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Release Data

Publisher/Developer: Capcom

Release Date: December 1992

Genre: Platformer/Run and Gun

System: NES

Players: 1


Mega Man 5 is composed of the same gameplay elements as the rest of the NES franchise. This time, Dr. Light has been kidnapped by the mysterious Proto Man and it’s up to Mega Man to save the good doctor, but first he must defeat eight Robot Masters who are causing havoc. As before, the player is able to choose the order in which he or she plays the initial set of stages and will be rewarded with a new weapon that can be used on the next boss after completing a stage. Several new items are included in this addition to the series, most notably Beat, a robotic bird that will attack enemies for Mega Man. In order to get Beat, the player must explore thoroughly to collect eight letters that spell out “MEGA MAN V”. The are also the usual Energy Tanks that can be used to refill Mega Man’s health at any time, as well as Mega Tanks that will replenish weapon energy as well as life. A password system allows players to resume their journey at any time.


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