In The Hunt (PS1) Walkthrough

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In The Hunt (PSX) Walkthrough

~ by tankMage (August 2017)


   This guide is intended to serve as an aid to players who have questions regarding In The Hunt for the Sony PlayStation and is very basic in nature. It was also written specifically for the PlayStation game mode rather than Arcade mode, but the two modes are nearly identical and the strategies detailed below should apply to both forms of the game. Readers should note that I did not scour this game for secrets and it is quite possible that there are hidden items, easter Easter eggs, and/or other goodies that are not mentioned in this walkthrough.


1. Controls

2. Weapons

   a. Torpedo Weapons

   b. Launcher Weapons

3. Powerups

4. Walkthrough

1. Controls

D-Pad: Moves submarine

X Button: Fires Torpedo*

O Button: Fires Launcher/Deploys Depth Charge*

Left Bumper: Scrolls screen up

Right Bumper: Scrolls screen down

*Keeping these buttons depressed will cause the submarine to fire a continuous stream of torpedoes, and/or launcher based weapons.

2. Weapons

   Your sub can mount a number of different weapons that will change depending upon the powerups you collect. Not only does the sub fire torpedoes, but it can use surface to air weapons. Both types of weapons can (and often should) be used simultaneously. The surface to air category is referred to as the Launcher for the purposes of this guide due to its complex nature and behavior.

a. Torpedoes

   Torpedoes are the sub’s primary weapon and are only capable of being fired under water. All torpedoes are deployed from the front end of the sub and travel in a straight line.

Standard: The sub’s default weapon. While weak at first, upgrades will make Standard torpedoes faster and more powerful. Generally, this weapon is not worth using, even when upgraded (though high level Standard torpedoes pack a punch), because the other types of torpedoes are far more effective.

Vacuum: The second best torpedo type in the game, these torps produce a trail that is highly damaging and can even suck smaller opponents into its cone. Upgrading the Vacuum torpedo will increase its size and area of effect. These torpedoes can be highly destructive if the player is able to aim them so they pass over or under the target, because the trail they leave behind will inflict quite a bit of damage on larger enemies and can destroy multiple smaller opponents. Unfortunately, these torpedoes are slow moving, have a low rate of fire, and do little damage if they strike a target directly, so they are not always practical.

Scatter: The all around best torpedoes in the game. Scatter torpedoes will travel across about a third of the screen before exploding and releasing shrapnel that covers a wide vertical area. With a decent rate of fire, damage, and area of effect, this weapon is useful in a just about any situation. Collecting bonuses will improve the power and AoE of the Scatter torpedo.

b. Launchers

   Launchers are versatile weapons deployed from the top of the sub that can be used both under water and on the surface, making them your only defense against airborne enemies. These weapons function differently under water than they do on the surface.

Artillery: The sub starts out with a simple artillery gun that fires straight into the air when surfaced and launches a pair of weak missiles while submerged. Picking up “A” powerups will turn the missiles into deadly mines that float to the surface and transform the gun into a powerful flak cannon. Upgrading this weapon improves its range and rate of fire. The flak gun will aim in the direction you are moving and create small explosions high in the air. Artillery is generally the better choice out of the two launcher weapons, but the mines deploy and move very slowly, so they leave something to be desired in situations that require you to combat underwater foes, unless you are able to get very close to them.

Missiles: While not quite as effective as flak, missiles pack a punch and home in on targets when launched from the surface. Surface to air missiles will all track the same target, and move on to the next (if there are any missiles remaining) after destroying the initial target. For the most part, missiles are superior to the underwater mines, because they tend to move/fire more quickly and spread out more, making them highly effective when you have a number of foes coming from above. As a result, missiles are highly effective in stages three and five, which take place entirely underwater. Getting more missile bonuses will increase the power and number of missiles deployed.

Depth Charges: The sub will drop a few depth charges that sink to the seabed every few seconds while you are using the launcher. Depth charges inflict a good bit of damage, but do not seem to benefit from upgrades. The game only allows a few charges to be on screen as well, which can limit their utility at times, however, positioning your sub over an enemy and firing the launcher will cause depth charges to be deployed rapidly, since they explode on impact.

