ICO (PS2) Walkthrough

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ICO (PS2) Walkthrough

~by tankMage (October 2018)


ICO is a 3D platformer that focuses heavily on exploration, with some puzzles, and combat included for good measure. This walkthrough is designed to provide players with detailed directions without spoiling elements of the story. There are also a few tips that are helpful through the game before the walkthrough.


1.Combat and Survival


a.Part 1: Tombs

b.Part 2: Fear of Falling

c.Part 3: Symmetry

d.Part 4: Water and Wood

e.Part 5: Symmetry II

f.Part 6: The Sea

g.Part 7: The Queen


1.Combat and Survival

Combat and platforming are both fairly simple in ICO, though there are a few rules of thumb that can help players deal with difficult situations.

Use Hit and Run Tactics: Large groups can easily knock Ico down and nab Yorda while he is prone. Whacking an enemy, then backing off is a good way to slow them down and whittle away at their health, while preventing them from grabbing Yorda.

Combo Vulnerable Targets: Pushing the stick towards an enemy and pressing the Square Button will make Ico perform a simple three piece combo that can stun or knock back its victim. Using the combo on large crowds is risky, but it works great on solitary shadows. You can also use hit and run tactics to separate an enemy from the pack and quickly eliminate it with a combo.

Enemies are Drawn to Yorda: Monsters will often go after Yorda rather than Ico. Use this to your advantage, since it makes their behavior predictable. Attacking a monster will usually cause it to retaliate against Ico, but they eventually go after Yorda again if they are the only one left or if you leave them alone for a while.

Saving Yorda: The shadows will pull Yorda into black holes in the floor if they catch her. Ico will die if a shadow manages to completely immerse her in a hole. If a shadow gets Yorda, follow it immediately and use R1 to pull her out of the hole. Spirits tend to only drag Yorda to a specific black hole, even if there are many in the area, so staying near the hole the shadows took Yorda to is a good way to control tough fights.

Save Often: Save your game whenever you see a stone couch, death can come unexpectedly.

Use Yorda’s Power to Wipe Out Enemies: Yorda can move special green statues with her magic, but you must take her up to them to activate her powers. All of the enemies will be wiped once her powers are activated, so racing to a set of statues is a good way to end battles quickly. Just keep in mind this can only be done in some rare circumstances.

Use R1 to Interact with Yorda: Yorda will hold Ico’s hand, climb ledges, and run over to the player when he or she presses R1. Even better, you can use it to locate her if she is lost or if a wraith has managed to get a hold of her. Keep in mind Yorda cannot respond to Ico is she is in another room.

When in Doubt, Walk: Holding the O Button will force Ico to slow down and walk. This can be really helpful on narrow ledges, since he is easier to control while walking.


a.Part 1: Tombs

   Ico will be free to move around after the opening movie. The chamber Ico starts in is pretty huge, but there is only one way you can go, so take some time to explore and get used to the controls if you wish. Face the stone container Ico fell out of when you are ready to move on. To the right is a long staircase, run up it then press and hold the O Button when you get to a lever at the top. The lever will open a door below the staircase, use it to get to the next room.

   Run up to some wooden beams piled on the floor across from the door and hit Triangle to climb up them. Hit the Triangle button a second time to scramble up the stone ledge and walk over to the hanging chain. Position Ico just under the chain and press Triangle to make him grab onto it. Use the Left Stick to climb up the chain, then move the stick left or right to rotate Ico so he faces the stone ledge in front of the chain. Press and hold the O Button to make Ico swing on the chain, then hit Triangle to make him jump from the chain once he has some momentum.

   He should land on the ledge, from here walk up to the open window and press Triangle to grab onto the windowsill. Ico will pull himself up and you can go through the window to get to the next room. It is actually possible to jump from the chain and through the window in a single move if you climb up near the top of the chain. There is a door blocked by four statues in this room. Ladders can be found on the walls to the left and right of the statues. Face the four statues, turn right and climb up the ladder to reach a long, winding staircase. Eventually you will come to a crumbled portion of the staircase with a chain hanging near it. Grab hold of the chain and climb up to get to the landing above. Follow the staircase up and a cutscene will play, there’s a dead end of sorts here, but the window above the gap is broken as well.

   Grab onto the ledge under the broken window, then grab onto the sill after Ico pulls himself up. Ico will find himself on a semicircular balcony after going through the window, face the window and go right to reach the end of the balcony. There’s another broken window with a platform under it, have Ico to pull himself up to the platform and then onto the window ledge. Hop down once back in the tower and go left to find a lever. Pull the lever to lower Yorda down to the bottom of the tower and go down the steps. You can use the gaps in the staircase to your advantage now by jumping from them to the lower parts of the staircase.

   Climb down the ladder when you reach the foot of the steps and run over to the ladder across from it (it’s the one on the left wall if you are facing the four statues). Climb the ladder and follow the walkway to the ledge above the statues. Stand in the center of the platform, facing the cage and get a running jump so Ico lands on the cage. You have to line it up carefully and it may take a few tries to get right, but another cutscene will take place once you land on the cage.

