defeat so you have time to take on the X Hunters. 

-Revisit completed stages to get the X Hunters to move to more convenient places to fight them. This is not the sort of strategy you want to use to beat the game quickly, but it works. 

-Bring a few full Sub Tanks to the fight. You can have at least two Sub Tanks in your possession before you have to battle the X Hunters, so fill them up to make fighting these guys easier.

-Be prepared to fight the X Hunters with the X Buster. It can be difficult to get the right weapons to fight these bosses with, but they are not that tough if you learn their patterns.

-Remember, you can power X up a bit before fighting the X Hunters. Serges won’t flee until you have beaten five Mavericks, so you can explore a bit before fighting him. You have even more time before you have to face Violen and Agile.

3. X Hunters 

You’ll have to fight the X Hunters to get Zero’s parts after you locate them. These guys are fairly strong, especially early in the game, but good tactics are enough to defeat them.

a. Serges

Weakness: Sonic Slicer or Silk Shot (Energen Crystal Mine)

Reward: Zero Part No. 1 (Head)

Serges is the most annoying of the X Hunters as he is the first to flee and the most difficult to fight. It’s unlikely that you will have the Sonic Slicer by the time you fight him, which happens to be his weakness. Fortunately, sound tactics make the battle with him a lot less stressful even without the Sonic Slicer.

First of all, try not to climb the walls in this fight. Serges likes to somersault from his platform and fire energy shots that fan out in all directions. Sticking to the floor and making short hops over Serges’ hoverboard makes it easy to simply step away from his energy shots. Secondly, he protects himself with a shield that deflects weapons. Time your attacks so they hit him while he is landing, in the air, or when he lets his barrier down. Clear out the mines he lays on the floor with a charged shot so you can move freely.

With a bit of patience, you can fall into a comfortable rhythm of hopping over his platform and hitting Serges when he is vulnerable. It helps to bring a full Sub Tank to this battle, because his hoverboard has spikes on its side that can damage you and there are times when you may not be able to dodge both Serges and his board.

Note: Do not jump at the start of this fight or you will get hit by Serges’ cloak as he throws it. 

b. Violen

Weakness: Bubble Splash or Silk Shot (Wire Sponge Stage)

Reward: Zero Part No. 2 (Torso)

Violen deals ridiculous amounts of damage, so bring a full Sub Tank or two to this fight. Even better, grab the armor upgrade in Morph Moth’s stage before fighting Violen. This X Hunter makes huge hops around the room and can hover in the air to fire bullets that spread out. He can also fire these bullets when on the ground and will extend his arm before doing so. 

Violen’s most deadly ability comes in the form of a huge wrecking ball that he will occasionally sprout from his back and flail around the room while standing still. The ball does a lot of damage and moves around erratically, making it difficult to evade.

This boss is weak to Bubble Splash, but do not bother charging it up as the regular bubbles work fine. Try to dash under him when he jumps and keep your distance. The wrecking ball is not terribly accurate if you are between Violen and a wall or far away from him. Dash in to attack Violen just after he lands or uses an ability and you should beat him without much of a problem.

c. Agile

Weakness: Magnet Mine, Silk Shot (Bubble Crab/Flame Stag Stage), or Spin Wheel

Reward: Zero Part No. 3 (Legs)

Agile may seem tough, but it’s easy to catch him in a controllable pattern. He will charge at X while swinging his sword if X is on the floor. This move deflects bullets, so do not bother shooting a charging Agile. Climbing the walls will prompt Agile to leap upwards and unleash a wave of energy that blocks projectiles. These moves can be hard to dodge, but there’s a simple solution to this battle.

Climb up the wall and drop down when Agile jumps to avoid his sword wave. Shoot him when you hit the ground, then start climbing again and repeat the process. Sometimes Agile breaks the pattern and performs his dash attack even if you are on the wall, simply leap over him and climb the opposite wall if this happens. Agile tends to dash more frequently as he gets low on health, so be ready to dash jump away from him at a moment’s notice.

