Lemmings (NES)

Developer: Ocean

Publisher: SunSoft

Release Date: November 1992

System: NES

Genre: Puzzle

Players: 1


Lemmings is a Nintendo Entertainment System port of the popular Amiga puzzle game of the same name. Players must guide the lemmings to the exit of each stage by using one of several preset commands. However, the green haired rodents will not make this task easy, because they will walk blindly into danger, often falling to their death from a great height or stumbling into lava. Luckily, players can order the tiny creatures to dig around hazards, slow their descent from high places with umbrellas, or simply direct one another out of harm’s way.

This game has four difficulty modes: Fun, Tricky, Taxing, and Mayhem. The puzzles get more challenging as the player progresses from Tricky to Mayhem difficulty. Additionally, each of the four difficulty modes are split into 25 stages that get progressively more challenging. Stages also have visual themes like underground tunnels, lost ruins, and futuristic labs. Each different theme has its own unique hazards that can range from lava pools to electrodes. Players can save their progress by entering a password provided by the game.

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