   Run over to Yorda as soon as you can control Ico and use R1 to pull her out of the shadow pit. Go back to the cage with Yorda in tow. You should see a stick laying on the floor, press the O Button to pick it up. Now it’s time to bust some heads! There’s still a shadow man hanging around, practice fighting by pressing Square until he is history. Take Yorda over to the four stone statues when you are done and they will move out of your way. If you do not want to fight you can simply clear the spirits out by taking Yorda to the statues right away. Now go through the door.

   Walk over to the raised part of the floor and climb up it. Stay near the edge and use R1 to call Yorda over who will also scale the ledge. Jump up to the next platform and hold R1 so Ico can pull Yorda up. Walk through the door and sit on the stone couch by moving up to it. Save your game, then grab onto Yorda’s hand and pull her across the bridge. Approach the statues and Yorda will open the way. Step on the pressure plate to open the door and enter the next chamber.

   Two of those pesky shadow men will appear when you enter this room. You can grab the small barrels near the entrance with the O button and hurl them at the shadows (press O a second time to throw a barrel) to deal some heavy damage to them or bash them with the stick. Shadow birds also spawn in this room. The shadow birds are a real nuisance so be sure to eliminate them quickly. There’s a large wooden box in a trench in the center of the room, push it to reveal a stone staircase. Go up the steps with Yorda in tow. Follow the stone pathway at the top of the steps to get to the next room.

   You’ll find yourself on a mezzanine which Yorda cannot climb down. Have Ico climb over the stone railing and drop down to the floor below. With your back to the wall run right, you should see some steps and a pile of rubble ahead. There’s a switch to the left of it, pull it to open the door that was blocking Yorda’s way and escort her to the lower half of the hall. A chain is hanging from the ceiling across from the mezzanine, have Ico climb it. Some wraiths will spawn near Yorda, turn right and push the box off of the ledge, then drop down.

   There are two shadow men and three shadow birds, stay near Yorda and beat them as they get close. A large shadow will emerge from the hole after you defeat the others, fight him carefully, because he can send Ico flying with a punch. Climb onto the box when you are finished fighting and hold R1 to help Yorda up. Press R1 to make sure you are not holding her hand before you jump off the box. Climb up the chain again to get to the platform and go over to the spot above Yorda. Hold R1 and Ico will pull her up. Go through the doorway.

b.Part 2: Fear of Falling

   As the name implies, Ico can take a fall in some spots, the type that will end his adventure, so be careful around chasms. Follow the steps up and turn left when you reach the landing, you’ll see an iron gate and another staircase, which you should ascend. Several winged spirits, one of which is very large, will spawn when you reach the roof. Use hit and run tactics on these guys and fight them near the staircase you just came from. Sometimes you’ll be able to knock one over the edge, buying Ico time to deal with the rest. They’ll fly Yorda over to a shadow pit north of the steps if they get her and pulling her out of it is a dangerous task. Stay near Yorda and use wraith’s habit of grabbing her to control the fight.

   When the fight is over, walk towards a small tower with a ladder attached to it near the steps and face the ladder. Turn right and you will come to a wall, to the left of it is an alcove lined with a spiked fence. There’s a couch in this alcove, so take a moment to save your game. Stick to the wall next to the couch and follow it until you see some steps leading down to a ladder. Climb down and call Yorda so she follows you. Face the ladder to get your bearings, there should be a track that runs from the left side of the screen to the right, head up the right side of the track to get to a mine cart.

   Jump onto the cart and help Yorda up into it as well. Press and hold the O Button and push the left analog stick towards the ladder you came from to make the cart glide along the tracks. Do not push the stick right unless you want to fly into a chasm. Ride the cart to the end of the tracks, where you will encounter another couch sitting on the stone landing above the tracks. Grab onto the ledge, help Yorda up, and save your game. To the right (if you are facing the couch) are a couple of steep ledges that you’ll need to help Yorda climb up.

   The path is damaged just beyond the two ledges and Ico will have to leap over the fissure alone. If you miss and fall into the hole, there’s a narrow walkway going back towards the cart and couch, walk to the very edge and leap across the chasm to grab onto a small outcrop. From there you can pull yourself back onto the path. Run to the end of the path, there’s a pipe jutting out of the wall here, make sure Ico is close to it and press Triangle to grab hold of it, then scoot over to the switch to the right.

   Activate the switch and the crane above will swing a huge box over to Yorda’s general vicinity. Return to her and stand on the other side of the damaged walkway you leapt over. Hold R1 and wait. She will jump over grabbing onto Ico’s hand, you’ll need to push the left analog stick away from the ledge to pull her up. Take Yorda over to the box and jump onto it, then hold R1 again to get her to make the leap. Grab onto the chain once Yorda is on the box with Ico and climb up to the crane. Have Ico pull himself to the top of the crane and face the wall. Walk to the right and hop onto the lower ledge along the wall. Walk off the ledge, Ico will grab onto it, then hang jump from it using the X Button to get to the switch below. Activate the switch to move Yorda. Use the narrow wooden ledges to the right of the switch to climb back up to the crane, the shimmy down the chain to get to the box. Jump over to the huge round platform with a couch sitting on it and call Yorda over. Once again, you’ll have to use the left analog stick to pull her up. Save your game on the couch.

