Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge Passwords (Game Boy)

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Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge Passwords (GB)


Press down to highlight the “Password” option on the title screen, which will take you to the password input screen. Input each coordinate from the password you wish to use into the grid using the D-Pad to select a slot and the A Button to mark the location with a circle. Hit B to delete a coordinate if you make a mistake. The game will start with the Robot Master(s) indicated in the password below defeated. The final password will take you to Dr. Wily’s Castle, but you will have to clear his stages in one sitting, because they cannot be saved via password.

Password 1: Elec Man Defeated

Password: A2, A4, B3,D1, D2

Password 2: Cut Man Defeated

Password: A4, B3, C4, D3, D4

Password 3: Ice Man Defeated

Password: A1, A2, B2, B3, D4

Password 4: Fire Man Defeated

Password: A1, B1, B2, C4, D2

Password 5: Fire Man and Cut Man Defeated

Password: A2, B2, C3, D1, D3

Password 6: Cut Man, Elec Man, and Fire Man Defeated

Password: A3, B2, B3, B4, C4

Password 7: Dr. Wily Stages

Password: A2, A3, B4, C2, C3

The preceding passwords, which originally appeared in Nintendo Power Magazine, have been compiled and transcribed to this site for the sake of posterity as well as for the convenience of our visitors. They have been tested thoroughly for accuracy. Feel free to contact us if you have problems getting these passwords to work or know something we do not.

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