The Magnet Mine works wonders in this fight as does the Silk Shot if you are battling Agile in Bubble Crab or Flame Stag’s Stage. That said, you may not be able to get these weapons in time to fight Agile. Fortunately, the X Buster works well as does the Spin Wheel. In fact, the Spin Wheel can hit Agile several times in a single shot since he has a habit of standing still if you are using the wall climbing technique to lock him into a pattern.

V. X Hunters (Base Stages)

X will have to battle the X Hunters for keeps after defeating the eight Mavericks regardless of whether or not he fought them earlier in the game. The X Hunter Base Stages must be completed in a set order and cannot be revisited once finished. However, players can still visit the Maverick stages to refill Sub Tanks or find secrets that may have been overlooked.

1. Violen 

Weakness: Bubble Splash or X Buster

Violen uses the same moveset as before. With a few new twists. 

-Wrecking ball: He will swing a spiked ball around the room that moves erratically, dealing loads of damage to X if it hits him. Violen uses this ability frequently, but you can hide behind the blocks in this chamber to stay safe.

-Hovering bullet spray: Sometimes Violen will jump in the air and hover while firing bullets that spread out towards the floor.

Interestingly, Violen will not use his hand shot while standing on the ground (as far as I know) and can change the position of the blocks in the boss chamber. He is also invincible while he raises his arms to change the block placement.

Violen should not be a problem if you have a few Sub Tanks and upgrades. In fact, he is fairly easy to beat if you stand on the opposite side of the room and fire charged up X Buster shots at him while he flails around. Bubble Splash also works well, but forces X to get too close for comfort.

2. Serges 

Weakness: Silk Shot or Giga Crush (Guns) Speed Burner (Serges)

Serges confronts X in a room whose floor is lined with spikes. You’ll have to stay on the platform to survive, which is difficult, because Serges fires projectiles from the guns that line the front end of his vehicle.

Each gun fires its own projectiles when Serges moves behind it. The top gun shots a bouncing bullet, the second fires a curving shot, and the third shoots a homing shot. The bottom gun fires a laser that moves in a straight line.

Destroying a gun will make Serges move forward, destroying one of the platforms in the process. He will not move forward when the fourth gun is eliminated. Using Giga Crush will destroy all of the guns at once and Serges will only move forward one space. Use Silk Shot to get rid of the guns if you do not have Giga Crush.

A few weapons work on Serges once the guns are history, but Speed Burner works best in my opinion. The bucket Serges rides in protects him from damage, so you will have to aim carefully for his head. Actually hitting him is made complicated by his vertical movement and the shots he fires. Serges’ bullets will travel a bit, then split in four smaller projectiles that spread out. Alternatively, you can pick away at Serges with normal X Buster shots, which have a faster rate of fire.

The real trick to this battle is not getting knocked into the spikes, which will kill X instantly. The guns can be destroyed quickly even without Giga Crush, but the fight with Serges still takes a while, so play defensively to reduce the odds of being knocked into the spikes. Stay on the back platform so you have more time and room to react to his shots and time your attacks carefully to line up with his weak spot. Use the X Buster or Magnet Mines if you run out of Speed Burner energy.

3. Agile

Weakness: Magnet Mine

You can instantly kill Agile by using the Shoryuken right away if you have it. Agile is easy to defeat even without the Shoryuken. He stays near the top of the room and will often move to match X’s position, then sends rows of spikes into the wall that drop on X’s head. Balls of electricity slide down the walls and floor when Agile creates his spike platforms, so be sure to jump before they hit you. Stand under Agile to avoid the spike platforms when they drop. It’s easy to jump onto or over the platforms when they fall, just be careful of the real spikes on the floor.

He also fires a big rocket that comes out of the background, which can be dodged by staying on the wall or destroyed with a Magnet Mine. 

Climbing up the wall will make Agile turn red and ram the side of the wall X is on. You can bait Agile into doing this purposely, though doing so isn’t terribly useful in my experience. 

If you do not have the Shoryuken, use Magnet Mines and press Up to guide them towards Agile. You can out damage him very quickly if you are good at guiding Magnet Mines. The charged up Magnet Mine deals a lot of damage and can hit Agile several times.

