Master of Darkness (SMS)


Platform: Sega Master System                                            

Developer: SIMS

Release Date: November 1993 (NA, Game Gear) 1992 (Europe, Sega Master System)

Genre: Platformer/action                                                      

Players: 1


    One night, while fiddling around with his Ouija board, Dr. Social (yes that’s his name) receives a mysterious message from beyond urging him to investigate strange happenings at the Thames River. Like any good Victorian gentleman with a penchant for the occult, the good doctor grabs a blade, dons his stylish overcoat and sets out on his mission. This game draws much inspiration from Castlevania, so expect a good deal of platforming and fiend slaying. Dr. Social has a variety of melee weapons that include a saber, ax, and knife. When necessary he can use his ranged arsenal to dispatch his foes via pistol, bomb, or stake. Master of Darkness is composed of five stages, each with a boss waiting for Dr. Social at the end.

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