Legend of the Ghost Lion (NES)

Legend of the Ghost Lion (USA)_001

Developer: Kemco          

Release date: October 1992

Genre: RPG                    

Players: 1                       

Platform: NES


    Legend of the Ghost Lion (which will be referred to as LGL for the sake of brevity) is a somewhat unconventional RPG developed by Kemco for the NES. Players are transported to a world of dreams and assume the persona of a young girl named Maria who can summon spiritual companions to assist her in battle. LGL is somewhat different from many NES RPGs because, Maria’s goal is not to vanquish an ancient evil or save the world from the marauding forces of a tyrannical emperor. Instead Maria’s objective is to find her parents who set out on a mysterious journey from which they never returned. Certain aspects of gameplay are rather unique as well. Maria levels up and becomes stronger like any other RPG character, but this is achieved by finding items called “Fragments of Hope” that increase her level. With each level she gains a bonus to her Hopes (hit points) and Dreams (magic points); her summons become stronger as well. Maria does not have stats like strength, agility, and luck, instead her attack power is determined by the weapon she chooses to use. Summons are a major feature of LGL and Maria must find items scattered throughout the world in order to call forth allies. Companions can be summoned as long as Maria has Dream points to do so and she can have every ally in her possession active in battle if necessary. Summoned allies have their own life points that decrease as they take actions, such as attacking or spell casting. Each ally has it’s own abilities: some are strong fighters, others are magic users, and some spirits even act as meatshields that provide Maria protection from damage. In order to complete the game, the player must navigate a series of caves, explore towns, and defeat a mysterious foe.

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  1. This is my favorite game of all time. I wish it was available on Steam so I could play it again. I wouldn’t want the nes cardtridge because batteries tend to die in those console games.

  2. You can play this game using an NES emulator on your phone, tablet, or computer. Problem is you’re really not supposed to download ROM images of these games, because of copyright, so it isn’t something I can recommend.

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