Heavy Barrel (NES)

Developer/Publisher: Data East 

Release Date: March, 1990

System: Nintendo Entertainment System

Genre: Shooter

Players: 1-2


Terrorists have taken over a secret nuclear missle base and a team of elite soldiers has been dispatched to elimtate the threat in Heavy Barrel. This top down shooter is notable for its namesake weapon: Heavy Barrel. This powerful gun can blast through hordes of enemies and destroy bosses in seconds, but it has been dismantled and hidden throughout the complex. Players must find all six pieces of the gun to resemble and use it, though it is only available for a limited time.

Players will also find smaller weapons like granades, smoke bombs, and flame throwers. Every weapon has a limited amount of ammo aside from the default machine gun which is only useful at short range. Heavy Barrel pieces and weapon upgrades are acquired by using keys dropped by red soldiers to unlock chests littered around stages.

There are seven stages in total, each of which is guarded by a boss at the end. Players will also have to battle tanks, helicopters, turrets, and scores of hostile soldiers. Player controlled characters die immediately if hit by an enemy and this game has limited continues. Heavy Barrel supports single player and two player co-op.

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