3. Powerups

Star Orbs: These balls are usually found hidden in elongated blue and white capsules. They are red with a yellow star in the center and come in three sizes. Small orbs will grant you one point (which is displayed on the bottom left by the asterisk), medium orbs will give you five points, and large orbs are worth ten. Collect one hundred points to gain an extra life.

Shield: This yellow jewel encased in a metallic frame envelopes the sub in a barrier that will block one shot or collision that would otherwise sink the sub.

Launcher Upgrade: This bonus appears in the form of a letter encased in a metal frame. The letter within will change from A to M every few seconds. Grabbing it while it is an A will upgrade/change your launcher to a flak gun and getting the M will upgrade or change it to a missile launcher (see sections 2a and 2b). The more upgrades you collect, the stronger each respective weapon type will become, but the weapons do not seem to improve after three upgrades. Changing launcher types will not cause you to lose the overall power bonus.

Torpedo Upgrade: Similar in appearance to the launcher upgrade icon, but with what resembles a triangular play button in the center, this item will upgrade your torpedoes. The type of upgrade you receive from this powerup is dependant upon the color of the capsule when you grab it. The torpedo upgrade will change every few seconds, just like the launcher upgrade. Grabbing an upgrade different from the weapon you are currently using will cause your weapon to change to the one indicated by the color of the powerup as well as improve its quality.

Red- This torpedo upgrade will improve your Standard torpedoes, making them faster and more powerful.

Blue- Vacuum Torpedoes can be obtained by picking the capsule up while it is blue.

Green- Picking the upgrade up while it is green will grant you Scatter torpedoes.

4. Walkthrough

   In The Hunt is a shooter, so it’s stages are generally self explanatory aside from a few places where the player may encounter barriers that have to be dealt with carefully. The following section briefly describes each stage and provides more detailed information on bosses.

Stage 1: The South Pole

   This stage is fairly simple, so take time to get used to the controls. You’ll mostly encounter enemy subs and helicopters that drop bombs at first. There are also mines in this area that sometimes release shrapnel if you blow them up, you can differentiate between shrapnel and standard mines by the reddish tinge of the shrapnel mines. Make sure you shoot the powerup carrying transport choppers and subs. I highly recommend getting the Scatter torpedoes for this stage. Keep your eyes on the surface, because a missile frigate will appear (you’ll see a wrecked ship underwater just as you encounter it). You can kill this ship very quickly with scatter torpedoes if you stay near the surface and fire rapidly, just be ready to back up or advance when the ship changes direction. Alternately, you can simply rush past the ship. Blasting the wreck on the ocean floor will yield some star orbs.

   After passing a set of artillery guns, you’ll encounter a bomber that drops indestructible fire bombs. You can either watch for a gap in the bombs you can pass through or you can rush ahead of it, just look out for a mine lobbing contraption placed on the seabed. Scatter or Vacuum torpedoes can destroy the mine lobber or you can wait for a gap in its attacks and move on. Eventually, you will pass under a glacier with cannons that fire ice rays mounted on it’s underside. The ice rays can freeze your sub, rendering it vulnerable to attacks, but they travel at a fixed trajectory, which makes them easily avoided. The cannons are often hidden, so proceed with caution. The first boss waits just beyond the glacier.

Boss 1

   This big orange sub will start the battle by firing a volley of torpedoes at you, just move up or down to avoid them. He’ll stay on the right side of the screen moving vertically, firing volleys of torps for the most part. Sometimes the enemy sub will extend two tentacle like appendages that reach out to you, move down and to the left, staying about a sub length from the seabed to avoid them. The boss may also latch onto the top and bottom of the cave using its tentacles and ram you. You should be safe if you position yourself at the far left off of the screen just above his front end. Scatter torps will shred this guy in about a minute if you can keep up an offensive.

