Grand Theft Auto 2 (PS1) Cheats

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Grand Theft Auto 2 (PS1) Cheats


Enter the following codes as your player name on the Start menu. It is possible to have multiple cheats active by entering a code, pressing the Circle Bottom to confirm it, then entering another code as the player name. All of the cheats can be active at once, but the No Police and Max Wanted level cheats are incompatible.


Start with $1,000,000BIGSCORE
Start with all weapons and full ammoNAVARONE
Start with 5x Score multiplierHIGHFIVE
Display CoordinatesWUGGLES
Start with unlimited healthLIVELONG
Start with maximum wanted levelDESIRES

The preceding cheats, which originally appeared in Tips and Tricks, have been compiled and transcribed to this site for the sake of posterity as well as for the convenience of our visitors. They have been tested thoroughly for accuracy. Feel free to contact us if you have problems getting these cheats to work or know something we do not.

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