Mega Man 5 (NES) Boss Guide

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Mega Man 5 (NES) Boss Guide

~by tankMage (July 2017)

Recommended Boss Order

   As with its predecessors, Mega Man 5 offers the player freedom in choosing the order in which he or she will fight the eight Robot Masters. While there are several possible loops which one can follow to conquer the game, there are three that I feel are best. Star Man is the optimal starting point in my opinion, primarily due to the fact that he is rather easy to defeat with the Mega Buster. Defeating Star Man first will also reward you with the Super Arrow, which is a nifty tool in its own right, and his stage is also relatively easy to complete as well.

Star Man > Gravity Man > Gyro Man > Crystal Man > Napalm Man > Stone Man > Charge Man > Wave Man

Alternate Boss Order A

Stone Man > Charge Man > Wave Man > Star Man > Gravity Man > Gyro Man > Crystal Man > Napalm Man

Alternate Boss Order B

Gravity Man > Gyro Man > Crystal Man > Napalm Man > Stone Man > Charge Man > Wave Man > Star Man

Boss Guide

   This section is composed of detailed instructions on how to fight each boss in Mega Man 5. There are several instances where the Mega Buster is nearly as effective as the boss’s weakness or there are several viable methods that can be employed to win the battle. In such cases the instructions are broken up into several sections.

Napalm Man

Weakness: Crystal Eye

Reward: Napalm Bomb

General Strategy

   Napalm Man is fairly easy to beat with the Mega Buster, like many of the Robot Masters in this title, although the Crystal Eye is more effective. His stage is also fairly short and simple, just watch out for the robotic tigers. Napalm himself will fire three rockets off, one after the other, that you can either jump over or slide under. Also, he tends to lob a pair of bombs that explode on impact with you or the ground when at close range. It’s best to jump or slide away from the bombs, but you can sometimes avoid damage from the explosions by standing very close to Napalm Man just after he tosses a pair of bombs.

The Mega Buster Method

  Mega Man’s main weapon works quite well on Napalm Man. Be aggressive and charge the buster up whenever possible. Try to avoid his attacks, because taking damage will cancel the Mega Buster’s charge.

The Crystal Eye Method

   Crystal Man’s weapon is highly effective against this boss. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to miss with it, because the smaller projectiles produced by the Crystal Eye upon shattering against a wall will hit the boss even if the initial shot flies past him.

Charge Man

Weakness: Mega Buster, Power Stone

Reward: Charge Kick

General Strategy

   Charge Man is easier to fight with the Mega Buster than the Power Stone. As his name implies, he will charge at you very quickly. You cannot harm Charge Man while he is rushing towards you, so charge up your Mega Buster, jump over him, slide away, and fire on him once he begins walking at a normal pace. Try to keep your distance from him by running and sliding to the other side of the room as he approaches. Jump over Charge Man if he is about to pin you against the wall. Charge Man will also periodically turn red and fire several embers into the air which fall down in a straight line. Focus on dodging while he is red, since he is invulnerable at this time. This boss only shoots about four embers and they are easy to avoid, especially if you are running away from him as advised. Six or seven good charged shots should destroy this robot master.

Power Stone Method

   While you can use the Power Stone, it is difficult to actually hit this boss with the weapon since he tends to simply walk past the flying boulders. With some practice, you can easily hit Charge Man by unleashing the Power Stone while jumping over him.

Gravity Man

Weakness: Mega Buster, Star Crash

Reward: Gravity Hold

General Strategy

   Gravity Man is a pest. He will jump and change the gravitational force of the room in midair, causing Mega Man to stick to the floor or ceiling. As a result, Gravity Man is hard to reach with conventional weapons like the Mega Buster, since he will always be parallel to you. He will also fire an aimed shot in your direction, so be ready to step or hop out of the way. You’ll know he is about to shoot when he brandishes his arm cannon. This boss has a major flaw: he will not step on the tile closest to the entrance of the room, which means you are relatively safe from contact damage if you stand against the wall. This will allow you to concentrate on dodging the boss’s cannon fire and attacking him. Your tactics will change slightly depending on what weapon you use, refer to the section below for details.

