Lagoon (SNES) Walkthrough

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Lagoon (SNES) Walkthrough 

~By tankMage (February 2020)


Thank you for choosing my Lagoon walkthrough! As with all of my guides, this was written in a manner that cuts down on spoilers as much as possible, but there are some plot related elements that I could not avoid revealing. I also tried to find the easiest way to do things, especially when it came to defeating bosses, so hopefully you will find this information useful. Finally, I purposely left out magic and key item tables, because Lagoon’s magic system is very simple and bosses are immune to all spells. The purpose and location of all the key items are explained in the walkthrough itself.


1. Tips

    I. Level Up

    II. Rest Between Fights 

    III. Keep Your Weapons and Armor Up to Date

    IV. Jump over Projectiles 

    V. Dealing with Normal Enemies

    VI. Dealing with Bosses

    VII. Save Important Items

2. Walkthrough

    I. Atland 

    II. Voloh

    III. Denegul

    IV. Poper 

    V. Lilaty 

    VI. Lagoon Castle

    VII. The Final Battle

3. Equipment and Items

    I. Weapons

    II. Armor

    III. Shields 

    IV. Rings 

    V. Consumable Items

4. References

1. Tips

I. Level Up

Character levels are very important in Lagoon. Nasir will get an increase to his HP, MP, STR, and DEF with each level. These stat increases make fighting bosses much easier and are necessary to inflict decent amounts of damage on enemies. Take some time to gain levels on your first playthrough.

II. Rest Between Fights 

Nasir will slowly regenerate his HP and MP while standing still even if there are monsters around. Jumping, walking, or swinging the sword will temporarily halt the regeneration process. Rest up between fights if you are having difficulty in an area. You can even heal up while in combat if you refrain from moving or attacking.

II. Keep Your Weapons and Armor Up to Date

Buying or finding the best possible equipment for where you are in the game is very important if you want to succeed. New gear will substantially increase your strength and defense when you find it, so put it on right away.

III. Jump over Projectiles 

Some monsters and most bosses have ranged attacks. Shields cannot block such attacks, but you can jump over them. 

IV. Dealing with Normal Enemies

While not very strong in general, normal monsters can still pose a threat. Nasir can push back, or “bump”, most normal enemies with his shield as long as he is not attacking with his sword. Use this to your advantage if you need to stand still to let your health regenerate. You can also push enemies against walls, which makes it easier to attack them. 

Magic is also very effective if you want to defeat monsters from a distance. Never let monsters gang up on you, because they can get multiple hits in on Nasir if they surround him. If you end up fighting more than one monster at a time, try to move so that they are both approaching from the front, which will make fighting them off less dangerous. 

VI. Dealing with Bosses

Bosses are far stronger than normal foes and certain rules pertain to boss battles that make them more difficult. 

-Nasir cannot use Magic in boss fights.

-HP and MP regeneration are shut off in the boss room.

-The Defensive and Time Rings do not work in boss fights.

-Nasir’s Shield cannot bump most bosses.

With these rules in mind, you’ll want to have a healing item or two on hand and always save before entering a boss room. While magic spells and some rings do not work in boss rooms, the Curing, Protective, and Power Rings do work, so use them to make bosses easier. Finally, it’s actually possible to leave many boss rooms through the door you came in through, even if the boss is still alive. Testing Nasir’s strength against a boss, then retreating if it’s too tough is a good survival strategy, just keep in mind that you cannot leave certain boss fights once they have begun.

VII. Save Important Items

Bright Stones, Elixirs, and the Life Ball are valuable consumable items that you should try to hold onto until the final battle. The Life Ball is particularly helpful and unique, so be sure not to waste it.

2. Walkthrough

This section provides step by step instructions for every part of the game. The routes through each area are intended to be efficient, but they may not be perfect. I also tried to catalogue all of the treasures, but some of the treasure chests appear to have conditional or random items inside of them. The developers most likely coded the boxes to give the player gold if he already has the item inside of it.

I. Atland 


a. The town of Atland

Armor Shop: Short Sword (150), Bandit Armor (100), Iron Shield (150)

Items: 300 Gold

Take a look around town and talk to the residents if you like, then go to the mayor’s house in the southeast corner of town. His wife will tell you he is at the “place of worship” which is the church located in the center of town. Look for the building with a bell steeple and a fountain in front of it. Talk to the guy with grey hair who is standing near the altar. Some one will rush in and tell you there’s trouble at the cave.

Talk to the mayor after the scene changes to the cave entrance and he will ask you to fill the cleric in about what has taken place. Go south to return to town and speak to the cleric in the church. He will tell you to go to the mayor’s house again. Head back to the mayor’s house and he will give you 300 Gold

You’ll need some equipment before you set out for the cave. Visit the armor shop near the northwest corner of town (it has a sign with two crossed swords on it) and buy a Short Sword, Bandit Armor, and Iron Shield. Be sure to equip these items by hitting Start or Select, then choosing equip, and pressing Left on the D-Pad to highlight the items.

Go through the north gate of town and past the guards to enter the Gold Cave.


b. Gold Cave

Items: 20 Gold, Healing Pot, 10 Gold, 40 Gold


It’s time to get used to fighting monsters and level up a bit. Level 3 or 4 is fine for this area. Remember, you can “bump” enemies with your shield if you walk into them while facing them and your HP will regenerate if you stand still for a moment. 

Turn west at the start point, then walk north to an intersection. At the intersection, go east and follow the tunnel when it bends north. You will arrive at another crossroad, turn west, then look for a tunnel going south. At the end of the tunnel, take a few steps to the left and go up the passage leading north. 