   Ignore the spiral staircase leading down for now and go into the large archway near the couch to get to a massive hall. Run to the opposite end of the hall (I find it easiest to take the mezzanine to the right of the entrance) and you’ll see a ladder that cannot be reached by jumping. Instead, grab onto the window sill and use the series of windows above you to get to a narrow walkway. Climb up the ladder on the left to get to the rafters. Carefully walk along the beams to the chandelier near the middle of the hall and drop onto it.

   The chandelier will fall, weakening the bridge. Collect Yorda and return to the platform with the couch. Go down the spiral staircase across from the couch and pick up one of the bombs when you reach the base of the steps. Head through the door near the bombs and you’ll come to the lower part of the hall. Run over to the fallen chandelier across from the door you entered from and jump while standing near the candle to light the fuse, then run to the cracked pillar to the right of the chandelier. It’s likely the bomb will blow before Ico reaches the pillar, but he won’t be harmed by the blast. The bridge will collapse after the explosion. You can also place the bomb by the pillar, light the stick on the candles using the O Button, and use O again to light the bomb’s fuse.

   Return to the top floor of the hall and walk towards the broken bridge. A large group of wraiths will attack. Most of them will have wings and can carry Yorda off to the pit on the other side of the bridge. Rather than fighting the shadows off with a stick, grab Yorda’s hand and run down the bridge (which is more or less a ramp now) to the statues blocking the door ahead. Yorda will do her zappy thing and blow away the wraiths! Walk through the newly opened passage to get to a courtyard.

   This courtyard is really dangerous thanks to all the shadows that infest the place. There’s a set of statues across from the entrance, but you’ll have to take the left path (assuming Ico is facing the statues) to get Yorda over to steps she can descend. This means you’ll have to fight off some shadows on the way. If one grabs Yorda, hit R1 to see where it’s taking her and run over there ASAP to pull her out of the hole. The spirits will likely take Yorda to the shadow pit in the upper right-hand corner of the courtyard, which is conveniently close to the statues. Either way, fight your way to the statues so Yorda can open the path and smoke the shadows or you’ll be fighting for a long time.

   Leave the courtyard and a cutscene will take place, then walk over to the couch to the west of the gate to save your game. Pull the eight pillars that line the pathway towards the center of the path. The torches on top of the pillars will ignite once all eight have been moved. Return to the courtyard where the horde of shadows attacked Ico and Yorda. Run all the way to the other end of the courtyard and pick up one of the bombs to the left of the rear door. Light the bomb on the torch by the steps and hustle over to the boarded up passage to the right of the same door. Jump or throw the bomb by pressing the O Button in the direction you want it to go if you are having trouble getting to the boarded up passage.

   Run down the steps with Yorda and use the couch on the landing to save. You’ll be attacked by a nasty bunch of wraiths after you get to the second set of steps. Try to use hit and run tactics to weaken the enemy and go in for the kill with a combo if you manage to separate one from the pack. Stay near the couch, because the shadows will take Yorda to the hole next to it if they grab her. Head down to the lower portion of the cemetery and look for a box against the wall across from the shutter. Move it over to one of the pressure plates to the left and right of the shutter, then have Yorda stand on the other pressure plate. Hold Yorda’s hand to get her to stand on the plate, she should stay on it after the shutter opens as long as you let go of her.

   Enter the next room and climb up the ladder to the right of the door. Jump over to the chain near the ladder and climb up to a door that leads outside. Another box is waiting outside, push it over the edge of the balcony and drop down. A small group of shadows will attack once you drop back down to the cemetery. There’s only about four, which should not be a problem. Start running back to the couch if one nabs Yorda, because they will try to take her to the same hole as before. Pull the second box over to the switch once the fight is over to open the shutter permanently. Climb back up the ladder and chain to the balcony you pushed the box off of, Yorda will have to stay behind. Check the alcove to the left of the door to find another entrance to the room with the chain. Go along the walkway until you reach a dead end. There’s a narrow ledge near the window that Ico can grab onto. Creep along the ledge until you reach the first of two ladders. Jump up to grab it and climb to the the top, then jump from the ladder towards the chain hanging directly across from it. The chain will act like a switch, making the floor near the statues that block the exit rise. Remain on the chain, face the statues, and start swinging, then jump from the chain to get to the statues.

   A few spirits will spawn when you land. You can try to pull Yorda up to the statues by holding R1 near the edge of the platform, but you need to be close to her for her to make it. If you manage to boost her into the platform, you can take her over to the statues and destroy the shadows. Fighting the shadows it easy enough, so don’t sweat it if you cannot get her onto the platform, just defeat the big shadow first to make life easier. Go through the newly opened doorway once everything is done.

