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Release Data

Developer: Audiogenic Ltd.

Publisher: Flying Edge

Release Date: 1993

System: Sega Game Gear

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1


Krusty’s Fun House is a combination of platforming and puzzle solving. The Fun House has been infested with rodents that are causing chaos. Krusty must lead the rats into various traps he has prepared for them to clear his Fun House of vermin. 

Krusty’s Fun House is separated into seventy stages that each have their own puzzle style. The rats that Krusty must remove move through pipes and doors in each stage. Krusty has to find ways to divert them into traps by moving blocks to cover pipes and/or connecting pipe lines together. The rats move automatically, so a combination of skill, timing, and careful planning are required to solve each level.

Various creatures and hazards can interfere with Krusty’s plans. Luckily, everyone’s favorite cartoon clown has a few eggs up his sleeve that he can throw at hostile creatures to eliminate them. Players will also find items like Krusty mugs and horns that grant extra points as well as Krusty Dolls that act as extra lives. This game uses a password system as a save feature.


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