Turn west again when you hit the north wall of the passage and you will come to a box after a few moments. Open it to get 20 Gold. Now walk over to the end of this passage in the east and go south. Go up the tunnel to the right (which you used to get to the chest) and walk east until you see another tunnel leading north. Take that tunnel until you see a path on your left. Turn at this path and follow it as it twists and turns to a treasure chest that has a Healing Pot inside. Be sure to take the Healing Pot, you need it to complete this area.

Backtrack until you see a three way intersection. Pick the path going north and follow it to a door that will take you to a small passage with some steps that go deeper into the cave. Descend the steps. 


Watch out for the skeletons down here, they are stronger than the slimes and demons from the first floor. Walk east a few steps, then turn down the second passage going south when you see it. There should be a box that contains 10 Gold at the end of the small passage. 

From the chest, walk north past the intersection. You can either go west to a treasure or east to the exit when you reach the north wall. To get the treasure (40 Gold) head west, then south when you hit the wall. Return to the intersection and go east until you see a tunnel to the north. There’s a room with pillars and steps at the end of the tunnel. Take the steps to the next area.


There’s only one way to go in the small room at the top of the steps, so head over to the steps leading outside. The mountain does not have anything of interest except for Giles who is standing at the summit. Talk to him and say “yes” when he asks for the Healing Pot.

Now Giles will ask to go back to the village. Unfortunately, he is extremely slow and has terrible pathing so you will need to stay near him. On the bright side, monsters can’t harm him. Return to the pillar room in the cave and retrace your steps to the exit in the southwest.

Back on the first floor, go east, then south, and turn east again. You should hit an intersection with a pathway going up and one going down. Take the one going down and turn south a second time after taking a few steps west to find the exit on your right.


c. Atland (Revisited)

Weapon Shop: Healing Pot (10), Shiny Stone (20)

Items: Samson Key

Take Giles the slowpoke back to the town. He will thank you and mention something about a key to the locked door in the dungeon, which we skipped over. Go see the faith healer who lives in the southeast corner of town. She will tell you there’s a demon called Samson behind a door and give you the Samson Key, which opens the door in the Gold Cave.

You can visit the “weapon shop” which actually sells items and buy a Heal Pot now that it’s open. The villagers also have new things to say. When you’re done, save your game and head back to the Gold Cave.

d. Gold Cave Revisited 

Walk west once you’re inside the cave and turn north, then go east. You’ll have to turn north again when you reach the wall. Walk north a long ways and you’ll see a path to the left (this leads to the area you explored earlier) keep going north and you will encounter a second passage on your left. 

Take the passage and turn north when you can to enter a chamber with pillars and a door. Save, then equip the Samson Key to open the door to the boss.

Note: Sansom can do some serious damage if you’re a low level, so try to get to level 6 before fighting him.

Boss: Samson 

Recommended Level: 6

Reward: Fire Crystal

Samson is pretty tough thanks to his high HP. His moveset is fairly simple: He jumps around the room and occasionally swings his axe at you. Nasir won’t take much damage from Samson’s jump, but it will freeze him in place for a second. You can negate the stun effect of this move by jumping. The axe swing deals a fair amount of damage, however. That said, do not let Samson corner you, because he will drain your life really rapidly if he manages to stand on top of you.

Avoid standing by his sides or behind him, because this prompts him to leap. Equip a Healing Pot, because Nasir’s life will not regenerate during boss fights. Walk up to the boss and hit him with that stubby sword, then back away before he swings. It takes some practice, because you have to stand in just the right place and the boss does not give much of a tell before swinging his axe. It helps to aim for the white marking on his ankle.

Luckily, you can leave Samson’s room whenever you like, so back off if you are taking too much damage and try again. When you’re used to his pattern you can just stand in front of him with a Healing Pot ready and slash away at him until he dies.

Go through the door at the back of the room to get to the next area. You may want to wrap up any business you have in Atland first, because you cannot return here after going through the door in Samson’s room.

II. Voloh


a. Elf Field 

The mountain will crumble behind Nasir once he enters this monster ridden area. Just head north and you will see some fires that mark the entrance to Voloh. The enemies here are pesky, so don’t go seeking them out until you visit the village. If you have to fight, do so carefully.


b. Voloh Village

Weapon Shop: Healing Pot (50), Shiny Ball (10000), Elixir (700)

Items: Earth Staff, Movable Mantle

Talk to the old elf standing by the main road and he will tell you about Philips Castle. You will need three tablets to break the curse on the castle, but we’ll get to that later. For now, check out the town. The armor shop is out of wares, so you can’t buy new equipment. The “weapon” shop (I really wish they could get the name right, it’s actually an item shop) has a lot of overpriced stuff, but you may need a Healing Pot.

Have a word with the guy in the fancy armor and blue cape to learn that his name is Thor and he’s a fellow traveler. Visit the mayor’s house in the northeast and agree to save the people in Philips Castle. The mayor will then give you the Earth Staff and Movable Mantle.

Before continuing onto the next task, the Shiny Ball sold in the weapon shop deserves some mention. The Shiny Ball costs an insane 10,000 Gold, but it dramatically increases Nasir’s life regeneration rate. In fact, it’s so powerful that it will make the game quite easy. However, the 10k price tag means you will have to grind for a very long time to buy it. In fact, I got to the max level on my first playthrough without hitting 10,000 Gold. Additionally, you cannot return to Voloh after visiting the Nymph Cave in Lilaty, so you’ll have to get the Shiny Ball before then. I recommend farming the 10k Gold in the Poper or Lilaty regions where enemies drop more gold if you want this item.


c. Finding the Three Tablets

Items: Tablet of Faith, Tablet of Wish, Tablet of Hope

Talk to Thor near the entrance to Voloh and he will give you the Tablet of Faith. He’ll also sluggishly follow Nasir around and help him find the other two Tablets. Leave Voloh and Thor will tell you to look for the Tablet. Just follow him as he saunters over to it. This is a great opportunity to test out the Earth Staff and Flame Crystal. Equip them both and press R to shoot fireballs, which is a much better way to kill enemies than the lame sword the game gives you. Just remember magic can’t be used on bosses!

