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Release Data

Developer: Irem

Release Date: November 1995 (NA)

System: Sony PlayStation

Genre: Shooter

Players: 2


In The Hunt is a shooter developed by Irem for the Sony PlayStation that puts the player at the helm of a specialized submarine. Your mission is to defeat the villainous Dark Anarchy Society (D.A.S.), which has flooded the planet by melting the polar icecaps and seized control of the world in the resultant chaos. Your sub, known as Granvia, is equipped with deadly torpedoes and anti aircraft weapons which allow it to battle both aquatic and aerial foes. Players can upgrade their sub by collecting weapon bonuses that will change their anti aircraft arms to missiles or flak as well as a number of specialized torpedoes. This game is composed of six different stages that are each ruled by a boss that must be defeated in order to move on.


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