4. Maverick Rematch

X will have to battle all eight Mavericks again after defeating the X Hunters. Use the teleporters in the large room that makes up the fourth of the final set of stages to confront each Maverick. You can fight the Mavericks in any order you like, refer to the image below to see which teleporter leads to which Maverick.

Tip: There are small energy pellets hidden on the platforms in the center of the room. They respawn after each battle and when you die.

Tip: Try to defeat the Mavericks you found most difficult first so you can fight the easier ones when you are getting low on energy.

1. Wheel Gator

2. Overdrive Ostrich

3. Crystal Snail

4. Magna Centipede

5. Flame Stag

6. Bubble Crab

7. Wire Sponge

8. Morph Moth

5. Zero

Weakness: Speed Burner

This battle is more or less optional, because you do not have to fight him if you get all three Zero Parts from the X Hunters. Players who want a bit of a challenge or who want to see everything Mega Man X2 has to offer can fight Zero and should prepare themselves for a rather tough series of battles, since Zero will put a strain on your resources.

Zero’s primary attack is his double charge shot and sword beam combo. He’ll fire two charged up shots similar to X’s and a wave from his sword in quick succession. This move can be partially canceled by the Speed Burner (or totally canceled if you charge the Speed Burner up) or avoided by air dashing. X can also get away from the barrage if he scales the walls.

Zero may spam his sword/shot combo or charge towards X depending on X’s position and what choices the AI makes. Generally, Zero will charge at X if he is on the wall and shoot at him if he is on the floor. Zero’s charge involves him dashing at X with his sword, then stopping and smashing the ground to make rocks fly into the air once he reaches X. Air dash over the charge. Try to avoid staying on the walls for extended periods of time, because the blast zone of Zero’s ground smash sends debris far enough into the air to hit X even if he is at the top of the room.

Zero can block attacks with his arms and will often do so. Try to time your attacks so they land when Zero has his back turned or just after he performs an attack of his own.

The regular Speed Burner shot or a really well timed Shoryuken are your best bets in this fight. Precise timing is required to pull a Shoryken off and getting hit will make it difficult to attempt again, so you’re better off with the Speed Burner if you miss. Essentially, you’d have to hop over Zero’s barrage or charge, then execute the Shoryuken before he can react, which is no easy task.*

The Speed Burner can cancel some of Zero’s shots and hits him several times, which makes it a solid choice in this fight. Try to hit Zero in between attacks and focus on air dashing over his charges or avoiding his barrages, since you’ll need energy for the final boss. It’s possible to pass through Zero with a charged Speed Burner dash, but it does little damage and costs more than a regular attack.

With a bit of luck you can trap Zero in a loop where he uses his barrage while you hop away and counter him. However, this technique is unreliable, because Zero can break out of the loop by deciding to charge, which seems to happen at random.

*To be honest, I tried to Shoryuken Zero and couldn’t pull it off, so this is just a theory on my part.

6. Neo Sigma

Weakness: Sonic Slicer

Neo Sigma is kind of a pain as his moves tend to fill the screen or require careful timing to dodge. That said, he is not hard to brute force to death using the Sonic Slicer and a Sub Tank. 

Sigma will leap from one side of the room to the next before disappearing. He can hit X pretty easily unless you dash under him while he is leaping. After vanishing, Sigma will materialize near the ceiling and attempt to drop down on X. A well timed dash is enough to avoid Sigma’s drop. Dash jump to the wall to get away from his claw swipe/charge combo that will send X flying if it hits him.

After performing his move, Sigma will either do it again or create energy balls that shoot in X’s direction. Take to the wall and try to hop through the gap in the energy balls as they come towards you. After losing about 70% of his health, Neo Sigma will use his claws to generate a wide electric field that flies across the room, climb the walls to escape it.

As I said earlier, you can just push through this fight without worrying about damage as long as X is fully upgraded. In fact, I’ve finessed this battle in the past and it really is not worth the trouble unless you are trying to do a no damage run. Just hit Neo Sigma with the Sonic Slicer as much as possible and he will die before long. Getting close to Sigma and unleashing a fully charged Sonic SLicer should take huge chunks out of his energy bar, ending the battle even more quickly.