Stage 2: The Channel

   Aerial attacks abound in this stage, so grab the flak powerup if you haven’t already. Torpedo dropping air planes will attack you in the first section as well as another frigate like the one from the first stage. Eventually you will come to a series of buildings that will produce mechs that drop down on you, blast them with flak and have your torpedoes going to take care of the ones that slip past your flak screen. Helicopters that drop mechs will also begin flying over head, beware their machinegun fire. Bombers will approach from behind, pull ahead of them and keep those torpedoes going, because there will be turrets waiting underneath the water ahead of you. A giant bulldozer will appear on the city streets overhead, once the bombers complete their run and break away. You can blast this machine with flak, but be ready to push ahead once it fires off a series of bombs that will rain down upon your sub. Eventually you will either destroy or outrun the dozer and come to a bridge.

  A flood gate sits under the bridge, in order to open it you will have to fire quite a few torpedoes at it. A train will appear overhead and large, indestructible bombs will drop from it every few seconds, just to make life more complicated while you try to boost open the gate. Hammer the gate with enough torps and it will collapse, taking the bridge with it. The next area is a mech filled factory, which is relatively easy to navigate, just flak or missile the overhead mechs to death and collect and powerups you find for the coming fight; in fact make sure you collect the M powerup, because missiles will be a great help with the upcoming boss.

Boss 2

   This boss appears to be some sort of partially constructed mech. Several mechanical arms will attach laser modules onto the left and right sides of the boss. There are four modules in total that will sweep beams across the surface of the water. While it is usually safe from the lasers underwater, the boss will sometimes increase their intensity so that they penetrate to the bottom, which means you will have to carefully avoid them….unless you have missiles. In fact this otherwise dangerous boss becomes a joke if you have missiles. Simply push your sub all the way to the far left side of the water and make sure you are on the surface. Begin to fire your missiles off right away. If you positioned yourself properly, the missiles will strike the top left laser module and destroy it in a couple of volleys, preventing the boss from scouring your portion of the screen with beams. An arm will quickly come and replace the laser, which your missile fire will promptly destroy. After a few repetitions of the pattern the boss will drop into the water and phase two of the battle will begin.

   Now that the boss is in the water it will move back and forth across the screen, firing arching firebombs at you and striking the seabed with a drill like appendage that emerges from its center. This portion of the battle is perhaps the easiest, since you need only submerge a bit and stay as far left as possible to avoid the boss. Fire your launcher to create a screen against the firebombs. You can launch torps at this boss at the same time to lay on some heavy damage, especially when he gets close to your launcher fire. A few seconds of sustained fire should send this contraption to the scrapyard and put you on your way to stage three.

Stage 3: Seabed Ruins

   A huge titan dominates the bottom half of this vertically scrolling stage. He will be begin to climb up the shaft, threatening to smash your sub once the level begins. You may feel obligated to travel up the shaft as quickly as possible to avoid destruction, but this is unnecessary, because the titan will not climb  unless you move. This means you can take your time in this stage and clear out enemies while methodically moving upwards. The titan will exhale bubbles that push the sub upwards, so watch out when passing over his head. Move upwards at a comfortable pace, destroying any enemies that come your way and try to avoid getting hit by the titan’s hand as he grabs onto the sides of the shaft.

   Early on in the stage you will have to move over the titan’s head quickly to proceed, thanks to several ledges that block your way. Afterwards you will come to a more open area filled with mines that you will either need to destroy or manoeuvre past very cautiously. I find it easier to simply destroy the mines, because they produce a sizable explosion once near you and they seem to be magnetically drawn to the sub, which only adds to the chaos. A brick ceiling lies just beyond the mine field. You can cut the through it with your weapons. Bear to the right to avoid some mechs and collect some star orbs. There’s also a few drilling machines here that will make a path for you, but they stop digging after a while and will need to be destroyed. A column lies in the center of the ceiling and you can get some more star orbs if you’re feeling brave enough to bait the titan into smashing it. You can use the bubbles he exhales to float upwards and collect your treasure after the column is history. The next section is more open, but filled with falling mechs and mines, so keep firing and take your time. After dealing with this onslaught, you’ll come to a dead end where the boss fight will begin.