   This next area is home to a windmill. Run up to the windmill entrance and go up the steps. Grab onto the ledge just under the windmill blades. Scoot along the ledge to Ico’s right and you will see more handholds above you. Climb up them and you’ll reach a ledge Ico can run around on. Go to the opposite side of the windmill and face the blades. Jump off the ledge towards the windmill blade once one is nearly horizontal and Ico will grab onto it. Shimmy over to the end of the blade as it rises into the air to avoid falling off. Press Triangle to leap off of the blade and onto the windmill roof once the blade is vertical. Follow the path from the windmill roof to a stone couch, where you should turn left to a path that leads down to some statues.

   Drop down onto a platform with a switch beyond the statues and pull it. Stand on the edge of the bridge and call Yorda. Help her onto the bridge and pull her up the series of platforms leading back to the statues. Take Yorda to the couch and save after you open the doors. Continue through the statue door you just opened and climb up the chain near the center of the room, which will provoke another shadow attack. Clear out the spirits, starting with the big ones, then climb back up the chain to get to a platform with some stairs leading into a grassy area. There are some vents in the center of this little courtyard, the second of which is missing its grating, drop into the tunnel below.

   You should be able to see Yorda on the other side of the gate ahead if you call her. Run to the back of the tunnel to get to a flooded chamber with two pressure plates flanking its entrance. Face Yorda and step on the plate to the right, then call her over. Have her stand on the left pressure plate, then go through the newly opened gate. You’ll come to a small reservoir with a pipe leading up to a platform, climb up the pipe and jump over the gap back towards the courtyard. Stand over the open vent and call Yorda to pull her up. She tends to get confused here, so reposition Ico and call her again if she wanders off in the wrong direction. Take her up the steps and open the statue doors.

   There’s an elevator in the next room, take Yorda over to it and pull the switch. You’ll see another switch just out of reach along the wall after you ride the elevator up to the next floor. Beyond the switch is a break in the the fence that leads to a series of handholds Ico can grab onto. Drop from the ledge and grab onto the handhold below, then press X to drop into the next one. Hit Triangle to make Ico pull himself onto this one and shimmy over to the left. Press Triangle again to grab the handhold above Ico once you get past the gap in the top handhold. Inch your way left until you get to the end of the narrow ledge and drop down to the platform below using the handholds under Ico.

   Go around the corner and climb up the series of platforms until you reach another narrow ledge. Grab onto the ledge, shimmy to the left a bit, and have Ico hoist himself onto the ledge above. From here grab onto the one just under the fence and inch over to the right until you reach the wooden board hanging over the ledge. There’s a couch and a box here, push the box over to the board, then off of the ledge that leads to the fenced in area where Yorda is waiting. Some spirits will come out of a hole near where the box falls. Luckily there’s only three of them and they aren’t very enthusiastic about fighting.

   Pull the box over to the switch once you are done with the spirits and climb onto it so you can activate the switch. This will lower a chain near the couch. Next, pull the box back over to where you dropped it off the ledge and use it to help Yorda up. Use the couch to save. Ready to scoot across more ledges? Good. If you face the couch you’ll see a stone ledge jutting out of the wall to Ico’s left. Grab onto to it and scoot your way to the chasm to the left. Climb up to the ledge above Ico when you get to the pillar built into the wall and keep going left. You’ll have to move the left analog stick down a bit too to get Ico to go around the crumbled pillar. Drop onto solid ground once you reach the other side of the chasm.

   Wraiths will spawn in the pit below, ignore them for now and head over to the wooden plank across from the wall. Jump to grab onto the chain hanging from it and slide down until you see a window. Press the O Button to start swinging while facing the window and jump from the chain once it has a bit of momentum. Defeat the spirits in this area before pushing one of the boxes sitting in the windows on the north side of this room so they fall into the courtyard with the vents. Go through the window and push the box up to the steps that lead back up to the statues Yorda moved earlier. Push the box to the left, away from the statues, towards the wall across from them.

   There’s a ledge that leads to a narrow pathway near the wall opposite the door, use the box to climb up to it and follow the path to a chain. Climb up the chain and run up the steps near it. You should see a doorway just above the steps, enter it and look for a ladder to Ico’s left. Climb the ladder and get ready to jump over a pit and grab onto a chain hanging above it. Swing from the chain over to the platform beyond and call Yorda. She should run over to the grey platform. Activate the switch sitting against the wall to move Yorda across the chasm, then quickly slide down the chain to take out the shadows that spawn once she crosses the chasm. You can take her right to the statues blocking the door to insta-kill the spirits.

c.Part 3: Symmetry

   Walk through the door to get to a room dominated by an open drawbridge. Have Yorda move the statues across from the bridge and continue onward. Follow the massive stone bridge to a building with what resembles a clock face attached to its surface. Take Yorda up to the statues and enter the building. You’ll see some extra sticks by the door, a couch, and a sword thrust into another clock face type structure in this room. Ico and Yorda will also be locked in upon entering. Climb up the ladder to Ico’s right and deal with the spirits that spawn as you approach the couch. Save your game once the coast is clear. Look for a small doorway across from the steps and take Yorda through it. There’s a round platform in the center of this room that you have to go down a ladder to reach. Jump onto it and help Yorda up, which will make a set of steps leading to a switch rise from the floor across from the platform.