Anyway, Thor will stop near some trees. Talk to him to get the Tablet of Wish. Head east to some mountains and look for a gap that leads to Philips Castle in them. Save your game and follow the only path there is to a broken bridge. Watch out, Nasir can fall off the bridge and die! Jump over the break in the bridge and head west to a break in the ground. You’ll have to jump over this to a chest that contains the Tablet of Hope. 

Return to Thor and push him forward if he is blocking the bridge. Now go back to Voloh. The old man will teach you a magic spell that will open the castle gate and Thor will leave. Return to Philips Castle.


d. Philips Castle 

Items: Key of Prison, Gold Armor, Shiny Stone, 100 Gold, 200 Gold, Key of Philips, Large Shield, 100 Gold

First Floor

Follow the same path you did to find the Tablet of Hope, but look for a wide bridge to the north before the gap you have to jump over to get the Tablet. Jump over the section of missing bridge. Approach the front door and Nasir will recite the spell from the old elf. This will make the door pop open and you can enter the castle.

The first floor is populated by knights that are considerably tougher than the monsters from the Elf Field. They are also immune to your fireball spell. Luckily, they aren’t very smart and will mindlessly walk into you, making it easy to hit them with your sword. There are also wolf-headed warriors in here that can be defeated with magic.

Walk directly north from the start point and turn right when you see an intersection. Go through the archway to the north at the end of the hall and look for another arch to the left that leads to a box that contains the Key of Prison. Head back to the intersection and down the western end of the path until you see another archway to the north. Make your way through the chamber on the other side of the arch until it bends east. You should see an indentation in the southern wall that’s actually another archway that will take you to the chamber where the Gold Armor is hidden in a chest. Make your way back to the entrance.

Take the path going east from the entrance and through the first arch you see to the north. Follow the narrow passage behind the arch to a box that has 200 Gold, then return to the hallway. Continue east down the hall to a second archway that will take you to a staircase going down to the basement.


There are a lot of twisting paths, but the basement is fairly straightforward. Just go north from the steps and keep to the left. Look out for the fireball shooting wizards; your shield can’t block their projectiles. You’ll eventually come to a chamber that gets more narrow as you head north. Go down the hall that turns west then north at the end of the chamber.

After taking a few steps north, the hallway will shift to the right. Walk down it until you hit the wall. There should be a path going north from the wall. Follow it to a chest that contains a Shiny Stone. 

Walk west again and take the second passage leading north that you see. Follow it a long distance until you find a path going south. Keep to the left again while going south and count the intersections. Walk east down the second intersection and go north when you reach the wall on the far right. Make your way through the zigzagging hallway to a box. Open it to get 100 Gold, then go back to the hallway you came from.

Go south anyway way you can to a large chamber filled with pillars. Look along the east wall and you will find a treasure chest that has 200 Gold. There’s a set of bars on the west side of this chamber, equip the Key of Prison to open the bars. The elves that are locked in this room will ask for the Movable Mantel, equip it and talk to them to receive the Key of Philips. Save your game and return to the first floor.

First Floor

Proceed to the entrance to the castle, but don’t leave. Go north up the main hallway and turn left when you get the opportunity. Keep walking left until you reach the wall. Go through the arch to the north, then follow the corridor east, then turn north when you get to its end. Turn right when you hit the northern wall. This should bring you to a locked door. Use the Key of Philips to open it.  

Second Floor 

Note: Do not step onto the broken sections of floor up here, Nasir will fall to his death if you touch them.

Walk south from the steps (watch out for the pitfall to the left) go left when you hit a dead end. Take a few steps south, then cross the bridge to the right. Turn south (it’s the only way you can go in this room) and look for an archway to the southwest in the large chamber you enter. Head east past another arch and turn north when you come to a second archway. Look for a chest in the northwest portion of the chamber the arch leads to, then open the box for a Large Shield. 

Now walk east as far as possible, then go north to the very end of the walkway. There will be a chest to your left, open it to get 100 Gold. Back on the walkway, head south and take the first passage to the west that you see. Go west, then south, then west again to a door flanked by lion heads. This is the boss room, so save your game before entering.

Boss: Natela 

Recommended Level: 11

Reward: Silver Sword

Note: The boss is difficult, so make sure you have both the Large Shield and Gold Armor.

Natela is a two headed fireball spitting winged lion that’s much more difficult than Samson. Move to the right or left at the start of the battle, because Natela will charge towards you. He will stay at the top half of the room most of the time and move to either side of the chamber. This boss will shoot large fireballs after it charges and smaller ones that fan out when you approach it.

The trick to this fight is to jump frequently to evade its fireballs and stand just in front of it when you swing your sword to damage it. You will have to jump or move after hitting Natela once or twice, because he will counter with a charge or fireballs. 

An easier way to defeat this boss is to get to level 12 or 13 and let it charge into you by staying in the entrance of the room. Start hitting it the moment it gets close and you should take considerable chunks out of its health thanks to your high level. 

Have a Healing Pot ready regardless of the strategy you use, because even at level 12 Natela inflicts a lot of damage.