Boss 3

   Eventually you will run out of shaft and the titan will halt his advance. Don’t fire the launcher indiscriminately here, because it will dislodge blocks from the ceiling that can destroy your sub. On the bright side, these same blocks can be used to slay the titan, just position the sub over his head and launch a few missiles or mines to bring a block down on the giant’s noggin. This boss won’t go down without a fight, however, he’ll sometimes punch at you with an arm whose origins are questionable and you will have to carefully negotiate the area over his head thanks to the bubbles he exhales. A few blocks will shatter the boss’s face and he’ll begin to launch eyeballs that track you. These eyeballs can be neutralized with a torpedo or other weapon. The titan is vulnerable to your weapons after the stone sheath that covers his face is destroyed, but the blocks seem to do more damage, so keep ‘em coming. A good barrage of rocks will kill this boss and end the level.

Stage 4: Sunken Town

   Several torpedo launching boats and larger subs wait in at the beginning of this stage. While dangerous, you can blast and/or weave your way through this onslaught. Beyond the initial wave of enemy craft lies a series of silos that will launch an unending stream of massive missiles. You will have to slip through the gaps in the missile volleys, which is quite difficult and requires precise control on the player’s part. Watch out for the mine thrower on the seabed that waits just past the missile silos. In order to progress, you will have to destroy an old bridge by shooting out its supports. Stay near the surface to avoid being crushed by the bridge and deal with the helicopters.

   An old building lies just beyond the bridge. Get the Scatter torpedo upgrade from the he helicopter that approaches just before you see the building, you’ll need it. Use depth charges to eliminate the enemies below you and shoot through the building to create a path. Blast your way through the lower section of the building and use the Scatter torpedo to take out the turrets beyond it, but don’t advance. Instead, use the launcher to cut through the upper floors of the building and blast a hole in the wall near the surface. Now you can hit the mine droppers that are floating above you with your Scatter torps from a safe vantage point. Submerge again and eliminate another set of turrets. Advance slowly and cut through the other buildings and use the same techniques to deal with the enemies. After passing through this area, you will come to the boss.

Boss 4

   Two strangely shaped subs will emerge from each side of the screen and begin to circle one another. Position yourself between them and fire your launcher. You should be able to dump a massive amount of depth charges on the bottom sub and destroy the mines it releases in the process while ramming the top sub with missiles or mines. Move in concert with the two subs and try to stay between them. Eventually one of the bosses will crumble and the remaining boss will change its patterns. The survivor will follow you around and launch guided missiles at you as well as use a vacuum attack that you will have to pull away from to avoid being sucked into its front end. Try to stay above or under the boss hammering it with your launcher and you will win this fight and complete the stage.

Stage 5: Deep Dark Sea

   Get ready to shoot your way through a wave of boats and choppers, grabbing some powerups along the way. A cave lies ahead. Molten lava will drop from the ceiling here and create heat bubbles that will push you upwards, so maintain control of your sub in this room. The next section is perhaps one of the most unfair portions of the game in my opinion; you will have to go down a shaft lined with mini volcanoes that spew rocks from time to time. Try to wait in until each set of volcanoes erupts before heading down and have your weapons blazing in hopes that they will intercept any rocks coming your way. Good timing and a bit of luck will get you through this unscathed. There are some capsules that hold star orbs tucked into the crevices of this shaft, but they are not worth the risk.

   You’ll have to destroy turrets that line the ceiling of the next area while dealing with shots from mechs. Missiles work well here. Stay low to avoid being pinned by enemy fire and take out the turrets ASAP. Beyond this lies another shaft inhabited by a giant fish. The fish will undulate around you. Just keep shooting it and make small movements to avoid it. Eventually, the fish will succumb to your attacks and you can head down, but beware of a second fish that spawns out of a hole in the wall. Hammer it with your weapons while moving downwards to kill it, so you can move on to the final and toughest part of this stage. You’ll have to inch your way under a mine thrower to destroy to with your launcher, then a horde of plasma shooting subs will approach. Move up and down while weaving through their shots to stay alive and have your launcher going to take out the mechs that drop down from the ceiling. The Scatter torpedoes are great at cutting a hole in the wall of advancing subs. Keep this pattern up and you will come to the boss.

