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Developer: Rare LTD.

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: November 25, 1996

System: Nintendo 64

Genre: Fighting

Players: 1-2


Killer Instinct Gold takes place directly after the events of the original game. Several fighters from the original make appearances in this sequel as well as a few new combatants. With the defeat of the antagonist from the first game, several of the combatants are warped back in time 2000 years. The time warp also freed an evil demon called Gargos who establishes a riegn of terror over the Earth. Each hero has his or her own motivations for fighting Gargos that correspond to their backstories and the fighters must face each other in combat to decide who will battle Gargos.

Like most fighting games, players face off against another player or a computer controlled opponent in a series of tournament style fights. The object is to completely deplete your opponent’s health bar or have more health than him when the timer runs out. Players can execute a variety of attacks that are unique to each fighter as well as perform combos that inflict extra damage. A few of the combatants include the assassin known as B. Orchid, boxing champion TJ Combo, and the reanimated remains of an ancient warrior called Spinal. This game features a number of modes that range from a Training Mode to Team Battles where players can swap between several combatants in the same match.


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