Leave the castle and either return to Voloh if you want to talk to the villagers again (this is unnecessary) or look for a door on the outside of the castle a few paces east of the main entrance.

III. Denegul


a. Outside Philips Castle

A door on the east side of the castle exterior will open up after you defeat Natela. To get to it, go back down to the first floor and exit the main entrance. Walk east and you should see an open door that will take you to a room with a bird symbol on the floor. Step on the bird symbol and it will transport you to another chamber. Go through the door to the right to enter the Dwarf Desert.


b. Dwarf Desert

The desert is a harsh place. It’s home to moving boulders that shoot fireballs that can’t be blocked and wolves that rush at Nasir. Make your way west and turn north when you hit the mountain that marks the boundary of the desert. After walking for a while you will see a stone wall. Go east to find the entrance to Denegul.


c. The Town of Denegul 

Armor Shop: Sonic Armor (1800), Great Shield (1200)

Items: Ancient Book, Sky Staff

Seek out a grey haired dwarf near the northwest corner of town and talk to him to get the Ancient Book and Sky Staff. You can equip the book and read it with the L Button if you like. Switching from the Earth Staff to the Sky Staff will turn your Fireball spell into a Three-Way Fireball.

Thor is standing just above the old dwarf, talk to him and he will ask you to go back to Voloh to look for his lost pendant. This pendant is really important, so your next task should be to return to Voloh via the teleporter in the Dwarf Desert. 

Before leaving, visit the building to the left of the main gate and buy some new armor. Both the Sonic Armor and Great Shield are available in this shop, but you will need 3000 Gold to buy the set. If you don’t have enough money to get both, buy the one you can afford and try to make some money while searching for Thor’s Pendant.


d. Thor’s Pendant 

Items: Thor’s Pendant, Powerful Mirror

To get back to Voloh, leave Denegul and look for the grey stone building that houses the teleporter to Philips southeast of town. Step on the bird tile in the building to warp to the castle and walk back to Voloh. There’s an elf wandering around to the right of the elder near the entrance to town. Talk to him and he will give you Thor’s Pendant. Now backtrack to Denegul.

Back at Denegul, equip Thor’s Pendant and talk to him. Thor will give you the Powerful Mirror, an artifact that can break the rocks blocking the Dwarf Cave. Make sure you have both the Great Shield and Sonic Armor before striking out for the Dwarf Cave.


e. Dwarf Cave

Items: Magic Sword, 140 Gold, Protective Ring, Wind Crystal 

Finding the Dwarf Cave

Make your way to the northeast section of the Dwarf Desert and look for a cave blocked by two big rocks on the north end of the mountain. Use the Powerful Mirror by equipping it and pressing the L Button while standing in front of the rocks to destroy them. Step inside the cave.


It’s a good idea to save in this cave, because a single mistake can end the game. Jump over the gaps in the floor or Nasir will fall into the lava below. Just head north until you reach another screen. The next screen requires you to make more difficult jumps, but it’s not too bad if you take your time. Go down the hole at the northernmost end of the screen to reach the next area.


Note: This area is dangerous, save often!

Pro-Tip: The lava in this cave will damage Nasir if he stands on it, but you can mitigate this damage greatly by jumping.

Kill the rock monster when you enter this place and try not to step into the lava, which will slowly damage you. The rock monsters are dangerous, but you can jump over the fireballs they shoot. Fire dragons will sometimes fly out of the lava and push Nasir, simply step away from them. Go north up a long stone pathway, eventually you will see a road going east.

Be careful going down the eastern path, because lava dragons will try to push you off the narrow pathway. Try to walk along it without stopping and the dragons shouldn’t be able to hit you. You’ll see a chest to the north near the center of the path. Jump over to the box and open it to get the Magic Sword. 

Jump back to the strip of land and continue east. Watch out for more rock monsters and dragon heads. You may want to bait the dragon heads into rushing you by stepping forward a few steps, then quickly backing away. After a few paces you will arrive at a four way intersection. 

The road going south will take you to an exit that leads to the Dwarf Desert. I recommend ignoring this exit for now, because it’s a one-way trip. If you take the southern path and jump over a large area of lava when the path turns east, you wind find a chest that contains 140 Gold.* The path leading east is a dead end, so take the northern road to the next section of the cave.

*Other guides claim this chest contains 350 Gold, but I always get 140. It’s possible the contents of the chest are random or determined by some unknown variable.


This area is one big open room full of lava, rock monsters, and dragon heads. Take about five steps right from the entrance and head north, jumping over the lava and dealing with the enemies. Try to keep to the right a bit in order to avoid the dragon heads. Eventually you will see a rock wall that forms a “T” with the northern wall of the room. A chest should be on the west side of the wall. Open it to obtain the Protective Ring. 

Cross the lava to the west to locate a box that contains the Wind Crystal. Now you can use wind magic, which works pretty well on the monsters in this cave. Go back to the chest you got the ring from and go east along the walkway. Follow it as it bends south and you will come to a doorway that will take you to the Silence Cave.


f. Silence Cave

Items: Moon Stone 

This cave is just a single chamber. Look for a shiny, oval shaped stone in the northeast corner of the cave and press Y while facing it to get the Moon Stone. 


g. Obtaining the Freezing Pot and Opening the way to Eardon 

Items: Freezing Pot 

With the Moon Stone in your possession, backtrack to B1 of the Dwarf Cave and use the exit I mentioned earlier to return to the Dwarf Desert. Return to Denegul and equip the Moon Stone. Talk to Mathias near the town entrance, then speak to the dwarf northeast of Mathias to get the Freezing Pot.