   Fight the wraiths that show up after you activate the steps. The primary danger in this fight is the small area Ico has to move in, which makes it difficult to use the usual hit and run tactics. Luckily, you can use the steps to your advantage, since the spirits have trouble scaling them. Run over to the hole near the switch at the top of the steps if they manage to grab Yorda. Pull the switch at the top of the steps after the fight to open the orbs on the back wall. Hold the O Button while facing one of the torches near the switch to light Ico’s stick, then walk up to the open orbs and press O to light them. The portal on the back wall will open up once the orbs have been lit.

   Climb through the opening without Yorda. Note the couch near the wall. You may have to go back into the next room to save Yorda from a spirit, so listen for her screams. Go up the ladder next to the opening and go through the door. Activate the switch at the end of the walkway to reveal two more orbs. Light the stick using the nearby torch and jump from the ledge to get to them quickly. Light them as you did before. Don’t worry if the stick goes out before you light the second orb, you can use the first one to relight the stick. Once both orbs are lit, the second portal will open, causing a sword to fall to the ground in the first room. Help Yorda onto the ledge, go through the newly opened portal, and grab your new sword!

   A cage will rise from the floor once you pick up the sword. Climb onto the grey platforms that flank the portal and use the sword to cut the ropes holding the cage up. Now go up the steps to the left of the portal (if Ico is facing the portal) and cut the rope to open a door. Take Yorda through the door with you if you wish. You’ll come to a room with a sloping floor with water running over it. It is impossible to walk up the slope, so use the series of handholds on either side of the room to get to the top of the slope. Act quickly once on the top side of the water slide, because spirits may attack Yorda.

   Run along the walkway to get to a door opened by a pressure switch and continue through the door. You’ll have to jump across a gap in this next walkway to reach some steps that lead to another walkway. Follow the walkway to another pressure plate and go through the door it opens. You’ll be back at the water slide. Pull the switch to cut off the flow of water and jump over the railing to Yorda. Grab her and head back up the slope to the pressure plate door you entered a moment ago. Jump over the gap again and run up the steps. You should see a drawbridge suspended by ropes (which you probably noticed earlier) that can be cut with the sword. The ropes can be hard to reach, but the last attack in Ico’s combo or a jump slash will do the trick.

   The second half of the bridge is on the other side of the walkway, cut the ropes holding it in place and return to the lower area in order to cross the bridge with Yorda in tow. You’ll see an opening in the fence in that seemingly leads to a drop, but blocks will appear once you get close to the edge if Yorda is with you. Slowly make your way over the blocks as they materialize and Yorda will move the statues on the other side once you reach them. Pull the switch to open the orbs flanking the final portal and ride the elevator on the other end of the platform down with Yorda.

   Grab a stick from the pile and use it to light the orbs as you did in the past. The portal open will open once the orbs are lit, triggering a nifty cutscene. The door above the stone bridge will also open. Pick up your sword, save, and leave the building with Yorda. Follow the stone bridge to the newly opened door and get ready to fight some wraiths. These guys are pushovers with the sword, though you may want to let them catch Yorda and take her to the hole by the door, since they’ll save you the trouble of dragging her across the bridge. At any rate, climb up the ladder once the battle has ended and go through the door.

   From here you can either wait for Yorda to climb the ladder after you call for her or head through the door. Waiting for Yorda is safer, but it takes her a while to climb the ladder. There’s another sword and a switch on the balcony on the other side of the door. Pull the switch to lower the drawbridge and hustle back down to Yorda if you left her. Enter the door next to the ladder and cross the drawbridge. You should see a massive stone archway leading to blackness (the room where you dropped the chandelier is on the other side of the archway) just to the left of the drawbridge once you cross it. Turn left, walk past the archway and you’ll come to a box.

   Push the box over to the short pillar and use it to get on top of the pillar, then climb up into the ledge above the pillar. Walk to the right across the ledge and you’ll see a rope. Jump from the ledge and swing at the rope to cut it. Now go through the archway to the hall. Watch out for the shadows that attack here, you’ll probably need to attack aggressively to protect Yorda. Head down the ramp to get to the courtyard the rope dropped into. You will find the rope hanging on the left hand side of the courtyard in front of some broken windows.

   Climb the rope until you are about level with the second floor window and swing in. Run to the right once inside to get to a small chamber with a box. Push the box over the ledge by the ladder, then jump down after it. Now you can push the box through the broken window on the first floor. Call Yorda over and help her onto the box, then use the rope to enter the first floor window. Hold R1 to help Yorda climb up to the window sill and take her to the statues at the top of the steps opposite the broken window.

d.Part 4: Water and Wood

   Take Yorda through the door and you’ll come to a man-made waterfall of sorts. Walk across the bridge and turn right when you reach the barred door, then climb the ladder. Go through the opening in the wall, turn left, and jump onto the chain. Swing over to the bridge and climb down the ladder that’s a few steps away from where you landed. With your back to the bridge, turn left and run south to find a block. Push it into the pit. Hop into the pit and run over to the elevator. Activate the switch on the elevator to get to a balcony of sorts.

