Mega Man 7: Unlock Versus Mode (SNES)

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   Players can unlock a hidden two-player arcade style Versus Mode where they can battle each other as Mega Man and Bass. Enter the Password shown below, hold the Left and Right Bumpers on the controller, then press start. This should take you to a player select screen where you can choose Mega Man or Bass. Both characters move like they normally would in Mega Man 7 and use some special abilities which are listed below the password.






Remember to hold down L & R before pressing Start to activate Versus Mode.


The buttons for jumping, shooting, moving, etc. are all the same in Versus Mode. Both Mega Man and Bass can block by double tapping up as well as use a number of special attacks which are listed below.

Mega Man’s Special Moves

Arrow Slasher: Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Y

Leg Breaker: Down, Down + B

Bass’ Special Moves

Buster Kick: Forward, Down, Down/Forward + Y

Sonic Crasher: Forward, Forward + Y While in the air.

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