Kid Icarus (NES)

Developer: Nintendo R&D 1

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: July 1, 1987

System: NES

Genre: Platformer/Action RPG

Players: 1


Kid Icarus (also known as Kid Icarus: Angel Land Story) is a platformer for the Nintendo Entertainment System that features some light RPG elements. Players control a young angel named Pit who must rescue Angel Land and its ruler from the evil Medusa. Pit must obtain three powerful treasures that are guarded by bosses before he can face Medusa. Each area of the game is split into four smaller stages, with a boss that guards one of the treasures waiting in the fourth stage of each area.

Pit wields a bow that fires short range arrows. His bow can be shot to the left, right, and upwards. Monsters swarm each area and the player will have to react quickly to the constant threat posed by Medusa’s minions. Monsters drop hearts when defeated, which can be used as currency in the various shops found in each stage. These shops sell a variety of potions and items that can help Pit. While players only get one life per game, a password that allows the player to continue is provided on the Game Over screen.

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