7. Sigma Virus

Weakness: Strike Chain or Charged Up X Buster

The Sigma Virus has no life bar, but his color changes in place of a life bar to indicate his current health. His attack patterns also change based on his color. The Strike Chain Works really well on Neo Sigma as does the X Buster. However, the X Buster takes time to charge where the Strike Chain is effective without charging, so stick to the Strike Chain until it’s out of energy.

Pro-Tip: The Sigma Virus will spawn small robots during this battle. You can farm energy pretty quickly by letting him spawn robots and destroying them to get some power ups if you need them.


Sigma Virus starts out green. He will fly across the room shooting beams from his eyes at the floor. Dash away from the beams and try to get to the corner. In most cases he will stop firing the eye beams when X reaches the wall. Alternatively, you can jump over Sigma, but he moves and shifts direction quickly. Sometimes Sigma will spawn a few small robots, which is a good thing since they tend to drop energy when destroyed.


Sigma will speed up and spawn robots after every eye beam sweep. He will also start going all the way to the wall with his eye beams, making it necessary to jump over him if you wish to avoid his attack.


He will stick to the same pattern and aggressively try to ram X after every eye beam sweep.

Red/Dark Red 

Sigma will use his pattern until you hit him a few times, then he will turn dark red and teleport away. He will reappear right on top of X every few seconds. Fast players can dash just as Sigma appears to dodge him, but it’s extremely difficult to hit him before he vanishes. Alternatively, you can let Sigma hit you and use the Strike Chain on him, which is the best way to handle him since he will die after a few hits. Sigma may also use his eye beam sweep while dark red, which makes it a lot easier to hit him.

IV. Power Ups

X can find items that increase his life bar, grant him new powers, and give him reserve energy. These items are scattered throughout the Maverick stages and often require special powers to obtain or careful searching at the very least. This section is a basic list of the items and where/how to find them.

1. Heart Tanks

A Heart Tank increases Mega Man X’s maximum health by two bars. One Heart Tank can be acquired in all eight Mavericks stages for a total of 16 extra health bars, which nearly doubles X’s total energy.

a. Wire Sponge Stage

The first Heart Tank is hidden in the beginning of Wire Sponge’s stage. Scale the wall left of where X teleports into the stage and walk into the glass block near the top to get Heart Tank 1.

b. Bubble Crab Stage

The second Heart Tank is in Bubble Crab’s stage. Look for it just after the fish shaped submarine appears. Climb the wall that’s far right of the sub’s dock until you reach a small sea cave. Dash jump from the section of wall closest to the cave entrance and you will pass a few floating platforms. If you’re lucky, X will be able to latch onto the first platform on his first pass, if not you’ll have to time your jumps so the platform is low enough to grab onto and scale. The Heart Tank is just above the platform. 

c. Flame Stag Stage

Look for the third Heart Tank in the rising lava tube not far from the beginning of this stage. You’ll find it on the left side of the lava tube as you climb up to escape the lava. A gate will shut in front of the Heart Tank when you get near it. Either start charging the X Buster as you climb or use the Spin Wheel to destroy the gate. Be quick about getting this Heart Tank or you will get caught by the rising lava.

d. Wheel Gator Stage 

You will need the X Buster upgrade and Flame Stag’s Speed Burner to get this Heart Tank. It is located just above the ladder after the ride armor section. Dash jump from the high platform to the right while charging the Speed Burner, then activate the Speed Burner at the apex of your jump to make it to the Heart Tank. The wall by the Heart Tank is lined with spikes, so you will need to time your jump perfectly. You can also spring off of the safe bit of wall just above the spikes if you miss and get lucky.

e. Magna Centipede Stage

Search for this Heart Tank just after the spotlights near the start of the stage. You will need the Speed Burner and X Buster upgrade to get this Heart Tank. There’s a gray block on the ceiling by a shaft going up just after the last spotlight. Try not to trigger the final set of spotlights or the block you need to jump to will fall. Jump over to the platform on the right of the gray block. Charge up the Speed Burner, dash jump to the block, then activate the charged up Speed Burner to get to the Heart Tank. 