   You’ll see the barred door on the back wall and a switch to the right of it. Pull the switch to open the door. Call Yorda over and ride the lift down with her, then help her into the box. Of course you’ll also have to help her into the grassy area above the box. Alternatively, you can climb up a series of stone platforms near the elevator (helping Yorda up all the while) to get back into the waterfall room. You’ll find a couch here in the other side of the rope bridge. Either way, climb up the ladder you used to get to the grassy area. Run north along the bridge to find another ladder, climb up this one and make sure Yorda is with you. There’s a pressure plate door at the top of the ladder, grab Yorda before going through the door to keep her from dying.

   You’ll come to another bridge that is lined with spears, enter the door at the other end of it and go down the steps. You’ll see a massive wooden door and a ladder across from it, go up the ladder. Use the pipe at the top of the ladder to get to a platform on your left. Grab the next pipe and shimmy over to the next platform. There’s yet another pipe to scoot along over here, this one will take you to a platform with a ladder that leads outside. Climb down the ladder, which will take you to a grassy courtyard with an aqueduct running through it. There’s a wide staircase against the wall, activate the switch next to it to open the wooden door from earlier and call Yorda over.

   There’s a box near the aqueduct, push it to the edge and jump from it to get to the other side. Try not to fall in, because the water can sweep you all the way down into the waterfall room and you’d have to trudge back. There’s a ladder hidden by the north wall on the far side of the aqueduct. At the top of the ladder is a crank you must turn about 360 degrees counterclockwise to shut off the water flow from the aqueduct. Return to the box and push it into the duct. Keep pushing it all the way to the opening and over the edge, then climb down after it. Push it off of the ledge, but do not jump after it, go back to Yorda instead.


Side Quest: Obtaining The Mace

   This short mission will earn you the Mace, which does more damage than the sword, so take a break from pushing boxes around and go back to the aqueduct courtyard. Near the wooden door is a tree, smack it with the sword to make a ball drop from it. Carry the ball up the steps and through the door with Yorda in tow, then put it down. There are three stone arches built into the wall between the two staircases in this room. Go to the center one and push on it to reveal a hidden chamber. It helps to stand on the left or right half of the wall when you push it, because it swivels. Take Yorda over to the stone circle in the center of the room to make a basket appear. Go up onto the platform the stone basket occupies and walk over to the left or right wall with the ball in hand. Push the Left Analog Stick towards the basket and hit the O Button. The ball should fly right into the basket and the Mace will appear. Pick it up and be on your merry way.


   Return to the canal taking Yorda with you and go back into the waterfall room where you pushed the box over the ledge. Walk down the ramp on the left and climb over the railing, then cross the rope bridge to get to a couch. Take Yorda down the steps to the right of the couch and over to the box. Some spirits will attack, but they’re nothing to worry about if you have the mace or even the sword. Push the box you dropped off the waterfall edge earlier over to the statues and help Yorda up so she can open them.

   Walk down the steps on the other side of the door and follow the stream to a ladder. Climb the ladder, then follow the wooden catwalk until you reach a gap. Leap over the pit and hold R1 to help Yorda across. Follow the catwalk over to a gondola and pull the switch to activate it, taking Yorda along for the ride. Save using the nearby couch after the gondola touches down. Leave Yorda and walk down the steps, then climb the pipe near the stairs hanging over a chasm. There’s a set of tracks at the top of the pipe, run over to the movable ladder and push it towards the pipe.

   Climb the ladder and jump over to the platform nearby, then pull the switch on the platform. A drawbridge will lower. Jump back down to the the drawbridge and call Yorda over. Some wraiths will attack once Yorda reaches the bridge. Be careful fighting these shadows, you can accidentally fall from the ledge during combat. Cross the bridge with Yorda and up the steps, then go into the cave. Follow the stone path to a walkway and go up the hill at the end of the walkway. You’ll come back to the area with the drawbridge, go northeast to reach an elevator with a crank attached to it.

   Push or pull the crank counter clockwise for to get to the top. Step onto the platform with Yorda. Save at the couch in the alcove near the platform, then leap over the gap to the left of the couch onto a wooden scaffold, and help Yorda across. Have Ico drop down from the wooden scaffold after helping Yorda, then shimmy along the nearby pipe. Drop onto the narrow ledge when you get to the end of the pipe. Grab onto the stone handholds to the left of the pipe to get to the top of the platform.

   There’s a ladder on the wooden scaffold to the right, climb the ladder and use it to jump onto a lower platform. Climb up the tower, you should see a chain hanging from the wooden plank, grab onto it, start swinging towards the drawbridge next to it. Jump from the chain to knock the bridge over, then help Yorda over the gap. Take Yorda across the bridge and follow the walkway over to a low platform with a brazier sitting on it. To the left is a water tower and to the right is a small building with a few sticks and bombs inside.

