Jurassic Park (Genesis)

Developer: Blue Sky Software

Publisher: Sega

Release Date: August 10, 1993

System: Sega Genesis

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1

Jurassic Park is a platformer based on the 1993 film of the Same name. Players control Grant, a paleontologist, who visits the nearly finished dinosaur themed safari to learn that the park is filled with real dinosaurs that have been recreated through cloning. The dinos run amok at the park when an employee sabotages the power, leaving Grant and the other visitors to fend for themselves.

Grant has to go through seven stages to complete the game. Each stage is based on scenes from the movie and has a small objective to complete. Dinosaurs infest every corner of the park and Grant will have to contend with everything from angry triceratops to the dreaded velociraptor. Luckily, the hero comes armed with a cattle prod and tranq darts that can immobilize the dinos. He will also find more deadly means of self defense that include explosive rockets and grenades as he explores the island. 

Jurassic Park also allows players to control a raptor whose goal is to slay or evade the park’s guards. The Raptor Can run, jump, and climb, but must rely on its claws for defense. Raptor mode features five stages that ultimately end in a face off with Grant.

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