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Release Data

Developer: Kid

Publisher: Capcom

Release Date: March 1992

Genre: Platformer 

System: Nintendo Entertainment System

Players: 1


Cobra has managed to harness the power of Atlantis by raising the ancient city from the ocean. In G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor, General Hawk and his team must thwart Cobra’s evil plans for world domination. Hawk will also need to rescue Joes that have been captured by Cobra. In order to find his teammates, Hawk will have to explore enemy strongholds, fighting enemies and jumping over hazards on the way. Once rescued from Cobra, each Joe will join the general as a playable character that can be selected before each mission.

Every G. I. Joe has his or her own special talents. Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow use special melee attacks. Duke and Road Block use powerful guns. And heroes like Wet Suit can fire a spread gun. Players will find Powerups and other helpful items while exploring each stage. Powerful bosses also await the G.I. Joe team at the end of every level and you will have to choose your lineup wisely to defeat the enemy. G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor uses a password system that allows players to continue their game.


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