Legend of the Double Moon [Double Moon Densetsu] (NES)

Double Moon Densetsu (J)-title

Genre: RPG                                      

Players: 1

Platform: NES                                 

Release date: 1992 (Japan only)

Developer: NCS                               

English translation by: Stardust Crusaders         


Legend of the Double Moon (LDM) or Double Moon Densetsu in Japanese is an NES RPG that was released late in the console’s life cycle. LDM is highly reminiscent of the Dragon Warrior (Quest) games that are credited with popularizing the RPG genre in Japan and uses a first person, turn based battle system that allows the player to issue commands to up to four  characters. The story revolves around Joules, who sets out on a quest to defeat the evil Semoilenko before he resurrects the Dark Dragon. Being set in a fantasy world, Double Moon offers a variety of spells, weapons, armor and support items to aid the player. Characters progress by winning battles, gaining experience and leveling up from said experience just like in many other RPGs. There is a fairly large world to be explored and a number of different playable characters.

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