Backtrack through the Dwarf Cave until you get to where you found the Protective Ring in the northern end of B2. There’s a sort of lava stream just west of the chest. Stand on the rock island just south of the lava stream and use the Freezing Pot to reveal a hidden passage. Step inside the passage and watch the scene. Save your game and go into the door in the northwest when you are ready to battle the third boss.

Boss: Eardon 

Recommended Level: 15

Reward: None

Eardon is an easy boss as long as you are fully prepared for it. This big rock will slowly move around the room and try to crush you against the wall. Much of its body is immune to damage except for its eyestalks, which protrude from the front of its body every few seconds to fire off some rocks. 

Jump over the rocks and hit the eyes with the sword, then jump away as Eardon retracts its eyes. Eardon will likely try to corner you in the southern end of the room, move around it and north when you start to run out of space. You’ll have to wait a few seconds, but Eardon should move north again and give you more space to fight him. The Protective Ring can help in this fight if you are having trouble getting into sword range without crashing into the boss. Just be sure to take it off when you aren’t attacking, because it will drain your MP quickly.

Exit Eardon’s chamber via the north door to go to the Hobbit Valley.

IV. Poper 


a. Hobbit Valley

Look for the entrance to Poper in the north end of the Hobbit Valley at the end of a narrow pass. You will encounter giant grubs and pigmen in this area. While the grubs aren’t much of a threat, the pigmen can be dangerous thanks to the pickaxes they throw. Use the Wind Cutter spell on the pigmen. This is also a good place to level up a bit if needed.


b. Poper Town

Items: None

Poper, is an uncharacteristically somber place for a Hobbit settlement, because of a plague that has decimated the population. There are no shops in Poper, so go north from the town gate to the church. The priest inside will tell you what happened to the town and ask you to retrieve some Mint from Siegfried Castle. Visit the house west of the church after you speak to the priest, then leave town.*

*I’m not sure if it’s necessary to visit the hobbit house, but it adds to the story a bit,


c. Hobbit Valley Revisited 

Walk south, then turn west as soon as you emerge from the pass that leads to Poper. After a few steps you will see another pass that will take you to another section of the valley. The only thing in the second part of the valley is the entrance to Siegfried Castle. Save your game before entering the castle.


d. Siegfried Castle Part 1

Items: Defensive Ring, Power Ring, Mint, Maxim Shield, Thunder Armor


The monsters in Siegfried Castle are pretty strong, so take care. Magic will not harm the knights in this castle, but it does work on the balls that roll along the floor.

Make your way over to the far right side of the building once you enter it and walk north at the last archway. The hallway will hook left and you will see two arches, go through the southern one. Walk left until you see an alcove with a chest to the south. Open the box to receive the Defensive Ring. 

Continue westward after getting the ring. You may actually want to use the Defensive Ring in this hallway, because several knights will gang up on you in here. Turn south at the end of the hallway, then east when you hit the southern wall. You should see a chest to the north after taking a few steps east, open it to obtain the Force Sword. 

Now return to the hallway you came from and head east past the chest you got the ring from and go through the archway to the north at the very end of the hallway. Pass through a second arch to get to a small room with steps that will take you to the basement.


New foes, ratmen and multi-armed swordsmen, await Nasir in this basement. All of these enemies can be defeated with magic. Go through the doorway south of the entrance, then head west to get the Power Ring. From the chest, walk back to the corridor to the right and head south until you see a doorway in the southern wall. Kill the ratmen on the other side of the door and take the Mint from the chest.

Go down the corridor that runs west after getting the Mint and enter the first room you see to the north. Wood beams partially block the view in this room, but you should be able to find a chest that contains the Maxim Shield without much effort. Step back into the corridor and walk west a few paces, then go through the door to the north.

Follow the hallway on the other side of the door until you come to a path going off to the right. Walk down this path to its very end and you’ll discover a chest with the Thunder Armor.

After getting the armor, walk over to the passage that runs north and turn east into the path leading back to the first floor when you see it. Take the Mint back to Poper.


e. Poper (Revisited)

Items: Star Staff, Duma’s Key

Equip the Mint and talk to the priest in the church at the center of town. He will tell you to see the spirits in the basement. Push against the window to the right of the big stained glass window behind the priest to open a secret door. 

Walk through the basement and talk to each of the spirits as you find them. The last two spirits will give you the Star Staff and Duma’s Key. Exit the basement and walk all the way back to Siegfried Castle after getting the Key.


f. Siegfried Castle Part 2

Items: None

After returning to the castle, head right and go through the arch to the north. Go through the arch to the south when you get to the end of the passage (this should be familiar from your previous visit) and west until you see a silver door. Equip Duma’s Key and save your game, then go through the door so you can fight the boss.

Boss: Duma

Recommended Level: 19

Reward: Siegfried Castle Key, Water Crystal 

Duma is basically a stationary giant head with two hands that move up and down the sides of the room. The hands will clap together where Nasir is standing in an attempt to crush him every few seconds. Duma’s helmet will open up and shoot fireballs that can be jumped over. 

The boss is only vulnerable when the helmet is open, so you will have to jump towards him and attack. Patience is key in this fight, because you will have to bait the hands into attacking and then jump towards Duma. You’ll only have a second or two to hit the boss before the hands reach you. Jump back to the southern end of the room when the hands get close and repeat the process. 

It helps to step forward at the start of the fight, then stop before the hands move so they miss you. You can also try to time your attacks so you move forward just as the hands start to close in, which will buy you extra time. Duma becomes faster as he gets closer to death, so do not underestimate him.

The greatest danger is getting bounced between the boss’s head and hands, so avoid them even if it draws out the fight. The Power and Protective Rings are helpful in this confrontation.


