Heavy Barrel Continue Cheat (NES)

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Heavy Barrel (Nintendo Entertainment System) Continue Cheat

Extra Continues

Heavy Barrel limits the number of times a player can continue after losing all of his or her lives. However, there is a way to squeeze a few more continues out of the game if you are playing alone. First, make sure both controllers are plugged in, because you will need both of them to get this cheat to work. Next, start a Two Player Game. At the start of the game, move player one to a safe spot. You will probably have to move him several times since the screen won’t scroll if one player is standing at the bottom. Put player two in the front.

Let the weak enemies on the first stage kill player two until the Game Over message appears on the bottom of the screen. After that, the message “Press A Button” should display under the score.

You will be able to control player one even though player two is out of the game. Even better, the game will allow you to continue with player two at any time. Using this trick, you can control player one until you run out of lives and continues. This would usually require you to start the game again from the beginning, but you can simply press the A Button on Controller 2 to resume the game with player two!

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