The Mega Buster Method

   Gravity Man can be defeated with relative ease using the Mega Buster and you may have to use it on him even if you have the Star Crash, because he tends to cancel the shield out before you can hit him with it. Try to use fully charged shots on him and release the B button just as he jumps to flip to the floor or ceiling and you will catch him with the charge shot. You’ll only do about three damage to him, so be ready for a long battle.

The Star Crash Method

   Gravity Man will take a bit of damage from this weapon and it is great for blocking his projectiles, but it’s difficult to get hits to connect with it. Standing in the safe spot with the shield activated will ensure you hit him without taking contact damage, just be aware that it will also make the fight drag out, since you only have a small window of opportunity to hit this boss with the barrier. Tapping the B button after the barrier has been activated will cause it to fly off in the direction you are facing and you can hit Gravity with it if you time the attack with care.

Star Man

Weakness: Water Wave, Mega Buster

Reward: Star Crash, Super Arrow

General Strategy

   Star Man is perhaps the easiest boss to avoid taking damage from, because of the low gravity in his stage and his own slow movement speed. He also moves around by jumping and sliding under him as he approaches you is a great way to stay alive. Star Man is invulnerable to damage much of the time, but he will freeze in his tracks every so often and launch his shield at you. He will either launch his shield while on the ground or in mid air, so be prepared to slide away from it if he is in the air, or jump over it if he is on the ground. Counterattack immediately after evading the shield; you’ll have a brief window to strike before he generates a new barrier. The greatest danger this boss poses is his somewhat random attack pattern. You can be sure that he will jump towards you, which will allow you to control the movement aspect of the fight, by always remaining out of reach, but you can never be sure when he will fire his shield. It’s best to watch this boss carefully and wait for the telltale pause in his movement that comes just before he throws off his shield.

The Mega Buster Method

   Many guides suggest fighting Star Man first (and I agree after testing the theory myself) which means you will have to use the Mega Buster on him. This boss does not take a lot of damage from the buster, however, so it’s best to charge your weapon up for maximum effect. Since Star Man cannot be harmed for long periods of time, you have plenty of opportunity to charge your weapon. Remember to play defensively while he has his shield up, because getting hit will cancel your charge. A few good shots from the buster should whittle his health down fast enough.

The Water Wave Method

   If you are fighting Star Man the second time around, or chose a different boss order, you’ll want to use the Water Wave (which is obtained by defeating Wave Man). The Water Wave will deactivate Star Man’s barrier and hit him, so feel free to use it as often as possible. This technique will catch Star Man in a loose AI loop where he will continually attempt to reactivate his shield; I say loose, because he may still jump, so be on guard.

Gyro Man

Weakness: Gravity Hold

Reward: Gyro Attack, Rush Jet

   Gyro Man is trivial if you have Gravity Hold. Tap the attack button about every two seconds (to be sure his invincibility frames have worn off) and keep moving if he is in the air, because he will drop down on you. You will also need to be ready to jump over his gyros, which will either come down from the clouds that obscure the boss or be fired directly at you when he is on the ground. Make sure you jump to the left or the right when trying to clear one of his gyros, because they rise up into the air after crossing paths with you. Avoid spamming Gravity Hold and you will have just enough energy to best Gyro Man and earn his weapon. Timing the use of Gravity Hold so that it hits him just as his invulnerability wears off can prevent Gyro Man from even moving; just be ready to evade any gyros he sends your way.

Crystal Man

Weakness: Gyro Attack

Reward: Crystal Eye

   Crystal Man moves around by making jumps that peak at about halfway to the ceiling. He tends to freeze in mid air and fire two crystal orbs that bounce around the chamber or a single bullet that is aimed directly at Mega Man. Contact Damage is easy to avoid in this fight, because running away from the boss ensures that he will land just behind you. Of course, you will have to slide away from danger if you are at the left or right end of the chamber. Sliding or jumping is a good way to avoid both types of projectiles. Since Crystal Man’s landing point is highly predictable it’s a simple matter to pivot and fire a gyro at him or even a charged up buster shot. You can also catch Crystal Man in mid air with a gyro by firing one off and pushing up on the D-pad to make it rise once it’s under him.

