Kid Icarus (NES) Passwords

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Kid Icarus (NES) Passwords


Press Select on the screen that reads Start/Continue to highlight the continue option, then press the Start Button to go to the password screen. The Directional Buttons are used to highlight letters and numbers in the field on the lower half of the screen. Press the A Button to enter a character in the password field. Press the B Button to move the cursor on the password entry field back a space. Pressing the A Button with a character on the password field highlighted will replace that character. Press Start after completing the password to begin the game.

Note: The number zero and letter O strongly resemble one another in this game, so pay close attention to the images included with the passwords below to avoid mistakes. Furthermore, these passwords may not work with some releases of this game. However, they will work with the original NES hardware and highly accurate emulators like FCEUX.


Stage 1-4 (Boss)

Password: 0000eu 60j700 uG0004 1000J0

Items/Stats: Strength 2, Endurance 3, 400 Hearts, and a Hammer

Stage 2-1

Password: 0000ys T0J300 m2001C H000aS

Items/Stats: Strength 2, Endurance 4, 211 Hearts, 1 Treasure, and a Potion

Stage 2-4 (Boss)

Password: 00008C i04400 mIG01D I0005F 

Items/Stats: Strength 3, Endurance 4, 260 Hearts, 1 Treasure, a Feather, Barrel, and a Hammer

Stage 3-1

Password: 0000mu w0K200 O3G00H I100s5

Items/Stats: Strength 3, Endurance 5, 148 Hearts, 2 Treasures, Barrel, and a Feather

Stage 3-4 (Boss) 

Password: 0000y0 11X200 u0G00H I100t0 

Items/Stats: Strength 3, Endurance 5, 161 Hearts, 2 Treasures, Barrel, and a Feather

Stage 4-1 (Final Boss)

Password: 00008p 414100 O3G00H I500eB

Items/Stats: Strength 3, Endurance 5, 161 Hearts, 3 Treasures, and a Feather

The preceding passwords, which originally appeared in Top Secret Passwords: Nintendo Player’s Guide, have been compiled and transcribed to this site for the sake of posterity as well as for the convenience of our visitors. They have been tested thoroughly for accuracy. Feel free to contact us if you have problems getting these cheats to work or know something we do not.

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