f. Crystal Snail Stage

Get in the ride armor near the slippery slopes right of the start then backtrack to the pit between the slopes. Fall down the pit and use the ride armor’s jump jets to control your descent. Keep left to squeeze into a hole in the wall near the bottom. Perform a dash jump in the armor, tapping the jump button to intermittently fire the jets, which will make you fly further. Leap out of the armor just before it falls into the giant pit and you should land on a platform with a Heart Tank. Ride the floating platform back to safety.

g. Morph Moth Stage

Get Crystal Snail’s weapon, the Crystal Hunter before attempting to obtain this Heart Tank. Use the Crystal Hunter to freeze the shield robot near the first magnetic room at the start of Morph Moth’s stage. Jump on top of the frozen shield robot, then leap over to the wall on the right. You’ll find an extra life and the Heart Tank just past it.

h. Overdrive Ostrich Stage

There are two ways to get this Heart Tank. One way requires the player to sacrifice a life, while the other takes a bit of skill with the speeder bike. You will come across a row of spikes above a scorpion robot after completing the speeder bike sequence. The spikes protect a Heart Tank. The quick way to get this tank is to charge up Speed Burner and dash across the spikes, but this will end in X dying shortly after getting the Heart Tank. The second option is to ride the speeder bike into the building without crashing it and using it to cross the spikes. It is possible to get the tank and turn just before crashing into the spikes behind it if you are good.

2. Sub Tanks

Sub Tanks can store extra energy for X that can be used on the menu screen to refill his health. Grabbing energy capsules while X’s energy bar is full will transfer power from the capsule to the Sub Tank, filling it slightly.

a. Wire Sponge Stage

You’ll encounter an area with spikes and floating platforms not far from the entrance to the stage. It will start raining when you get close to the platforms. Jump onto the first of the floating platforms, then dash jump left to the tree with the weather control crystal. Try to jump high enough to get onto the upper portion of the tree, then scale it to reach a hidden room with a robot frog. Turn the frog to scrap, then dash jump over to the metal pipes to the right. You’ll be above the platforms and you should see an extra life. Grab the life if you want it and make your way to the second set of pipes to the right where you will find the Sub Tank.

b. Flame Stag Stage 

There’s a beetle shaped robot that rams into walls near the start of the level. Jump on top of it and ride it up to a secret ledge in the upper left to find the second Sub Tank. Do not destroy the beetle or let it crash into the breakable wall, because it does not respawn making it impossible to ride it without leaving the stage and returning.

c. Bubble Crab Stage

You will need the Bubble Splash for this Sub Tank. Follow the fish shaped submersible to the area filled with robotic jellyfish and look for a large energy capsule under a hill. Stand on the left side of the hill, charge up the Bubble Splash, then activate it. Bubbles will surround X and he will be able to jump extremely high. Jump straight up and you should see the Sub Tank on a shelf above the water. Hit the jump button again when you get to the surface to hop out of the water. From there you can latch onto the edge of the shelf to get the Sub Tank. 

d. Magna Centipede Stage

The fourth and final Sub Tank is located in Magna Centipede’s stage after the area with the large moving blocks and just before the sword midboss. Both the Speed Burner and the X Buster upgrade are needed to reach this Sub Tank. Dash from the platform left of the pit before the midboss’s chamber while charging speed burner. Unleash Speed Burner at the apex of your jump to dash to the wall that leads to a tunnel going upwards to the Sub Tank.

3. Armor Upgrades

a. Boots (Air Dash)

Location: Overdrive Ostrich Stage

Requirement: Spin Wheel

The Air Dash boots are hidden behind a wall that can be broken using the Spin Wheel. You will find the wall just above the gate to the boss room. I highly recommend getting the Air Dash as soon as possible. In fact, you can get it just after beating the second boss (Wheel Gator) if you are following my boss order. 

