Light Crusader (Sega Genesis)


Developer: Treasure              

Release date: May 1995

Genre: Action Adventure      

Platform: Sega Genesis

Players: 1


    Sir David visits a small kingdom known as Green Row only to find that its inhabitants have been vanishing mysteriously. His friend, King Weedon, implores him to rescue the missing townspeople.  After gathering some clues he discovers a hidden dungeon and enters it in an attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery. Light Crusader is an action adventure game filled with puzzles, traps and deadly beasts. Swords, armor, potions and magic are Sir David’s tools of choice and play a major role in in this title, as players will need to make good use of Sir David’s arsenal in order to succeed. This title uses a pseudo 3D perspective and many of the puzzles found throughout the labyrinth are designed with the game’s semi three dimensional style in mind. Players not only need to push blocks around and hit switches to make their way through the dungeon, but must also jump onto platforms to clear obstacles or find treasure. Players can also expect to meet a number of bosses, mid bosses, and packs of monsters in the world of Light Crusader. The good news is that there is a town filled with shops and friendly NPCs scattered throughout the dungeon that can provide some relief. In order to defeat Light Crusader, you will need both your intellect and your reflexes.

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