Stone Man

Weakness: Napalm Bomb, Mega Buster

Reward: Power Stone

   Both the Mega Buster (fully charged) and the Napalm Bomb work fairly well on Stone Man. This boss hops around the chamber and should be avoided by sliding or stepping out of the way if you are good at estimating where he will land. Stone Man is often immune to damage, because he crumbles into a pile of rocks that can’t be harmed after making some of his longer jumps. He’ll also be invulnerable while activating his weapon (the attack is telegraphed by Stone Man raising both arms), which is a series of boulders that spins around and floats  across the room horizontally. You can dodge his Power Stone attack by quickly stepping into the gaps between boulders. In many cases the attack won’t even threaten you since he tends to use it at the edges of the chamber and the boulders frequently float off into oblivion before they can do any harm. It’s best to hit Stone just as he is jumping or a split second before he lands. The window of opportunity to strike him is small, so be patient and wait for the right moment. If you are good at lobbing Napalm Bombs, you can time your attacks so they hit the boss just as he reassembles himself after crumbling.

Wave Man

Weakness: Charge Kick

Reward: Water Wave

   Wave Man can create spouts of water  anywhere on the floor of the chamber that harm Mega Man if he touches them. He’ll also fire a harpoon at you and gets around by jumping so it’s wise to slide often. In fact Charge Kick is activated by sliding and deals decent damage to this boss, just make sure you don’t try to slide through the water spouts with it or you will be damaged. To use Charge Kick effectively, get close to Wave so you don’t take contact damage after the attack is complete. This also allows you to make a quick second pass at the boss. Stay mobile, use Charge Kick well and this battle should end without much hassle.

Proto Man’s Castle

Dark Man I

Weakness: Water Wave, Charge Kick

   Dark Man’s first incarnation is that of a robot mounted on a tank. His pattern is simple: Dark Man will roll forward and fire the occasional bullet at you. It’s hard to tell when he will shoot and even more difficult to get over him without taking damage. Have no fear, the Water Wave can block his shots and harm him significantly. Plus you can use Charge Kick to pass through him unharmed once he gets close. Dark Man will speed up as you damage him so you may want to finish him off using Charge Kick by sliding back and forth. Careful use of your skills will bring you through this battle without much difficulty.

Dark Man II

Weakness: Crystal Eye

   Dark Man’s second form is actually easier to deal with than the first. He will simply create an energy barrier and run from one side of the room to the other. Just like with his first form, Dark will run more quickly as he takes damage. Leap over the boss as he approaches you then slide a few times to the other side of the room to avoid him. You can usually fire one or two Crystal Eyes at him before you will have to jump again. It is possible to use the Mega Buster on this boss, but the barriers that orbit him will block even fully charged buster shots if they happen intercept the projectile.

Dark Man III

Weakness: Mega Buster (recommended), Gyro Attack, or Charge Kick

General Strategy

   This boss has a mixture of attacks, the first being a cannon that he will fire at you while hovering in mid air; you’ll have to slide to avoid this move, because the bullets will hit you if you jump. The second attack is performed on the ground and Dark’s chest will flash several times before he performs it.  Three rings will shoot out of his chest after it flashes (the are spread out from high to low), a short hop is sufficient to evade this attack if it comes from a distance. If Dark Man is close to you, leap over the rings just after he fires them. It’s imperative that you dodge the rings, because they will freeze you, leaving you open to his other attack. Avoiding the freeze attack usually prompts this boss to run around or try it again, which makes him more predictable and easy to damage. You can use either the gyro or buster to fight Dark Man III.

   It’s also possible to catch this boss in a loop, because Dark Man often attempts to freeze you again after missing with his ring attack and in some cases he’ll come close to pinning you to the wall and repeatedly fire rings at you, which you can leap over and counter attack.

Mega Buster Method

   This is the best weapon to use since it deals decent damage and costs nothing. Charged shots are best to use as usual, especially since they seen seem to disrupt his pattern more.

The Gyro Attack Method

   Gyros work nicely on Dark, since you can aim them at him while he is jumping, but you may be more concerned with dodging his cannon fire at that point. They also inflict a fair amount of damage on the boss and do not need to be charged.