Leave the boss room after getting the Siegfried Castle Key and walk west, then north when you hit the wall. Go through the arch to find the door to the second floor. Equip the Siegfried Castle Key and open the door so you can climb up to 2F.


There isn’t much to the first section of the second floor, so follow the hallway to another door and save before moving onward. Nasty monsters inhabit this next area. The cyclops creatures are particularly dangerous, because they will shoot beams when they spot you. Luckily they are slow and you can jump over the beams.

Just walk as far south as possible, ignoring the side paths that lead to empty rooms, and turn east when you hit the southern wall. Continue east, then turn north at the very end of the hallway. Follow the narrow corridor up to the third floor.


All that awaits you up here is a brief cutscene. Step on the disk that looks like a Yin Yang in the upper right after the cutscene to go to the Gnome Tree.

V. Lilaty 


a. Gnome Tree and Lilaty 

Items: Angel’s Bell, Truth Fire, Fur Mantle 

Talk to all of the gnomes to get clues and items for the next leg of the journey. The gnome wandering around in front of a house to the west will give you the Angel’s Bell when you talk to him. A female gnome in the northeast corner will give you the Truth Fire after telling you about a liar who is hiding the Fur Mantle.

Equip the Truth Fire and have a word with the Gnome walking around near a well by the center of the town. He will ask you if you think he is not a liar, say “No” and he will give you the Fur Mantle. With the Fur Mantle in your possession you can safely explore the Ice Cave. 

Exit the town via the steps to the north to get to the Gnome Plain (an empty area, hardly worth mentioning) and proceed north to find the Ice Cave.


b. Ice Cave

Items: Elixir, Bright Stone 

Make sure you have the Fur Mantle equipped before entering this cave, your HP will drop rapidly without it. Do not step into the icy water in this cave or you die instantly. The monsters in here are weak to fire magic and immune to ice. I’m going to split this guide into two sections for the Ice Cave, because it’s complex and you don’t really need to explore it. The first section outlines how to get the treasures in this cave, while the second describes how to get to the boss. The treasures are helpful, but they can be skipped.

Getting the Treasures 

Take a few steps east from the entrance and go up the north corridor. Head up the northeast path when you come to an open chamber, this will bring you to a small hallway. Go east, then south in the hallway and you should arrive at a spot where the ice is broken. 

Walk east again and you should see a lamp made from ice. Go into the room just north of the lamp and take the Elixir from the chest. Head back to the lamp and backtrack to the small hallway by walking west, then north. Take the northwest corridor in this hallway to another room with a lamp.

Go up the passage northwest of the lamp through a room with three lamps. You should be able to see a chest to your right in the hallway north of the three lamps. Follow the hallway until you see a gap in the wall to the north. Go through the gap and continue east down the path, then turn south to find the chest you saw a moment ago. Open it for a Bright Stone. 

These items are fairly useful and I suggest saving both of them for the challenges ahead. Head southwest to return to the cave entrance.

Finding the Boss

From the cave entrance, walk up the long hallway to the northeast and stay against the left wall. You will pass two intersections. At the third intersection, go west, then north through a gap in the wall, then west again. You should see a doorway to the north, go through it and save when you come to a white door that leads to the boss.

Tip: The monsters in this area give good experience. Take advantage of this and try to get to level 26 or higher. 

Boss: Thimale 

Recommended Level: 27

Reward: Life Ball

This boss is a huge ball that rolls up and down the center of the room. It’s protected by six octopus-like creatures that fire ice crystals at anything in front of them or to their sides. To defeat Thimale you must first destroy the octopi, because the boss cannot be harmed until they are gone. Jump towards each octopus to evade the ice crystals and swing your sword when in range.

Destroy them all and the barrier around Thimale will drop. The boss will continue to roll around, but now it will pause and fire ice crystals in every direction. Thimale resembles a bubble with a tentacled creature inside of it. The creature is its weak point. If you are level 27 or higher you can just jump into the creature and swing your sword to kill it quickly, especially if you have the Power Ring equipped. If you’re a lower level you will need to run up and down the room with the boss and jump towards it when it drops to avoid the ice crystals. This should also bring you into striking distance, so you can hit it with your sword once or twice before backing away.


c. Nymph Cave

Items: Moon Staff


This is a point of no return, wrap up any business you have before summoning the nymphs.


Go through the doors in the north end of the boss room after defeating Thimale. Equip the Angel’s Bell and walk up to the northernmost end of the island. Use the bell with the L1 Button. The nymphs will appear, give you the Moon Staff, then send you off to Phantom Hill.

VI. Lagoon Castle


a. Phantom Hill

Items: Thunder Crystal

There isn’t much to Phantom Hill, even the enemies are pretty weak. Just bear east while climbing the steps and you will reach the top. You may hit a dead end if you go too far east, if this happens go up the next staircase to the left. Save your game when you come to a hole and drop down it to fight Ella.

Boss: Ella 

Recommended Level: 27

Reward: None

Ella is extremely easy compared to most of the bosses in this game. She will teleport around the room and spray fireballs in all directions. Jump over the fireballs and whack her with the sword as much as you can before she teleports away. The Power Ring will make this fight go much faster. 

The only problem with Ella is that her pattern speeds up as she loses health, so try to get as many hits in as you can while she is still slow at the beginning of the fight. Exit the room after the battle.

