Gex (PS1)

Developer/Publisher: Crystal Dynamics

Release Date: December 18, 1995

System: Sony PlayStation

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1


Gex puts the player in the shoes of a humble gecko who is sucked into the television world by the mad scientist known as Rez. Our hero finds himself trapped in a series of stages based on famous entertainment genres that include horror, martial arts, and cartoons. Gex must find remotes hidden throughout the stages to unlock more levels and the portal home. A variety of television themed enemies stand in Gex’s way, so he’ll have to deal with everything from sumo wrestlers to zombie geckos.

While Gex may have some tough times ahead, his gecko abilities give him an edge over the competition. Gex can cling to walls and scale them using his sticky feet. He can also use his tail to whack enemies that get too close and coil it into a spring that allows him to jump higher. Players can even smash certain blocks and activate objects using Gex’s tail swipe. 

Gex takes damage when hit by enemies and will lose life, which is represented by three gecko paws at the top of the screen. Lose all three paws and Gex will perish. Extra paws and health refills can be found in plain sight or secreted away in stages. Players can earn extra lives by collecting 100 golden flies. Finally, Gex uses a password system that allows players to continue where they left off after taking a break from the game.

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