The Charge Kick Method

   This technique is more for fun. Getting frozen by Dark’s ring attack while using Charge Kick will render you immune to his bullets and Dark will be damaged if he touches you. Unfortunately, it does little damage and you will be vulnerable to contact damage if the freeze effect wears off while Dark is touching you.

Dark Man IV

Weakness: Beat (or special weapon of your choice, if you don’t have Beat)

   Dark Man’s final form is perhaps his most dangerous. He is surrounded by the same type of barrier you encountered in the second fight, only this time he will launch it in opposite directions across the room. Jump to avoid the barriers and be ready to jump a second time to keep from getting hit when they return. Dark Man may also fire three shots at you, which you can either slide under or jump over. Sometimes this boss will leap across the room, usually before or after he launches his barrier at you, so be ready to slide under him.

   The Mega Buster is not the best choice here, because the barrier tends to block it, so use a special weapon of your choosing. While some weapons inflict more damage on Dark Man than others, the difference is so minimal that you may as well use something you are comfortable with, such as the Crystal Eye or Water Wave. Beat works really well on Dark Man if you have him and actually deals the highest damage to him aside from a fully charged Mega Buster. As an added bonus, Beat attacks automatically and you can still take pot shots at the boss with the buster to hurry the process along.

Dr. Wiley’s Fortress

Big Pets

Weakness: Crystal Eye

   Big Pets is a stationary robotic pillar composed of three sections. The bottom two sections are spiked discs that will launch themselves across the room if shot by Mega Man and the third section is the head, which is vulnerable to attack. To further complicate things, the head will release two small bots that float downward. To hit Big Pets’ head, you will need to shoot the bottom most section and jump on top of it, then quickly shoot the second spiked section in order to jump on it. From the second section, you can leap into the air and fire at the head. Crystal Eye does great damage to this boss, so use it. You may want to switch to the buster while baiting the discs out from under the head to conserve energy. The floating bots are quite a nuisance and can ruin your rhythm, so it’s best to wait until your are in a position to dodge them before shooting the pillar.

Circling Q9

Weakness: Gyro Attack

   You will almost certainly want to use the Gyro Attack on this boss, because it will end this difficult battle more quickly than any other weapon. Circling Q9 will alternate between buzzing around the center of the screen, lobbing balls out of the top of its head and swooping down to the floor in a V pattern while firing bullets directly at Mega Man every few seconds. It’s best to walk back and forth while Q9 is lobbing balls to avoid taking damage and you may even need to slide to safety at times. Staying near the corners of the room and sliding away from Circling Q9 is a good way to dodge him when he is swooping. This boss is impervious to damage unless you shoot at the center part of it while the hatches on the side are open. Q9 will open the hatches while swooping and each time it lobs ball. A well placed Gyro Attack will take a good chunk out of its life. Note the platforms on the sides of the room: stepping on them will cause them to levitate, which is actually not very helpful, so stay away from them.

   It’s best to stay near the center of the room and concentrate to evading the balls. Circling Q9 will suddenly stop and open its flaps before performing its V menouvre. This is your chance to attack, since it’s movements are predictable at this point. Get out of Q9’s way and shoot it when it gets low enough to hit, but be ready to hop over its bullet. If you time your attacks well, you can hit this boss up to four times before the hatches close, ending the battle quickly.

Boss Rush

   As in previous Mega Man titles, you will have to battle through the right eight Robot Masters a second time before facing off  with the final boss. A chart that indicates which boss waits behind each teleporter has been provided below. There is also a suggested order based on my own personal experience, but the player is ultimately best off fighting the Robot Masters in the manner he/she feels most comfortable with.

Suggested Order

Charge Man > Wave Man > Gravity Man > Napalm Man > Crystal Man > Stone Man > Star Man > Gyro Man

Teleporter Chart


1. Charge Man 2. Napalm Man 3. Crystal Man 4. Star Man 

5. Stone Man 6. Wave Man 7. Gravity Man 8. Gyro Man

Wiley Press

Weakness: Mega Buster (Recommended), Star Crash

   Mega Man will teleport into a room with a spike pit in the center after completing the boss rush and entering the final teleportation chamber. Wiley’s Press will appear above you and begin rapidly moving from side to side above Mega Man. After a few moments Wiley will pause and crash down on you as the floor rises up to meet him. Jump or slide out of the way, then quickly leap into the air and blast him with a charged Mega Buster shot before he rises up into the air again. Wiley will continue to use the same pattern throughout the fight and you can control the battle somewhat by leaping back and forth over the central pit. You can also use the Star Crash against Wiley, but it’s far more difficult to hit him with this weapon and it does only slightly more damage than the buster. The Press is immune to all damage while in the air and can only be harmed when the metal covering is open, which also serves to indicate that Wiley is about to attack.