Stairs will appear outside the hole, climb them and jump over the gap on your right. Watch the cutscene with Zerah and Mathias. Talk to Mathias and Zerah after the battle to get the Thunder Crystal. Afterwards, Mathias will send you to the clouds.


b. Clouds

Items: None

Somehow Nasir can stand on these clouds. Save frequently here, because it’s very easy to fall. Go north, jumping over the gaps in the clouds and you will eventually see a green patch of land that leads to Lagoon Castle.


c. Lagoon Castle

Items: Statue, Bright Stone, Moon Blade, Elixir, Moon Shield, Curing Ring, Moon Armor 

Walk north to some statues and a plate that holds an important clue. Cross the drawbridge to enter the castle itself. Demons roam the hallways of the castle, I highly recommend taking some time to grind in here to level up a bit. Gather the gear hidden in this castle before leveling up, because it will make battling these foes easier.


Proceed north until you reach a pillar. A crest should be on the floor just north of the pillar, turn left at the crest. Walk down the hallway until you hit the wall, then head north. Turn west when you reach the northern wall and keep moving in that direction until the hallway turns north again. Follow the hallway to the second floor.


The wizards on this floor shoot fireballs, so be sure to jump attack them. You’ll start in a small room near the steps, look for an archway to the south, go through it and walk around a chamber to the right. Go south when you get to a more open area and you should see a room with a black ceiling. 

The door to the room is on its south end. Talk to the king and queen inside to learn about what has happened to the castle. They will also inform you that you need the Statue, which is fortunately very close.

Exit the king and queen’s cell, take a few steps south, then turn east. You should see a room with a treasure chest in the second room on the south side of the hallway. The Statue is inside the box.

Continue back down the hallway in an easterly direction then turn north when you get to a three way intersection. Turn west when you arrive at an archway to find the steps to the third floor.


Follow the hallway southwest from the steps until you come to a corridor that runs north. Go up the corridor all the way to its end, then turn left.* Keep walking left and you’ll hit a wall in the far west. Go south at the wall and keep along this hallway to reach the Silence Terrace.

* There’s a Bright Stone in a chest at the end of a hallway in the second intersection of the corridor.

Silence Terrace

Head west and you will soon see two mirrors on the north wall of the terrace. There is also a patch of light on the floor just below the mirrors. Equip the Moon Stone you found long ago and hit L to use it while standing on the patch of light by the mirrors to receive the Moon Blade. This is the strongest weapon in the game. Go east to return to 3F.


Backtrack through the long hallway to where it bends south at its end. Walk down to the intersection and turn west to where the Bright Stone chest is (The chest will contain gold if you already have a Bright Stone) and turn south. Turn left at the next crossroads you see, then head north when you get to a wall. This corridor twists and turns a lot, but it will bring you to the steps to 4F.


Going up the steps in 3F will bring you to a small room with an Elixir. Make your way east from this room. You should see a hallway leading north, ignore it and continue eastward until you see a second hallway going north. Go up this hallway and keep to the wall on your right. Keep following this path and you should be just barely able to see a chest in the northeast. Go west when you see the box.

The passage will double back as you follow it and you’ll be going in a westward direction after a while. If you stuck to the wall on the right, it will actually be on the bottom of the screen now. Keep going past some crabs and you will eventually find a chest. Take the Moon Shield and retrace your steps to the southernmost part of this floor.

Walk east as far as possible, then take the path going north. You should see a hallway leading off to the right after going north a bit. Go down this hallway and you will enter another screen of the fourth floor. Open the chest on this screen to get the Curing Ring. Do not try to jump over the pit to the right of the chest, it’s too big to clear. The only thing on the other side of it are the steps to 3F, which you’ve already explored anyway.

Return to the corridor and follow north. It will lead you west after a while, then south. Eventually it should turn north again where you will see an archway that goes to the princess’s room. 

The princess is trapped in the mirror, equip the Statue and use it while standing in the center of the room. After the statue frees her, she will tell you to go to the Secret Place by stepping into the mirror. Actually, the mirror will take you to the 5th floor first.


Walk south from the steps, then head east when you get to a crossroads. Go south again after a few steps, so you can take the hallway going east. Turn when the opportunity presents itself, then go east again to a chest that contains the Moon Armor. Return to the hallway and make your way southwest to the next screen where you will find the boss room.

Boss: Battler 

Recommended Level: 31

Reward: None

The Curing Ring and moon gear make this fight a piece of cake, so make sure you have them. Battler will summon a pair of demons that fly around the room shooting what appear to be eyeballs. They can deal a good bit of damage and can bounce Nasir between them, which can kill you pretty quickly, but it’s easy enough to stay out of their way. Battler himself will teleport around the room. Usually he will appear far away from Nasir. 

Just charge towards Battler and flail away at him with the sword. Any damage you take will be healed almost immediately by the Curing Ring. Jump or run away when the demons close in on you. Battler will drop pretty quickly if you can get to him fast. 

Go through the north door after the boss is dead and leap north from the platform to reach a mysterious island.

VII. The Final Battle


a. Island

Items: None

Talk to the old man in the house to the northeast. He will tell you to go down the steps west of the house. The tile in the southwest will return you to Lagoon Castle, go back there now if you somehow missed the Moon Blade, Armor, Shield, and Curing Ring. You will need these items.

Go down the steps when you are ready to finish the game.


b. Secret Place

Items: Time Ring

Your first order of business here should be to get Nasir up to the max level (35) in preparation for the final bosses. This should not take long, because the enemies are worth a lot of Exp. 

Walk left through an opening in the cave wall, then go south until the path branches off to the left. Take the path going west past another intersection and go through another hole in the cave wall to the left. Walk through another hole in the wall to the west, then turn north and stay in that direction until you see a chest that contains the Time Ring. 