   Grab a stick and a bomb. Take the bomb over to the platform with the brazier and place it near the edge of the platform facing the water tower. Use the brazier to light the stick, then light the bomb. Toss the lit bomb at the water tower. It should explode and destroy the tower, which will in turn make a nearby bridge collapse. Return to the room with the bombs and pick up your weapon, then head over to where the bridge fell. Cross it to get to a stone platform and climb the nearby chain. Turn right on the wooden scaffold to find a box. Push it off the edge so it falls in front of the statues below.

   Go down the ladder and push the box towards the platform to the right of the statues. Use the box to get to the platform and pull the switch. A chain will slide over to scaffold you pushed the box from. Use the chain to swing over to the platform across from the scaffold. Another crank occupies this platform, turn it counter clockwise. A huge box will come out of an opening in the wall near the statues. Use the chain to get back into the scaffold, go down the ladder, then jump onto the box so you can help Yorda get to the statues. Watch out when jumping onto the first box, a wraith may try to carry Yorda off to a hole all the way back at the couch.

e.Part 5: Symmetry II

   Follow the walkway to another set of statues, open them, and go through the door. Walk along the stone bridge, which should be familiar, and enter the building on the other side after having Yorda move some more statues. Go up the steps to the left of the portal and cut the rope to open a door below the staircase, you can use the mace to do this if you have it. Some shadows will appear, beat them up, then go through the door. Use the couch in the next room to save.

   Pick up the stick near the couch and take Yorda down the nearby ladder. Another one of those switch pillars is here, help Yorda onto it to activate the steps leading to the portal at the back of the room. Take Yorda back up the ladder and hope she stays there; some spirits will attack soon and Yorda being near the couch may buy you some time to retrieve your weapon. Follow the steps to the portal and pull the switch to open the two orbs, then light them as you did the others. Run back to Yorda and the couch the moment the portal opens, because a swarm of wraiths is going to come through the portal. Jumping down the steps is a good way to travel faster. Pick up the sword or mace and start bashing the shadows. If you didn’t make it or Yorda followed you for some reason, you’re going to have to fend them off with a stick.

   Climb through the portal after you’ve clobbered all the shadows (might as well take Yorda along) and turn the reflector so that it is facing the portal. Now climb up the ladder to the right of the portal with Yorda. Enter the door at the top of the ladder and grab hold of the chain dangling from the ceiling. Climb up the chain to a walkway and jump over the gap to the right, then go up the steps. Cut the drawbridge ropes as you follow the walkway at the top of the steps and go through the pressure plate door at the end of the line. Pull the switch on the other side of the door to turn off the waterslide and return to the portal room.

   Go down the steps (grabbing a stick on the way) and cross the drawbridge to get to a room filled with bombs. Place a bomb in front of the boarded up door near the drawbridge, then light your stick on the torch near the bottom of the steps and light the bomb fuse. Get your weapon back while the fuse is burning, then go through the recently opened door after the bomb blows. Return to Yorda and take her back to the couch. Now pick up the nearby stick and climb up the ladder to the right of the couch. Pull the switch, light the stick on the torch near the switch, and jump down. Light the orbs and retrieve your weapon while the portal opens.

   Take Yorda through the door or the newly opened portal and head up the steps to the right of the portal. Watch out here, shadows sometimes attack when you enter this area. Head through the door to the right of the portal (you’ll have to cut the rope at the top of the steps next to the door to open it) and run up the now dry water slide. Cross the drawbridge from earlier to get to the bomb room and take Yorda to the edge of the balcony. Some greenish blocks should appear like before, walk across them slowly. Yorda will move the statues on the other side of the magic bridge. Pull the switch to the right of the statues, then get on the elevator with Yorda and ride it down to the portal.

   Pick up a stick and use the orbs across from the closed portal to light it, then light the orbs by the closed portal. Enjoy the cutscene and take Yorda back out onto the stone bridge, you’re done here. Follow the stone bridge all the way to the ladder that leads to the grey door that opened in the cutscene. Take Yorda through the door with you even though it means waiting for her to climb the ladder, because she can be attacked here,and head through the door. Activate the switch to the left and the drawbridge will lower. Now it’s time to go back down the ladder.

   Go through the door at the foot of the ladder and cross the drawbridge you just opened. Now enter the massive hall with the chandelier and go down the ramp. Enter the door across from the ramp to get to the courtyard and go through the door that leads to the main gate. Run up to the main gate and enjoy the cutscene. Save your game and slowly take Yorda across the bridge, you should hold the O Button to walk or she will collapse. A movie will play when you hit the middle of the bridge. Be ready to have Ico pull himself up and leap over the gap in the bridge once the camera pans to him hanging from the side of it. Another cutscene will play once you make the jump.

Part 6: The Sea

   You no longer have a weapon here and the only way you can get anywhere is to jump from the hanging cage Ico is standing on to the one adjacent to it. Luckily the cages form a sort of stairway that leads to a cave. Take your time jumping and let the camera finish its sweep before trying to jump to the next cage. You should have no problem making it to safety if you are careful. Hop down onto the stone ledge when you reach the final cage and enter the cave. Follow the pathway along the river until you reach a ladder.