Wiley Machine No. 5

Weakness: Super Arrow

   Wiley Machine No. 5 does not follow a set pattern and alternates between three attacks while moving back and forth across the screen. To make the situation even more confusing, the speed at which this boss’s projectiles travel also changes from slow to fast, seemingly at random. Since the the boss doesn’t follow a predetermined routine, you will have to watch him carefully and react to his attacks if you wish to win. Wiley Machine No. 5’s attacks are as follows:

Bouncing Ball: Wiley Machine will sometimes fire a blue ball at Mega Man that will bounce along the floor. Since the ball travels in an arc, it’s easy to slide or step into the gap created by the arc. Don’t try to jump over the ball however, since it will most likely hit you if you attempt to do so. The trajectory and speed of the ball are subject to change, so watch out for fast moving balls with narrow arcs.

Missiles: Watch out for this attack, because it is Wiley Machine No. 5’s most deadly move. He’ll fire three missiles at Mega Man that will aim themselves at our hero. Fortunately they fly in a straight line and will pass you if you manage to evade them. It’s tempting to try to jump or slide every time he shoots a missile, but you will get hit if you do so. How you avoid each missile is dependant on where you happen to be when he fires the first one. Jump a split second before the first missile collides with you if you are on the ground when it’s is launched. Let Mega Man land normally and the next missile should pass over your head, then jump again to avoid the final missile. Let Mega Man drop to the floor if you are airborne when the first missile launches, then quickly jump over the next one. The final missile should miss you as you land.

Vacuum Attack: Sometimes Wiley will try to pull Mega Man towards him by sucking air into the front end of the machine. This is the easiest attack to avoid, because you need only run in the opposite direction to stay safe. Do not jump when the boss is close to you, because he’ll pull you into him and you will take contact damage, instead wait until he is far away and shoot him then.

   The Super Arrow is your best bet in this fight. The bottom portion of the boss is heavily armored, so you’ll have to jump to hit him. It is best to attack when he is using his bouncing ball or vacuum, because the missiles take a lot of finesse to dodge. The Super Arrow deals quite a bit of damage to this boss and the fight will be over after you hit him five or six times.

Wiley Capsule 2

Weakness: Beat, Gyro Attack

   Wiley will appear in his trusty capsule after you beat the fifth Wiley Machine. The capsule will appear and disappear, changing its position while invisible. Keep moving to prevent Wiley from materializing on top of you. The boss will drop and orb that breaks apart and travels along the floor in both directions when he appears. Simply jump over the orbs and move away from Wiley, because his next attack consists of several orbs that spread out and circle him then retract just before he vanishes. You should be safe as long as you walk or slide away from them. Wiley will move, rematerialize, and use the same attacks again; he will follow this pattern throughout the battle.

  Beat is great in this fight, because he does ok damage and can track the boss even when he is invisible. Just try to control Beat a bit by stepping away from Wiley after he hits him, because Beat will waste energy attacking Wiley while he is invincible after being damaged (don’t worry, Beat doesn’t use energy when tracking Wiley while he is invisible). Beat doesn’t always track Wiley, but he seems to do so if you manage to get close to Wiley just before he disappears as his orbs are retracting.

   You may not have Beat or you may not have enough weapon energy to defeat Wiley with Beat alone, but don’t fret, the Gyro Attack works pretty well on this boss. In fact, you can guide the Gyros up or down, which is helpful if  Wiley is out of reach. You will need to hit the boss a lot however, since each Gyro only does about two damage to Wiley. On a side note, Gravity Hold can be used in this fight as well; it won’t do any damage, but using it will reveal Wiley’s position while he is invisible. Hit Wiley enough and his capsule will explode which means you just beat Mega Man 5. Congratulations!

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