Now go back through the two archways that lead to the Time Ring and walk south until you hit the cave wall. Head west, then south when you arrive at another crossroad. 

Move along the path as it winds east, then go south at the next intersection.

You will come to another intersection after going south a few paces. Take the western road and follow it to the boss room which is easy to get to as long as you head northwest.


The final battles of the game are beyond this door, save before entering.



c. Final Bosses

Items: Thor’s Pendant

Make sure you’re level 35 and have all of the Moon gear and the Curing Ring before fighting these bosses. 

Boss: Evil Spirit (Green) 

Recommended Level: 35

This foe has two phases. Its first phase is a green blob that stays in the north end of the screen. It will shoot fireballs that spread out. Just jump towards it and slash it to death, while jumping occasionally to avoid its fireballs. The life bar of the first phase will not decrease when you damage it, but its eyes will disappear as you hit it and it will eventually die.

The second form is a green gargoyle with a whip arm. The gargoyle will chase Nasir around the room whipping at him with his arm. It can deal a lot of damage, but it can only hit you from the left. Bait it into attacking, step away from it, and hit the boss when it’s exposed to kill it. An easier way to kill this beast is to lure it to the southern wall, stand below it, equip the Curing Ring, and whale away at it with the sword. You should be able to out heal and out damage the gargoyle. Nasir’s HP/MP will be restored after the battle.

Boss: Zerah 

Recommended Level: 35

Zerah is ridiculously easy, because he just walks along the northern part of the screen shooting fireballs everywhere. Run up to him as soon as you can control Nasir and start hitting Zerah. Jump while attacking to dodge his fireballs. Zerah’s life bar does not indicate damage, but about ten hits will kill him.

Boss: Thor

Recommended Level: 35

Thor is really annoying. He stays in the center of the room and surrounds himself with a barrier of energy balls that push Nasir away from him. The energy balls do little damage, but they make it hard to reach Thor. The boss will also fire a spread of projectiles that deal a fair amount of damage. Luckily the projectiles can be hopped over. 

Try to approach Thor from the left or right in a zigzag pattern to get past the energy balls. It will only take a few slashes to defeat him, but you have to be quick to hit him. You can also get close to Thor by facing away from him and letting the balls hit you, which should push you towards him. Hide in the corner if you need to heal up with the Curing Ring. 

Thor’s second form is really irritating. He’ll turn into a bird that flies around the top half of the screen in a figure eight pattern, shooting feathers. He will also shoot a big fireball that you can jump over when you are lined up with him. The boss can do a ton of damage, so watch out. If you need to rest, stand in the far right or left corner near the bottom of the screen. Only Thor’s feathers can hit you in these corners and you can jump over them. 

If you don’t have an extra Bright Stone and/or Elixir, you will have to fight Thor by carefully standing where he flies into striking distance to hit him. This requires precision and you’ll have to jump over his projectiles. 

The other way to beat Thor is to equip the Power Ring, jump towards him recklessly, and slash away at him. You’ll likely take damage, so back away and heal with the items or the Curing Ring. A few passes with this strategy should kill Thor fairly quickly. 

Your life will be refilled after the battle. Talk to Thor to get Thor’s Pendant, then go south to fight the very last boss.

Boss: Evil Spirit (Red)

Recommended Level: 35

The Red Demon is almost exactly the same as the Green Demon, except he can teleport. To defeat him easily, equip the Curing Ring and Life Ball, then lure him to the southern wall like you did before. Hit him as rapidly as possible, ignoring any damage you take. The Curing Ring should keep you alive just long enough to kill the boss. If he manages to kill you, the Life Ball will bring you back and you can finish him off.

If you do not have a Life Ball, you can still beat him with just the Curing Ring if you’re fast, though you’re leaving this to luck. You can also fight the boss by baiting him into attacking and getting quick hits in when there’s a gap in his defense, just be ready to move in case he teleports.

3. Equipment and Items

I. Weapons

NameAttack PowerLocation
Short Sword 10Bought in Atland
Silver Sword40Found in Philips Castle
Magic Sword80Found in Dwarf Cave
Force Sword100Found in Siegfried Castle
Moon Blade120Found in Lagoon Castle

II. Armor

NameDefense PowerLocation
Bandit Armor5Bought in Atland
Gold Armor20Found in Philips Castle
Sonic Armor50Bought in Denegul
Thunder Armor80Found in Siegfried Castle
Moon Armor100Found in Lagoon Castle

III. Shields

NameDefense PowerLocation
Iron Shield5Bought in Atland
Large Shield20Found in Philips Castle
Great Shield50Bought in Denegul
Maxim Shield80Found in Siegfried Castle
Moon Shield100Found in Lagoon Castle

IV. Rings 

Rings will grant Nasir a bonus while rapidly draining his MP while equipped.

NameEffectLocationUsable in Boss Fights
Protective RingDef 30Dwarf CaveYes
Defensive RingMakes Nasir invulnerableSiegfried CastleNo
Power RingStr 30Siegfried CastleYes
Curing RingRestores HP over timeLagoon CastleYes
Time RingFreezes EnemiesSecret PlaceNo

IV. Consumable Items

The following items can be bought in stores and/or found in dungeons. All consumables are expended upon use.

Healing PotHeals 30 HPSold in Atland
ElixirCompletely restores HPSold in Voloh
Shiny StoneRestores 20 MPSold in Atland
Bright StoneFully replenishes MPSold in Voloh
Life BallRevives Nasir if he dies with this equippedReward for defeating Thimale 

4. References

There are not very many guides for this game that I would recommend aside from RPG Classics’ shrine, which has several maps and detailed item descriptions.

Thanks for using this walkthrough!

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