Gex (PS1) Passwords

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Gex (PS1) Passwords


Select the Password option on the title screen and use the D-Pad to select each letter in the password. Press the X Button to enter a letter and hit X when finished to finalize the password. Select the Start Game option after entering the password to begin the game with the password in effect.

These passwords were contributed by Cowboy Yojimbo.


Graveyard World

Gex hurtles through the Medi Dimension, back to the time and place where Abbott and Costello met Frankenstein. Gex is caught in a creepy horror flick alive with Franken-geckos, mad slashers, crazy tomatoes and other Fright Night foes. Slime, fog… an exorcism in the offing! Better check your calendar, ‘cuz you’re stuck on Friday the 13th.


1-1 Frankie and Heli

1-2 Grave Digger – SVZFKHGP

1-3 Tomato Soup – BXRFYHGP

1-4 Disco Inferno – ZVTCYHGP

Cartoon World

Toon Town this ain’t. Gex battles cheesy characters from those crack-of-dawn Saturday cartoons. Retired heroes and those out-of-work ‘toon slouchers line up to take a swipe at Gex. There’s nothing like getting a safe dropped on your head. Itchy and Scratchy, eat each other’s heart out!


2-1 Pow! – KXVKRHKP

2-2 Twin Towers – CVHCSHKP

2-3 Rock it! – SVKLPHKP

2-4 Knock! Knock! – CVBLPHKP

Jungle World

Go native! Feel the beat of the bongos. Gex stalks through a malaria factory packed with carnivores and cannibals (who like the taste of gecko better than chicken), moving walls, hidden booby traps and break-away bridges. You may have named the dog Indy… but there’s a gecko with the same hat.


3-1 Feeding Frenzy – RVTCSHGP

3-2 Congo Chaos – XVVBRHKP

Kung Fu World

There’s nothing like getting hung up in Channel 26. Fighting your way through moronic martial arts scenes is bad enough, but can’t they get that voice track in sync? It’s big trouble in little China with ninjas, samurai geckos, sumo wrestlers – enough is enough. Walk softly, little grasshopper, and whip a fast tail.


4-1 Sumo City – YTCHPHKP

4-2 Fish Bait – ZTDHPHKP

4-3 Chop Chop – DXVGRHKP

Rez’s Nerve Center

A world beyond insanity takes center stage. Vast installations of alien hi-tech circuitry fume with electrical force. Energy geysers leap from pulsating waves of liquid television. This is the twisted reality where network programs are chosen. At last, Gex confronts Rez himself in a battle that will decide the fate of the universe – and more importantly, whether a gecko will be next season’s mascot!


5-1 Rez Knight Fever – GYVYRHKP

5-2 On the Move – PZYPRXL

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