Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (N64) Cheats

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Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (N64) Cheats


Choose “Options” on the start screen menu and press the A or Start Button to open the option menu. From there you can select the “Passcode” option to enter one of the cheat passwords below. Use the D-Pad or Analogue Stick to cycle through the characters on the password screen and press the A Button to enter each character into the field. The B Button deletes characters that have been entered. Press down to highlight the “Enter Code” command and press the A Button when you are done to enter the passcode. A camera shutter sound will confirm the entry.

Select the “Back” command to return to the title screen. Begin the game and the passwords should take effect. Some passcodes take effect as soon as they are entered. 

Unlock All LevelsFORGEOFFMakes all stages available
Hard ModeREALHARDIncreases difficulty
Dev Team PhotoCHEESE!!View a picture of the developers
End CreditsABSPANNWatch the ending credits
Sound TestMUCKEUnlocks the “Concert Hall” sound test in the “Museum” section of the options menu
Secret ArtANCIENTUnlocks the “Ancient Art” image gallery section in the “Museum” found in the options menu

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