Air Dash is useful for evading enemy attacks as well as finding hidden items. To execute an Air Dash, press the A Button while jumping or falling or press Forward on the D-Pad twice. You cannot Air Dash until you touch the ground or floor if you use the standard dash to long jump. 

b. X Buster Upgrade

Location: Wheel Gator Stage

Requirement: Air Dash

Look for this upgrade near the start of Wheel Gator’s stage. You will see an opening in the ceiling near a downward shaft. Scale the wall and use an air dash to jump onto the wall that leads to the opening. The upgrade will allow you to unleash two charged shots and charge up special weapons.

c. Armor Upgrade

Location: Morph Moth Stage

Requirement: Spin Wheel

The Armor upgrade is near the start of the stage in the hallway with the magnetic ceiling. Look for it near the center of the hallway just right of the hanging robots. Use a Spin Wheel on the floor to open a hole up that leads to the armor capsule. X will be able to use the Giga Crush, a powerful full screen attack that is charged by taking damage. The Giga Crush is charged up by taking damage from projectiles.

Note: This armor may also reduce damage by 50%, though I’m not 100% certain as the testing I did on it was limited.

d. Helmet Upgrade

Location: Crystal Snail Stage

Requirement: None

There’s a large slope with a green crystal block that slides after X just after the midboss. Look for a pit just after the slope and slide along the left wall of the pit to reach a hidden hallway. Walk down the hall to find the helmet upgrade, which can locate hidden secrets.

3. Shoryuken (Dragon Punch)

The Shoryuken is a one-hit-kill weapon similar to the Hadouken from MMX. Unlike its predecessor, the Shoryuken is a flaming uppercut used by Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter. It’s also a lot harder to get, because players will have to wait until later in the game and traverse a dangerous gauntlet to find it. You will also need the following:

-All 8 Heart Tanks.

-All 8 Mavericks defeated.

-4 Sub Tanks.

-The Armor, Helmet, X Buster, and Boots upgrades.

-Speed Burner weapon energy.

-Full health when entering the chamber the Shoryuken is concealed in.

Look for a ladder that cannot be reached by simply jumping not far from the start of Agile’s stage (the third X Hunter Base stage) and use the Crystal Hunter to freeze a nearby bat that serves as a platform to the ladder.

From there you will come across a long hall of spikes. Carefully aim a charged Burner Dash so you fly just above the spikes to safety. Sliding down the wall a bit and making a short hop from it to unleash the Speed Burner makes crossing the hall easier. You’ll land on a small island in the spikes and a pair of junk robots will roll towards X. I just let the bots hit me and cross the small patch of spikes to the right while invincible, but you can use the Speed Burner or air dash to slip between them.

After that, you will reach a nasty area where both the walls and floor are lined by spikes.

There may be several ways to get past this trap and mine may not be the best, but it works. Stand on the far left edge of the platform where the spikes start and charge the Speed Burner. Next, jump straight up and let the Speed Burner rip. X should glide over the first set of spikes and fall through the gap. Remember, you can adjust your fall a bit when the Speed Burner dash ends. Air dash to the left before you hit the spikes on the floor and grab the 1-Up.

Finally, make sure you have full health and slide along the left wall to find a hidden room where Light will give you the Shoryuken. You can also find the hidden room by using the Search R. from X’s helmet, though it’s not necessary.

Press Forward, Down, Diagonal Down, then Y to execute a Shoryuken. You will need to be at full health to use this move.

Note: This upgrade is missable, because you cannot return to Agile’s stage once he is defeated. You will also have to die and try to get the upgrade again if you entered the capsule room without full health. I’ve also seen claims that X’s Sub Tanks need to be full to unlock the Shoryuken, but I was able to get it with four empty tanks, so this may be the result of version differences or a misinterpretation of the steps to unlock the secret capsule.

The Shoryuken and Zero Parts: I’ve seen rumors (and believed them for years) that the player must have all of the Zero Parts to get the Shoryuken. This seems to be false, because I was able to acquire it without any Zero Parts at all. The Armor Upgrades, Sub Tanks, Maverick Weapons, Heart Tanks, and full health when you enter the capsule room seem to be all you need to get the Shoryuken.

VII. References

While I came up with almost all of the information in this guide on my own, I did refer to several other sources for guidance. For the most part, the resources below are excellent and helpful in their own right, so check them out.

Item Locations


This is an excellent resource for Mega Man X2 that offers alternative opinions to my own:

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Mega Man Fandom is an all around great site for Mega Man:

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