Boss 5

   This boss is essentially a hydra that regrows its heads after you destroy them. It’s also totally immobile, but you cannot hope to fight it head on as it will spit fireballs from each head that move rapidly across the screen. If that’s not bad enough, there are several volcanoes on the ceiling that rain rocks down on you, plus the boss will also spew a steady stream of flame that occupies much of the screen. The situation seems dire, but there is hope. Squeeze into the upper left corner of the screen as soon as the fight starts and continuously launch torps. This will handle the threat of the rocks from volcanoes and protect you from the fireballs, but you can’t hit the hydra from here. Wait until it begins breathing fire and peek out from your hiding place to shoot it. You’ll only be able to get a couple of shots off before you will have to return to your hiding place to avoid the flame. Repeat this process a few times and you will eventually kill the boss, though it takes time.

Stage 6: The Enemy Base

   This is the final leg of the journey. You’ll encounter stiff resistance here from the start. Blast away at the choppers, but watch out for the enemy subs; their tactics change here and they tend to hang back and snipe at you. Be ready to fight a frigate right away and make sure you take out the turret hiding beneath it. Some shrapnel mines wait beyond the boat, so shoot with discrimination. You’ll come to an area where turrets line the floor and the bottom of docks, make them your priority even though there are foes on the docks. A strange machine will lower itself into the water once you are clear of the docks, shoot it to raise the water level and move onward. Go past the missile looking thing and carefully depth charge the turret that sits in front of it. Another large boat will attack you, pound it with torps and move on. A couple of giant missile silos will block you from moving on. Try to move upwards with the first missile and skip through the gap between the two missiles once you near the surface or you can just rush forward and try to outrun the missiles.

Mini Boss

  A mid boss waits for you just after the the missiles. You can sit back and destroy this guy with Scatter torpedoes if you have them, since they can blow up his torpedoes. Otherwise, you’ll have to swerve through the masses of torps he fires. Fortunately this sub is rather fragile and won’t last long in a firefight.

  Get ready to deal with more torpedo launching mini subs and move ahead slowly. You’ll encounter a mass of mechs riding laser firing subs. Keep mobile and try to push forward while serpentining around to avoid their fire. You’ll face yet another round of missile silos after clearing the area with the mechs before fighting the last boss.

Final Boss

    The current will pick up and torpedoes will come at you from behind. DAS-03E8 will approach you, move up to the surface and keep your depth charges going to destroy any mines it releases while passing under you. DAS will pull ahead of you, submerge and stay directly behind it to avoid getting hit by its purple mines. Two ports will emerge from its hind section and enemy subs will dispatch from them, blast them and the ports with torpedoes. A few good shots will destroy the backend and an orb that launches fast moving red mines will appear, swerve past the mines. The pattern of these mines is complex, so it’s best to concentrate on dodging them while you fire blindly. Eventually you’ll hit the orb enough so that another section breaks off.

   Two more ports will appear from this section and begin firing fast missiles that can’t be destroyed. These missiles will position themselves to hit you before taking off completely. Watch for their thrusters and move once there position is locked on you to avoid them. Hit the ports when you can to destroy this section. Yet another orb will appear and begin launching red mines, use the same strategy on this one as before to destroy it. Finally the front end of DAS will appear. It will shoot scatter shots at you which are fast but easy to dodge, just keep your eye on them and do not worry about aiming at DAS, because his weak point is huge. After a few shots DAS will try to ram you, so be ready to surface. His front will begin lobbing torpedoes that advance a bit then come back the other way. Stay just above the tip of DAS and drop depth charges on it to damage it and destroy most of the torps. He’ll then pull ahead and fire more scatter shots, which you can deal with same as before. The boss will keep repeating this pattern until you kill it. Hit DAS enough and victory will be yours!

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