   Look for a switch near the ladder and pull it to make a chain lower, then push the box across from the switch into the water. Jump in after the box and pull it over to the ladder across from the platform you just leapt from. Climb onto the box and up the ladder, then operate the switch to open the water gate. Dive back into the water and pull the box over to the chain now that the gate is open. Get back onto the box and grab the chain.

   Climb up the chain and push the gearbox to the back of the track once you set foot on the platform. Slide back down the chain and swim over to the wheel you activated using the gear box. Jump up and grab one of the wheel spokes, then ride it to the top. Drop onto the metal platform once you are high enough and run over to the stone ledge opposite the wheel. Grab hold of the ledge and then pull yourself up to the pipe above it. Scoot along the pipe, just keep going when you reach the broken section of the pipe, Ico will grab onto the next pipe automatically.

   Drop onto the platform below once you get to the end on the pipe. Walk across the large pipe from the platform to another tower, then grab onto the pipe on the other side. Scoot over to the right and drop onto the box-like structure below. You’ll see a vertical pipe right next to Ico, climb to the very top of it and leap over to the chain across from it. Start swinging from the chain after you climb up a bit and leap over to the next one, then swing over to the wooden platform. You should see a giant wheel turning in the background, go over to it and grab onto one of the spokes, then drop onto the platform above when you reach the top.

    Follow the walkway to the spinning horizontal gears and jump onto the first one. Then jump over to the second gear. You’ll have to jump onto a rolling cylinder next. Take your time, line up your jump and try to run across and to the right when you land on the cylinder. Try jumping if it looks like Ico is going to fall. Follow the walkway into a small cave once you get to the other side. Go along the path as it winds along the cliff and jump over the gap when you get to the lower section.

   There’s a narrow ledge Ico will have to shimmy along on the other side of the gap. You’ll have to drop down to another handhold once you get to the end of the road. Scoot along the next narrow ledge until it turns left and you’ll see some handholds below Ico. Use them to reach a tiny outcrop. Jump from the outcrop over to the ledge on the left. Grab the ledge above it and shimmy over to the rusty pipes to the right. Run across the pipes to a cave. Follow the pipe until you reach the end of it.

   You’ll see a chain hanging from the end of the pipe, climb down it. Face the tower and swing over to the ledge. Go right and walk across the stone bridge, then turn left when you reach the ledge at the end of the bridge. Climb up onto the metal walkway above the ledge. There’s a chain connected to a small cart sitting on the metal walkway. Pull the cart towards the ledge, then drop back onto the ledge and grab the chain. Swing over to the ledge on the outer wall then go left and jump over two gaps. Go down the ladder and leap off of it to reach the broken bridge jutting out of the central tower.

   Climb down the ladder to the right. You’ll see a door blocked by some statues, climb onto the stone bridge and go through the door across from the statues. You’ll see a boat in the next room, look for a stone pathway that leads to an alter with a glowing sword on it. Pick up the sword and head over to the statues. Walk up to the statues and Ico will open the way. Pull the lever to activate the elevator.

f.Part 7: The Queen

   Go through the door and run up the steps to the area Ico was first imprisoned at the start of the game. Continue over to the steps leading up and watch the short movie, then attack the wraiths surrounding Yorda. There’s dozens of these things and they like to run, so the battle will take a while. Fortunately, the sword kills them in a hit. Defeat enough wraiths and some statues will be revealed behind Yorda. Get ready for the final battle and go through the door behind the statues.

Final Boss: The Queen

   The throne room is quite large, take note of the two bull statues near the throne, you’ll need to take cover behind them during the battle. Go up to the throne, then walk away as if you are leaving to trigger a cutscene. Go back up to the throne and watch the next cut scene. Pick up the sword the moment you regain control of Ico, the Queen fires an energy burst that fills the entire room and can kill Ico if he is not behind a statue or holding the sword. Strike the Queen with the sword, it’ll weaken her barrier, but the shock from the blow will make the weapon fly over to the top right. Take cover behind the statue to the right, then retrieve the sword after the energy wave passes. You’re safe as long as you are behind or next to a statue and you can always locate the sword by pressing R1. You can also move the statues if you do not feel comfortable running out into the open to get the sword.

   Strike her a second time and the sword will land behind the left statue near the wall. The third blow will make the sword fly over to the left side of the steps that lead to the throne and hit number four will drive the sword into the wall to the left of the statue. The fifth strike will destroy the Queen’s shield, but the sword will land all the way at the back of the room. Pull the statue on the right backwards a bit until you can reach the sword safely. Slash the Queen one final time to defeat her and end the game. Congratulations!

5.Yorda’s Secret Dialogue (Spoilers)

The following lines are translations of Yorda’s dialogue from the PS3 release of ICO.

After Freeing Yorda From the Cage

Yorda: Who are you. How did you get in here?

Main Gate

Queen: Come back, Yorda.

Yorda: I have angered her…

Queen: Yorda, why can’t you understand? You cannot survive in the outside world.

After Yorda Opens the Main Gate

Yorda: A little more.

On the Bridge Beyond the Gate

Yorda: Thank you.


Yorda: Goodbye.


The following guide was used to check the accuracy of this walkthrough.


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