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Release Data

Developer: SCE Japan/Team Ico

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date: September 2001

System: PlayStation 2

Genre: Action Adventure

Players: 1


ICO is an action adventure game made by SCE Japan for the Sony PlayStation 2. Ico, a boy with horns, is taken to an abandoned castle to be sacrificed. He manages to escape and meets a girl named Yorda, who has mysterious powers. Together they try to flee the castle, but must solve puzzles and brave dangerous terrain to succeed. Shadow beings will attack Ico and try to abduct Yorda, if the shadows manage to escape with her it’s Game Over. Luckily, Ico can defend himself and Yorda using weapons found in the castle. Players will also have to take advantage of Yorda’s magic to solve certain puzzles. ICO is about 4 to 8 hours long and players can pick up where they left off using a save feature.


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