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Release Data

Developer: High Score Productions

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release Date: December 1993

Genre: Action

Platform: Sega Genesis

Players: 1


Ibn Kilbaba and drug lord Carlos Ortega have acquired nuclear weapons in hopes of carrying out an attack on Washington D.C. Only the specialized Comanche strike helicopter and its elite pilot can foil the criminal duo’s evil scheme in Jungle Strike. Players will fly through nine isometric stages. Each stage can be explored freely, but players are required to complete mission objectives in order to finish campaigns. These objectives include rescuing prisoners, destroying radar installations, and battling ground forces. Despite being called Jungle Strike, campaigns take place in a number of settings as well as the jungle. Players will visit D.C., the desert, and even the snowy tundra.

The Comanche helicopter has a number of weapons that will assist the player in completing missions. Its powerful vulcan cannon can pepper enemy troops and vehicles with bullets, while hydra rockets can be used to soften up tougher targets. Deadly Hellfire missiles can be used to eliminate the most dangerous foes. Players will also find copilots to recruit. Each pilot has his or her own talents that range from operating the winch more effectively to firing the vulcan faster. The Comanche can only stay airborne for so long and players will need to find fuel scattered around the map to stay aloft. Armor plates that repair damage to the helicopter can also be found as well as extra ammo. Jungle Strike allows players to continue their game by using a password.


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